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Chapter 1: New Year

A greenish-black haired boy stood in front of a large building, other children milling about around him. A sakura tree lined walkway lead the way to the building before splitting to go left, right, and forward into the building. A sign by the gates of the building identified the place as Seishun Gakuen High School. A small breeze strew stray sakura petals around the school's courtyard. The boy's molten gold eyes showed determination and an unrivaled confidence. Suddenly the boy jolted forward as if being shoved by some outside force, and indeed he was, in the form of a smiling brunet.

"Ryo-chan, you're here!" The smiling boy said, smile brightening ever so slightly at the flustered expression on the boy he just glomped face from being called by the embarrassing nickname.

"Ohayo, Fuji-sem-," "No, no. It's Syuu, or Syuu-chan, ne Ryoma." Ryoma's face showed how annoyed he was getting, via anime tick mark on the forehead. Sighing he forced himself to calm down; it would not be good to throw a tantrum on the first day of school. He felt his friend's arms tighten ever so slightly when he didn't answer. Sighing once again, Ryoma reminded himself that since he was going to be going to this school, this type of thing would be happening a lot.

"Syuu-chan… could you let go ...Please?" The arms tightened around him again, this time to an almost suffocating grip.

"Hmmm. How about, no." Ryoma was about to protest, but before he could Fuji cut him off, "Didn't you miss me at all? I know I missed you."

Ryoma scoffed. How could he have missed the tensai when the boy practically spent his entire day following Ryoma around?

"Syuu-chan." "Hai!" "How many hours are in a school day?" "Saa, Eight of course!" Ryoma gave him a deadpan look, Fuji just smiled brighter.

(Warning. Really long thing of dialogue)

"Syuu-chan, last year you would walk me to school and stay for an extra two hours glaring at anybody that would go near you. Next, you would show up thirty minutes early for lunch break and stay for another thirty minutes after words, making sure no one bothered us while we ate outside under the Sakura tree. Then, you would show up two hours before school ended and wait for me. Finally, you would skip your tennis practice in exchange for practicing in mine," truthfully Ryoma was only miffed about the tennis thing. He could care less about Syuusuke's studies, "Now after all that, how many hours do you have left in class?"

"Saa that would be three hours." Fuji's smile was more radiant than the sun at the moment. Really Ryo-chan was just so oblivious sometimes. His friend didn't even realize Fuji himself had been in love with him for years now. Besides that he didn't notice how possessive he was of him, probably thinking that he glared at people, not to warn others away from his Ryo-chan but that Fuji wanted privacy or something. How cute.

"Ryo-chan's so kawii!"

"Syuusuke, need I remind you that the junior high and high school are right next to each other," seeing his friend's unchanging expression, Ryoma decided to elaborate further, "Our classrooms were as close to each other as the schools could get. They were three freaking feet apart! CLOSE ENOUGH TO TOUCH! AND I'M NOT CUTE!" Ryoma started yelling towards the end because Fuji's face didn't change in the slightest, well except to get a little disappointed towards the end.

"Saa I know, why couldn't they have been closer." Oh god was Syuusuke pouting. Eighteen year olds should not pout. Ryoma groaned. 'Why is my friend so weird? He's always so touchy-feely, and likes the weirdest foods. Who puts wasabi on bread and then eats it as a sandwich!'

While Ryoma was having an inner rant, Fuji was reminiscing about the time someone took his seat by the window. (By Ryoma) Some foreign exchange student had sat there and since it was his first day he did not know anything about Fuji and his sadistic tendencies. He had, emphasis on the had, wondered why people kept giving him pitying looks. Everyone who was in the class that day swore that when Fuji had walked in the room the temperature dropped fifty degrees.

Fuji had calmly walked over to the window, and closed the blinds. (But not before waving to his precious Ryo-chan) The screams that came immediately after were said to be so loud that people all over the world heard it. All of Ryoma's class was staring out the window when the blinds opened, revealing a happy and content looking Fuji, who waved again and sat down in his seat and stared at Ryoma for the rest of class.

"Aww~! Ryo-chan are you thinking about me? I'm flattered, but if you don't hurry we'll be late for the opening ceremony."

"Shit! I forgot about it! Wait, what do you mean we?" Ryoma looked cautiously at his insane friend.

"Saa didn't I tell you. They put me on noise control." Fuji smiled a devilish grin and Ryoma knew what that meant; it meant that Syuusuke had blackmailed whoever was in charge so he could both torture the new freshmen and spend time with his best and only friend. "We better get on our way." No response. "Ryo-chan~." Fuji ground out in a sickenly sweet tone. One that all but meant danger for the boy if he didn't start walking soon.

"Ahh. Hai." He started to move but found them severely limited due to the arms still wrapped around his thin frame. "Eto…Syuu-chan…Could you let go?" Fuji reluctantly did so, and made a good show of it too. Letting out a humongous sigh for good measures.

"Well let's go." And Ryoma took the first step into the school and into what was going to be the best school year he would ever have.

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