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Chapter 13: Cold Rain

A small boy rests against a damp tree; a thick fog embraces his form. He sits with his knees curled and arms wrapped around his shins. A lost expression sits on his young face. Tears drip from the large molten gold eyes.

"Onii-chan? Where did you go? Onii-chan? Why didn't you take me with you? Where are you? Onii-chan? I thought we would be together forever. You and I were gonna prank Oyaji today, don't you remember! You promised! Onii-chan! Onii-chan? Onii-chan? O-onii? …I thought you loved me…" A self depreciating chuckle leaves the small boy. "But I guess that was a lie, ne Oni-chan?" The humorless smile falls into a flat line and the boy's eyes glaze over.

Another young boy stands near; blue eyes filled with great sadness direct themselves to the younger male. "Come on Ryoma, time to go home." The smaller child looks up, eyes unresponsive and hazy.

"It's cold Syuusuke."

"I know Ryoma." The boy hugs himself tighter and faces forward again.

"It's so cold. Right here." The child points to his heart and goes back to his fetal position. The second boy falls to his knees then, closes his eyes, and circles his arms around the younger one's thin frame.

"I know." The smaller's face remains unchanging, the film over his eyes lingering despite the water running down both his face and the one above's face. The brunet chokes on a sob. "I know Ryoma-"

"-And I'm so sorry."

-The Ache of my Heart-Fuji Syuusuke-

A small room is slowly lit up with sunlight as morning's first rays start to make themselves known. A particularly brave beam directs itself into the eyes of one Echizen Ryoma. Said boy scrunches up his already closed lids and attempts to burrow deeper into his blanket mound. This attempt to stay in the peaceful realm of sleep is proven futile when the door to his room is suddenly (and boisterously) slammed open.

"OH CHIBISUKE~" A black blur races towards the bundle of blankets and rips every one of them off. "WAKEY, WAKEY! WE'VE GOT A BIG DAY AHEAD OF US!"

"Shut up and leave me alone Baka Ryoga-nii!"

"NO WAY! A day this beautiful has to be spent playing tennis. Now up and at 'em. We have just enough time to pack us some lunch before the crowds set in and there's no courts open." The other boy, not convinced, smothers his face in his pillow.

"Just go away and let me enjoy my Sunday in bed." Ryoga smirked behind his brother's back.

"Okay, but you forced me to take drastic measures. Come here!" Ryoga reached forward and started tickling the sleepy boy. Ryoma immediately broke out into giggles and he weakly brought his hands up to fend of his attacker.

"Haha, sto- hah…please, *gasp*, I can't, ha, I can't breathe. Hahahaha." Ryoma's eyes started leaking tears from laughing so hard. The sight made Ryoga laugh and caused him to falter in his torturing of the boy. A few moments later and they both paused, attempting to catch their breaths, one with a glare on his face.

"As much as I hate to disrupt such a heart-warming display of brotherly affection, I came over to tell you guys to be prepared for a power out later today." The two siblings looked towards the door to see a not very sorry looking Fuji leaning against the said object's wooden frame. Ryoga bristled slightly at the interruption.

"Sorry to burst your bubble, but the weather report said it'd be sunny all day."

"Saa, yes, but my sister said otherwise and Aneki's predictions have a tendency of coming true." Said Fuji as he Oh-So-Casually brushed off Ryoga.

"Hmph, I guess we'll see who's right later. Try not to be too embarrassed when you lose after making an ass of yourself." Fuji smirked and slid his opened eyes toward the elder Echizen sibling.

"I'll look forward to it." Ryoga huffed and turned towards his brother, hoping to see whose side of the argument he would take. He was only slightly surprised at what met his sight.

"AHH! He went back to asleep."

-Color-Fuji Syuusuke + Hirakoba Rin-

An hour later and it was pouring rain. The trio stood in front of the open doorway leading to the backyard and just watched as evidence of Fuji's win fell heavily from the sky. As Rinko was off getting groceries with Nanjiroh, the house was eerily silent.

"So… who's made an ass of himself now?" Fuji smirked again and looked to his left at the slightly taller male. Ryoga ground his teeth together and threw Fuji one of his best death glares.

"You know what? I've had it with you and your superior attitude! Why don't you just go back home and leave me and Chibisuke alone!"

"Excuse me? Ryoma and I were doing just fine before you showed up out of the blue! What, seeing your parents on that cruise after all these years make you feel guilty? Make you feel bad about abandoning your brother!"

"I didn't abandon him! I had my reasons for leaving and I had them for coming back! Now why don't you BACK OFF!"


"YOU WANNA KNOW WHY? YOU REALLY DO? I WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH!" Both Fuji and Ryoma looked slightly taken aback by this answer.

"What do you mean?"

"You were like the perfect older brother, doting and affectionate. Whenever Ryoma got a scrape or was picked on, he would run to you to make it better. He picked you over his own flesh and blood! Do you know how that made me feel?

I felt like I wasn't the brother I should have been, like you were a better replacement! An upgraded model so to speak. After about a month and a half of you guys getting closer and closer, I started to resent you; it felt like you were rubbing the fact that you were a better brother in my face. It was as if I was being erased. And I hated it!" Ryoma, not wanting to hear anymore, slowly slipped back into the shadows and silently left the house seemingly unnoticed.

"I started wondering if he even needed me; after all, he had you. Why have the annoying Echizen Ryoga when you can have perfect Fuji Syuusuke? I even felt like he wouldn't notice if I even left. And you know what, that's exactly what I did. I'm sure he didn't even miss me. I bet I could leave right now and he wouldn't care-"


Ryoga's rant was cut short as Fuji's hand made solid contact with his face. Ryoga was stunned and even slightly frightened as he looked at the shorter male.

Fuji's form was shaking from pent-up rage. His breathing was heavy and his raised hand was trembling. His eyes were worse though. They were narrowed in a chilling glare, not a hint of warmth could be detected. And despite the coldness of the gaze, the visible, almost tangible, anger radiating from those eyes was like a white hot fire. The frostiness froze him in place as flames engulfed his body.

"Shut up." Ryoga flinched at the venom dripping from his voice."You don't know anything. Wouldn't care if you left, ha! Don't make me laugh. I have neverseen Ryoma more depressed than he was when you left. I would never wish that kind of feeling on someone else. Not even Mizuki deserves that. And Ryoma especially didn't." Fuji leaned in slightly to emphasize his point, voice no more than a whisper.

"Let me tell you something. A little about how Ryoma felt when you abandoned him. He didn't eat for a week; it took all I had to get him to drink. He didn't play; he buried himself in studies, trying to get better so maybe his 'Onii-chan' would take him back. He didn't leave the house for a month except to go to that damned tree in the park you used to play in. And that's not all. Imagine how I felt, watching the one I love go through all that. It's rough. It feels like your hearts being pulled and squeezed, as if someone's trying to wring all the good memories and emotions you have left.

You know what I think. I don't think you were concerned about Ryoma at all. Nope, I bet Onii-chan was being selfish and only thinking about himself. I mean, how else can you explain the utter torment you forced your brother into. He was so naïve, he thought his Onii-chan had gotten tired of him. Saw him as worthless, nothing worth staying for. So don't you dare go spouting your reasons as if they were some noble courageous act because that is BULL SHIT! YOU DIDN'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT HIM!

And now, as he's finally getting over you, you step right back in as if nothing's happened, as if all that pain never existed. And maybe he's forgiven you but I sure as hell haven't. So let me tell you this. One more wrong move," Fuji leaned in and whispered even softer into Ryoga's ear, "and I won't be the only one who'll never forgive you. He's our baby boy and one misstep can land you in a world of pain, but just know-"

"Your pain won't be half as bad as his ever was." Fuji leaned back out, and with one last icy look, walked out to find the boy. Fuji knew exactly where he would be.

A few moments later and as all was silent, Ryoga suddenly swore and kicked a piece of furniture.

"Damn it!" Ryoga punched the wall and looked up. "DAMN IT!"

-Grand Slam-Fuji Syuusuke-

Ryoma sat curled up alone in the old park he and his brother used to play in. Wet hair sat plastered to his face and soaked clothes were glued to his skin. The boy looked forward and watched as phantoms of his past rushed around him. Good times with his brother and bad times as well, danced before his unseeing eyes as cloudy breath puffed out of his mouth. The boy wrapped his arms tighter around himself and rested his head upon his knees.

"It's cold Syuusuke." The boy closed his eyes at the memory and heaved a deep sigh.

"It's so cold."

-Keep Going On-Sanada Genichirou-

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