The seventeen year old girl glared at her older brother, who cowered under her. She sighed, and pushed her hair out of her eyes. She was tall, with shoulder length blonde hair, and would have been pretty if not for the seemingly permanent pout on her face.

"Mum and Dad will kick you out if anything happens. Personally, I think they should have got rid of you months ago, but that's just me," she said, surveying her painted nails coolly.

"That's why I'm not doing it," he whined, running his hand through his thick, greasy hair, "I didn't mean to set fire to that old folk's home, but Mum and Dad just don't see my side of it!"

"For God's sake, how stupid are you, Randy?" she scowled, "three people died. Dad had to bribe someone to get you out of that." He winced, and shuffled his foot against the carpet.

"S'not my fault."
"Sure," she drawled, "listen. You do this one thing for me, and I won't tell Mum and Dad what you did to the cat."

"They never liked that cat!" he protested, but she silenced him with a glance.

"One wrong step," she hissed, "and you will be history. And with no money, where are you going to go? There's no way I'm giving you anything." He grimaced, but eventually nodded his head.

"What do you want?"

"You're an okay actor, right?" she asked, fishing in her bag for a phone.

"Is that an iPhone?" he asked, sounding furious, "I've been asking for one for, like, months, and they give you one?"

"Randy," she warned.

"Yeah, I'm alright," he mumbled, "I prefer playing the bad guys, though. The goodies are just so," he paused trying to find a suitable word, "wet." She nodded, looking satisfied.

"Look at this," she said, clicking on something. He leaned forwards.

"Not so close," she squealed, "you'll get grease on it!" He stepped back, and looked with dull interest as she showed him a series of pictures.

They were all of the same boy. He looked around sixteen years old, with dark hair and olive skin. Different people were featured in them- a short girl with bright red hair, and dark skinned boy, another boy with a puppet, a girl with straight brown hair and a girl with blue streaks in her hair who always seemed to have her arm curled around the boy's possessively.

"Woah," he said, "are you, like, stalking him or something?"
"Isn't he perfect?" she sighed.

"I guess," he said warily, "but he looks way younger than you."

"Only one year," she snapped defensively, "anyway, I need you to put your-," she paused, "acting skills into play. I know you're pretty good at it, I saw you convince Aunt Luann that you were a mass murderer coming to kill her so that you wouldn't have to say sorry for kicking her dog. She's still in therapy. I need you to kidnap him."
"Who, the dog?"
"No, not the dog, stupid! Him."

"Let me get this straight. You want me to kidnap a sixteen year old guy who you have a crush on? Isn't that a bit drastic?"

"Just knock him around a bit, scare him. That way, when I come to rescue him, he'll fall for me."

"That," he said, "is diabolical. I like it." He grinned, and she smirked back. The seventeen year old sister and the twenty year old brother grabbed their respective drinks and started to plan the capture of the sixteen year old Beck Oliver.


Sicowitz beamed at the class, who all stared back at him with bored expressions. He clapped his hands together in delight, rubbing them together as if nothing gave him more pleasure than to stand in front of them. Then again, that was probably true.

"Right, everyone," he said, "we're going to do some partner work. Let's have Jade and Robbie, Cat and Beck, Tori and Andre, Amy and Steven and Rachel and Andrew. One of you is a hairdresser, the other a customer. Amy and Steven, you're up first!" The two blondes climbed onto the stage, and began to act. Tori sighed, and fished out her phone.

"Tori," Cat hissed, "we're not supposed to have phones out in class!"

"Cat, it's just for a moment." The red head shrugged, and went back to stroking her hair, avidly watching the scene. Tori glanced around the room. Amy and Steven were doing something that seemed to include a lot of jumping around on the stage. Robbie seemed to be arguing silently with Rex. How he was doing that, Tori had no idea. Rachel and Andrew, who she didn't know very well, were sitting together, trying to discuss what they were going to do for their scene without Sicowitz catching them. Beck and Jade were staring at the stage, looking even more bored than she was, although Beck was trying to take an interest, whereas Jade had started examining her nails. Andre was poking Robbie in the back, trying to irritate him.

She glanced down at her phone, and saw that she had a text message. With a tiny groan of annoyance, she saw it was from Trina.

"And cut!" Sicowitz bellowed, "Cat and Beck, you're up next."

Tori opened the message, but saw it only said Tori need ur help now!

"Sicowitz," Tori asked, sticking up her hand, "can I be excused?"

"Tori," Sicowitz moaned, "why? Why? We were in the middle of a scene!"

"Yeah, Tori," Cat said, her fingers still entwined in Beck's hair, "that's mean!"

"Um, Cat? Can you let go? You're kind of hurting," Beck said, trying to tug his hair away.

"Oh," she said, blushing, "sorry." She let go, and Beck relaxed, rubbing his head.

"Please," Tori moaned. Sicowitz sighed.

"Fine. Andre, you can join Jade and Robbie's scene."


Tori Vega: My sister's texted me so I have to leave class…

Mood: Mad.


"Okay, what is it?" Tori growled at her sister, who was waiting for her by the lockers.

"Look at my hands," Trina sobbed, rubbing them desperately, "look at them!" Tori looked. As far as she could see, there was nothing wrong with them. They were a pair of perfectly normal hands.

"Erm, I don't see anything."
"Look!" Trina shrieked, waving her hands in Tori's face.

"Trina!" Tori yelled, hitting her sister's hands away from her face, "calm down! There is nothing wrong with your hands!" Trina collapsed into sobs, sliding down onto the floor and burying her face in her hands dramatically. Then, seeing her hands again, she let out a high pitched scream and jumped up again.

"Look at the nails!" Tori looked closely, and saw that one on the nails had a small spot of yellow paint on it.

"Trina, it's just paint," she sighed, rolling her eyes.

"Get it off!" Trina yelled hysterically. Tori grabbed her sister's arm and pulled her into the nearest girl's bathroom. She dragged Trina over to a sink, and turned the cold tap on full blast. Pouring a large amount of soap on to Trina's hands, she pushed them under the gush of water.

"Now scrub," she ordered. Trina whimpered, but began to pathetically move her hands backwards and forwards. Tori groaned.

"Like this." Trina eventually began to scrub her hands. After ten minutes, Trina finally seemed satisfied.

"You must be really happy that you helped your older sister," Trina sniffed. Tori rolled her eyes again.

"Whatever. I'm going."
"Bye, Tori!"


Tori Vega: Trina just needed to wash her hands!

Mood: Grrr…


Tori walked down the corridor angrily, scowling. Class had just ended, and people were streaming out from classrooms in every direction. Looking around, she saw her friends walking down the stairs, talking quietly. Tori walked up to them, hitching her bag higher on her back.

"Tori!" Beck said, spotting her, "what was that about? You interrupted our scene!"

"Totally!" Cat said, bouncing up and down lightly.

"Sorry guys," Tori moaned, "Trina texted me, saying she needed help."
"Is she okay?" Andre asked.

"She had a tiny bit of paint on her hand," she said, scowling. Andre laughed.

"So, what was your scene about?" Cat asked.

"Cat, you were there," Andre said.

"I was?"
"It was about a hairdresser who goes crazy and kills the customers," Robbie explained, "Jade was the hairdresser." Tori nodded.

"Yeah, it was loads of fun," Jade said sarcastically, running her fingers through Beck's hair.

"What do you put in it?" Robbie asked him.

"What d'you mean?"

"Your hair! Cat was touching it earlier, and now Jade is! Why won't anyone touch my hair?"

"Dude, Jade's my girlfriend and Cat's just weird like that."
"What's that supposed to mean?" Cat yelled.

"Nothing, you're just… cool," Beck said hurriedly.

"Oh. Okay!" Cat said happily, and she obligingly started to touch Robbie's hair.

"What've we got next?" Tori asked Robbie.

"Another drama class," he said, getting slightly creeped out by Cat's rather energetic stroking of his hair.

"Why have two drama lessons one after the other with a break in-between?" Tori asked, "why not just call it double drama?" The others shrugged.

They walked towards the lockers, and Tori opened hers. A shower of glitter fell out, covering the floor with bright pink sparkles.

"Ooh, sparkles!" Cat squealed, and she bent down to pick them up excitedly.

"Okay, who put glitter in my locker?" Tori yelled.

"M-m-me," a voice snivelled.

They all turned to see Sinjin, wiping his nose on his sleeve.

"Sinjin?" Tori asked angrily, "what the-?"
"I thought it was Jade's!" Sinjin said hurriedly.

"You thought it was mine?" Jade asked. He nodded, bowing his head.

"Get lost, stalker," Jade drawled. Sinjin squeaked, and ran off as quick as he could.

"Not the best insult there, Jade," Tori remarked.

"Whatever." Jade said. She checked inside off her locker, then frowned.

"Beck," she said, "I left my notebook outside. Can you get it for me?"

"Now?" he asked.

"Yeah, now."
"But it's raining," he complained.

"Which is why I want you to get it now."

"Fine," he said, and, kissing Jade on the cheek, he left, waving to them.


Tori Vega: So bored… going into drama…

Mood: Bored!


Randy sat behind the bush, wondering how on earth he would do what his sister had asked him to do. He'd been waiting there for half an hour, and the boy hadn't come round the corner, alone or with friends. It hadn't been hard getting past the security system. He just wore a hat and walked in, and no one noticed.

He had to admit it, he was enjoying this. He wasn't sadistic or anything, but when he started to act being a bad guy, something entered his mind and took over his senses. A wonderful feeling came from the idea of having a partner to act with, and it made it even better if the other person had no idea that he was acting. It made all so much more real.

Suddenly, the boy came round the corner, carrying a black notebook. The rain was soaking him, flattening his hair and making his t-shirt stick to his torso. This was it. Stepping out from behind the bush, Randy approached slowly.

"Excuse me," he said, "is there a café anywhere near?" The boy looked rather surprised.

"Um, sorry, this is a school."
"So no cafés, no people?"

"No. How did you even get in?"


Randy leapt towards the boy. He grabbed the teen's arms, twisting them behind his back and securing them with a large amount of thick brown tape. He was surprisingly efficient when he was acting.

The boy opened his mouth to cry out in shock, but before he could yell Randy pressed tape against his mouth. The boy tried to run, but Randy grabbed his arms and pulled him out through the gates. No one noticed, the security man was asleep. He shoved the tied up boy into the back of his van, and drove off.

Stage One complete.


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Tori stared at the others.

"Hello?" she asked tentatively.

"I have your friend in my possession."

"If it's Sinjin, we don't care," Jade barked.

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