"Perhaps he bunked off," Cat suggested hopefully.

"Beck doesn't bunk off," Jade said, "He's never done it in his life."

"You have," Cat said cheerfully.

"Yes, I know I have," Jade said, obviously trying not to snap, "but Beck doesn't."

Drama had come and gone, and Beck hadn't turned up. They were now gathered outside the door, with Trina butting in at every available moment.

"Maybe," she said, twirling her hair, "he wanted to buy me a present!" They all looked at her.

"A present?" Andre said doubtfully.

"Why would Beck get you a present?" Tori asked. Trina shrugged.

"It was just a suggestion."

"Yeah, a bad one," Jade snapped, "a really, really cr-,"

"Jade," Tori said, "he may just have gone home."

"And left my notebook on the floor?"

"He may have never got to it."
"Let's go to the nurse's office," Andre said, trying to calm them down, "she may know where he is."


Okay, breath in. Breath out. Don't over react.

The kid was curled up in the corner of the van, shaking. Perhaps he had been a little rash. But the kid had tried to ring someone. What was he supposed to do? Laugh? That was out of character for a kidnapper, and a good actor never comes out of character. Not even if they break their arm or something. Whatever.

He walked over to the kid, who flinched away as if expecting to be hit again. Pathetic. He hadn't even hit him that hard. His sister broke his arm once when she hit him, and Randy hadn't hit him with half that amount of force. Bending down, he grabbed the phone that had been tossed to the phone. It flickered, letting Randy know that it had no signal. He groaned inwardly, and grabbed his own phone. Using his phone had not been part of the plan, but he would have to make do. He scrolled down the contacts until he found his sister's number.

"Hey," he said hurriedly, as soon as she had picked up, "what's his girlfriend's name?"

"Randy, what the hell?" she hissed, "I'm in class!"

"What's her name?" he asked, "I really need to know."

"Jade West, she's got brown hair and is in her break time right now," she rattled off.

"That's really creepy, you know?"

"This is coming from the kidnapper," she said snippily as she hung up.

Randy rolled his eyes. "You're the one who asked me to do that," he muttered, as he copied Jade West's number from the other phone onto his keypad and pressed dial.

"Hello?" someone said, sounding mad.

"Hello," he said, slipping into character.

"Hi," the someone said, who he assumed to be Jade West, "what do you want?"
"It's not what I want, it's what you want." Randy heard someone speaking on the other end.

"I have your friend in my possession."

"If it's Sinjin, I don't care." Randy blinked. Who was Sinjin? The dialling tone sounded. Jade had hung up. Damn.

He heard a whimper, and he spun around, only to see a large pair of brown eyes staring at him in fear.

"What are you looking at?" he snarled. The boy dropped his gaze immediately, crawling back into the corner, cradling his arm. Randy knew the kid was putting it on. A, he had only hit the kid a little bit, and if he couldn't even take that then he was a wimp, and b, wasn't the kid an actor? They always tended to go over the top with things. Randy knew this because he had dated a drama student once. Nancy, she'd been called. He vaguely remembered a loud break up, in which she had thrown a vase at him. If he'd learned one thing from that particular violent relationship, it was that people who did drama made tiny things, like a little push, seem huge.

He hated actors.


They stood outside of Beck's locker.

"You know," Andre said conversationally, "I think people would stop invading his privacy if he didn't have a see through locker." Cat nodded sagely, examining the contents. There was a jacket hanging on the side, which annoyingly obstructed quite a lot of the inside. There was a pencil case, several folders and a bar of uneaten chocolate which was covered in a bright purple wrapper.

"There's chocolate in there," Robbie said, staring at it.

"Thank you, Captain Obvious," Jade snapped, with a glare that could curdle milk.

"Her insults get worse the longer she's away from Beck," Andre muttered in Tori's ear. She nodded.

"My brother met a captain once," Cat announced, "On a ship. But then my brother got scared and hit a button and the ship sank. My brother's not allowed to talk to the captain anymore."
"He got a restraining order?" Robbie asked.

"No," Cat said, "he got a letter which said 'Don't talk to me anymore' from the captain." She giggled. "I like bees."


Tori banged her forehead against a locker, groaning. "This is getting us no where."

"We could-."

"No." Jade said sharply.

"How about-?"

"Why don't we-?"

"Okay. None of that then," Tori sighed.

It was now lunch. Trina had ditched them after they had decided to check Beck's locker, declaring them to be 'boring'. It had taken a bit of effort to restrain Jade from attacking her, but it had been managed, and Jade had had to calm herself by pulling posters of walls and ripping them up. It was slightly unnerving.

"Jade," Tori said tentatively, "maybe we should stop searching for a while? You know, so we can calm down, get something to eat, maybe tell some one-." She stopped short as Jade turned an icy glare on her.

"Oh," Jade growled, "I'm sorry if my boyfriend being missing is inconveniencing you. Never mind, then. Off you go."
"Excuse me?" Tori asked, taken aback.

"Well, you obviously don't want to find Beck, so go away."
"Jade, that is way out of line-"

"You want to know what's out of line," she hissed, "huh? What's out of line is that Beck is missing and you want to stop looking for him. But hey," she said, plastering a fake grin on her face which looked like a grimace, "you go have fun. I'll just keep looking alone." And with that, she turned around and walked off, without a backwards glance.

Andre looked at her retreating back, and then turned to Tori.

"Well, that could have gone better."


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