Gothel teaches a young Rapunzel about the Tooth Fairy. Just a mother-daughter moment (because I believe they had those!). Take with it what you will :D

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The art of mothering is to teach the art of living to children. -Elaine Heffner

Rapunzel sighed and wrapped her arms around her knees, drawing them close to her chest as she enjoyed the feeling of mother gently pulling a hairbrush through her long golden hair.

"When do you fink the Toof Fairy will come?" She asked in her tired six year old voice. Her words came out in a lisp, for she had lost one of her two front teeth just hours before. It hurt a lot, and she got some of that icky red stuff down her throat, but no need to fear, because mother was here.

"Only when you are good and asleep, my flower." Mother murmured fondly, placing down the brush and pulling Rapunzel into her lap. They snuggled close.

"But what if she can't find me!" Rapunzel cried suddenly, fearfully. She stared at her mother with large eyes. "You... you always say it would be bad if anyone ever came here!" Her lower lip jutted out into a full pout.

Mother pressed her own lips together in a tight line, a gesture Rapunzel never liked because one, she only did that when she got upset, and two, she no longer looked pretty.

"Now Rapunzel," She said firmly, cupping her daughter's face in her hands. "I'm going to tell you something very, very important. Would you like to hear it?"

After a few moment of pondering, Rapunzel nodded timidly.

Mother's expression softened. She tucked a stray lock of Rapunzel's hair behind her 'a little too big for her' ear. "You should know that the Tooth Fairy- like your beautiful hair- is magic."

"Magic?" Rapunzel whispered, her green eyes wide.

"Yes, magic. And because of that, she'll be able to find you wherever you are, and reward you for being such a good girl for mumsy." She tweaked Rapunzel's nose with her index finger, making the girl squeal in delight and dive under her blankets.

Mother stood and smiled softly down at Rapunzel, who shyly peered out at her from under the many quilts and masses of hair that protected her tiny form.

"Good night Rapunzel," Mother said, bending down to extinguish the candle on the nightstand. "I love you." She added, the words suddenly feeling right for once.

"I love you more," Rapunzel echoed, her tiny pink mouth popping into an 'O' as she yawned, and snuggled into her pillows.

The bedroom fell into darkness. Gothel bent down to place a kiss on Rapunzel's forehead, all the while carefully slipping a small, silver-handled paintbrush under her pillow. She'd deserved it.

"I love you most,"

I don't know if silver-handled paintbrushes exist, but I don't care :)

Should this be a series of 'special-moment' fics between Gothel and Rapunzel, or should I just leave it at this cute little one-shot?