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Thirteen year old Rapunzel was embarrassed. More than embarrassed actually. Mortified. Stricken. Doomed!

Her cheeks burned everytime her gaze accidentally slipped over herself in the mirror. So, to solve that problem, she covered every reflective object in the tower with a blanket or cloth, and only wore the baggiest of her dresses.

There, all better.

At least until Mother showed up, and complained loudly when she couldn't look at herself. Even Rapunzel's singing couldn't distract her! "Seriously Rapunzel; you should really think of others before you think of yourself." she said, and promptly yanked the shields away.

Rapunzel quickly shied away into a safe corner, snatching up a broom to make it look as if she was doing something. Mother arched an eyebrow at the strange behavior, "What's the matter, pet?" she asked.

"N-nothing Mother!" Rapunzel squeaked, clutching the broom handle like it was a lifeline.

Mother's beautiful gray eyes darkened, and her face turned grim. "I can always tell when you are lying to me, Rapunzel." She warned, stepping towards the petrified young girl.

Rapunzel immediately burst into wild tears. "I'm sorry Mother!" She blubbered, unable to stop. Her tiny shoulders quivered, her nose ran. She sniffled pitifully, "I don't know what's wrong with me!" she wailed. "I'm dying!" Rapunzel buried her face in her hands and sobbed harder.

Gothel grimaced, and wrapped Rapunzel in her embrace. "What's wrong my beautiful flower?" She crooned fearfully, petting her daughter's hair. What could possibly be wrong? She'd always made sure the girl took the best care, never getting sick, never breaking a bone... Good lord, what was wrong?

Her face flamed, and she squirmed in Mother's embrace. "I... I have bumps on my chest..." She hiccuped, her voice small.

Mother ignored the mumbling for once. She threw her head back and let out a cackle. "Oh, my darling, that's nothing for you to worry about!" she said, feeling much more amused than she had felt in a long while."It's all part of you becoming... an average looking young lady. Now, straighten up, dry your eyes, and wipe your nose. I'll make some hazelnut soup, if you like."

Rapunzel pulled out a handkerchief and gave her nose a hearty blow, suddenly feeling even more embarrassed while she watched Mother flit around the room, gathering ingredients next to the stove. She had the exact same... things on her chest, and she wasn't dead, or dying. She fiddled with a lock of her hair, her green eyes lowered to the floor, "So... I'm going to be okay?"

Gothel sighed, setting down the wooden spoon she was holding. This was one bridge she never thought about crossing, and now that it was here... She hadn't realized motherhood meant you had to help them be a teenager as well!

"Rapunzel... sit down, dear. We have a rather long talk ahead of us."

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