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Ch. 15: That's What You Have Me For

Morgan was only in the hospital for two and a half days before he demanded to be released. The doctors finally allowed him to go, twenty-four hours before they wanted him to leave, when Hotch and Reid both assured them that Morgan was not going back to work any time soon and told them that Reid would be staying with Morgan while he was out of work.

Hotch had ordered Reid to not come back to work until Morgan was cleared to come back because he felt that Reid wasn't quite up to working just yet and, as he put it, he needed a vacation anyway. Reid had grumbled something about having to take care of Morgan not being a real vacation, but it was pretty obvious to the older man that Reid really was glad to be the one taking care of someone for a change.

The first night in Morgan's apartment had been pretty rough. He'd tossed and turned the entire night, tearing his bandages off twice. He hated having to wear the sling around his arm and never seemed to be really comfortable. Finally, Reid had gotten an extra blanket and slept on the couch. The next morning, when Morgan found him there, he demanded to know why he hadn't at least gone to the guest bedroom in the back.

"I wanted to be able to hear you in case you needed anything," Reid told him, rubbing his tired eyes. He started folding the blanket and Morgan plopped down next to him, fidgeting with the sling.

"Stop doing that." Reid warned, putting the now neatly folded blanket on the arm of the sofa. "You're only going to end up pulling off your bandage again."

Morgan made a face, "Then maybe I should just take it off. It's only getting in the way…"

"Derek, it's keeping your shoulder in place so that it can heal like it's supposed to. Or do you want to not be able to use your arm the way you used to?"

Morgan sighed, "C'mon, Spencer, you know how aggravating these things are." he muttered.

"So? I also know how helpful they are. Now stop twisting it." Reid ordered, shaking his head. He stood from the couch and headed into the kitchen, "What do you want to eat?" he called over his shoulder.

"Nothing," Morgan muttered.

Reid poked his head out of the kitchen door, frowning at him. "Derek, you wouldn't let me eat nothing for breakfast. Now tell me what you want or I'll just fix something and you'll have to eat it."

Morgan sighed, "Fine. Eggs and toast, Mr. Bossy."

Reid rolled his eyes, "That wasn't so hard, was it?" It didn't take long to fry the eggs and get the toast ready. When he went back into the living room Morgan was still sitting on the couch looking uncomfortable.

"Derek, seriously, it's not that bad. You're on medical leave… it's like a vacation…"

Morgan smiled, taking the pulling the coffee table closer and leaning forward to eat his breakfast. "And I have you here," he added, smiling at the way Reid's eyes lit up when he said it.

"There's that too…" Reid nodded, a smile twitching his lips. Morgan laughed and took a bite of the eggs. "Wow… they're actually good."

Reid made a face at him then, "What? You didn't expect them to be?" he demanded.

"In the years that I've known you, even in these last few months, I've only ever seen you cook with a microwave."

"So? I used to cook at home when my mom was having some of her more severe episodes…" the younger man explained.

"Oh…" Morgan nodded slowly, eating in silence for the next few moments.

"I'm going to go talk to the funeral director this afternoon," Reid said slowly. "Dad wanted to be buried in Las Vegas and the coroner released his body last night."

"What was the verdict?" Morgan muttered, sounding more bitter than Reid could remember him ever sounding.

"Self-Defense Homicide." Reid said. "You aren't going to be charged with anything." he paused, frowning. "I'm talking to Dad's lawyers tomorrow; they're flying in from Vegas. The funeral is going to be in Vegas the day after tomorrow…" he sighed. "I'm going to give control of the funeral over to one of his partners once his body is shipped."

Morgan thought about it for a long moment, "You don't want to go to the funeral?"

"No." Reid frowned. "I just want it over and done with. I talked to Mom and her doctors last night while you were asleep. She took the news… well. She wants to go to the funeral. I didn't tell her exactly how he died. She doesn't need to know;" he said quickly when Morgan gave him a confused look. "The memories she does have of Dad are bad enough."

"Where are you meeting his lawyers at?" Morgan asked, twisting his fork in the eggs absently for a moment.

"Here. They should arrive around eleven thirty. They just need to go over the Will and they'll be gone. It shouldn't be too hard. I don't even know why they're coming to talk to me."

"You're his only living blood relative," Morgan pointed out. "And he might have left you something."

Reid frowned. "I don't want anything he could've left me." he muttered. "I just want this to all be over."

"I know, Spencer. I do to." Morgan nodded, scooting closer to Reid and putting his good arm around him. "And it will be, don't worry."


Reid slept in the bed with Morgan that night after nearly having to force him to take the medication the doctor had given him so that he wouldn't be tossing around all night, pulling at his bandages. The next morning they both woke up better rested and not as stiff. Reid had to fix breakfast again because Morgan wasn't able to do much cooking with just one arm.

Reid did enjoy have to help Morgan get dressed, however… Morgan seemed to enjoy it more and somehow managed to annoy the younger man until he was almost ready to rip Morgan's bandages off himself. The lawyers arrived at eleven thirty on the dot and Reid and Morgan led them into the back office where Morgan managed his real estate properties.

The lawyers were two thin men from Las Vegas, one with thick grey hair, the other who was balding noticeably, but the little bit of hair he did have was a light brown. They introduced themselves as Mr. Foreman and Mr. Giles. "Mr. Reid," Mr. Giles - the balding man - nodded to him as they sat down across from them.

"It's Doctor Reid," Morgan corrected him, frowning at the men.

"Sorry, Dr. Reid…" Mr. Giles said apologetically. He cleared his throat, glancing to Morgan.

"Who are you, exactly?" Mr. Foreman asked, narrowing his eyes at Morgan.

"Derek Morgan. I'm one of Spencer's co-workers."

"Co-Workers?" the man frowned, "So why exactly is he staying here?"

"My dad shot him." Reid said tersely. "I'm taking care of him while he's on medical leave."

Mr. Giles shot the other man a warning look. "Dr. Reid," he started again, slowly. "Your father named you Executor of his Will."

"He did?" Reid frowned, looking confused.

Mr. Giles nodded, clearing his throat. "Yes. He only really had two stipulations though. The house is to be put up for sale… And half of the profit goes to you, the other half to your mother's hospital to help pay for her bills there. And the same thing for the money he has saved in his banking account. Half to you, half to your mother. Everything in his house now belongs to you, of course."

"…he didn't leave anything to anyone else?" Reid looked shocked, glancing at Morgan.

"No. It's all left to you and your mother."

Reid licked his lips, "How much are you talking about?"

"He had about 30,000 dollars in his savings account," Mr. Foreman said. "And his house is probably worth around 80,000 dollars on the market. Of course, it could sell for considerably less, but that's still…"

"Still enough money to cover my mother's stay at Bennington's for the rest of her life." Reid said, nodding. He was more confused than he'd probably ever been. He was sure that if his father had made it back home before he'd tried to kill Morgan the first thing he would've done would've been to change that. Still… he could keep enough to cover both him and Morgan for retirement and donate the rest of the money to the hospital. What didn't cover his mother's bills could be used for other things…

Morgan gripped his hand tightly under the desk where the lawyers couldn't see and glanced at him. He could practically see the wheels turning in his lover's mind. "Ok…" Reid said slowly. "Um… is there anything else?" he asked. His voice was barely discernable. He was in shock; that was the only way Morgan could really describe that look on his face.

"No, everything was to be split between you and your mother's hospital…"

They quickly discussed the details over everything and the lawyers left, thankfully. Reid and Morgan sat down at the dining room table once they were gone and Reid tapped his fingers against the table. "Spencer…" Morgan frowned, gently touching his arm.

"Are you alright?"

"I'm fine…" Reid said slowly. "I'm just… in shock, I think. I never expected him to leave anything to me. Maybe Mom, but…"

"He probably didn't have anyone else." Morgan said, pulling his chair closer to Reid.

Reid glanced up at him, feeling oddly happy that his father's life had been so apparently lonely. It gave him an odd sense of gratitude to know that William hadn't had anyone else in his life… that actually explained why he had suddenly decided to try and make amends with him. He's probably been lonely.

Reid wondered if any of his father's co-workers would go to the funeral… it probably depended on whether or not news of how he'd died came out. Even then, some of them might go. And his mother was going, he knew for sure. He sighed, "I guess I just never thought about him much after I left Vegas. He was like a bad memory and I just figured that I was the same way to him…"

"Well, apparently not." Morgan said. "So, what are you going to do?"

"I'll probably give most of the money to Bennington's." he said. "And put the rest into my savings account. I don't really need the money…"

Morgan smiled for a second, his eyes lighting. "Maybe not… but we could take a long vacation with that kind of money."

Reid laughed, shaking his head. "I don't think I'd know what to do on an actual vacation…"

"That's what you have me for," Morgan grinned.


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