To all you Potter fens, you are on the right place. Here's the story of Harry Potter, if Temperance Brennan was Lily Evans sister. Brennan has to look after Harry and deal with losing Booth to Hannah. But does Harry make a difference? Can Brennan give Harry a happy childhood, have Booth and be happy at the same time? And what is Brennan going to do about her little secret?

Enjoy, the first chapter.

Dislaimer: I don't own anything that has go to do with Bones or Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter, Hart Hanson wrote Bones, I'm just mixing. Spoilers to the 6th season of Bones.


- Lily Evans/ James Potter

- Leyla McGonagall/ Severus Snape

- Angela Montenegro / Jack Hodgins

- Daisy / Lance Sweets

And Maybe Sirius Black / Cam Saroyan. (Haven't made that up yet! But in the future off course!)

Next chapter: Brennan tells Booth she's a witch! And what happens to Hannah Booth!

His name is Harry Potter!

1. Temperance Evans -Brennan

"I should've know you would be here." Albus Dumbledore stared at the cat. "Professor McGonagall."

"Good evening." Minerva just changed from her cat form. "Are the rumors true, Albus?"

"I'm afraid so." Albus stared at the sky. "The good once and the bad once."

"And the boy?" Minerva's eyes went to his

"Hagrid is bringing him."

"Do you think it wise to trust Hagrid with something as important as this?" Minerva's concern sounded very mean at the same time. "I mean, he's Hagrid."

"Ah, Prof. I would trust Hagrid with my life" Albus smiled . Hagrid landed on his motor cycle. He had a baby in a basket with him. Minerva stared at him, in relieve to find Harry there.

"Professor. Dumbledore, sir. Professor McGonagall." Hagrid's voice was heard.

"No problems I trust Hagrid?"

"No, sir. Little tyke fell asleep as we were flying over Bristol. Try not to wake him. There you go."

"Albus, do you think this is a smart idea?" Minerva McGonagall stepped next to Albus Dumbledore. "She's truly the coldest witch I ever saw, Albus. She works all night. You can't leave her with a person like this. I'm sure my daughter and Severus would like to take in Harry."

"Minerva, this is the best family, he's got left." Dumbledore replied "Something in my head says that

"This boy will be famous. There won't be a child in our world who doesn't know his name."

"Exactly. He's far better off growing up away from all of that. Until he is ready. There, there Hagrid. It's not really goodbye after all. Good Luck, Harry Potter."

Brennans tears were everywhere. 'I love Hannah', where the only words she could hear. She lost her chance. Her chance, she started to cry. She loved Booth so much. So very much. Her apartment building was closer, and she walked inside. She said no to Booth, because she was never fair with him. 'Temperance Brennan'. Her name was not Temperance Brennan, Temperance Evans. That was her name. She had 1 older sister, Petunia. And a younger sister Lily. Lily and Temperance both went to Hogwarts, while Petunia was left home all by herself. It had been years since she had used magic. Or heard anything of Petunia. And a month ago, she heard something of Lily. When she came closer to the door, she saw a little basket in front of it.

She slowly picked up the envelope. 'Temperance Brennan', her fake name was written on it. The baby in the basket was crying.

Dearest Temperance,

I'm very sad to inform you that your sister Lily Evans and her husband James Potter has passed away. She and her husband were killed by Voldemort. Here I ask you to take care of her son, Harry Potter. I know you will love him, as he was your own.

All my best,

Albus Dumbledore.

"Oh, no." Temperance took the baby in her both arms. "I can't do this, I'm not good to be your mother."

She slowly walked up the stairs. She didn't know what to do, there was nothing in her mind. She had no idea what to do. She had no idea what to say. How to take care of a child. She had no idea, her sister was just dead, and she had the responsibility of a young infant. Younger then she ever could understand. 15 months. She was for sure he could speak. Sure that he would be afraid.

She slowly took her phone in her both hands. Slowly she turned the number, Angela had to pick up the phone. The first one, she wanted to call was Booth. But her mind, had called Angela. Pregnant Angela,

"Angela, can you come here." Brennan was crying on the phone. "I need your help."

"Sure, sweetie." She knew that Angela would jump in her car, driving here. Or Hodgins would drop her off, both stories were very plausible. What story did she have to make up. Who was Harry's mother to her? Lily Brennan her sister would be a story, but then she'd have to contact Russ her 'fake' brother. To tell that she just made up a fake sister, or did she have to get clean with Angela. That her name was Temperance Evans. Her best friend at high school was Tara Wilson. A girl that also died at the hand of Lord Voldemort. A letter two weeks had told her so. Her life was crazy. Her magic talks made her crazy, saying that there was no magic. She knew that there was. Worst, she was a witch.

"Sweetie." Angela's voice came in front of the door. She slowly opened the door. Angela ran in to the room. She hugged her instantly, like she knew she needed it. Then her eyes fell on Harry Potter, the baby. "What's going on here, Sweetie."

"Ange." Brennan decided to be fair. "That's Harry, my cousin. My sister, Lily died. She's gone. Her and her husband were murdered at their home, and Harry survived."

"I didn't know you had a sister?" Angela turned her face. "Wait a minute. You don't have a sister!"

"I do." Brennan replied "I have 2. No brother. And my name is not Temperance Brennan, it's Temperance Evans. I was never in foster system, and my parents really are dead. Both of them. I had to set up the story, I went in to hiding. I mean there was.."

"What Temperance?" Angela stared at her. "Tell me the truth."

"I can't tell you this, Angela." Brennan replied "I was , this a secret. I just need to know, do you know where to get stuff for Harry. I have no idea how to handle taking care of a baby. I mean I don't have any clothes, and I don't think I can keep him in this clothes. I need your help."

"And you called me?" Angela was endeared "And not Booth?"

"I couldn't call Booth." Brennan replied "The situation was not really right after all. We were in some kind of thing, and Hannah, I didn't want to complicate things with Harry. And I knew that you would help me. I can't believe that my sister's dead."

"Shhh." Angela hugged Brennan. "I'm going to get food for Harry. And everything, sweetie. You're going to get trough this."

"But Voldemort." Brennan replied "Lily.. James, dead. Harry.."

"Hey, you're going to stay here with Harry." Angela replied "And I'll get you anything you need."

"Take my credit card." Brennan gave it to her. "You shouldn't pay for my nephew's things. He's my nephew, not yours. I can give him anything he needs."

"Hey, I wouldn't mind." Angela replied taking the card. "I know you want to do this. But you have us, the whole squint squad. We'll be Harry's family."

"Harry." Brennan stared at the baby, who was smiling right now. His green eyes were just like Lily's. Lily's eyes staring back at her. Those wonderful green eyes. She slowly smiled at Harry. She couldn't cry all the time, the 15 month year old baby would notice it. "it's just you and me, Harry. And your mummy, Lily saved your life. And in 10 years or so, you'll go to Hogwarts. But until then, it's just you and me."

"Okay, Harry." Brennan walked in the Jeffersonian. "This is where I work. This is where I work, and I'm going to take you here. Until you're old enough to go to school."

"Good morning Dr. Brennan." Daisy walked towards her with a smile "Who's this little boy?"

"This is Harry." Brennan replied "He's my nephew. I'm his guardian."

"He's so cute." Daisy hung closer to the baby. "Yes you are, yes you are."

"Beh!" Harry replied not really liking Daisy at the first sight. Or was it the fact that. She slowly walked straight to her office. Slowly put Harry in the baby bed she installed with Angela during the weekend. She put the small baby in it. Brennan noticed that since Harry had been with her, she started to carry her wand again. Just to be sure. She also repaired some things with it. Just to make sure that she still had it. Brennan turned away from Harry. She sat down on her desk. 'Booth and Lily' were on her mind. Lily her sister was murdered. She lost Booth and the love he always had for her. She truly missed her chance. If she even taken the chance she would have been with Booth. He would help to take care of Harry. She would tell him about her sister. He would hold her during the cold nights, but now she was alone. Only Harry was there with her.

"God damn it, Lily!" Brennan threw a pen to the door. Brennan cried, if she had just done the same thing she did. Change her name, come to America. She sure knew things wouldn't be that bad. The only thing she didn't get was, why did Dumbledore bring the baby to her? Why not to her sister Petunia, she was from Surrey. She could have taken care of the baby better then she could. Her and the muggle husband of hers. She didn't like that fat bastard at all. She only imagined how horrible they would be to Harry. She would try to be as loving as possible. She needed to changed her life with the baby. She couldn't be working those late nights anymore. No weekends. Brennan was turning her life around. Harry let out a little cry. Brennan slowly took the bottle, she sat down on the sofa feeding the baby the milk in it.

"We have a case, Bones." Booth entered the office, to find Brennan feeding a young child. He kept standing there, knowing that she hadn't seen her. The picture was endearing. Booth had to admit that he even like to see Brennan with a child. "Bones, we got a case."

"Oh, sure Booth." Brennan replied "Can you give me a second, while I go get Angela to take care of Harry."


"So who's Harry?" Booth asked "A secret son, you haven't told me about?"

"He's an abandoned child I've taken under my wings." Brennan replied "Foster parent, remember. He's under my wings. You know how I am."

"That's very nice, Bones." Booth replied "You really are doing good job with the baby. If you need any help, I'm good at it. You can call me, any questions. I raised Parker, remember."

"I'll be fine Booth." Brennan replied "Just fine."

She hovered over the body. The body was a bit decomposed.

"Begin 20's. Female. " Brennan turned to Booth. "I don't see an obvious cause of dead. Just the easy, their eyes look terrified. Like nothing I have seen before." Another lie. She did see something like this.

"They think it's 20 year old Macy Anderson." Booth replied "They found this near to the body."

Booth gave her a little bag. She stared at it, in the bag a little piece of fabric was put. It showed the sign of Gryffindor. She knew it for sure. She would recognize that sign anywhere. The woman that was lying right in front of her was a witch. Killed my the dead curse. Brennan's eyes seemed to tear up again. She placed her eyes in front of them.

"Bring the remains to the Jeffersonian." Brennan replied "And that."

"I hope we catch this man." Booth replied "Sick man, killing a twenty year old child."

Lily was 24. Brennan threw something at the door. God damn it, the 27 year old Temperance sunk to the floor. Voldemort's followers gotten close to her. And even now she had to solve a murder, committed by the man that called her a mudblood. A thief, in his eyes. She stole the magic. She had no right to call herself a witch. But she did have magical powers. Magical powers. She remember how she, Severus Snape and Lily had played. In the years before she got to Hogwarts, Severus was Lily's age. And the year she left for Hogwarts, Lily and Snape had stayed behind. 3 years before, Lily herself went to Hogwarts. There she met her best friend, Leyla McGonagall, and Severus's wife. The last time she'd seen Leyla and Severus, when they were presenting their daughter Katherine Snape. By now she was sure, that Severus and Leyla would have a second one, hell maybe even a third one. They were crazy in love, and they got married. Just like James and Lily.

"Harry." Brennan stared at him. "What do I have to do?"

"Do you want to hear something funny, Dr. Brennan?" Cam walked in her office. "There's no cause of dead. I mean that. It's not that I don't find it. But there just is no."

"I'm sure you overlooked something." Brennan replied "I'll just take a look at it myself."

"So how's Harry?" Cam stared at the baby. "I mean when will the foster system come and get him?"

"They won't. I'm Harry's legal guardian." Brennan replied "I hope you don't mind me taking him to work."

"Sure." Cam replied "As long as you keep him very still."

"Good!" Brennan smiled.

"Sweetie, you're telling everyone that this is just a baby." Angela replied "And not that this is your dead sister's baby. Your sister died, you can cry."

"I do, Angela!" Brennan replied "But I can't cry when Harry is near. He's so sensitive. He would notice."

"You're not even telling Booth!"' Angela replied "I thought you love him, you tell him. He's your friend."

"He is." Brennan replied "but there are things I can't tell him."

"What is it that you're not telling me?" Angela stared at her. "What, sweetie?"

"I can't tell you, Angie." Brennan stared at Harry. "Trust me, what happened to my sister is horrible. And he got away. The murderer got away."

"then get the case file to Booth." Angela replied "I'm sure Booth would love to catch the guy that killed your sister. That he will get the man."

"No." Brenna replied "They were.. I can't even…"

"What's going on with you two?" Booth walked in the office. He saw Brennans teary eyes. He stared at her, tears about him. Tears because she missed 'the shot'. Booth started to feel bad. He was with Hannah. He needed to say that in his mind, the first thing on his mind. He wanted to hug Brennan. He stared at Angela. And then again at Brennan. "So cause of dead?"

"There's no." Angela replied "Our theory is, that she scared herself to dead. That's al we have. That and the sign of a lion, which doesn't pop up anything in our computers."

"Sure." Brennan added. She slowly turned around. "Angie, do you want to take care of Harry."

"Where are you going?" Angela asked

"Goderics Hallow." Brennan replied "I have to do something."

"Bones." Booth followed her. "So, what's at Goderics Hallow? Do you think you have a lead on the case?"

"Go away, Booth." Brennan cried "This has nothing to do with you. Completely nothing."

"I know you're crying because that we lost our chance." Booth replied "You regret. And now you don't want to be straight with me. Keeping me out of this case, you're going to Goderics Hallow because it has something to do with this case."

"Not everything has something to do with the case." Brennan yelled "Or you!"

Brennan walked away from Booth, she was very mad with him. She had no reason to be, but she was. She just walked out of the Jeffersonian, leaving Harry with Angela. She knew that she had to do this. Going to a place, that she needed to see. Lily's grave.

"Apparate" She whispered while disappearing in thin air. No one had seen her, she was sure of it. In a couple step, she ended up on the grave yard. She kneeled down in front of Lily's grave. She cried. Her eyes were red. It was true, her sister Lily was dead. As dead as she could be. She fell to her knees crying.

"No!" she hit her fist against the tube stone. "You can't be dead! Please come back!"

"She's unbelievable." Booth yelled to Angela. "I mean she just went away to Goderics hallow, where ever that is. And she doesn't even call me. Crying over our missed chance."

"Not everything is about you." Angela had Harry in her tears. "Trust me, Brennan is handling something. Trust me, she's in pain. You would if you knew what she just heard."

"Oh, about us." Booth replied "She's so, I mean what was she expecting that I would take her back, because of her tears. I mean was she thinking that?"

"Her sister died!" Angela yelled out of madness. Harry started to cry. "You think that she would act this way. Tempe heard that her sister died this weekend. Harry was her son."

"Bones does not have a sister." Booth replied "I would know."

"She went to her grave." Angela replied "And the murderer got away, she told me."

"oh my god." Booth sat down. "That's her sisters son. And I yelled at her, she must be.. Mad with me."

"Booth, you didn't know." Angela replied "She wanted to tell you, but don't tell I told you."

"Booth." Brennan walked in her office. She stared at Harry. "I'm back, Harry."

"I know about your sister." Booth replied "I didn't even know you had a sister. I heard that the murdered got away, Bones, that is horrible."

"Did Angela mention that my real name is Temperance Evans." Brennan stared him. "That's right, I changed my name. With a great reason, one that I can't tell you. Harry's my cousin, and I'm his guardian. My other sister would never be nice to Harry."

"You have another sister?" Booth stared at her. "Shouldn't you two be together. Talking about nice memories of your sister. To.."

"Petunia, my sister lives in Surrey." Brennan added "That and, Lily and me hated Petunia. She wasn't like us. Called us freaks. I hate Petunia, I'm never going there."

"How can you hate your sister in a time like this?" Booth stared at her.

"Simple." Brennan reacted "She's a stupid bitch, who stopped talking to me, when we were children. She's not even sad about Lily. Monster, that's also what she called us."

"Bones." Booth touched her cheek. "Why wouldn't you tell me? I would help you with the baby. I mean it's hard to be responsible for such a small infant."

"I know Booth." Brennan replied

"Do I need to take a look at you sisters case?" Booth stared at her

"No." Brennan replied "The man who did this, is gone. I know that."

"You know that?" Booth stared at her. "You are not telling me something."

"You would hate me, if I told you everything." Brennan replied "You would hate me, trust me."

"I couldn't hate you, Bones." Booth replied "I could never hate you."

"Trust me." Brennan replied "You would hate me, if you heard this."

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