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Chapter 14: The Pelant in the case

"Good morning sweetie.." Angela stepped next to Brennan. "So how is home without Parker?"
"He only stayed with us during weekends.." Brennan smiled "But still, we miss him during this weekends. He's been writing letters, seems that Hogwarts is the perfect place for him.."
"You know I would have loved Hogwarts.." Angela smiled "I would be top at every class, oh, I would be having fun and doing spells.."
"I was the top of my class.." Brennan smiled "My top spell was.."

"Sweetie.." Angela smiled at her for a moment "I don't know anything about spells.."
"Oh, sorry.." Brennan smiled
"So have you talked to Leyla?" Angela replied "I mean she lives at Hogwarts.."

"And works.." Brennan smiled "Apparently Minerva has taken the year off, Parker hasn't told me why. I just know she isn't there.."
"Interesting.." Angela smiled "So why haven't you called me?"

"I've been busy babysitting Hermione.." Brennan replied "The girl next door. Sometimes I would swear the girl has some kind off magical ability. I have to make sure that Harry doesn't make his toys fly.."
"I think it's so weird that Harry is 4." Angela replied "It is so weird to see them grow up.."

"It is…" Brennan turned to Angela. "When I look at Harry, I see James.."
"I wouldn't be able to judge.." Angela replied "I don't know James. I've seen Petunia and Lily, can I say that Petunia is a raging bitch. I very much prefer Lily. She made a comment off how I wasn't as ordinary as her. Like I need to be.."
"She likes that.." Brennan replied "Married the most ordinary small minded man ever. The most judgmental people I know. She doesn't want people to talk ill about her.."
"Well, people talk.." Angela replied "Bad gossip is better than the other one.. We don't care if it are lies. I just like.."
"Well.." Brennan smiled "I.."

Brennan stepped in her office. As she stared at her desk. Angela stepped behind, she sat down . Brennan continued to check her e-mails. She smiled as she saw an e-mail from Booth, it showed a picture of something Booth would find funny. Yet she wouldn't see anything.
"You know there's something scary about going to boarding school in the UK.." Angela turned to her.
"What's that Ange?" Brennan turned to her
"The accent honey.." Angela replied "How did you end up masking your obvious British accent.."
"I had one of those tape thingies.." Temperance replied "And the obvious spell or potion.."
"Can you just do the accent?" Hodgins stepped next to them. "It cracks me up when you guys talk about 'snogging' and that kind of stuff. Not that I know what snogging means.."
"It means making out.." Brennan replied

"As in.." Angela turned to Hodgins. "Me.."
"As in that Angela.." Brennan smiled "I don't need a translation of the obvious, that and what's wrong with your fringes?"
"What now Dr. Brennan?" Cam stepped inside
"Bangs.." Brennan rolled her eyes. "It's English for bangs. I don't know, how you guys don't know that. I mean it's basic knowledge.."
"It's not.." Hodgins laughed "So do you know what spell young Parker will be learning now.."
"A spell to make people shut up, would come in handy.." Cam smiled "Specially people.."
"Bones.." Booth stepped towards them. "We've got a case.."

"Okay, where is the rest of me?" Angela turned to Brennan. "Can I be the first one to say, creepy?"
"Angela.." Brennan turned to her. "You didn't have to come, but you insisted so I'd tell you all of, you know what on our way here.."
"Parker send me a card.." Booth replied "Apparently there's a midget teaching on the school.."
"Hey, professor Flitwick is the head of the Ravenclaw house.." Brennan replied "And he's not a midget, he's actually half blood, many argued his magical roots.."
"Okay, small person.." Booth rolled his eyes. "So what is that?"

"Maybe that is professor Flitwick, that is if he doesn't have legs and or arms.." Hodgins laughed
"I heard that John Wilkes Booth was actually a wizard, known by.." Angela paused "Just that name, can that be right Brennan?"
"I don't know…" Brennan replied "Why would I?"
"Why would anyone do anything like this?" Angela stared at the skeleton at the foot of the Lincoln statue. "You're walking on the street, next thing you know you're dead, dismembered and placed near a Lincoln statue, nice way to go.."
"Actually.." Brennan turned away.
"There's something not right about this body.." Cam stared at it. "Dr. Brennan.."

"He.." Brennan turned around. "It seems the killer reassembled the vertebrae out of order."
"Why would anyone do that?" Hodgins turned to Brennan.
"I know that he must have an extreme knowledge of human anatomy.." Brennan replied "I think he might be trying to send us a message. Someone with this intelligence tries to give a message through this way, he put it in a public place. He wants to make sure we get the message.."
"Sick people.." Angela replied "Can we get back to Parker and school?"
"Well, I used to like the south side of the castle.." Brennan smiled "And the astronomy tower, I spent hours there. Just looking at the stars.."
"Can we have another play date?" Angela replied "We should make sure that Michael gets along with the triplets. It's important that he ends up married to one of the girls.."
"Great…" Brennan turned away. "Angie.."
"Well, there's a dead body.." Cam stepped next to them. "But you can still talk about play dates?"

"I've seen worst then this.." Brennan replied "When you lived through a war.."
"Tell me about it.." Cam replied "We've seen.."
"Well, I think this is sick.." Angela replied "Really sick, I haven't seen any of that stuff, just please don't mention any of it. Seeing that, you know what was bad enough.."
"Do you think Parker is doing okay at school?" Booth replied "I think his getting his ass kicked.."
"Booth he's going to be okay, there's a zero bullying tolerance at Hogwarts.." Brennan smiled at him for a moment he smiled back. "And Parker is not the one to get in trouble, he doesn't start fights.."
"You're right Bones.." Booth smiled "It's just Parker is in England.."
"Scotland.." Brennan smiled "The school in in Scotland, not England. England is only a small part of England. Just like the North of Ireland and Wales."
"Well, I didn't know that Bones.." Booth laughed "All I know is the Queen lives in London.."
"You know .." Brennan replied "Never mind.."

"What were you going to say Bones?" Booth turned to her.
"Nothing, Booth.." Brennan turned away.

"This is so sick.." Angela repeated herself. "How can someone do something like this? Give a message on a bone.."
"Well,.." Brennan turned to her. "I think it's awful, let's not think about that Angela. The more we think about it, the harder it gets. Trust me.."
"That is very true.." Angela turned to her. "It must be hard on her.."

"I didn't even know about the secret keeper.." Brennan replied "She hardly wrote me about problems, I didn't know what was going on in her life.."
"Sweetie.." Angela turned to her. "You have Harry, you're right. I just can't shake this murder.."
"I know it's sick.." Brennan replied "But that never stopped us before.."
"Bren, there's something about…" Angela turned away. "There's something about this case that disturbs me.. Call it a hunch.."
"I get it.." Brennan turned away. "It's just a hunch.."
"My hunches are not just hunches.." Angela smiled "Call it something, but there's something freaky about this murder. Maybe it's one of his followers.."

"A death eater dismembering a body.." Brennan turned to Angela. "Dragging it to a statue of Lincoln, proceeding to write: 'where is the rest of me'. It's too much muggle related, they would never be associated with any of this stuff, and none of them know how to do it…"
"What about Snape?" Angela replied "He is smart enough to pull it off.."
"He doesn't know anything about Bones.." Brennan replied "He pretty much only knows that he has bones. That's all, he couldn't dismember it. And I don't see why he would.."
"Well, imaging it being some kind of ironic joke.." Angela replied
"Trust me, wizards and witches don't joke about anything like that.." Brennan replied "If this were a wizard crime, they wouldn't be so subtle about it. Trust me.."

"Bones.." Booth stepped towards the duo. "Found anything?"
"No, I'm looking at the numbers in a moment.." Angela replied "But I haven't been able to see any obvious choices. I still think.."
"No.." Brennan smiled. "You don't get to blame.."
"Bones is right.." Booth replied "This has human written all over it, a man that is trying to disgrace America in its full glory. Or he's trying to give a real cruel message.."
"For once I agree with Booth.." Brennan turned to Angela. "About the cruel message that is.."

"I dropped off Harry at Hermione's.." Booth replied "I brought the triplets to daycare.."
"I'll be picking them up.." Brennan replied "Okay?"
"Great.." Booth smiled "Don't forget that Hermione is staying over tonight. Her parents have some kind of party thing going on .."
"I remember Booth.." Brennan replied "I even got a movie.."
"Great entertainment…" Booth replied "Well, I'll just go to the office. We're trying to find someone that could have done it. Anyone.."
"Anyone that is smart enough to pull it off.."

"Zach hasn't broken free.." Angela replied. "He hasn't right?" 1
"Zach didn't do this.." Brennan turned away. "Although he would be able to, with everything that I thought him. This is not something you can just read about, you have to be smart to actually do it…"
"So we have a Jack the Ripper or our hands.." Booth rolled his eyes. "I'll be stopping all vets.. I think it's clear. I'll look through the database…"
"And me and Angela are going to sort out those numbers.." Brennan replied

Slowly Angela turned to her computer screen. She turned away from Brennan, as she uploaded the numbers to the computer screen. They were a combination of a letter followed by a letter.
"Could they be some kind of coordinate?" Brennan turned to the screen. "They could refer to the other location of the bones."
"But do they refer to the plan of DC?" Angela turned to Brennan "Or to a location plan of a neighborhood. And it's about the order, I don't think it has anything to do with a plan. Nor the way he walked.."
"Well.." Brennan replied
"I bet Zach would have solved this in no time.." Angela replied "What if they refer to.."

"Angela.." Brennan turned to her.
"It's just I'm getting stressed…"
"The string.." Cam stepped inside of the room.
"What's it with the string?" Brennan turned to Cam.
"It's made out of human gut.." Cam replied "You know I've seen a lot of things, this.."

"Let's just look at this.." Brennan turned away. "I want to get home.."

"I'm here to pick up Harry.." Brennan smiled as Jean opened the door. Brennan could see Harry and Hermione staring at the moving picture. They were both laughing. Brennan smiled as she stepped inside the house. "How's business going?"
"it's busy.." Jean smiled "We have to go to a convention this evening.. Thank you for babysitting Hermione. There are not many young kids in the neighborhood yet. You're a life saver.."
"It's no problem.." Brennan smiled "Whenever Hermione's over, Harry's surprisingly tired at night.."
"Well, we like having Harry around to.." Jean smiled "It's good for Hermione, she never really banded with anyone. And now she's best friends with Harry.."

"I do.." Brennan replied
"So how are things going on your job?" Jean smiled "I think it would be exciting to be solving murders. You must have some new interesting case.."
"I can't really talk about cases.." Brennan replied "They don't let us.."
"Well, I'll get Hermione's stuff.." Jean turned away. "I'll be right down.."
"Take your time.." Brennan stepped towards the living room. Slowly she sat down. Hermione didn't react at first, but after a few seconds her dark brown eyes turned to her. Hermione slowly stared at the bottle. She slowly moved her finger, as the bottle flew towards her.
"Harry…." Brennan grabbed the baby. She grabbed the flying bottle near her and stared at Harry.

"No.." Brennan pointed to Harry. "No.."
"pay.." Hermione smiled at her. " Harrrryyyyy.."
"Here you go.." Brennan slowly put him on the floor. Taking the bottle in both of her hands. Brennan turned around putting the bottle on the coffee table, she heard her phone vibrate. Slowly she stared at the screen to find a message from Angela.

Spending a whole night solving numbers, whish me luck. X Angela.

Brennan smiled as she turned around. Slowly she picked up Hermione who was reaching for the bottle on the coffee table. Slowly she brought the bottle to Hermione's mouth, who started to drink from it. A small smile appeared on Hermione's tiny face. Harry was staring up at Brennan. She gave him a glare, like she was trying to tell him not to use magic again.
"Here's Hermione's stuff.." Jean smiled "If you ever need anyone to babysit the kids, I'll do it. If I'm free that is. Just ask…."
"Thanks.." Brennan smiled "But I'm not trying to work nights anymore."

"You're completely right.." Jean smiled "I am trying to cut back on the late shifts, but when you're a dentist. Let's just say, one of you has to work at night."
"Well,.." Brennan replied "When you work with dead people, you can decide not to work that late. I start early, and try to work until a reasonable time.."
"Well, it's tempting.." Jean replied
"So how the husband?" Brennan smiled

"He's great.." Jean replied "How is your handsome husband?"
"He called.." Brennan replied "He's having some important meeting. Cops, they have strange hours like that. Sometimes he has to work all night. He's working on it too.."
"He's great.." Jean smiled "Never met any couple as cute as you to."

"Thanks.." Brennan replied "Funny story, they used to mistake us for a couple all the time. And then something actually happened that got us together.."
"Sounds romantic.." Jean replied "Right?"
"My sister died.." Brennan looked at her. "That's what brought us together. It's so.."
"Is Harry still having nightmares?" Jean turned to Brennan "Is he asking questions about his parents? About his mom, what happened to her. What did happen to her? If you don't mind me asking.."
"She was murdered." Brennan replied "Harry was in the same room, he probably saw everything. How much do we remember when we're that young.."

"Long lasting memories could develop between 14 and 18 months.." Jean turned to her.
"Are you saying that he could end up remembering the whole thing?" Brennan put her hands to her head. "Imagine the horror.."
"It must give you a hard time.." Jean turned to her. "Knowing Harry.."
"Talking about my sister is still a sour memory.." Brennan replied "We used to be close, but things changed. I changed.."
"You left England didn't you?" Jean replied "I have a sister, we grew apart.."
"Well.." Brennan replied "After mom and dad.."

"You don't have to talk about it.." Jean replied "How are you going to deal with Harry asking questions? One day he's going to ask what happened.."
"I'll have to tell him what I know…"Brennan replied "What they told me…"
"Well.." Jean turned to her. "You must be, need to.."
"Her name was Lily.." Brennan turned around. "Lily.."

"Well, you have to talk to someone about this.." Jean turned to her. "Are you talking about losing your sister? To someone who lost her too.."
"You mean Ley.." Brennan smiled "No.."
"Why not?" Jean replied "You can call this Ley, go for coffee.."
"She lives in England.." Brennan replied "One does not simple call England. It takes time on a plane, that and she's married. She's got a lot of kids. And her husband doesn't like me, a lot of things have happened. He blames me for things that happened. I asked his wife to help me, help me to disappear.."
"Why?" Jean turned around.
"You lived in England right.." Brennan replied "Do you remember how it got a couple of years ago?"

"The weather.." Jean replied "I remember it being bad, terror. More I can't remember.."
"Well, I was a horrible person back then.." Brennan replied "Me and Leyla ended on weird terms. I don't even speak to her, she teaches as Parkers school.."
"Parker goes to school in England?" Jean turned to her. "Why?"

"Scotland actually.." Brennan replied "Parker wanted to go to a certain school, it was Scotland or Salem. It became Scotland."
"Well, Scotland is amazing.." Jean replied "I spend two weeks there, traveling with a bag. Fun, you should try it sometime. Why don't you try to call this girl? Talking about someone makes it easier.."
"I don't think that will work.." Brennan turned to her. "I feel so.."
"You wanted another life.." Jean replied "We left England for that very reason, people need change. They do, it makes things easier sometimes.."

"Well.." Brennan had tears in her eyes. "I fear the day Harry starts asking questions. Questions I might not be able to answer…"
"When he gets the questions.." Jean turned to her. "Answer the once you can.."

Brennan turned around, she wasn't facing Jean Granger anymore. She stared at Harry and Hermione who went back to watching something on TV. She could guess it was something really funny, since both kids were laughing. The phone started to vibrate.
It was an address, Booth and Sweets are on their way. – Angela

"Who's that?" Jean stepped towards her.
"Angela.." Brennan smiled "Booth will not be home early."
"Well.." Jean nodded her head. "I won't ask anything.."

"I can't tell anything anyway.." Brennan turned back to Jean. "Beside, you wouldn't think it's very interesting…"
"Well.." Jean smiled "I kind of did it some time. Back in London I sometimes worked with the police, teeth remember. I didn't find it that interesting..."
"Well, sometimes.." Brennan replied "It can get pretty stressful, even I'll admit that.."

"Jean.." Daniel stepped down the stairs. "Are you ready?"
"Me and Temperance were having some girl talk.." Jean replied
"Well, we have to get going.." Daniel smiled at her. "Thank you Temperance, we owe you."
"It's no problem.." Brennan smiled "Harry will get a better night of sleep when Hermione is there. She's such a sweet child, she's such a delight to have around."

"Well, we like having Harry around.." Daniel replied "He's a joy to have around, especially one that gets Hermione so happy.."
"Well.." Brennan stepped towards Hermione. "I'll get going.."
"Yeah.." Jean replied "I need to get dressed.."
"Come on Hermione.." Brennan took her hand. Slowly she picked up Harry, pulling her up to her hip. She slowly walked towards the bag. Once more again, she put Harry on the floor. She grabbed her bags and pulled them behind her. Slowly she turned to Jennie.

"Can you help me with Hermione?" Brennan smiled "I won't get all this stuff to my house, and keep an eye on both kids…"
"Great.." Jean turned around. "Daniel, I'll help Temperance with Hermione. I'll be right back.."

Brennan closed the door to Harry's bedroom. The room where she put Hermione and Harry, she slowly went down the stairs. The lights were all turned on, she had no idea why she wanted all of the lights on. Probably because she was thinking about Lily, when she thought about Lily she needed every light in the house to be one. She started a letter to Leyla a few times, but she never had gotten farther then hello. Her phone vibrated.

We found the rest-Booth.

Brennan turned to the door. Slowly Brennan stepped towards the TV, she sat down and grabbed her phone. She turned the TV off. Slowly she called Booth.
"Booth.." she heard him answering the phone.
"Booth, I can't come in now.." Brennan replied "Not with Harry, Hermione and the triplets sleeping upstairs. I can't.."
"It's okay.." Booth replied "Wendell is taking a look at the bones. And Angela is all over the weapon. We can do this without you. How is Harry?"
"Fine.." Brennan replied "Actually, I was just going to write Leyla.."

"Leyla.." Booth replied "Are you finally ready to talk about your sister?"
"I don't know.." Brennan replied "Maybe.."
"Bones, I need to go.." Booth replied

Brennan put the phone down. Slowly she turned the TV back on, she switched through the channels, not finding anything interesting. She turned it off and returned to her laptop. Staring at the instance messages. Angela had send them, some of them were cute pictures. Others were just movie recommendations. Angela had send her another message about the relieve she had about solving the mystery.
The doorbell rang. Brennan slowly opened the door, she found Angela standing right there. She didn't have a smile on her face. Brennan stared at the clock. It was only 8.
"My computer exploded.." Angela stepped inside. "Did Hermione get to sleep yet?"
"She did.." Brennan smiled "What, your computer exploded?"

"You know how there are.." Angela turned to her. "The killer or whoever it is, he uploaded a virus in to my computer.."
"How did he do that?" Brennan replied "He can't just walk in and upload a virus, unless you are.."
"No.." Angela replied "Wendell looked at the bones, he imprinted the virus in the bone. Smart.."
"In the bone?" Brennan stared at her. "Angela, do you want anything to drink?"

"Well, Booth has a suspect.." Brennan turned to her, as Angela sat down. She stared at Brennan. Slowly she sat down next to Angela.
"Right…" Brennan replied "I wish my hand could just slip above his morning pumpkin juice, how easy would things be.."
"Sweetie, do you want to murder the killer?" Angela replied "This is unlike you.."
"No!" Brennan rolled her eyes. "Veritaserum, making them talk the truth. How easy would that be;;3
"Do you have any of that stuff?" Angela replied

"Angela, it's been illegal.." Brennan replied "They did use it to find death eaters. It takes a month to make, I still have some laying around in the house.."
"Why do you have that?" Angela turned to her. "Scared that Harry is going to lie about stealing that last cookie. Or do you want…"
"basic.." Brennan replied "I have a bottle off pollyjuice potion. I just have it lying around the house.."

"Well, you talking witchy stuff makes me scared.." Angela smiled "Can we have that same conversation in your accent?"
"Snog.." Brennan smiled "You and Hodgins are snogging.."
"That sounds like some kind of disease.." Angela replied

"Oh, making out sounds so much better.." Brennan laughed
"I never pictured you as English.." Angela replied
"Well.." Brennan turned away. "Want to see a movie?"

"Booth is still at the office.." Brennan looked right in her eyes. "They think someone named Pelant is behind this. I don't know if he's right, but he is off the chart smart."
"Well, I guess I'll join Booth tomorrow…" Brennan replied "If there's anything strange about him, I'll know.."
"Well, yeah.." Angela smiled "But Cam being a witch go passed you.."
"I can say the same about Cam.." Brennan smiled
"Well, that's true.." Angela smiled

"So do you think that this suspect did it?" Brennan turned towards Angela. "Do you?"
"Yes I do.." Angela replied "Booth thinks so.."
"Booth has a great intuition about this kind of things.." Brennan replied "If he think it's him. It's him.. I trust him, I really do. .."
"Well, you're right about that one sweetie.." Angela replied "So are the kids all asleep?"

"Yeah, the triplets fell asleep before I got Hermione.." Brennan replied "I asked Cam's daughter to babysit the triplets for a while. That is when I went to get Harry and Hermione.."
"They are super cute.." Angela smiled
"I don't know if I can let Harry go to the Grangers.." Brennan replied "He send a bottle flying, when he was with them. What if does that again? He's a baby, I can't explain that he can't do that. If Miss Granger.."
"What makes you say it was Harry?" Angela replied "Look at it this way, Parker was a muggle born. Maybe this Hermione girl is one too. Get it.."
"I don't think so.." Brennan replied.

"Was Hermione there to?" Angela turned to her.
"Yes she was.." Brennan replied "I think she.."
"I'm saying.." Angela replied "Look at the signs, you should be able to detect. After going through all of that. Look at the signs.."
"Are you saying I should treat Hermione.." Brennan smiled "She's not a witch.."

Angela laughed as she turned away from Brennan. A moment later she laughed, Brennan had no idea why. Just that she didn't say anything funny.
"Angelaaa.." Brennan smiled

"Do you think babies remember stuff?" Brennan turned to Angela. "I mean Harry has nightmares.."
"What's this?" Angela spoke "Who made you think about this?"
"Well, I was with Joan.." Brennan smiled "Hermione's mom. She asked me after Harry's nightmares, and I just. What if he remembers how his mom was murdered? He was in the room, Angela. I don't know if I.."
"Babies don't have memories.." Angela replied "He's not going to remember."
"Joan tells me that babies develop a memory between 14 and 18 months.." Brennan replied "They can have long term memories from then on. Harry was about 15 months year old.."
"15 months.." Angela turned to her. "He's just developing it. Chances are he won't remember.."
"His mom screaming.." Brennan cried "He's having nightmares. Off course he's remembering it.."

"Sweetie.." Angela touched her hands. "Sometimes nightmares are just that, nightmares.."
"A normal 4 year old does not have nightmares.." Brennan yelled "A little toddler does not have nightmares. A toddler does not watch his mom get murdered…"
"You're going to deep in this.." Angela hugged her. "You can't change this. You can only help Harry now, or is it you that needs helping?"

"I could just put a little in his.." Brennan spoke.
"No, Bones.." Booth smiled "We're doing it my way. They could use it against you, you did say it's illegal. We don't want any government behind us.."
"Specially not ours.." Brennan smiled

Brennan walked towards the small house that was in the middle of nowhere. Well, it wasn't in the middle of nowhere. It was not deserted, but it wasn't that busy. Yet the house gave her the feeling it was. Brennan turned to Booth, who was holding out his gun. It wasn't visible. Brennan slowly pointed to the gun, telling him to put the gun away. For some reason Brennan felt the need to get her wand. She felt like putting it away.
"Sh.." Booth stepped toward the door, knocking it.

"Hello.." Christoper Pelant opened the door. "Hello, are you from the police. I already told that reporter, I have nothing to do with this.."
"How can we know that?" Brennan turned to him.
"I have no computer.." He smiled "And I have no way off leaving this house.."
"Well, buddy.." Booth turned to him. "I still think you could have done it.."

"What's this?" Brennan stepped towards the computer. She turned back to him. "You said you didn't have a computer. This doesn't look like no computer.."
"It doesn't work.." Pelant smiled "It reminds me of a better time. You're here about that murder, I repeat. I didn't have the time nor the opportunity. I call myself an hackivitst.."
"Well.." Brennan stepped closer. "You got a pretty nice prison here, just imagine a place where it's cold, every nice memory sucked from beneath you. That's the prison you should be.."

"Sound nice.." Pelant replied "Better then here.."
"Then you should go.." Brennan replied
"Bones.." Booth turned to him. "So where were you on Monday between.."
"Here.." Pelant spoke up. "You can ask.."

"You're smart right.." Brennan turned to him. "I once knew a very evil man, an evil mastermind in his own mind. He could work around everything. I bet you know how to work around it."
"That evil mastermind sounds like someone I would like to meet.." Pelant smiled "I think we would like to get along.

"I don't think so.." Brennan replied "I know you did it.."
"Prove it.." Pelant turned to him. "Show me you're smarter than I am. Maybe you should start thinking like that man you once knew.."