Sure, the whole become-a-counselor-at-Camp-Crystal-Lake thing had just been for one simple, selfish reason at first. She'd wanted to get away from her parents and their rules. They told her what to do, when to do it, and exactly how it had to be done. They were suffocating her - not to mention her younger sister always wanting to be like her and her older sister always bragging about how she was going to be in college next year. Like people cared.

But 15-year-old Sabrina Callahan had to admit, the more she worked at Camp Crystal Lake, the more she actually liked it. Her reasons for coming had begun to change. She loved helping the kids, and the only part she wasn't particularly fond of were the other counselors. These kids were probably a year or two older than her, and their reasons for coming had either been the same as Sabrina's or slightly different. The others were still tired of their parents, but the difference was that they were tired of their parents catching them having sex. And the other thing that was different was that their reasons didn't change; all they ever cared about was getting away from their parents so they could have sex all they wanted.

Sabrina was so sick of these idiots, she had considered several times leaving the camp early. It seemed like she was the only one doing anything productive around here. All the others cared about was banging each other when they were supposed to be watching the kids. But there was one little boy who kept her here, and she knew she couldn't abandon him.

It all began the day she arrived at Camp Crystal Lake as a counselor. She had already been briefed on her duties; when she wasn't helping Pamela Voorhees, the cook (who she'd already met and she seemed nice), in the kitchen, she was to assist the children in any way she could. Watch the ones who were swimming, help with art projects if they needed it, stuff like that. Now was time to actually do her job.

She had been driven by her sister, because her parents didn't approve of her coming anyways - they'd told her if she wanted to go, she'd have to find her own transportation. So she asked her sister, Janine, to take her, and Janine agreed. Their younger sister, five-year-old Willow, was sitting in the back in a kid's car seat; Janine hadn't been able to find a babysitter, since her parents had gone out that day and Janine was supposed to be watching her. Willow was crying as Sabrina climbed out of the car. "I wanna go! I wanna help Brina be couch-seller!"

Annoying as she was, Sabrina couldn't help but feel a little sorry for Willow; all she wanted was to be with her sister and help her. So she opened the back door and leaned into the car. "Don't worry, Will." She ruffled the little girl's red locks, different from her own black ones but nearly identical to Janine's crimson curls. "Someday I'll take you back here and we can have so much fun together! Doesn't that sound great?"

Willow sniffled, leaned over, and hugged Sabrina as tightly as she could. "I miss you, Brina!"

"I'll miss you too, kid. See you later, alright?" She climbed out again and waved to Janine. "Bye, Nina!"

Janine held up a hand and did her signature "twinkling fingers" wave. "You keep your nose clean, Sabrina!"

"I will, thanks!" Sabrina took her backpack off and walked into the camp. It seemed like a nice enough place - lots of sunshine, the paint on the wooden sign that welcomed everyone was bright, and she was already breathing in fresh air. She gave a little giggle as she walked in. "Maybe I'll like this place more than I think."

She went to the counselors' cabin, where to her disgust she found several couples on the floor making out. "Or maybe not." She just rolled her eyes, put her things down, and slipped her yellow "Camp Crystal Lake" t-shirt on over her regular white sleeveless top. She already had her uniform khaki pants on. She called to the couples on the floor, "Have fun, I'll see you later, lunch is in two hours," before leaving the cabin completely.

She looked around to see what was going on. Could she start helping the kids already or did Pamela need her in the kitchen to help make lunch? She wasn't really sure where to go.

Then she saw a bunch of kids gathered in one spot. Since it could be something dangerous or a part of nature that was potentially dangerous (like a wild animal or a mushroom or something), she decided she'd better check it out. So she went over to the children, and she was horrified by what she saw.

A couple of them had rocks in their hands, and they were using them to beat another boy. All of them, even the ones without rocks, were chanting, "Freak show! Freak show!" The other boy certainly looked different than them, with the shape of his head and all, but why the hell were they hitting him? This was going to stop.

"Hey! Let me through!" She separated the wave of kids, pushing through them to reach the center. "Alright, gimme that!" She grabbed one of the boys by the wrist and took the rock out of his hand. She held it up for everyone else to look at. "You guys see this? It really hurts if you hit other people with it! Do you understand that? You're hurting somebody!" She threw the rock to the ground and let go of the boy's wrist, giving him a gentle shove. She went over to the other boy, and took his rocks too. "We are all friends here at Camp Crystal Lake, and we do not hurt our friends!" She waved them off. "Now move on, show's over." As they began to leave, she called (just for good measure), "And if I catch any of you doing anything like this again, you'll be in the mess hall time-out so fast your heads'll spin! You'll just sit there, staring at the wall for an hour!"

With that, she turned around to the other boy, the one they were hitting. She knelt down and offered him a hand. "You okay, hon?"

He took her hand with one of his, and wiped his eyes with the other. "Yeah... I think so." He allowed her to help him to his feet and adjusted his own "Camp Crystal Lake" shirt, though his was white. "Thanks."

"Hey, no problem." She shook her head. "Stupid kids, they think everything's funny." She smiled at him. "Sorry, I'm kind of new here, I've never been a counselor before. I think that's the kind of thing I'm supposed to do. Have you been here before?"

He nodded. "Yeah, a couple times. The past two summers, I think it's been."

"Good!" she laughed, rubbing his shoulder. "Maybe you'll be able to show me around! Anyway, my name's Sabrina Callahan. What's yours?"

He shook her hand, very politely. "I'm Jason Voorhees."

"Voorhees? Oh hey, waaaaait..." She snapped her fingers, then pointed at him, still smiling. "You're Pam's little boy! They told me she had a son who went here, but they didn't tell me your name. Nice to meet you. Ha-ha, you look just like her, you know that?"

He finally smiled back. "Yeah, that's my mommy. She's great, isn't she?"

"She seems like a really nice woman. I'm gonna be helping her make all the food. Which reminds me, I should probably go see if she needs any help with lunch... I don't even know what we're having! That's really bad since I'm the assistant cook, huh?"

Jason laughed. "Yeah, kinda. I think you better go find out. You think we might have hot dogs? I love hot dogs."

"We might, it's a camp-y kinda food. I hope we have lemonade too, that's my favorite summer drink. Okay, well..." She scratched her head, looking around. She didn't want to leave him all alone. "Do you know where you're supposed to be right now?"

He shrugged. "Um... arts and crafts, I think. But I don't know where the cabin for that is."

"Oh, that's easy. I'll show you." She placed a hand on his back and began to lead him over to the cabin. "And hey... Jason?"

He glanced up at her. "Yeah, Brina?"

She giggled. Somebody else was calling her that besides Willow. "Don't worry about those other kids. As long as I'm around, they aren't gonna do to you that anymore."

He grinned up at her, and suddenly gave her a hug. "Thanks, Brina. Maybe you'll be my first friend."

"You bet on it, bud!"

... Nobody hit meh...


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