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Sabrina sat up from the table, where she'd spent the last two hours howling and bawling her eyes out. Pam was just sitting there beside her, with a sort of faraway look in her hazel eyes. "This is all my fault," she spoke up, rubbing at her eyes. "If I hadn't taken my eyes off him, he wouldn't have gotten pushed into the lake. He wouldn't have drowned just now."

"Sabrina, stop saying that." Pam reached over and put a hand on her back. "It isn't your fault. There was nothing you could have done to stop those kids from pushing him into the lake. Kids do what they want."

"But if I could swim I would have been able to do something," she sniffled. "I shouldn't have lied to get in here. I should have just gotten over my fear and let Janine teach me how to swim."

"If the others had been paying attention, it wouldn't have been an issue," Pam soothed, her other hand joining the first in rubbing Sabrina's shoulders. "It's not your fault. You are the best thing for Jason, and you tried. Even though you can't swim, you tried to save him."

Sabrina stood up, away from Pam's touch. "I... I can't stay here," she muttered, loud enough for Pam to hear. "Jason... was the only reason I didn't go home sooner. Now that he's gone, I... I don't have anything keeping me here. I just... I want to leave. Nobody but you at this stupid camp cares about Jason, or me, and if they don't want anything to do with us, I don't want anything to do with them." She started towards the door. "I'm gonna go call my mom to pick me up."

Pam walked over to where she was, and enveloped Sabrina in a tight hug, holding her as close as she could. She stroked her hair, rubbed her back, and just held her for a minute. "I suppose that's for the best anyway." She sighed and gently pressed her lips to the top of the younger girl's head. "Be safe, Sabrina. And don't forget Jason."

Sabrina nodded, then shook her head, tears sparkling in her eyes. "I... I could never forget him, Pam. I promise, I won't. I'll think of him every day, and I'll miss you." She noticed she was shaking as she hugged Pam back. She was trying not to just spontaneously burst into tears right now. "Bye, Pam."

She heard Pam let out a particularly heavy breath as she let go. "... Good-bye, Sabrina. Just remember, don't... don't give up on anything."

Sabrina played with her hair as she waited for her mother to pick up. All she heard was the ring tone, which was probably her mom being lazy and taking forever to get to the phone. On purpose.

Finally there was a click. "Hello?"

Regret welled up in her chest the minute she heard her mother's voice. She shouldn't have fought with her mother before coming to Camp Crystal Lake. She really should have made up with her. "M-Mom?"

"Sabrina, is that you? Are you still up at that camp?"

She felt a tear spill over her lower eyelid, and more followed, and suddenly she was crying all over again. "Mom, this... this is gonna be a long story, but, um... I wanna come home. Can you... Can you come pick me up? Please?"

Jason blinked, just a few times, then opened his eyes wider. He... He was still under the water, but... but it wasn't weighing on his chest anymore. He could still breathe, and he could see, but he still felt sick... just sick.

His limbs were heavy, he guessed it was because the water had soaked into his clothes and skin. And it was too cold, he could practically feel his skin turning blue. His head hurt, and so did his stomach, not to mention his whole body was trembling and he was tired and his heart was beating like mad.

Mommy... where was Mommy? And where was Sabrina? Where did they go?

Maybe they were still up on the surface, on the land. They probably thought he was dead for good, but he wasn't. He came back; he may have died, but he came back. He didn't know how, but it didn't matter.

He had to get back up and find them. They must have been sad if they thought he'd died, so he had to show them that he was okay.

He kicked his legs and made broad strokes with his arms, focusing on wehere up was. Finally he managed to get his head above the waves.

He blinked again, to clear the droplets of water from his vision. He looked around eagerly to see Mommy and Sabrina, but his eyes didn't fall on them. He tried to call out for one of them, either one, but all that came out was a loud whimper.

It was dark anyway. They probably went inside already, to sleep.

He should sleep too. He'd find them tomorrow... yeah. Tomorrow, he'd go looking for them.

Jason swam to the nearest shore, which it looked like was on the opposite side of Camp Crystal Lake's shore. Oh well... he'd just have to swim back over tomorrow to find Mommy and Sabrina.

He climbed out of the water and coughed a few times, shaking his head. He was still freezing, and the ground was hard. A wind blew by, and that made it worse. But he curled up as much as he could, rubbing his arms. His teeth chattered, and he tried to stop them as he closed his eyes.

Another wind whipped past him, making him shiver. And it was loud, it almost sounded like a dog howling. Or a wolf.

Jason snapped his eyes open, breathing heavily as he looked between the trees in the woods. There weren't wolves out here, were there? He hoped not. He liked dogs, but wolves were a different story. They could eat him alive...

He scooted closer to the edge of the water, swallowing. Maybe the farther away he was, the less chance that they'd come looking for him. If there were any in the first place anyway.

He tried to sleep again, but it was hard. He couldn't believe Mommy or Sabrina wasn't here with him. He could sure use one of them right now. He was scared and cold and couldn't sleep.

Before he knew it, he was crying, harder than he thought he'd ever cried before. The tears just kept coming, shaking his body. He tried to wipe them away but it didn't matter; there were just too many, soaking into the ground and into his shirt.

He wished Sabrina were here. She'd tried so hard to reach him when he fell into the water... she'd saved him from that once, and this time she hadn't been able to. If Mommy knew what was happening, she would have tried too. And when Mommy wasn't there, Sabrina always was.

He remembered one time, when there was a thunderstorm that night and Mommy had been in town to get some stuff. She would've been back before that but she couldn't drive her car with all that rain and lightning. Sabrina came out in all that rain and mud and everything, to his cabin, like she did every night. And he was so scared; she held him on her lap and hugged him until he fell asleep.

Yeah. He really wished for that right now... but she wasn't here. She wasn't here and neither was Mommy.

"Oh God!" Mrs. Callahan brought a hand up and covered her mouth when she turned the page of the newspaper.

Sixteen-year-old Sabrina, who as per a usual Saturday woke up at noon and was just now eating breakfast, looked up from her cereal. "What's the matter?"

Mrs. Callahan brought her hand down. "Um, Sabrina... what was the name of that cook up at Camp Crystal?"

"Camp Crystal Lake," Sabrina sighed. "Her name's Pam Voorhees. Why?"

"Pamela Voorhees?"

Sabrina deadpanned. "Mom, how many people do you think there are in New Jersey with the last name Voorhees? Let's start with that. Yeah, her full name's Pamela. Why?"

"I, um... I think you better see for yourself." She handed the newspaper over to her daughter.

Sabrina looked down at the page. It read Obituaries at the top. She looked up, wide-eyed, at her mother. "Mom, what... is this some kind of joke?"

Mrs. Callahan took a breath. "Last one in the third row."

She looked down again, and her eyes shot open as she read the mini article.

Pamela Sue Voorhees

Age: 36

Hometown: Crystal Lake

That was all it said.

Sabrina's spoon fell into her bowl with a clang as she tossed the paper down and tears filled her eyes. She covered her face and began to just cry, hard. Now she'd lost both of them, Jason and Pam - both of her best friends.

They didn't even say how she died.

Sabrina broke the surface of the water and immediately started gasping for breath, spitting out what she swore was pure chlorine. Her goggles were fogged up, and so she couldn't see very well at the moment, but she felt Janine grab her arm and pull her up so that she was standing.

"You did it, Sabrina! Oh my God, you were swimming!"

Sabrina gulped in air and shook her hair out, probably splashing both her sisters as she did. She reached out her free hand for the rubber edge of the blown-up pool to steady herself, and then whipped the goggles off, so she could actually see again.

Janine was grinning, and immediately wrapped her arms around her younger sister, squealing. "Oh my God, Sabrina, I can't believe it! You did it!"

She took a few breaths and nodded, a little dazed. "I... did it."

"Good job, sis!" the now-seven-year-old Willow called, jumping up and down.

Sabrina smiled for a half second, then scoffed. "Yeah. If only I'd done this before

I went to camp, I could have saved Jason."

Janine sighed, stepping out of the pool and grabbing her towel. "Sabrina, will you not let that take over your life? It happened almost two years ago. Come on, after summer you're going to be a junior in high school. You've got all your community service hours for graduation taken care of. You're probably going to get a bunch of scholarships." She reached back into the pool and put a hand on Sabrina's shoulder. "You got so much going right. I know you really loved Jason, but you can't let it dominate every minute of your life. He's gone."

"I know." Sabrina climbed up the ladder and slid down as well, flipping her wet ponytail over her shoulder. "I just... I feel like it was my fault, you know? Pam told me to watch him every minute, and I... I wasn't watching him. I was talking to her."

Janine nodded. "Yeah, I understand. Still, don't get too down on yourself. It was just an accident. If you knew what was going to happen you never would have turned your back."

"But I did." She sucked in a breath and sat down on one of the beach chairs. Then an idea shone in her eye, and she glanced up at Janine. "Hey, Janie? You're a college smarty-pants."

Janine rolled her eyes. "Your point being?"

"... What kind of training do you suppose you'd need to be a lifeguard?"

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