Title : I'm a Celebrity…Get me Out of Here : Wizard Edition

Author: Nemainofthewater

Disclaimer: I don't own anything you recognize, it all belongs to J.K Rowling and ITV.


Ant and Dec made their final goodbyes, and the television screen faded to black.

Fred and George looked at each other, identical expressions of delight on their faces. Their project was nearly done, and once it was finished…

Hermione, great witch that she was, had invented a wizarding version of the television that wasn't affected by magic, and then she had made her mistake. She had introduced the Weasley twins to British shows.

They had both been captivated by the inventive ways that Muggles came up to torture, or rather, entertain, themselves and each other with, and after skipping through other channels (not before writing down some of the more inventive ones though. The X-Factor was genius! And Masterchef…well, after their mum had come in, it had all they could do to stop her hogging the television all the time) they had realized just how boring wizarding television was.

All documentaries and news. Someone needed to add a little fun into the mix.

"Now," said Fred, "all we need to do is to work out how we can sucker them into joining up…"

The Wizarding world wouldn't know what hit them.

Hello! So this is just a little idea in my head that wouldn't go away. But, to write this, I really need your help. Please leave a review saying just who you want in this (Fred and George will be presenting, but I need 13 celebrities!) and I also want this story is going to function like the show, so I need you to vote for who should be eliminated each chapter, and maybe who should do the trial each week. Thank you so much!