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Authors Note: So... I was totally zoned out today and realized I've always wanted to write drabbles and one-shots and some song fics, but then realized I had no idea what I'd do them on. So I started and somehow this happened. It's a bunch of One-shots, drabbles, and song fics combined into a story I shall call a 'One-drong', no matter how lame that word is (and believe me I know it's pretty lame)! So I'm doing little one-drongs to as many JLU characters as I can think of, which is a lot so I'll probably be working on this a while...

J'onn J'onzz is sad.

He has just came from a funeral from a viking. The viking was a warrior prince, a hero many worshipped and envied.

But the viking was sad.

He couldn't be with his love and was sent spiralling into loneliness. He was cursed by a God who made him invulnerable to almost everything so he couldn't rejoin his beloved Valkyrie in the heavens above.

The viking died alone in despair, frozen in an iceberg.

J'onn was that viking.

So isolated and lonely. He needed to connect with humanity.

But how could he connect with those who despite his pledge to protect were killing Earth? Covering it with filth, over-populating themselves, and always fighting such pointless bloody battles.

But he wanted to be one of them, why he didn't know.

He walks the streets of Hong Kong, alone in the darkness.

Suddenly a women calls out to him in Chinese. She is short and plump with a look of kindness on her face. She sees his confusion and switches to English, gesturing for him to come inside while telling him that it is cold out and he needs to eat.

He isn't sure why, but he listens. She smiles as they sit down and begin to eat dinner.

She tells him her name is May-Ling, he says his is John. They talk for hours before she ushers him into a guest room to sleep as she tells him she will see him in the morning.

Suddenly J'onn J'onzz is happy.

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