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Most people thought Superman had it easy.

He was strong, brave, good-looking, and had hundreds of women fawning over him.

But Superman really didn't have the good life, and not just because of all the fighting he did either.

Superman was also Clark Kent, and Clark had a secret he needed to share. A big one.

He was sitting there, waiting for her reaction. He had dreaded the day he would tell her this for years and years and now here he was waiting to see how she would respond.

Telling Lois his other identity was a job for Batman.

He felt his heart beat quicken when her eyes widened.

"Oh, Smallville. . ." These were the longest three seconds of his life. "I already knew!"

She was laughing. Laughing was good.

He felt her kiss him. A nice, warm, thank-you-for-telling-and-trusting-me kiss that lingered on his lips.

When they broke apart she was smiling.

Clark smiled to.

He hadn't felt this human in a long time.

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