Momo hummed a tune. It was his favourite day, a Sunday. Strictly speaking, it wasn't always his favourite day, but now that he had a first date on this one, it had to be his favourite.
A grin spread across his face and he leapt out of his room, raced down the stairs, and called to his parents "I'm going out!"
Immediately, his annoying siblings descended on him.
"Nii-chan is going out?"
"Where? Is it a giiiiiirl?"
"Take me with you, nii-chan!"
"Is she a cute onee-chan? Cute, right?"
Momo pushed his irritating little brothers and sisters off him, and answered, "Be quiet, you guys! Tell mum and dad that I'm going out, 'kay?"
"Okaaaaay!" they chorused, eager to please.
"Be good while I'm gone, alright?" he called over his shoulder, and without wasting any more time, he ran out the door.

Life could have been better for Kamio Akira. A lot better, in fact. One of his bitterest (and stupidest) rivals was going out with the girl he liked, and it was happening in about 5 minutes.
Beside him, Ibu Shinji sighed and muttered, "There's no use waiting to ambush them here, idiot."
Akira spun around and snapped at him, "What do you mean? Ann-chan is part of our school. Our team, in fact. Why does that damn Momoshiro have to…"
"Go out with her before you get to?" Shinji finished bluntly.
He looked down, and muttered almost inaudibly, "You know… you're not the only one who likes someone on this team…"
Too bad you're too idiotic to notice, idiot, he thought glumly.
Akira asked, "You like Ann-chan as well? You?"
"What?" Shinji replied, painfully aware that if he didn't say that he liked her, he'd have to admit he liked someone in this team, and there weren't a lot of likeable someones for him besides…
"Ah!" exclaimed Akira. "It must be Ann-chan's friend! I saw you hanging around her a lot last practise. She's pretty cute, you know. I hear that her brother might transfer to Fudomine."
Shinji opened his mouth, wanting to explain that it had been Ishida that Ann's friend had wanted to be around, and Shinji had been practising his Kick Serve against Ishida, but…
Akira grinned, his own troubles forgotten. "So what's her name? N-A-M-E!"
'Ahh… I, uh, forgot."
"Forgot? You forgot the name of a girl you like?" Akira shook his head. "Sheesh. You could at least remember her name, Shinji. Unless-" he winked at Shinji "-you were so dazzled by her that you were too shy to ask…"
"Shut up!" snapped Shinji, a blush dangerously close to breaking out on his cheeks. Why couldn't Akira notice that he didn't like girls, but he liked…

"Let's just stop hanging around here and go get some ice cream or something, okay? Geez, Akira."
"As long as you're buying."
"Ice cream shop it is, then."