The two stood silently. Well, Shinji stood while Akira slumped hopelessly against the restaurant wall.
"What did you do that for, you moron?" demanded Shinji. "You almost ruined a date."
"But Ann-chan…" croaked Akira dejectedly.
"Come on. The girl never liked you."
"What did you say?"
"I said, she never liked you. And you saw the way that those two were staring at each other. Let them be lovebirds and stare into each other's eyes if they want to."
Shinji waited for an angry outburst, but was surprised to see Akira practically keel over onto his knees.
"Get up, moron! Idiot! You one-digit IQ bastard!"
Shinji began to prod Akira with his foot, pointedly ignoring the "Nya"s and "Good data"s and "Hmm"s of some blue-and-white sports uniform clad boys in the bushes.
"Nobody loves me," Akira suddenly moaned in despair, running his hands roughly through his reddish hair.
"Aah!" screeched a catlike voice as a hail of stones flew from Shinji's hand towards a certain bush. Hurried, retreating footsteps could be heard.
"I'm all alone…" Akira continued, oblivious to the commotion in front of his nose. But suddenly, he heard the rustle of clothes, felt two warm hands on his shoulders and saw two soft eyes looking straight into his own confused eyes.

An embrace.
It was all so disconnected, Akira could barely think.
A heartbeat.
"You don't have to say that," Shinji breathed, his lips against Akira's ear. "You're not alone, because I…"
Another heartbeat.
Still disconnected.
Akira could feel Shinji's lips brushing his. Oh god, oh god, Shinji's mouth was-
Passion exploded inside of Akira, and he clutched desperately at Shinji's clothes, letting his hands caress Shinji's face, feeling him grip his back. Never before had he felt like this.
I don't want to let go. I won't let go. Ever.
More and more frantic heartbeats came and went as Akira's heart raced. He let himself close his eyes, sinking into pure bliss.
Shinji withdrew slightly, still holding Akira in a gentle embrace and letting him stare deep into his dark eyes.

"Because I love you."