The Return of a Princess


A/N: Sorry, I forgot about Helios and Rini.

Rini was slowly adjusting to her life in the palace, but something was missing. Helios had retrieved his magic horn and had returned to Elysion.

"Rini dear, are you alright?" Rini's aunt Minako asked. Rini sighed.

"I miss Helios" She said glumly. "I wish he was here. Dimande and Safir are gone too. It's so boring" Minako laughed.

"I understand how you feel" She said. "It was hard for me, living on Earth, knowing that my friends were so far away" Rini sighed heavily.

"I think I'm in love with Helios" She admitted, "but I'm afraid it's not allowed" Minako hid a smiled.

"I knew you were in love with him" She said knowingly.

"How?" Rini asked. Minako laughed.

"Because I am the Soldier of Love and Beauty, of course" She replied. "Have you talked to your parents about this" Rini shook her head.

"I don't know how things work here, and I am afraid to find out. Besides, Helios tolds me that he lives in Elysion to protect the dreams of children. That must mean he can't leave, so I'll never get to see him again" Rini sighed dramatically.

After her talk with the pink haired princess, Minako went straight to the throne room for an audience with the King and Queen.

"It's as we expected" She said. "Rini has falled for the keeper of good dreams" Serenity looked at her husband.

"What can we do?" She asked. "Helios is not allowed to leave Elysion. The only reason he was here, was because of the witch. Now that it's restored, he has to stay there, doesn't he?"

"Yes" Endymione replied. "But he can visit the castle during the day to court Rini if he wants"

"But what good is courting if they can't get married?" Minako demanded.

"They can" Endymione said. "Serendipity is next in line for the throne. Helios may have to live in Elysion, but Rini doesn't have to live in the moon kingdom" Minako smiled.

Helios was in the Guarden of the temple of Elysion when Endymione appeared before him.

"Sire" He said, bowing low.

"I wanted to thank you Helios, for helping my daughter" Endymione said.

"She saved my life" Helios replied. "It was the least I could do"

"Tell me Helios, do you have feelings for my daughter?" Helios froze, like a deer caught in the headlights. He figured he was in trouble now. Princesses were supposed to marry Princes. Endymione smiled gently. "She feels the same way" He said. Helios looked up at the king.

"She does?" He enquired.

"Yes, and I give you permission to court her, as long as you treat her with the respect that she deserves" Endymione said.

"Yes sir" Helios said. "I will"

Helios began courting Rini and eventually, they got married and had two daughters whom they names Usagi and Ikuko after thier grandmother and great grandmother.