Galactik Stars Revealed.

This is a three chaptered comedy in which Callie Mystic interviews a host of characters. Trying to unlock their deepest secrets...will it work? Umm...I'm not sure.

Callie sat down, mentally preparing herself for the day ahead. She was set to interview ten Galactik football players in one day, one at a time. Each interview was meant to be really in-depth while also getting the gossip on what the players thought of their fellow players. The door opened and the first player came in.

"Hello Carrot Top."

Kernor. Callie and Kernor didn't exactly have the greatest of friendships. Due in part to Kernor's aggressive attitude in a previous interview, but also thanks to the fact that Kernor had insisted Callie was ginger. When Callie had disputed this claim, Kernor had taken to calling her by ginger insults every time they met.

"Kernor," Callie returned, plastering a gracious smile on her face as Kernor took the sofa opposite her. "Hi."

"Whatever," Kernor replied. "Let's just get this interview rolling, Copper Top."

Callie gritted her teeth at the -incorrect- nickname, but, being the professional she was, ploughed on regardless.

"Let's," she agreed. "So, you're the captain of the Rykers."

"As everyone already knows." Kernor rolled her red eyes.

"Yes," Callie agreed, getting into her stride. "You've been the captain long?"

"Five years, and counting," Kernor replied proudly. She glowered at the camera. "And that ain't gonna change til I leave."

"Do you believe you're a good captain?" Callie requested.

"Best in the cup." Kernor answered, smiling cockily.

"Even though you've never won anything under your leadership?" Callie tried. Kernor's eyes narrowed dangerously.

"We've won stuff." She growled.

"What have you won?" Callie questioned politely.

Kernor glowered at her for a few seconds, breathing heavily. "...matches." She replied after a while.

"Oh yes, of course you've won matches," Callie agreed, nodding. "But I was referring, of course, to cups, trophies. Do you really believe it's fair to claim you're the best captain in the cup when other team captains have led said teams to victory?"

"Name the captains." Kernor snarled.


"Old man surfing on his ego." Kernor interrupted. Callie blinked.

"Are you saying Warren isn't as good as he's made out to be?" She ventured.

"That's exactly what I'm saying," Kernor agreed. "Name other captains."

Callie was glad to; this was what the viewers wanted; other players slagging off fellow footballers.

"Rocket? D'jok?"

"Rocket's just some issue ridden teenager," Kernor snorted. "And...well...D'jok..." She trailed off.

"Yes?" Callie pressed.

"He's different. He's a good player." Kernor garbled quickly.

Callie wasn't stupid. She hadn't been a journalist for ten long years and not learnt to pick up on the little things.

"Kernor," she murmured a smile quirking on her lips. "Do you, perhaps, have a little crush on the Team Paridisia captain?"

Kernor's eyes widened. "Shut it Duracell!" She ordered, in a remarkably higher voice than normal.

Stung, Callie hit back. "D'jok's ginger too!" She pointed out.

"He's got a nice shade of ginge...That doesn't matter!" Kernor shrieked. "I'm leaving." The alien stood.

"Off you go then," Callie replied smugly. "I got enough information out of you."

Kernor leant down, so that her face was right next to Callie's.

"I'll be waiting outside for you Ginner." She warned, and then she stomped out of the room. Callie watched her leave, wide-eyed. All well, she had nine more visitors to go; surely Kernor would give up by then? And if not, Luur was one of the people to be interviewed; she could always use him as a bodyguard. As Callie smoothed down her shirt, the door opened once again. This time D'jok, himself, wandered in.

"D'jok, hi." Callie smiled; swamped with relief. D'jok was a showman; he knew how these interviews worked. But, then again...Callie had never tried to be in-depth with D'jok. She'd simply talked to him about football.

"Hi Callie." D'jok greeted as he sat himself down.

"Well then," Callie smiled imploringly at the red-head. "You've had an exciting season so far haven't you?"

"You could say that." D'jok conceded with a laugh.

"There have been many changes in both your personal and professional life." Callie pressed on.

D'jok looked a bit put out. "Right." He nodded.

"One of the main changes being..."

D'jok gave her a look that just screamed: 'Don't do this Callie, don't do this to a poor innocent young man.'

Callie ignored the look and continued. " breaking up with Mei."

"I don't really want to talk about that." D'jok retorted moodily, his gaze now fixed on the floor.

"I'm sure you don't. But the viewers want to hear," Callie replied, she sighed sympathetically. "We just want to hear your side of the story."

Ooh she was good!

D'jok looked up, bit his lip, and then nodded. "Fine, fire away."

"Well, I believe the most asked question would be: 'Why? What caused the break up?'" Callie requested.

"We just grew apart," D'jok shrugged. "We started arguing and..." He trailed off. "And she left me." There was an overwhelming sadness in his voice now. Callie patted him on the back.

"She's now with Sinedd, as you know. There are many suggestions that perhaps she was with Sinedd while she was with you." She pressed on.

Anger glinted in the red-head's eyes. "I wouldn't know would I?" He hissed through gritted teeth. "Wouldn't put it past him that haired wanker."

"What do you mean by that D'jok?" Callie pressed, well aware that she was pushing D'jok into, perhaps, a full scale outburst...not fair on the boy, but it would make good TV.

"Sinedd is extremely jealous of me," D'jok rolled his eyes like it was obvious. "That's the reason he stole Mei-"

"Stole?" Callie repeated.

"Well I hardly think Sinedd is with Mei because he likes her," D'jok shrugged. "He'll just be using her to get at me."

"Do you really believe Sinedd is that obsessed with you?" Callie questioned.

"I actually genuinely do. Worrying isn't it?" D'jok sighed.

To be perfectly honest, Callie was more worried about D'jok's obsession with Sinedd being obsessed with him, but she didn't say.

"What does he have to be jealous of?" She asked.

"Well first off I'm a much better footballer." D'jok preened.

Callie didn't dispute this, so D'jok continued.

"And I'm much better looking." D'jok continued.

"Really? That's interesting, because Sinedd actually ranked higher than you in the sexiest male footballer poll." Callie pointed out, yanking out a magazine -she was going to use as ammunition if D'jok had fallen for the bait earlier- and showing it to him.

"That's irrelevant," D'jok denied, his eyes flickering to the magazine and then away. "It's about the football."

"Here you are," Callie said pointing her finger onto the magazine. "Twentieth."

D'jok snatched the magazine off of her and looked at it. "Where's Sinedd on this stupid list? Second? SECOND?" The red-head roared in anger. "Out of how many?" He perused the magazine. "Out of one hundred players? There isn't that many!" He lobbed the magazine away.

"Do you want to know who was first?" Callie asked, smiling knowingly.

D'jok glowered at her. "Who?"

"Luur." Callie's smile stretched as D'jok's eyes widened.

"Lizard man? How did a lizard man win the sexiest male award?" He demanded.

Callie smirked at this blatant racism -even if D'jok didn't mean it- it was great TV.

D'jok pouted and looked over at Callie. "What's wrong with me?" He muttered.

"Would you like to know who was in front of you?" Callie questioned.

D'jok sunk further into the sofa. "Fine."

Callie grinned. "I'll go down from the top, shall I? 1. Luur, 2. Sinedd, 3. Micro-Ice-"

"What?" D'jok snarled. "Micro-Ice, third? Are you kidding me? He's a midget! He's an annoying midget face!"

"Isn't he your best friend?" Callie enquired.

"Doesn't stop him being an annoying midget face." D'jok retorted moodily.

"Maybe I should stop reading them out." Callie remarked in amusement.

"Maybe you should." D'jok agreed.

There was a silence that Callie let stretch out before she finally said: "Sinedd and Mei won sexiest couple awar-"

D'jok stood up –midsentence- and tipped the sofa he'd been sitting on, over. He picked up a pillow and threw it so hard it knocked out one of the cameramen, and then he kicked the door off the hinges and barged out. Out in the hallway Micro-Ice greeting D'jok could be heard.

"Oh hey D'jok, how're you?"

"I'm just twentieth, thank you three." D'jok raged back.

"Hi D'jok you okay?" Kernor's voice also became apparent.

D'jok's response was lost to Callie, who then waited for Micro-Ice to come in. The footballer peeked his head around the corner of the doorframe, took a deep breath and then swaggered in like a 'gangsta'.

"Hello Micro-Ice," Callie smirked. "Read the magazine obviously."

"You know it." Micro-Ice nodded as he fell back onto the sofa.

"So, how do you feel about coming third?" Callie requested.

"Babeh, I've never felt this good." Micro-Ice drawled.

"Yes," Callie nodded, a little taken aback. "You seem a lot more a very different way."

"You know it sweet cheeks." Micro-Ice winked.

Callie decided to indulge him. "So, how do you think you achieved that status?"

Micro-Ice put on his sunglasses then whipped them off, he grinned at Callie. "Well aside from being crazily attractive, I'd put it down to my pick up lines."

Callie sniggered. "Pick up lines?"

Micro-Ice was not put off. "You may laugh...caramel...face. But they always work." He winked.

"Could we hear a few?" Callie suggested.

"Sure sure. But if anyone's got a faint might wanna leave." He winked again.

"Micro-Ice, stop winking." Callie laughed.

"Alright, here's the first one: Excuse me, but I'm new in town, can I have directions to your place?" Micro-Ice stopped and looked at Callie expectantly.

"That really works?" Callie questioned sceptically.

Micro-Ice scratched his head. "I don't ever remember it working. But it must have at one point." He mused.

"Did you use that on Yuki?" Callie enquired.

Micro-Ice's face dropped immediately. "" He shook his head.

"What's the story behind you and her anyway?" Callie asked.

"I don't know...I let her leave though. She wanted to go, I let her leave." Micro-Ice lied through his teeth, wincing as he remembered the massive fuss he made when Yuki had left. "No point making a big fuss you know?"

"Yes, yes," Callie nodded, fully aware that Micro-Ice was lying. "How about D'jok? Missing him?"

"Well...I was..." Micro-Ice began doubtfully. "Until he shouted at me outside."

"An argument?" Callie enquired with excited curiosity.

" Because I wasn't exactly sure what he was talking about...he kept talking about numbers." Micro-Ice trailed off thoughtfully.

"Well, he was worked up because of Sinedd and Mei..." Callie trailed off meaningfully.

"Yeah, that really sucks." Micro-Ice agreed sadly.

"Don't you have a sort of crush on Mei?" Callie wondered.

Micro-Ice blushed bright red. "Not anymore!" He denied.

"Are you sure?" Callie pressed.

"Yes!" Micro-Ice responded. "I only have eyes for Yuki..."

"Even when she split up with you?" Callie questioned.

"You're really mean you horrible...goat person!" Micro-Ice moaned before bursting into tears and running from the room.

Sinedd strode in, laughing at Micro-Ice. "Haha! Did you make half-pint cry?" He questioned as he sat down.

"I'm the one asking the questions," Callie joked. "Hi Sinedd."

"Hey." Sinedd nodded.

"So, you've had rather a big season too-" Callie began.

"Too?" Sinedd repeated. "Who else has had a big season? Aside from Mei," Sinedd stared at Callie expectantly. "That was a penis jok-"

"I know," Callie quickly interrupted. "But I was actually referring to D'jok."

"D'jok?" Sinedd snorted. "All D'jok's done is lose his girlfriend and then join some crappy team. How's that a 'big' season?"

Callie nodded. "Fair enough. Everyone knows of yours and D'jok's rivalry. knows how it began. Care to enlighten us?"

Sinedd shrugged. "It's not hard to hate D'jok." He replied casually.

"Yes...but why?" Callie pressed.

"D'jok's...a prick. He thinks he's better than people when he isn't..." Sinedd trailed off, looking faraway. "He started it."

"How?" Callie questioned.

Sinedd glowered at her. "I can't remember that far back!" He exclaimed. "Next question."

Callie had an inkling as to why Sinedd was avoiding the question but she decided to leave it and go to another topic. She leant forwards and smiled suggestively at the young man. "Mei?" She raised her eyebrows.

"Yeah, Mei's the bomb." Sinedd smirked.

"D'jok has been suggesting that you're only going out with her to annoy him?" Callie stirred.

Sinedd raised his eyebrow then barked out a laugh. "He needs to get over himself."

"Quite," Callie agreed. "'re not going out with her to get back at D'jok?"

"Of course not," Sinedd rolled his eyes. "Jeez what a flatfoot. If I wanted to annoy him I'd go out with his adoptive mum or something."

There was an awkward silence.

" fancy D'jok's adoptive mother?" Callie questioned.

Sinedd looked a little taken aback. "I never said that!" He denied.

"Ok..." Callie nodded, smirking.

"Hey. You can't smirk, that's my thing." Sinedd snarled.

"I thought you sneered?" Callie pointed out.

"I can't just sneer all the time Callie," Sinedd rolled his eyes again. "How would that work?"

"I don't know." Callie shrugged humbly.

Sinedd leant back on the sofa and glared up at the ceiling. "Is this over yet? I want to get back to Mei."

"How's it going with Mei?" Callie replied, instead of answering his question.

"Great. She's great." Sinedd nodded.

"There were rumours going around that you were gay." Callie lied.

Sinedd jerked up. "What? Who? Where? Who's been spreading them? D'jok? I swear I'll kill him!"

"You and D'jok seem to have a slight obsession with each other." Callie remarked.

"As if," Sinedd snorted. "If I was going to be obsessed with anyone it'd be Rocket...MEEP." Sinedd slapped his hands over his mouth, with his eyes wide he stared at Callie.

"Rocket?" Callie leaned forward with interest. "Why Rocket?"

"I didn't say Rocket," Sinedd denied furiously. "I said Sprocket."

"Who's Sprocket?" Callie raised her eyebrows.

"Your face." Sinedd retorted then laughed slightly to himself.

"Very funny Sinedd," Callie sighed. "But the fact still remains you said Rocket. So, why would you be obsessed with him?"

"He's...he's a good footballer." Sinedd stuttered.

"Yes..." Callie studied the young footballer for a moment, then, satisfied that the audience would catch on to what she'd been implying, left it. "How do you feel about coming second in the sexiest male footballer player poll?"

"It's cool yeah," Sinedd smirked. "I mean, it's not a surprise."

"Why not?" Callie asked.

Sinedd gestured at himself. "Look at me."

"So you think you're good looking?" Callie asked.

"Why? Are you saying I'm not?" Sinedd narrowed his eyes at her. "Cuz let me just tell you Ms. Mystic you're not the best looking woma-"

"That's not what I'm saying," Callie interrupted his insult on her. "I'm just saying that there have been some claims that you're...vain...a bit of a bimbo."

"Bimbo? Me? Sinedd? The attractive emo guy with a tragic past? Bimbo?" Sinedd blinked. "Surely that title belongs to Mei?"

"Maybe when she first arrived on the scene, but then Mei proved to us all that she's a very intelligent young woman." Callie disagreed.

"Pfft if you say so," Sinedd leant forwards to whisper. "But yesterday she said that a tomato was a fruit. Caused a massive argument."

"Tomatoes are a fruit." Callie stated.

Sinedd drew back and glowered at her. "Don't mess with me man," he warned. "I'm a vengeful spirit. I'm like a ninja or something; if you anger me I can't stop myself, I'd kill you without even meaning to."

"A tomato is a fruit." Callie repeated.

Sinedd stood up looking like the world was crashing down around him. "Liar!" He shrieked.

"Sinedd..." Callie went to touch his arm.

Sinedd shrieked. "No! Get away! Don't touch me!" Then he rushed from the room.

"D'jok used to bully you!" Callie shouted out the door at Sinedd's departing figure. Sinedd popped back in.

"Well done." He smiled.

"That's a break for now Callie." Said the floor manager.

Callie wiped sweat from her brow. That was four down...six to go. The reporter wasn't sure she could handle it.

I hope it was okay, and funny enough. R&R.