Galactik Stars Revealed

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There was a few seconds of silence after Woo-Wam-Boo's utterance of: 'Oops?' and then the floor manager screamed.

"What are we going to do?" He wailed. "Our journalist is out cold! Our star journalist! And we've still got three footballers left to interview!"

"Umm...I could always do it?" Woo-Wam-Boo stuck his hand up –pointlessly- and waved.

The floor manager turned his crazy looking eyes on to him. "Have you got any experience in interviewing?" He interrogated.

Woo-Wam-Boo seemed to consider this; pursing his lips in thought. "," he conceded eventually. "But, do you have any other options?"

The floor manager stared at him and the alien stared right back. After a while the floor manager sighed. "Fine, fine. Go ahead. Though the footballers are expecting Callie."

"Naturally," Woo-Wam-Boo agreed as he took his place in Callie's seat. "But I'll make them feel so at ease that they'll forget all about Callie."

The floor manager exchanged a look with the camera man but, it was too late. As the door opened to reveal Stevens, of the Pirates. The Pirate made his way to the couch- if he was surprised by Woo-Wam-Boo being his interviewer, he didn't show it.

"Hey there Stevens." Woo-Wam-Boo greeted.

Stevens did a little wave. There was a slightly awkward silence (not that Stevens seemed affected by it) and then Woo-Wam-Boo spoke.

"'s it going?" He enquired. Causing the floor manager to smack himself in the face in horror.

Stevens shrugged as an answer.

"Right, right." Woo-Wam-Boo nodded. Again; silence took over. The only noise audible was the sound of one of the crew slowly dragging the unconscious Callie off set. Woo-Wam-Boo coughed.

"This is like hell." The floor manager moaned quietly.

"Well..." Woo-Wam-Boo glanced at the camera. "That's all we have time for. I hope you had a great time on the show!"

Stevens shrugged again, stood up and then left. Woo-Wam-Boo turned to the floor manager, grinning.

"How was that?" He questioned.

The floor manager looked thoughtful. "Well...once we edit out the vast amounts of might not be too bad..."

Woo-Wam-Boo whooped. "Who's the next footballer?" He asked, just as the door opened and Mei strutted in. She paused once she spotted Woo-Wam-Boo.

"I didn't know this was a joint interview." She commented as she took her seat.

"Oh it isn't," Woo-Wam-Boo shook his head, grinning. "I'm your interviewer."

"I didn't know you were an interviewer..." Mei trailed off, looking suspicious. "What's going on? Is this some sort of a trick?"

"No, no of course not." Woo-Wam-Boo placated.

Mei visibly relaxed. "Sorry, it's with the Shadows can put you on edge you know?"

"Are you not enjoying your time at the Shadows?" Woo-Wam-Boo asked, looking like he genuinely cared, rather different to Callie's eager expressions.

"Oh no, no I am," Mei shook her head vigorously. "It's just...a few of the team members haven't...welcomed me with open arms is all. No biggie."

Woo-Wam-Boo studied her worriedly. "Do you want to talk about it?" He murmured after a while.

Mei looked up at him, looking a little confused, then a look of sorrow washed over her face. "Sometimes I get lonely..." She admitted.

"What about Sinedd?" Woo-Wam-Boo enquired.

"Oh, Sinedd's great. There's nothing wrong with Sinedd." Mei shook her head vehemently.

"So...who? Do you feel...left out?" Woo-Wam-Boo suggested.

"Yeah, yeah exactly that," Mei agreed, getting into a more comfortable position on the sofa. "Some of the other girls on the team don't seem to like me..."

"Anyone specific?" Woo-Wam-Boo asked.

"Well...Nihilis seems to hate me." Mei muttered.

"Any idea why?" Woo-Wam-Boo prodded gently.

"This is like a damned therapy session." The camera man shook his head.

"A therapy session that's pure TV gold," the floor manager nodded. "I love you Woo-Wam-Boo!" He whispered to himself.

"I don't know...I guess she might be a little jealous." Mei mused as she shifted into a lying position on the couch.

"And how does that make you feel?" Woo-Wam-Boo enquired.

"On edge most of the time," Mei admitted. "I feel persecuted, confused, worried..."

"And with all this stress building up it must be hard to focus on football right?" Woo-Wam-Boo nodded sympathetically.

"Exactly!" Mei agreed. "But Sinedd doesn't understand that! He always just whines, whines, whines at me for not playing well enough! And I'm like: 'I left my team for you! The least you could give me is the day off!'"

"Ah," Woo-Wam-Boo began sagely. "But does Sinedd know you feel like this?"

Mei seemed to consider this. "No...I guess he doesn't."

"Perhaps sharing your feelings is a good plan?" Woo-Wam-Boo suggested. "After all; communication is integral to any relationship."

"'re right," Mei nodded. "You're right. I'm going to sort this out right now!" The Shadow striker then leapt up and walked to the door, she paused. "Woo-Wam-Boo...thanks..."

"I'm always here if you want to book an appointment," Woo-Wam-Boo smiled as Mei left the room. He turned back to the camera. "And that's all we've got time for tonight. Come back tomorrow and we'll be exploring more in-depth relationship problems."

The floor manager gaped at him. "What are you talking about? We still have one more footballer to go! And who do you think you are anyway?" He demanded.

Woo-Wam-Boo stared at him for a moment before bursting out laughing. "Oh, oh yeah! Sorry, I guess I got lost in the moment."

"Well don't get lost in 'the moment' ever again," the floor manager advised. "Now, it's the last footballer. Get ready..."

Rocket walking in caused the floor manager to quieten down. The midfielder walked to the sofa, sat down and then did a double take at the alien sat in front of him.

"Uh...umm...where's Callie?" He wondered.

Woo-Wam-Boo stared at him for a few tense minutes- apparently recalling the battering he had suffered at the hands of this man in Netherball. "She's unavailable." He answered after a few minutes. Wamba's didn't tend to hold grudges and Woo-Wam-Boo wasn't about to start now.

"...oh." Rocket murmured.

"'re you enjoying Paridisia?" Woo-Wam-Boo questioned.

"It's...warm." Rocket replied.

"Yes, yes it is warm." Woo-Wam-Boo agreed.

" nice." Rocket continued.


Both Rocket and Woo-Wam-Boo started at the sound of the low groan.

"What the hell was that?" Rocket demanded, his golden eyes wide.

"I don't know!" Woo-Wam-Boo yelped back. Both of the footballers pulled their feet up onto their respective seats, looking worried.

The floor manager mimed something to Woo-Wam-Boo.

"WHAT?" Woo-Wam-Boo stage-whispered back.

"It's Callie!" The floor manager whispered.

Suddenly, Rocket screeched. "Woo-Wam-Boo! There's a zombie dragging itself onto the stage!" He shrieked.

"Where?" Woo-Wam-Boo demanded.

"I'll deal with it!" Rocket decided before lobbing a bottle of water at the 'zombie,' which was quite clearly a woozy Callie staggering to her feet near the stage.

"No! No Rocket stop!" Woo-Wam-Boo yelped.

"Don't worry! I'll deal with it!" Rocket repeated before rugby-tackling Callie to the floor.

"Rocket no-" Woo-Wam-Boo was cut off by the midfielder.

"Hey! This is Callie! So...when you said she was unavailable, what you meant was; you knocked her out and hid her body!" The man concluded.

"Wha?" Woo-Wam-Boo questioned. "!" The Wamba ducked out of the way of the charging Rocket.

"I'll avenge you Callie!" Rocket called.

"Bleh..." Callie groaned back as Rocket chased the poor Wamba out of the room.

"And that's a cut..." The floor manager murmured after a while of silence. "God help us." He added.

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