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Author's Note: I thought that Tony's humorless episode was going to be in January when I read the spoiler. I guess that he got his dates mixed up because it was during this episode.

False Witness


I was telling Ziva about my dream we both found Tony sitting in his chair doing his work. We both looked at him and wondered what was going on. Was this a joke? Were we going to be part of a prank? I tried to look for anything that might be wrong, but there was nothing. I missed being called Probie, or any other name that he could come up with.

It would take a couple of days that there was no joke, no pranks and no movie references. I began to get worried. I tried at the house to involve him into trying to make a joke, but there was nothing. I thought that he would flirt with that woman because I could see that she wanted him to, but he didn't. It was strange not seeing him flirt. Tony flirted with every female except this one.

I tried to make him make a movie reference in front of the screen, but there was nothing. Tony without a movie reference was just hinky and so was him being juvenile. I missed Tony being Tony. I was worried about him and I even told Ziva about it. We had talked about it and she told him that she would talk to Tony.

I would have never thought that I would have missed the juvenile, prank loving, 12-year-old boy, but I did. I never realized that I would even miss the McNames, but I did.

It was while we were waiting for Ziva and Gibbs and found out that she had talked to him. He hoped that he talked some sense into him because it was so strange that he was so serious. He didn't like it at all.

After the prank that he had pulled with the confetti and the lights he hoped that Tony was back to the class clown because he missed that part about him.

The End.