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Becoming The Legend! The actually story this time and not the preview.

A young boy looked out of the window, captured in his own imagination. The teacher was late again. His chin rested in the palm of his hand, his spiky blonde locks overflowing his hand. His other hand rest in the pocket of his grey hooded jumper, complete with blue strips on the shoulders.

"It's so troublesome when sensei is late." A lazy sigh came from next to him.

"I thought you'd enjoy sensei not being here, Shikaku?" Minato asked the dark haired boy, the boy's drowsy eyes darted to Minato momentarily, before look back at the chalkboard at the front of the class.

"Yeah, but class becomes so troublesome with out him. Everyone gets really loud." Shikaku replied, his finger fiddling in his ear.

"Well, you should enjoy it while you can Shikaku." The boy to the other side of Shikaku commented. Two blue squiggly lines ran down his cheek, his head surrounded in red hair. "It only gets harder from here on out." He continued happily munching on his snacks from home.

Shikaku sighed loudly in depression again. "I might just retire now. But then my mom would probably pop an artery or something if I did, so troublesome." Shikaku closed his eyes, hoping to return to his nap.

The boy chuckled at Shikaku's reaction. Quickly flicking his spiky blonde hair out of his eyes and back into place. His attention was diverted to the sound of attempted suppressed giggles and squeals. He saw a group of girl's staring at him, a common occurrence in their classroom. Their eyes were replaced with hearts when he turned to face them.

"Good morning, Minato-kun!" They spoke in unison.

"Morning!" Minato waved back to them, a large grin appearing on his face.

The sound of delighted squealing filled the room. According to the girls, Minato was unlike the other geniuses. He was the only one to not be arrogant about his abilities, he often praised others for their own work, he didn't isolate himself from the other classmates just by thinking he was better, that he is friendly with everyone he meets. Because of this Minato had quickly become the most sought after boy in his year.

The door to the classroom opened, everyone expected their sensei to walk through the door, and he did, however he was not alone. A young girl with long bright red hair walked in with him.

'Pretty hair colour.' Minato thought to himself as their sensei began giving her introduction to the class. Her name was Kushina Uzumaki. 'Pretty name as well.'

As per usual their sensei would ask about their dreams for the future. Kushina's case was no different.

"I'm gonna be the first female Hokage!" A brave statement. Unfortunately the other students saw less bravery and more...stupidity. They laughed loudly, insulting her and her dreams, and quickly began calling her Tomato.

'Because of her round face and bright red hair?' Minato questioned the name. It wasn't very nice at all. It would probably be even worse for a new kid to be ridiculed like that.

"Now, now, everyone settle down." Their sensei smiled as he calmed down the class. "There's nothing wrong with having such an ambitious dream, it shows confidence, besides, Kushina here isn't the only one with such a dream, er... Minato, I believe you shared a similar dream."

Minato smiled at his sensei and pointed to himself. " Yeah. I want everyone in the village to acknowledge me and become a great Hokage!"

"You see. So there's no need to be making fun of Kushina here." Sensei smiled at the class.

"Yeah but Minato's the best!" The other students began calling out.

"Yeah, Minato can probably do it, we got no proof that Tomato here will ever amount to anything!"

"Shut up!" Kushina yelled loudly, a blush on her face. "I'll become Hokage way before that sissy looking kid! You'll all see!" With that she ran to the back of the room and sat alone.

'Sissy!' Minato was alarmed at her name for him, he wasn't going to say anything because she was hurt herself after being made fun of. Besides he didn't need to, others in the class immediately jumped up in his defence, it was all a bit pointless really. Sensei quickly shut them all up, before starting the day's lesson.

Minato couldn't pay attention in class today, the new girl seemed, intriguing to him. Throughout the day he stole small glances of her from the back of the class. How her violent eyes out shone her bright red hair. How her lips were set in a pout from the students earlier jibes. 'She's actually pretty cute'.


Minato looked at the crowded streets of Konoha, Academy had ended today, same time as every other day, the time they ended was at the same the main rush of the streets happened, people barging past each other, mumbling false apologies.

And he blended right in, despite the big deal everyone made of him at school, he was still a nobody, Konoha preached about being fair and equal to all, yet the ones with Bloodlines were still looked upon in a higher regard than the ones who did not have one, people like him. Minato often wondered what it would be like when he became Hokage, Hashirama Senju and Tobirama Senju, The Shodaime and Niidaime Hokage both came from the prestigious Senju Clan, the founder of Konoha, royalty. And even if he did not have a Bloodline, that was over looked for the Sandaime, he was the most powerful Shinobi to live, plus he was the son of the legendary ninja Sasuke Sarutobi, a man without equal, who apparently the Shodaime and Niidaime begged to join their village.

'I can't wait until I become Hokage.' Minato thought amused. 'That will all change, the ones with no bloodlines will be shown to be just as powerful than those with them.'

Minato hadn't been paying attention, his path and lead him towards the Hot Springs of Konoha. The atmosphere of the area heating up instantly. The soft sound of the running stream next to him. The sound of perverse giggling softly echoing through the steam...

Wait. What?

Minato turned around, he had walked straight past a man sitting in a large toad, scribbling in a notebook as he peeped over the wooden fence. His long, white spikey hair flicking about as his head darted from his note book to over the fence. All the while giving off a childish giggle.

Minato stared at the pervert, as a budding shinobi, Minato knew that he had to protect the civilians of Konoha, even from small threats such as this man. Minato approached the man, the man never turning away from his activity. "Stop this now." Minato spoke calmly, in a threatening voice.

The man realised that he was being spoken to, but didn't turn away from the fence. "Go away kid." He stopped giggling for a moment. "Can't you see I'm busy collecting research." His giggling continued. "Oh yes, with this detail, my novel will be a mega hit."

Minato narrowed his eyes at the man's back. This man wasn't going to listen to words, so maybe action would get his attention, Minato would hit him, then using his speed, run like hell to the nearest Shinobi and report the man, who after being attacked, would surely chase after Minato.

Minato rolled his shoulder muscles, positioning himself for a better explosive start, he charged towards the man, the man realised he was about to get, evident by his eyes widening now that Minato could see them, but had no time to counter, Minato struck hard at the man's face with his fist, knocking him off of the toad, which still sat like a stone.

The man grumbled swears to himself as he lifted his face off of the floor, rubbing the struck cheek. "What's your problem kid!" The man whispered, but in a authoritative tone.

Minato, who had been preparing to run like he had never ran before, finally got a good look at the man's face. His eye's widening at the revelation of the man's identity, the red markings starting at his eyes was all the evidence he needed. "J-Jiraiya-sama!" Minato looked at the man, one of the three Legendary Sannin, someone who was comparable to the White Fang of Konoha, Sakumo Hatake, and he had just punched him full force. Minato bowed immediately. "I'm so sorry, Jiraiya-sama!" Minato shouted loudly, completely forgetting where he was.

The splashing of the water and the tops of heads peering over the fence, all glaring at Jiraiya and himself in fury. "What are you two doing here!" One woman asked harshly, many noticed the still toad, directly next to the fence, the assumptions began. Screams of perverts and to kill them rang out. The sound of rushing to the doors, Minato knew he had to get out of here.

"Kid, I suggest that we am scray!" Jiraiya panicked, pointing to a direction away from here, sending the toad back to it's home, Jiraiya sped off before any of the women appeared, Minato soon sped after Jiraiya, following every twist and turn the Sannin made in his escape from the righteous fury of women.

They arrived at a large pond in the 37th training ground, a large ground, used primarily for water nature transformation. Minato and Jiraiya panted and wheezed. "I'm glad you kept up kid." Jiraiya wheezed out. "I would have hated to have to turn around to save you."

"What are you talking about Jiraiya-sama." Minato wheezed out in reply. "I was ahead of you during that run, if anything I would had have to turn around to save you."

Jiraiya regained his breath instantly. "Do you even know who your talking to!" Jiraiya yelled loudly. He quickly began a series of Kabuki poses.

One of the legendary Sannin

Gallant, heroic and never mean

Across the globe my face is known

My mere name causes women to moan

The handsome, the incredible

The immaculate, toad sage Jiraiya!

Jiraiya finished a short poem about himself. Minato squinted his eyes at the Sannin. "I knew who you were, Jiraiya-sama, I did say your name a few minutes ago."

Jiraiya's eyes squinted in return. "Oh a smart mouth, just who the hell are you kid?"

"My name is Minato Namikaze." Minato continued the squinting battle.

"Well Minato." Jiraiya began. "I'm impressed!" His face suddenly changed to a wide grin. "To be able to strike me, then be able to keep up with my speed, you've sparked my interest."

Minato stared at the man. He caught a Sannin's interest. Minato himself grinned much more widely than Jiraiya. Jiraiya ruffled Minato's blonde hair. "Maybe if you pray hard enough, one day you'll become as good of a ninja as me!"

Minato grabbed the man's arm, lifting it off his head. "One day I'll be better than you, Jiraiya-sama. Because I'm headed straight for the top!"


"Quickly kids." Their sensei brought them outside. "Today we are having a small Taijutsu examination, just to see if we are doing our job of making sure you all know at least the basics of Taijutsu."

All the children huddled around the small arena, Minato listened as the sensei explained the rules: Friendly sparring only, no body enhancement jutsu, no Ninjutsu, no Genjutsu, the fight WILL stop when sensei deemed necessary.

Minato listened out for his name first up was Inoichi Yamanaka against the one that the students called in his class 'Grandpa', for a few reasons, apparently it was because of his eternal squinty eyes and ash grey hair. However, it was also for the fact that he was significantly older than everyone else in their class. While Minato and his classmates were ten, this boy was 16, failing the graduation exam 7 times in total. Teuchi Ichiraku. Even some of the teachers were beginning to lose hope in him, Minato pitied him so.

The match was fair, Teuchi used his size and experience against Inoichi, who used his smaller body to out manoeuvre his opponent. The fight ended after a few minutes, sensei writing on a note board.

A funny match for Minato to watch was a member of the prestegious Uchiha clan, Fugaku Uchiha against Mikoto, a quiet girl with black hair pinned upwards at the black and a pair of onyx eyes to match. Fugaku refusing to fight Mikoto and insisting on fighting Minato instead and Mikoto refusing to fight anyone. It ended in sensei just calling the match, so they could move on.

Next was Hiashi Hyuuga against Hizashi Hyuuga, a equal fight, until Hizashi began using gentle fist against his brother, Hiashi responding with a much stronger gentle fist technique, KO'ing his younger twin brother.

After that was Kushina against Choza, Choza being the lovable giant refuse to fight a girl, it resulted in Kushina pummelling Choza for being undermined.

"Next, Minato." Sensei called, followed by a few squeals of applause. "against Shikaku." There was know sign of appreciation. Looking around, Minato's sensei looked around for the drowsy Nara. "Where the hell is Shikaku?" Sensei questioned irritated. Choza, with his swollen hand, pointed to the direction of the large tree, equipped with a swing. Curled up into a ball under the tree's shade was Shikaku, facing away from the group, easy breathing indicating that he was sound asleep.

Minato heard the grinding of his sensei's teeth. "I don't think we should wake him, sensei. He seems quite happy." Minato remarked looking to his sensei.

His sensei only sighed in frustration. "That boy's far too lazy for his own good. He needs to know this stuff." Sensei growled out. "Alright Minato, besides, I know that your Taijutsu far exceeds my expectations." Sensei finished with a smile.

The rest of the fights continued, nothing spectacular, no one after Hiashi able to knock out their opponent, Sensei always calling the match before things got too violent.

Sensei finished writing on his note board. "Alright everyone." He gathered everyone's attention. "There is a special presentation back in the class room on the wonders of Jutsu, so please everyone make there way back into class... and somebody wake up Shikaku!"


The Sandaime Hokage stood at the front of their class, to the children's shock, he had been waiting in the classroom for them to arrive, when they did, he gestured for them to take a seat with a smile.

"Welcome everyone." The Sandaime spoke softly. "I will be giving your special presentation on the world of ninja."

The children gasped in awe and began muttering to themselves at how lucky they were. The Sandaime was the most powerful man in the village. All the children hurriedly rushed to there seats, incredibly silent, Sarutobi knew to begin.

"Now can anybody name how many types of Jutsu a ninja could possess?" Sarutobi called out to the class, instantly shouts of three resounded from every student.

"A lot more than three!" Kushina shouted the loudest, all the students turned to look at her like she was stupid. "Sure there's Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and Taijutsu, but there's also Fūin Jutsu, Kinjutsu, Kenjutsu, Jikukan Ninjutsu. Then there's also Kekkei Genkai and Hidan Jutsu."

Sarutobi smiled widely. "Those are only a few of the many chapters that is the Ninja Handbook. Now as many of you didn't hear about many of those I shall explain them all in more detail." Sarutobi spoke, turning to the chalkboard quickly writing Nin, Gen and Tai. "We will start with the basics."

Minato turned to look at Kushina, 'how did she know so many?' he asked himself curiously, he had hear of Kekkei Genkai as well, anyone with a brain had, but she had named ones that were non-existent in his memory.

Kushina caught his stare, eyeing him up sceptically, before turning back to focus on The Sandaime's words.

Minato also returned to listen to what Sandaime-sama was saying. Maybe one day he could ask her how she knew, but for now, it didn't matter.


"And that's basically everything you need to know about Fūin techniques. Now onto Jikukan, as the name suggests, it involves the manipulation of space and/or time." Sandaime merrily spoke, wiping the board clean of everything he wrote about Fūin Jutsu, blissfully unaware that everyone, including the Chunin instructor was sound asleep by the time he finished detailing Genjutsu.

All except one, Fūin Jutsu astounded Minato, the complexity and preciseness it needed to be properly accomplished. He hung on every word spilled by the Sandaime on the matter. Even now as Sandaime spoke about Jikukan Techniques, both were were incredibly intriguing for Minato.

'Perhaps I could learn those styles of jutsu.' Minato dreamed in his head, he'd very much prefer to learn those techniques.


Another day finished, Minato left the academy slowly, strolling out with his hands behind his head, smiling to the others who waved goodbye. As he walked around he saw a large group of students, creeping up to them, he saw that they were crowding around Kushina, mocking her and calling her Tomato, that she doesn't belong in Konoha because she is an outsider.

Minato looked at the scene with shame. 'I've got to do something.' He thought to himself.

Before he could even moved, Kushina went off it. Beating and Pummelling everyone in sight, her long red hair flying around in all directions.

Minato's body froze, he just stared at the scene in shock, Kushina stood in the middle of a bloody battlefield, panting heavily. Minato picked at his hair, he stared at the small white object in between his fingers. 'A tooth!' Minato flicked it away, before backing away quickly, he didn't want to be caught anywhere near these kids by Kushina.

Minato came across Teuchi working on his Taijutsu in the academy training ground alone. Minato didn't even want to think this, but Teuchi's skills, when not being measured against another fighter, were poor, really poor. Minato quickly walked on, he found that it would be best if he didn't say anything.

Minato walked on slowly, it was that time of the month anyway, he moved towards the shopping district of Konoha, to pick up his order.


The overwhelming aroma of a thousand flowers hit Minato as soon as he opened the door of Yamanaka's flower shop. A multitude of colour erupted in Minato's vision, he could never get used to the atmosphere of this small shop, no matter how many times he entered.

"Yo, Minato!" Inoichi waved him over from behind the counter. "You don't know how lucky you are, you can spend time training while I'm stuck here in this shop. I'd like to be honing my techniques as well." The long blonde haired boy whined as Minato approached him.

"Don't think of it like that, Inoichi." Minato smiled weakly. "I think it's good that you're helping out your parents in the shop."

Inoichi rested his head onto his palm, huffing heavily. "But flowers are so girly you know. It's troublesome."

"Your spending way too much time with Shikaku." Minato chuckled after Inoichi mimicked the dark haired boy's catchphrase.

Inoichi only grumbled. Before quickly snapping the fingers in his free hand. "Which reminds me..." Inoichi say moving into the back room, Minato could hear rustling about, Inoichi soon returned with two large bouquets of flowers, both identical to the other down to minute details, every flower was set in the exact same place as the other. Perfect. "You're order's ready." Handing the bouquets to Minato.

"Thank you." Minato gave his gratitude, handing Inoichi the money for them. Inoichi nodded his head as his own form of gratitude while taking the cash.

"I know I shouldn't be asking this. But every month you get the exact same order, there's never anything different about it. I guess I'm just curios, but what do you do with them?" Inoichi asked.

Minato looked towards the floor. "It's something I'd rather not talk about." Minato responded quickly. "See you later, Inoichi." Minato's face quickly turned to a smile, before walking out of the shop before Inoichi could respond.

Minato quickly walked through the streets of Konoha, on route towards his destination. Konoha cemetery. The loudness of Konoha's streets vanished in an instant. The only sound was the wind gently blowing on the trees, making the leaves flutter about. The wind was always slightly stronger in the cemetery.

Minato knew exactly where he was going. He manoeuvred around the graves, making sure as to not step on them. He arrived at the site of the two graves that struck out the most to him in this valley of symmetrical headstones. Slowly he removed his previous offerings and replaced them with the new bouquets, one for each of the graves. Minato took a minue of silence to offer prayers. Before finally speaking.

"You wouldn't believe what happened today." Minato smiled as he spoke to the stones. "I met Jiraiya-sama of the Sannin a couple of days ago, he was a bit stupid, but he was really funny. And there was a Taijutsu test today at the academy, but I got matched up against Shikaku, so I didn't actually have to do anything." Minato chuckled softly, letting it die down by itself.

"There's also a new girl in my class. She moved her from another village. She has this really pretty red hair. Her name's Kushina Uzumaki, the same last name as Mito-sama, I wonder if they are related. If they are than Kushina might be headed for a long life like Mito-sama." Minato continued, smiling at the headstones.

"I also wonder... if you can see me, are you proud of what you are seeing, I do my best in school and all, and I want to be strong. I would just really like to know... Are you proud of me?" A tear left Minato's eye without his permission, wiping away the wetness with his sleeve he stood up. "I'll be back again in a month. Next time I come to see you, I'll be that little bit stronger. Mom. Dad." Minato smiled at the graves one last time before heading away from the cemetery, allowing the sun to set over it.

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