The moon shone brightly through the dark clouds of the bandit hideout, the members inside completely unaware of the three lurking ninja just outside of the encampment hiding in a large bush on the edge of the forestry.

"We need an effective battle strategy in order to successfully defeat them." Jiraiya mentioned in a whisper to his two Genin. "Minato and I will take the front gate, I'll be the main force, Minato, you cover my back, enter 10 seconds after I begin and use your speed to deflect any attacks coming my way from a distance and eliminate any surprise attacks coming my way. Mikoto as we cause a distraction at the front you go round the back and eliminate any other guards you see, after all we don't know how strong the number of bandits is."

"I'll find out." Mikoto said, closing her eyes before snapping them open, her onyx eyes turn a blood red with three tomoe spinning in each eye. "There are twenty-five bandits on the outside, in the main headquarters there is another ten guarding a room with a final person by themselves." She explained quickly.

Jiraiya's eyes narrowed at the girl upon seeing her Sharingan eyes. "Mikoto, your ten years old, how can you have a fully developed Sharingan able to see chakra signatures so easily?"

"My full name is Mikoto Uchiha, and I'm not just any old Uchiha, sensei." She answered bluntly. "I was born to the head family, descended from Izuna Uchiha himself, he is my great grandfather."

Jiraiya's eyes widened at the revelation. "I never knew who the main family of Uchiha was descended from. To think it was Izuna Uchiha."

Minato's eyes darted between the two of them in confusion. "Who is Izuna Uchiha?"

"Izuna Uchiha was around before the founding of Konoha, he died shortly beforehand in battle. His older brother was the co-founder of Konohagakure itself, the first ninja village; Madara Uchiha." Jiraiya explained to the young blonde Genin.

"Madara Uchiha! The most evil man in Konoha's history!?" Minato's own eyes widened at the man's name, he turned towards Mikoto, who frowned back at him through her gleaming red eyes.

"You can't choose your ancestors and family." She replied to Minato's stare bluntly, knowing exactly what thought ran through his mind. "Besides not all the Uchiha are like him, Izuna-sama was peace loving, he lived in harmony with the world and his clan and was devoted to every single member of it, include the leader, Madara, his brother. Even the current head of the Uchiha clan, Kagami-san, my uncle was a comrade of the Sandaime Hokage, and remains to this day a close personal friend and advisor to him." She explained further, staring at both her sensei and teammate before looking back to the bandit camp. "Anyway, the briefing was correct, none of the bandits have ever used their chakra before."

"Then in ten minutes we make our move." Jiraiya nodded to the two of them, both nodded in return.

The door's slammed open with power to the shock of the bandits on the inside. "The Gallant Toad Sage has arrived!" A man with long white hair bellowed from the front. The bandits drew their weapons against this intruder and attacked.

Quickly Jiraiya dispatched the first few, his ninja skill far superior to their basic attacks. His kunai was more than enough to deal with them. Delivering quick successive blows and slashes with the kunai, killing each bandit before then next approached.

But as he was preoccupied with taking the life of one bandit, another approached him from behind with speed, his Kama ready to slice away at him. The man became to close to Jiraiya to allow the white haired ninja to turn and counter effectively.

Just before the slash came the bandit stopped, his face contorted with pain. Minato stood with a kunai firmly lodged in the man's stomach, both feet on other sides of the attack, Minato remaining horizontally in the air connected to the man.

Using the man as a pedestal, Minato sprung his legs, forcing the man backwards and himself forwards towards Jiraiya, the kunai now out of the man he had just killed. He used Jiraiya as a platform, placing one hand on his shoulder to shift his body, before deliver a powerful right kick to another bandits face, twisting his head fatally around.

'Nice, Minato!' Jiraiya thought with a grin at his blond student. The boy seemed to kill without hesitation, taking out a multitude of bandits quickly, using his speed and short stature to his advantage through quick weaving around his opponents and remaining low.

"I'm going ahead, sensei!" Minato spoke loudly to Jiraiya, before he made his way into the main building, several of the ten guards Mikoto said had been outside to confront them had left their posts to deal with the ninjas. Only two remained.

One went to slash Minato with his sword, yet the blond ducked beneath the sword, and kicked the man in the stuck from below, forcing him into the air slightly, with further reaction, Minato turn and drove the kunai into the man's chest.

The other guard approached, using the first guard's body, he threw the deceased man at the living guard, they collided, knocking the remaining guard off balance with his deceased comrade in his arms. Minato launched his Kunai at the man, hitting him in the shoulder. Then with further speed closed the gap, pulled the deceased man's sword from his lifeless grip and struck into through both of their chests. Both men dropped to the ground, the red liquid of life draining from the bodies onto the floor.

Minato then moved into the final centre room, where the lone man sat, his sword already drawn and on his lap. "This is my attacker? A fucking child!" The man screamed in fury. "I don't know what annoys me more! The fact I am viewed as so little a threat they send a child to dispatch me, or the fact that my men are so incompetent they can't even beat a child!"

"Doesn't matter now. Your reign of terror ends here." Minato's eyes darkened as the man ranted, he drew two more kunai from his pouch, clutching one in each hand.

The man gave off a scoff, standing to his feet. He gripped the sword, before letting out a war cry, charging at the small blond, he slashed once, and Minato deflected the attack with his kunai, knocking the sword out of his way, he then quickly stepped forward, and slashed the other kunai at the man's throat, blood shot out of the man's through, sprinkling into the air before he fell to the ground in agonizing convulsions.

"Mission complete." Was all the blond said as he waited for the thud of the bandit leader's body hitting the floor to resound, small sprinkles of the man's blood splashing onto his hair and face.

"I'll go hand the report into the Hokage, you two have the rest of the day off. Tomorrow morning meet at the 17th training ground for some more training, we're gonna have to mould you into the perfect two man team." Jiraiya said as soon as the three of them entered the grand gates of Konoha, he instantly disappeared with a Shunshin leaving the two Genin alone.

"You didn't have to hog all the glory, Minnie-chan." Mikoto spoke to the blond Genin almost in a huff. "Taking out the bandit leader all by yourself and his bodyguards, you could have left some for me."

"There is no glory in a mission, Mikoto." Minato responded with a small smile, he had learned to block out her new, and apparently sticking nickname for him. "Only two things are important to a mission, success and teamwork. Besides, doesn't your clan have enough glory already?"

"But I don't want to live off my clan's glory." Mikoto responded quickly. "I don't want to be known as just another Uchiha, my name is Mikoto Uchiha, and I'll be the best Uchiha in history, even better than Madara!"

"But I thought Madara was a villain even in your clan?" Minato asked confused at the girl's remarks to the shinobi.

"He's a villain yes, but we admire his power. He was a great leader for our clan, and he was the only shinobi in all history who could compare and battle against Shodai Hokage-sama. He's the strongest person our clan has ever produced, and as my great granduncle, I will surpass him!"

Minato smiled at the girl for her confidence and aspirations. "Well that was our first mission and it was successful, plus we never really spoke during the academy, so do you want to get a celebratory lunch, Mikoto, so we can get to know each other better?"

Mikoto smiled in return at her blond teammate. "Sure, but I don't really no anywhere in town, Uchiha don't really venture out of their own district."

"I do." Minato returned, "There's a BBQ restaurant nearby, it's quite new and the food's good, I went a couple of time with Shikaku, Choza, Inoichi and Tsume when I had saved the money."

"Good, seeing as you asked and you're taking me to the place. That means you can pay." Mikoto answered with a cheeky wink and smile as she walked past her blond teammate, from the corner of her eye she could have sworn she saw him look towards his wallet.

Minato and Mikoto sat at a table in the BBQ restaurant, talking about their previous mission, when Minato noticed the long striking red hair enter the restaurant, two copies of it, one in a smaller form and the other in an elderly version.

"Kushina." He called out, getting out of his seat and moving towards her. "How are you?"

"Oh it's flaky." She responded dully, "I haven't seen you around for a few days."

"Jiraiya-sensei took us on a mission." Minato responded with a small smile in return to her.

"Unfair!" She screamed out. "Everyone in our class has done a mission except me!"

Minato looked back over to Mikoto, who sat quietly eating. "Listen, I'm with my teammate and it's rude to leave her alone, so do you want to join us?"

Kushina looked up to Mito who nodded in return with a smile. "You go, Kushina. I have to go speak to the Hokage anyway, enjoy yourself, Kushina." The elderly woman mentioned as she began walking away.

Minato led Kushina back to his table, taking his original seat and sliding along, letting Kushina sit next to him. "Kushina this is my teammate Mikoto, Mikoto, Kushina."

"Hmm, I guess this is different than usual, usually they team up the best student with the worst and someone in the middle, but you two ranked in the top three for best students, I figured you'd be stuck with that lazy idiot friend of yours, Shikaku." Kushina mentioned, not even bothered to ask for any of the meal in front of her, taking Minato's plate and piling it with meat.

"You can't even say that they were trying to separate friends, Inoichi, Choza and Shikaku all got the same team." Mikoto spoke in return, looking at her blond teammate, a sly smirk grew on her face. "Or maybe there was a conspiracy, and Minato failed his exams and was secretly the dead last, hence put on my team, sensei was so ashamed he altered his grades. Is that it, Minnie-chan?"

Minato's eyes widened with horror, even further when he heard the failure of repressing a snort of mocking laughter from his left. He's eyes turned to fearfully to Kushina, who upon making eye contact burst into a fit of loud laughter.

"Minnie-chan!?" She yelled in her fit of laughter. "God, just when I couldn't think you could get any more flakier, you went and pulled a stunt like that for a nickname!"

"So it was Minato who eliminated the leader of the gang." Hiruzen noted as he scanned over Jiraiya's poorly written report. "As well as a majority of the other bandits. Impressive…"

"The kid is more talented than I anticipated, sensei, and I knew he was good from the start." Jiraiya commented about the small blond Genin, whose skills finally shone out even more than they originally did in Jiraiya's eyes. "For a ten year old, his fighting prowess was immense, something you only see from clans or those who possess Kekkei Genkai. But it was his ability to kill that was astonishing, he had no moral qualms at taking a life in battle, for a ten year old fresh Genin that's something rare. But he didn't take pleasure in killing them, he made the decision that was best for the mission. He's got all the makings of a Hokage already."

"It's understandable that he would act like that in combat." Hiruzen replied, placing the report on his desk and meeting his student in the eye. "The boy grew up during a war, his family was lost during the war. In his mind, he can't afford to show weakness on the battlefield." Hiruzen spoke sternly before a small smile broke onto his face. "But Jiraiya, saying he already has the makings of a Hokage, you sure are placing a lot of faith into him aren't you."

"A teacher should never doubt his student, he should push them to attain the highest possible goal they can. Isn't that what you told me, sensei." Jiraiya grinned in return to his old sensei.

Hiruzen smiled further, Jiraiya had really grown from that stupid little pervert all those years ago. His smile faltered for a minute, thinking of days past with his Genin team, mainly between Jiraiya and his long black haired student. 'Did I put too much faith in the wrong one?'

"Jiraiya." Hiruzen snapped his student's attention back to him, "I have governed Konoha through half of a world war, and a complete world war after, and many wars between them with other villages. I have grown tired of this, I'd like to spend time with my son before Biwako and I plan for another, and I'd like you to take over from me, as Hokage."

Jiraiya's eyes widened at his sensei's words, in all honesty he had never thought about attaining the rank of Hokage. "But I've just taken on a Genin team, I can't instruct them as Hokage!" Jiraiya responded, lying somewhat, he just needed a plausible excuse to turn the position down.

"You forget, I was Hokage when I taught you, Orochimaru and Tsunade." Hiruzen smiled at his student.

"But isn't Orochimaru or even Tsunade a better choice than an airhead like me? All the village want Orochimaru as the Hokage. Even Danzou is pushing Orochimaru's elevation to the title!" Jiraiya snapped back, growing fearful he might actually get stuck with the job.

Hiruzen's face turned to a stern, yet disappointed look at the mention of Orochimaru. "That's why I can't give Orochimaru the title. I trust Danzou with my life, but his actions, just like Orochimaru's have always been recluse and in the dark." Hiruzen responded flatly. "Besides… something's changed in Orochimaru."

"You noticed it too?" Jiraiya commented, causing his sensei to look up at him. "Orochimaru is my closest friend, I noticed when he went even more reclusive than usual, he just spends all his time out of the village taking missions, when he is here no one sees him."

"That's why it must be you who becomes Hokage in his place." Hiruzen responded. "You know him better than anyone, even better than me. You know what he can accomplish. He won't challenge you, Jiraiya. I have seen it in his eyes, he believes you've caught up too him, plus you attained Senjutsu, something Orochimaru highly revered."

"But I haven't even completed Senjutsu yet!" Jiraiya responded loudly and quickly. "Besides, that might not be the case anymore…" Jiraiya's eyes hardened towards his sensei, who matched the glare. Orochimaru founded it, one of the three sources of Senjutsu, Ryūchidō."

"Then he could attain Senjutsu himself, combining that with his love of Kinjutsu, he could become indestructible." Hiruzen sighed in serious contemplation.

"Give me ten years, sensei." Jiraiya spoke out, catching the older man by surprise. Ten years and you'll have you're replacement for Hokage in Minato."

Hiruzen chuckled once more. "Then perhaps you will be interested in this." Hiruzen answered, sliding a form in front of Jiraiya.

"Chuunin Exams? And their being held in Konoha?" Jiraiya said looking down with surprise at the form. "But I can't enter my team anymore, Teuchi retired, Minato and Mikoto don't have a third teammate."

"I have a solution for that problem." Hiruzen smirked once again. "A feisty girl who has been alone in her training who must be dying to see some action…"

As Minato, Mikoto and Kushina were conversing at the BBQ restaurant, stuffing their faces and chatting away, they were surprised when Jiraiya's cheerful voice boomed behind them.

"Oh! I'm glad you three have met again and are getting along!" Jiraiya grinned at the three confused Genin sat before him.

"Why's that sensei?" Minato asked, his wide eyes blink as a bit of meet hung out his mouth as he stared up at one of the legendary Sannin.

Jiraiya grinned wider down at the three of them. "Because, starting tomorrow…Kushina is going to be your third teammate for the Chuunin Exams I've just entered you in!"

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