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My Lady Queen

Chapter Fourteen – Regency

Author: Queen Moon Sparkle

Rated: Teen-Adult

Slaughtered, Leoth had said. All of them.

Serenity could feel her heart beating wildly. Her hands shaking, she could feel the sweat on her palms turn cold against her skin. What had happened to her Luna, to her home? How could Endymion expect her to act as his regent when she could barely stay focused on the mere act of walking?

She had just arrived from Ilathier and she was already moving through Crystal Terra's cool halls on her way to the Council Chamber. She'd had the Regent's Seal shoved into her hand by Endymion's clerk the moment she'd dismounted in the bailey. Now, chin down, Serenity looked to the guards that flanked her. They did not notice the silent plea in her eyes, nor the hot tears that now clouded them. Their faces were expressionless, their gazes focused forward, as they had been trained to do. They did not care, Serenity thought glumly. Why should they care? Only a few hours ago, she'd been Endymion's pagan, adulterous wife.

Serenity knew that Endymion had not had time to formally and publicly announce her innocence. After they'd received the dreadful news from the courier, Endymion prepared to leave for Luna immediately. He'd held her tightly for a moment, planted a tender kiss on her forehead and lifted her chin so that she could face him. She had not wanted to face him, not at all. She did not want him to see the weakness that she felt, the fear that she knew was painted plainly upon her face.

"You can do it, Ren," he'd told her quietly, encouragingly. "Be strong, sweetheart. You are the most amazing woman I know."

But how could she do it? It was an impossible task. Absolutely impossible. The past eight months of her life had been spent in exile. She was lucky if she'd had any news about Endymion's affairs, nevermind enough information to run them for him. On top of her mere lack of involvement in state affairs, Serenity had no idea how to run a kingdom. Like any princess of her rank, she'd been trained to run a household, not a damn empire!

For a moment, Serenity felt her temper rise, glad to have anger replace her anxiety. She clutched the Regent's Seal tightly in her left hand, feeling its edges dig into her palm. Damn him, she thought furiously. How could he leave me like this, like a lamb in a wolf's lair? They're going to eat me alive.

Her breath was coming more quickly now, almost in short gasps, as she set her eyes on the intricately carved doors of the Council Chamber in front of her.

And suddenly it clicked.

As the guards bowed low before her and reached to open the doors, Serenity realized why Endymion had left her as Regent.

What better way to have Serenity prove her worth as High Queen than to lead Crystal Terra at this time of peril? If her regency was successful and her innocence publicly announced by Endymion himself, who else would question her loyalty to him and to his kingdom? People would see that she loved this land and loved Endymion; they would see that she was truly worthy of her crown. Endymion's people loved him dearly, and a simple declaration of her virtue would not be enough to stop the wagging tongues and the suspicions. Endymion's people would want more than words; they would want action.

And she would give them action. There was no use in being angry and blaming Endymion for putting her in this position. She would do this, and by the Goddess, she would do it well. She would not fail. She could not fail. Her whole future depended upon it.

Serenity lifted her chin, feeling a new sense of determination surge through her. She steadied her breathing and the trembling of her hands, and stepped inside the Council Chamber.

Twenty men were seated around a large polished wooden table, their swords laid out in front of them, tips meeting at the center. Sunlight streamed from two unshuttered windows, reflecting off the sword blades and the many jewels that decorated the men's tunics. Their faces, some older than others, were all drawn into deep frowns. It was clear to Serenity that they had been arguing, but whatever they were about to say had died on their lips the moment the doors had opened.

With another swift glance, Serenity took in the rest of the Council Chamber. The chamber was spacious, though not much larger than the round table that it contained. The only sources of light were the two windows in the north wall. The noon May sun sent waves of early summer heat into the chamber, creating a stuffy atmosphere. Crests symbolizing Endymion's Ferral kingdoms decorated the stone walls, each beautifully carved and painted to portray the strengths of its respective realm. With a heavy heart, Serenity lingered her focus on Luna's coat of arms. The crescent moon symbol in the center of the crest had been painted a rich golden hue, a color that radiated light and fortitude.

I can do it, Serenity encouraged herself, fighting back the anxiety again. I must. For Luna, for my family.

She took a small step forward, her back straight, her chin high, clutching the Regent's Seal firmly.

One of the guards that had escorted her to the Council Chamber stepped stiffly in front of her. Then, to Serenity's surprise, he brought his spear to his chest in a salute.

"My lords!" he bellowed, "I present Serenity, High Queen and King's Regent!"

The men stood up from their chairs and bowed in unison. Serenity studied them briefly and realized that she recognized them all, though she had never spoken more than several polite words to any of them in her time at court before her exile. Their eyes were cold as they stared at her, their resentment and disapproval almost tangible in the Chamber's morose atmosphere.

There were several empty seats around the table, which Serenity knew belonged to Endymion himself and his Companions. She wished dearly that they could be here to support her. But they were away - away at war. Serenity felt a chill crawl up her spine at the thought that they may never sit at this table again.

Several moments passed and Serenity realized that the men were still on their feet, awaiting her command to retake their seats. With a slight sense of satisfaction, she guessed that Endymion must have commanded them to obey and respect her. How much his order must have irritated them!

Without smiling, Serenity nodded at the councilors.

"My lords," she greeted firmly, moving to the chair beneath the two windows. In the brief instructions that Endymion had left her, he'd told her where her rightful place at the table was.

The men sat down wordlessly. Some of them glanced at their swords then at the empty space in front of Serenity, where the Regent's sword should have been placed. Serenity read through their gesture what they would not word out loud for fear of possible retribution. They thought her unfit for her position because she was a woman, because she lacked the ultimate sign of virility and power, the sword.

Annoyed, Serenity placed her Regent's Seal on the table in front of her. Unimpressed, the men's dissatisfied expressions did not change. Some of them shifted impatiently in their seats and cleared their throats. Feeling her own patience diminishing quickly, Serenity reached under the table and lifted her skirts discreetly to retrieve her dagger from the small sheath attached to her thigh. She had adopted the habit of carrying the dagger at all times since she had been abducted by Diamond.

Glaring at her Council, Serenity all but slammed the dagger on the table in front of her. It was not long and thick as the men's swords, but it was a beautiful and efficient weapon. Its blade was honed to deadly sharpness, and its silver handle was decorated by small crystals forming the shape of an upturned crescent moon, Luna's symbol.

Surprise appeared on several of the men's faces, while others pursed their lips disapprovingly, for she was a woman carrying a weapon. Serenity felt her throat tighten with exasperation and forced down the sense of panic that was beginning to gather within her.

Goddess, but they were as stubborn as mules!

Taking a deep breath, she steadied her nerves and her lips drew into a thin smile. They wanted to be led by a man? Then she would act as thus, she decided furiously. Gentleness and diplomacy be damned; it was getting her nowhere.

"My lords," she heard herself say, "before we begin, I would like to say a few words."

Sitting across from her, Sir Thomas de Clayre rolled his eyes. Serenity decided to ignore his rudeness, for he had never been warm to her and she would not let him unnerve her now. He was a respected knight of Endymion's council, she knew, for he had served Gladius, Endymion's father, for thirty years and his seniority was enough reason for men to think highly of him. But while he had been a valuable knight of Gladius's household, Serenity knew that de Clayre often irritated Endymion, for he was stuck in his old ways and argued against many of Endymion's ideas for reform.

"I know that you are all wondering what has possessed our High King to leave me as Regent in his absence." Serenity's voice was satisfyingly cold. Her gaze as she glared at the men seated around the table was icy blue. She'd had enough. "My lord husband did not have time to explain to you all what took place between us on Ilathier. However, it should be enough to say that High Priestess Giluyenne has vouched for my innocence in the scandal that Lady Rei successfully created last year. In the heat and confusion of the riot, there were misunderstandings that had not been clarified until King Endymion's arrival to Ilathier yesterday. You should all know that I love and honor my husband above all else and that I would rather die than betray him in any way. This I swear upon everything holy to both our religions."

Serenity paused to gauge the men's reaction to her words. She felt nothing now, having shut herself within a case of cold detachment. She could not allow herself to feel, for feeling in front of these men meant weakness. They would sniff it in every drop of perspiration at the nape of her neck and every nervous shift of her eyes.

The men's eyes did not soften, but Serenity judged from their slight nods and straightening of their backs that a spark of interest seemed to take light around the table. Exhilarated that her new strategy might work, she breathed hard against the corset of her blue gown.

"That being said, I would have you know that I did not ask my husband for this position. Indeed, I would have liked to go with him so that I may aid my home city during this time of crisis." Serenity felt a huge wave of apprehension hit hard against her protective shell of detachment, threatening to break it and give way to tears. She licked her lips resolutely, pushing it away. "I was just as surprised as you were and even asked King Endymion to select someone else for the task, someone more experienced. But his Highness did not change his mind and bade me pack my belongings and return immediately to Crystal Terra."

A sudden knock came at the chamber doors and Serenity, grateful for the interruption, nodded to the guard. A page was allowed in carrying a pitcher of wine and several cups, which he swiftly placed in the middle of the table before kneeling in front of Serenity.

"My lady," the boy began quietly, "Lady Minako has sent me to let you know that His Majesty's nephews have arrived from Gaer. They have been lodged in a room in the northern tower and are currently being washed and fed. Do you have any special instructions for Lady Minako concerning the children?"

It took several moments for Serenity to register what the young page was saying and she stared at him quietly until the information sank in. Ailinon. Endymion's son, the son she could not give him. He was here, and she was meant to receive him, to treat him as her own. To protect him. She swallowed the lump in her throat before signaling the page to stand up from his kneeling position.

"No, not right now, thank you. I will see them later, once they have been made comfortable."

"Very good, my lady," the page said and walked out of the Council Chamber.

Serenity watched the page go quietly, the rhythm of her heart quickening at the thought of the many tasks that lay ahead of her. She clenched her fists and settled her blue gaze back upon her advisers.

"Do we have any new information on the attack?"

The men shook their heads and Serenity waited until one of them would speak. What was wrong with them?

Finally, Lord Tanyus, sitting several seats from her right, cleared his throat.

"No, my lady," he said gently. His voice was not very deep, even though he seemed to be in his thirties. Serenity met his brown eyes and was surprised to see that they were not as unkind as she had first perceived them to be. What she saw in them was not malice, but worry. "We received two messengers who barely escaped with their lives," Lord Tanyus continued. "They did not see the full scope of the attack, for they left before Celgrin's army finished the job." He paused for a moment and Serenity saw a shroud of fear descend upon his face. "They are quite shaken, my lady. They saw many families on the outskirts of the city being slaughtered." Tanyus paused again. Serenity felt that he was gauging her reaction to these details. When she offered no response, he leaned back in his chair. "If you wish to see them, they are being lodged here in the castle."

Serenity nodded.

"Very well," she replied, hoping against hope that her voice did not betray the wild dread that was beginning to break through her defenses. "Thank you, my lord."

Serenity pursed her lips and took several deep breaths to calm her nerves again. This time, as she looked steadily at her panel of advisers, she no longer saw hate in their eyes. She sensed that although their faces were unfriendly, it was not because they hated her; it was because they thought her utterly incapable of carrying out this task. Perhaps they're right, Serenity thought glumly.

"Gentlemen, we do not know what Celgrin's intentions are. And because we do not know, we must be prepared for all possible occurrences." As she spoke, Serenity heard her voice being to gain more strength. Then, summoning the tone of command that she had been taught to use since childhood, she stood up and gazed at her Councilors firmly. "I would like to double the city guard. In addition, I want ten scouting parties sent immediately into all the forests surrounding Crystal Terra. I want us to begin building more signal towers around all the villages on the outskirts of the city, for they have no protection and will need to be warned should danger approach. Until we have word from my husband, we must be prepared for anything." She paused, allowing for the moment of silence to add gravity to her orders. "What say you, my lords?"

The men all began speaking at once.

"We cannot afford that, my lady!"'

"Your Highness, we do not have the manpower to carry out these orders."

Frustrated with the commotion, Sir Thomas de Clayre stood from his seat and shaking his head, glared at Serenity while the rest of the men fell silent.

"These actions would be for naught, my lady!" de Clayre shouted. "Celgrin would never dare attack King Endymion's capital. Crystal Terra is too strong. It can withstand a siege for months! By then, the King's forces would return, and your orders would have been naught but a drain on our already diminishing treasury! I vote nay!"

Serenity stared at de Clayre wordlessly, rage and frustration thundering within her, seeking release in tears and shouting. But she clenched her jaw, and praying to Selene to grant her strength and patience, she shook her head.

"I appreciate your feedback, my lords, but I am not asking for your votes." Her voice was soft now, and to her horror, Serenity felt hot tears cloud her vision. "My lords, you must see the sense in this. Luna was a strong fortress too, as you know, yet Celgrin has managed to break it. He also managed to mobilize a large army through Terran lands, unseen and unimpeded. We cannot be too prepared."

There was a long silence. Then, perhaps it was her tears, or perhaps the pleading edge in her voice, for to Serenity's amazement, Endymion's Councilors began to nod in agreement, one by one.

The night was dark. No moon or stars bejeweled the sky, having been swallowed up by ominous rain clouds that threatened to burst at any moment. Blanketed by blackness, Crystal Terra was silent. Its inhabitants had already heard the news of Luna's terrible fortune, and all felt safest at home, sitting by their hearth with their families. Thus, the taverns were quiet, the streets were empty, and Crystal Terra held its breath, praying that the returned Queen could keep the enemy away.

Serenity leaned over the cold stone of the balcony, closing her eyes against the cool breeze and letting it blow through her loosened hair. The air was chilly, laden with the smells of the oncoming storm and the fires burning in the city. Serenity inhaled deeply and opened her eyes, finding comfort in the familiarity of the quiet city stretched out before her. She had missed Crystal Terra.

She felt incredibly uneasy at the thought of what was taking place in her home city. It was only her first day back, and she knew that she would have to wait at least a week and a half until news from Endymion would reach her. Her first meeting with Endymion's Councilors had been excruciatingly hard, and Serenity was sure now that it would take a long time until her advisers would come to accept her. It would all depend on the outcome of this crisis, and would all depend on her ability to remain strong in the face of what would be an overwhelming and rather impossible challenge.

She had spent the rest of her day signing many parchments and speaking to the dozens of people that ran the different aspects of state affairs. She had reinforced her orders of increased protection for Crystal Terra by putting them to paper and making them official with her Regent's Seal. She had sent men into the city to raise locals' awareness of their potential danger and recruit those interested in helping. She did not want to frighten Crystal Terra's people, but she needed them to be aware of the situation. She needed them to understand that she was trying to protect them.

She'd met with the messengers that had traveled from Luna to deliver the news of Celgrin's attack. They did not have much to say, but had both confirmed that Celgrin's vanguard was not human.

"Elves, my lady," one of the messengers had said. "Monstrous, bloodthirsty elves. Thousands of them. I did not see the whole army, for I took to horse as soon as I could. But they were killing everyone, including women and children. And that was even before they entered the city."

"If you took to horse immediately, how do you know Celgrin made it into the city?" Serenity had asked, not wanting to believe the man. "Even though Luna's army is fighting on the Neptunian front, my father has always kept the city well fortified and well guarded."

The Lunarian had shifted uncomfortably, and it was clear to Serenity that he was struggling with the memories of what he'd seen. The haunted look on his face was enough evidence that he was not lying.

"My lady, forgive me, but I heard them," the man had said quietly, avoiding her eyes. "I was miles away, but I could still hear the screams and see the fires. I heard the great walls come down."

Serenity believed him.

If Celgrin had so easily broken through Luna's defenses, what would stop him from doing the same in Crystal Terra?

Goddess save us.

Serenity did not want to think of what Celgrin had done to the home that she'd cherished so much, to the people that she'd loved her whole life. She hoped against hope that he'd respected the universal laws of war and had let her parents live because they were royals. Turning away from the balcony, she sent another silent prayer to Selene for their safety.

She was lodged in her old rooms. Although it was good to feel the familiarity of her life before Ilathier, the bedchamber felt cold and empty without Endymion home. Serenity looked at her large four poster bed, admiring the rich red and golden hues of the heavy canopy. She smiled as images of the long nights she'd spent behind those curtains in Endymion's arms flashed through her mind, sending chills of longing up her spine.

A soft knock sounded from the wooden doors, interrupting her thoughts. Before saying anything, Serenity saw the doors open gently and Minako's head appear from behind them.


"Yes, Mina. Come in."

Minako smiled and stepped into the room, although she did not close the doors. She had not changed a bit in the months that Serenity had been away. However, her eyes, usually bright and full of life, were now dimmed with worry, for Kunzite was also at war and she had yet to hear from him.

"Ren, I've brought Endymion's nephews. They're all quite sleepy, but are very eager to meet you."

"Oh!" Serenity felt her heart skip a beat. "Please bring them in, Mina!"

Grinning, Mina nodded, turned to the guards at the door and signaled to let the boys in.

One by one, they stepped into the chamber. Serenity's heart felt like it was going to beat out of her chest as she surveyed them.

There were four of them. The first was very young, about three years old, Serenity guessed. He was grinning widely and quite toothlessly as he stared at the Queen excitedly. Serenity could not help but grin back, for the little boy was quite adorable, with very large lucid green eyes and tangled red hair that came down to his tiny shoulders. Serenity guessed that this was Lucius, Beryl's youngest son.

Next to him was another boy that resembled him almost perfectly in the face, although he was taller and quite chubby. He was not grinning like his younger brother, but shyly looking down at his toes as he stepped in line next to Lucius. Serenity regarded him quietly, wondering if this was Astyth, the second youngest of the four boys.

She found that her suspicions were correct when the other two boys stepped into the bedchamber. The first looked to be about five years old, with a mass of bright red hair and sharp emerald green eyes. Serenity frowned, for his eyes were cold and almost calculating, and his thin lips were drawn into a sour frown. Pahr, Serenity thought. The oldest of Beryl and Tragoth's sons. Clearly, she has already poisoned his mind, that witch.

Serenity's gaze slid past the disgruntled boy and finally rested on the oldest, Ailinon. A sharp feeling of regret and pain hit her, for the boy was a reflection of his father, Endymion. An extremely handsome boy, he did not resemble his brothers at all. He was lean and much taller than them, his hair a midnight black and his eyes a deep ocean blue. His expression was kind, curious, and rather solemn as he looked up into Serenity's face. Even though he was only six years old, his countenance made him seem older and surprisingly mature. And despite the painful feeling that Serenity felt for being unable to conceive and give Endymion a son just like Ailinon, she could not help but feel a powerful sense of love for the boy. It was impossible not to like him.

"Now, boys," Minako spoke softly. "Kneel before your Queen, kiss the Royal ring, and introduce yourselves."

"She is not my queen!" Pahr suddenly exclaimed in a high-pitched voice. "Mama is my queen, not her!"

Serenity's eyebrows lifted. She would have been annoyed, but she was not, for she was not surprised. Mina frowned and Serenity could tell that she was furious and that she was preparing to berate the boy. However, before any of the women said anything, Ailinon lifted his hand and smacked Pahr behind the head, earning a whine and a very dirty look from the younger boy.

"She is your Queen, Pahr," Serenity heard Ailinon say. His voice was cool and smooth for such a young boy. "She is Mama's queen, too, because she is the High King's wife. So you are making yourself look stupid!"

"Shut up, Ailinon!" Pahr replied furiously. His freckled, pale face had turned completely red. "You can't say anything to me, you fatherless idiot!"

"Boys!" Serenity heard herself interject, immediately feeling protective of Ailinon. So it was common knowledge that Tragoth was not Ailinon's father? His status at home was that of a bastard? What kind of mother was Beryl? "That is enough," Serenity said softly. "Ailinon, thank you for clearing this up to your brother." She looked at the boy and smiled, pleased to see a slight flush brighten his tanned cheeks.

"It is nice to meet you, Your Majesty!" the youngest boy suddenly exclaimed and stepped forward. "My name is Lucius!"

Serenity giggled as Lucius eagerly kneeled before her, taking her right hand and kissing her deep sapphire ring. He stood up, standing below Serenity's waistline, and grinned brightly up at her.

"You are very pretty, my lady! Mama said you were ugly, but she was wrong!"

"Lucius!" Both Ailinon and Astyth exclaimed at the same time. Pahr grinned, pleased.

"It's all right, boys. It is no secret that my husband's sisters do not approve of our marriage," Serenity said, then smiled down at Lucius. "But thank you, young sir. You are quite handsome yourself!" The boy shrieked with pleasure and turned around to stick his tongue out at his brothers.

As the rest of the boys stepped forward and introduced themselves, Serenity's mind began to race with ideas for their education and their training. She vowed to herself that she would be a better mother to them than Beryl ever was, especially to Ailinon, who had already filled her with maternal love and excitement. Beryl be damned; they were better off at Crystal Terra. Unless Celgrin destroyed it.

At the thought, dread filled Serenity once again. She could not let Crystal Terra down, could not let anything happen to Endymion's only son. She had to protect him.

"It has been a pleasure to meet you, my lords," Serenity finally said. "We will meet tomorrow and begin your training and your schooling. Now let us all get to bed and have some rest, for it is quite late."

The boys all nodded obediently, even Pahr, for they were exhausted and eager to sleep, despite their excitement.

Serenity looked at Mina as the latter prepared to bring the boys back to their rooms.

"Thank you for bringing them, Mina. It seems we have a lot of work on our hands."

Minako grinned, watching the boys as they marched out of the bedchamber.

"I tell you, Ren, there is not one person at court who will lay eyes upon Ailinon and not know instantly who his father is."

Serenity smiled slightly, and nodded.

"I know. Let us hope that they will understand, for Endymion's sake. For the Kingdom's sake."

Serenity's world was shattered.

She was shaking horribly. She was no longer aware of Mina, Ami, and Makoto standing around her. The only thing that her brain could register was the piece of parchment that had now slipped from her hands and onto the floor. She had finally had word from Endymion, a week after her arrival back to court.

She had expected that her home would be destroyed, but she had hoped dearly that her family had been spared. It appeared not, for her father, good, noble Guston, was dead.

And Celgrin was coming, he was on his way to do the same to Crystal Terra. To massacre it, to destroy it. All because of her, because he wanted the Crystal and because she had helped turn Medwyn against him. Serenity felt in her heart that this was why he'd attacked Luna first: to take revenge upon her by destroying all that she had ever known and loved.

All the preparations that she had made this past week would do nothing. The city reinforcements, the signal towers, the recruiting. It would all be for naught, because Celgrin had the power to bring even Crystal Terra to her knees. Serenity knew that he would want her to suffer, to beg, to show her that he was lord of all.


Ami's voice was so small and distant, that Serenity barely acknowledged it. A thunderous rage began to overtake her fear and her grief, and her mind began to turn with lightning speed.

"I am going to kill that bastard," she finally heard herself say, her voice laden with fury, barely her own. "He wants me to suffer? He wants the Crystal? Then he shall have it, for I am going to slit his throat with it."

"HO!" the thunder of the hooves behind Celgrin came to a swift stop and the Glauder King lowered his hand to rein in his giant, excited warhorse. He narrowed his eyes, gazing at the breathtaking sight before him.

The city of Crystal Terra was but several miles away. Standing on this hill, Celgrin could see Endymion's fortress in all its glory in the sunset's warm glow. It was a magnificent sight, indeed, but Celgrin did not doubt that with his army of Elves, he would have no trouble taking it. Besides, a woman was in charge of it. A very young woman. It would be as easy as swatting a fly. As easy as it had been to take Luna.

"Pretty, isn't it?" Celgrin growled to Ruxur, who had just ridden in at his side.

"Indeed, it is. Almost a shame that we have to destroy it."

Celgrin grinned, showing several rotting teeth, and spat in disgust.

"Ha! A shame! This can finally be the end of that whoreson's reign. That pup has given me enough trouble. He and his whore of a wife can rot in hell, and their city too."

Beside him, Ruxur nodded.

"Yes, but remember that we cannot kill Serenity, not yet. If we kill her, we lose what we came here for. We need that Crystal, otherwise taking Crystal Terra might actually be impossible, even with my men. That bitch Giluyenne is here, I can sense her, and I guarantee that she has laid plenty of protective charms over the city that will be hard to break."

Celgrin growled, flinging his dirty, white hair away from his face.

"Then what do I have you for, you disgusting son of a whore!"

Ruxur was not phased, for he knew that Celgrin abhorred the fact that he found more pleasure in men than he did in women. But this did not upset the Elven druglord. In fact, it amused him, and he quite liked seeing the old Glauder King cringe every time he came close to him.

"Do you remember how pleasant it was to rape Queen Selenity?" Ruxur's voice was low, like a snake's, and his silver eyes as he spoke to Celgrin glittered with malice. "That is what you have me for."

Celgrin smirked.

"Yeah, I remember," he replied in a thick voice. "And I shall do the same to her daughter. I've heard she's a pretty little wench, even prettier than her mother."

Behind them, settling along the hill's base in the rich green grass of the Ferral farmland, was their army. Thousands in number, tens of thousands strong.

"Right, then," Celgrin said, licking his lips. "In the morning, we shall take Crystal Terra."

End Part 14.


Well! I know it's a littttttle bit short compared to most of my other chapters, but I hope you liked it! What will Serenity do when she's faced with Celgrin's army at her gates? What will Endymion do when and if he comes face to face with Celgrin? That's all in the works right now! THANK YOU FOR READING!