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Chapter 25: I Told You

Kasumi gave up but then remembered Arianna. So she pulled herself down and brought her attacker with her. She struggled and could not see who it was until she had a firm grip on him underneath her.

"Ryu?" she asked surprised, "what are you doing here?'

"What do you think I am doing woman?" he asked as he picking her up by the waist and then picking himself up, "I was trying not to alarm you or make you scream"

"Well next time don't pull moves that make me think you are kidnapping me" she said breathing hard.

"Sorry" he said.

"It's fine but what is this?" she asked pointing to the screens, "Its freaking me out" she finished with a shiver running down her spine.

"This is what I was trying to keep from you. This is why I am with Kate and why I have been hot and cold with you" he said still short of breath and trying to whisper.

"Oh" she said staring at him not knowing what else to say.

He closed his eyes for a second then took a deep breath.

"We need to go somewhere else before somebody else comes here" he said.

"Okay" she said following him up the stairs.

A few moments later they were in the kitchen and Ryu closed the secret passage behind him. He led her to the doors outside and gave her his winter jacket. She wrapped herself with it tightly and followed him outside. They walked in the brisk cold and finally reached a small cabin made of wood. She sat down on the couch and he started the fire and she finally the warmth replaced the comfort she felt with his jacket on.

"So" she finally spoke, "You want to tell me what is going on exactly?"

"It's sort of a long story but now is a good as time as any to tell you" he said pacing back and forth.

"It's okay" she said, her warm eyes looking at him, "You can tell me".

"Alright well I think it's proper to explain or start since you left at that winter DOATEC Ball. That night before when I came to your room and you were crying" he started explaining and looked at her to see what she felt but he could not see anything because she was clutching his jacket and looking at the wooden floor so he continued, "I came to your room because I was going to tell you what I told you that night on the beach but things went the way they went and I did not think it was a good idea to tell you how I felt at that moment. So I kept it to myself then the next day you seemed upset after you met Megan but I swear she is just a friend but clearly you thought differently and then you left. I can't begin to tell you what pain I left seeing you leave that day, I did not know if I was gonna see you again" he said.

"I'm sorry" she said, "I had no idea that that is how you felt"

"It's okay; it's not your fault. It was my fault for not confronting you and telling you how I felt but anyways so you left and a couple of months later Hayate helped me find where you had gone to and I was going to tell you again how I felt but that day a man approached me about working for the government and I decided to check it out. Maybe it was that fact that I finally felt like I was going to put my talents to use and actually make a difference or maybe I was still not really to let it all down and confront you. Either way I decided to join and help and that is where I met Gabriel and Frank and in many ways I am glad I joined them because they have been like my brothers" he said and she smiled loving that he finally had that family support.

"So" he continued pacing, "After a few months of training and missions here and there my boss told us of the Brown family mostly Mr. Brown and what his business actually was. He is known to the world as the real estate king with property all over the world having made his money from the stock market and old family money but apparently that is not how he continued to be rich and powerful. We found out that he actually dealt arms around the world and acquired them through force and violence and created war zones because of his "business". Innocent people were dying because of his "business" but nobody could ever imprison him because of his impeccable way of hiding any sort of proof so the only way was for one of us to get into the family and become a family friend or something better" he said barely finishing his last sentence.

"A boyfriend" Kasumi finished his thought.

"Yeah, so that is what I became" he said clearing his throat, "So when I came to your shop I knew you were in Boston but I did not know that you worked there so for that I am sorry" he said and she looked at him. She could not believe how honest he was being, there was pain in his eyes, he really felt bad for what had happen.

"Anyways you know the rest up until that weekend in Martha's Vineyard for her Kate's birthday. When I got here I had a conversation with my boss and as well as Frank and Gabriel were he told me that I had propose to her because apparently Mr. Brown keeps everything we need in this one estate that he only uses for very special occasions and nobody knows how to get in except for getting invited in. So my boss figured that Mr. Brown would allow his only daughter to get married in this exclusive estate. I was just tired of it, I did not know what to do and I did not want to keep hurting you and I wanted you to know how I felt before everything was turned upside down. That is why I told you everything I felt at the beach house that night because seeing you with Adam before and feeling that pain in my heart…. Let's just say I had never felt that sort of pain before, knowing that you were in another man's arms and that I might lose you forever…" he trailed off.

He looked into the fire and continued,

"So after what happen between us that night at breakfast the next day Ayane came up to me and told me that if I did not propose to Kate then she herself would hand deliver you to Brown" he said.

"What do you mean deliver me to Brown?" she asked curiously

"Well that is the main reason why I proposed to Kate and wanted to stop Brown. He not only has an arms dealing business but he is also interested and has done a lot of research in creating a sort of super soldier. He wants to create a formula that can be used to enhance a person's abilities to those of super powers and then sell it to world leaders but not the friendly ones either. So that is why all that information on you is down there but he can't actually do anything to advance his research without having you there and doing tests on you. Somehow Ayane knows about this and I feel like she has a deal with him to bring you in as well" he explained.

"Well if he really wanted me why hasn't he taken me yet?" she asked as she shivered.

"He was supposed to but then you were pregnant with Arianna and he thought that would change the results of your tests and his research" he said.

"So, that means that he is supposed to take me any day now" Kasumi said.

"That is why I wanted to marry Kate as soon as possible so we could lock up Brown before anything happens but Kate had to go and say she did not want to get married before she had the kid" he shrugged, "A kid that is not even…."

"That isn't even yours" she finished his though again.

"What? How did you know?" he asked looking at her.

"Let's just say that Kate's friends are not very good at keeping secrets" she said, "I am sorry I did not tell you. I don't know when you found out but I knew ever since that lunch that she told you she was pregnant"

"You knew since the beginning?" he asked.

"I was mad at you, at that moment I wanted you to feel all the pain I had felt and Kate asked me to come to the lunch because I was your friend and she thought it would be nice to have that support for you, what was I supposed to say?" she said defensively.

"I understand" he said, "So as much as I did not want things to keep going, it was better that Kate had the baby before we get married because Brown does not approve of a non-traditional wedding, if you will so he would not have it in that estate we need to get the information"

"How do you know that for sure?" she asked standing and going to look out the window.

"Well Leifang was pregnant when she got married to Brown Jr. and the wedding did not happen at the estate" he said.

"What does Leifang have to do with it?" she asked looking at the snow outside as it gently fell.

"She is part of our team, she did not marry Brown because she loved him, she married him because it was her job and she was the one that told me about "my son" not being mine at all" he said.

"Are you serious?" she said turning around to look right at him.

"Yeah, she has been a great help with everything to do with this case and has actually defended you and yelled at me" he said laughing a bit.

"Wow" she said, "I guess she is really genuine, I never thought much of it" she admitted.

"Yeah and hey listen, I know you feel bad about what happen to Adam but don't because he was working with Brown, he was supposed to take you to Brown at the end of it all" he said sympathetically.

"Well, I guess the joke was on me" she said looking down and wrapped her arms around the jacket she still had on her.

"Hey, it's okay" he said walking over to her and hugging her tightly. She stood there for a while and she felt her eyes watering so she wrapped her arms around him. He looked down and saw her crying and his heart felt heavy. Ryu wiped away her tears and kissed her gently. She reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck and he held her by the waist. When they parted she looked at him and softly rested her head on his chest and he held her.

"So, what happens now?" she asked, "Is Brown going to try and get me?"

"Yes, but I will not let anything happen to you or Arianna, I promise" he said looking at her.

"Speaking of Arianna" she said

"Listen I know you are upset because her father was a bad person but I know she will be just fine with you and everybody else and at least Adam is not here to be a bad father" he said.

"I am not worried about that" she said looking into his eyes, "because her father is very much alive"

"What?" he asked confused.

"Ryu, I am sorry I did not tell you before but I was mad at you, I did not want you in my life after what happen" she explained.

"What are you trying to tell me?" he asked.

"I am telling you that Arianna's father was not Adam, it was always you" she said.

"Are you serious" he said and she feared he was mad.

"Yeah" she said timidly and her fears faded when he picked her up and spun her around.

"You have no idea how happy that makes me, I need to see her as soon as we get back" he said smiling.

"Yeah for sure" she said smiling back.

"We should probably get back before anybody suspects anything" he said.

"Okay, you are right. Let's go" she said and followed him out of the door after he extinguished the fire.


The next day everybody went down to breakfast. It was set up as a sort of serve yourself with a fruit section, eggs and cheese section, muffins and bagels, and pastries along with drinks. Kasumi had gone to bed last after her conversation with Ryu because she had gotten back late and did not want to wake the girls. She made her way downstairs with a black sweater dress on and her hair up in a ponytail. Her eyes were wary looking around the room still thinking about last night and unable to believe what had happen last night and seeing everybody and thinking it was all a dream. It was real after all. She noticed Ryu with Kate, his arm around her waist with a heavy manor. She stood there staring at them still in disbelief but her thought were disrupted by Helena,

"Hi stranger, where have you been and where did you go last night? We were worried" she said.

"I am sorry, I know you were worried but we will talk about it later" Kasumi said.

"Is everything all right?" Helena asked seeing that Kasumi was staring at Ryu and Kate.

"Yeah, no worries, we will talk later" Kasumi said smiling.

"Okay" Helena said gently.

Kasumi went to the window and saw the snow has stopped and was indeed melting. Perfect she thought time to go home and see my baby. She turned around to go find the girls and saw Leifang standing there about to say hello.

"Hi Leifang" Kasumi said cheerfully.

"Kasumi, so glad to see you happy. How is little Arianna doing?" she asked with a smile.

"She is doing very well and keeping me on my toes, how is your little girl?" Kasumi asked.

"She is wonderful, she is my little angel. We should have a little play date sometime" Leifang suggested.

"Yes! We should" Kasumi agreed enthusiastically.

"Well okay then" Leifang answered surprised at her excitement.

"I should get going before this storm gets back but I just want to say thank you Leifang for everything, I know it may seem strange me telling you this now but I will explain later" Kasumi smiled and when Leifang smiled back she left to go find the girls.


A few hours later Kasumi and the girls were back home. Kasumi threw her luggage in her room and went to pick up Arianna from Jack in the living room.

"Aww! My baby" she said picking her up and kissing both of her red cheeks, "Has she been well behaved?" she asked Jack.

"The best!" he said excitedly, "How was your little trip?"

"Interesting" she said holding Arianna tightly.

"Ouu, sounds like there is a story behind that but it will have to be another time, I must get going" he said picking up his bag.

"Where are you off to?" she asked.

"My family reunion" he rolled his eyes, "Don't ask".

"I am sure I will hear all about it when you get back" she smiled and hugged him with half of her body and Arianna smiled at him.

"Look at this little rascal" he said, "You be careful with her and the boys when she is older" he laughed and headed for the door.

"Goodbye Jack" she said laughing at his comment.

Soon enough the girls come up as well and Kasumi waited for them in the living room with Arianna in her play area and the fire crackling.

"Tell us everything" Helena said putting the tray of fresh hot chocolate on the table.

"Okay well brace yourselves because this is about to get ridiculous" she said and fifteen minutes later she had finally stopped talking and everybody's jaws were dropped and nobody said anything.

"Somebody say something" Kasumi said looking at them.

"I can officially say that Ayane is truly insane, not that we did not know that before" Helena said taking a sip of her hot chocolate.

"And Leifang is part of this team of agents!" Kokoro said, "I just thought she was marring into money but hey props to her".

"This is all a little insane but don't you guys realize that everything we ever wanted found its way to us" Hitomi said, "Kasumi and Ryu have a daughter together and he actually really does love her. Kokoro has Teddy, I have Hayate and Helena had Kane" she finished excitedly.

"I think you are forgetting the whole Brown family business and Kasumi being a lab rat honey" Helena said.

"Yeah but we would never let anything happen to her and neither would Ryu" Hitomi said.

"You know Hitomi makes sense, besides the overwhelming excitement radiating from her, she has a point" Kokoro said.

"Yeah now we just have to figure out a way to help bring down Brown so we can all breathe a little easier" Helena said as the doorbell rang.

"I will get it" Kasumi said already up.

She walked to the door and heard Hitomi say, "Be careful"

Kasumi looked through the eye of the door and smiled as she backed up and swung the door open and come face to face with Ryu. He returned the smile and hugged her tightly as he gently covered her lips with his.

"Who is it?" they both heard Kokoro say from the living room.

Ryu and Kasumi both come to the living room door and Ryu leaned on the door frame.

"Hello ladies" he said.

"Hi" they all said with unison.

Arianna giggled from the corner of her play area and looked straight at Ryu. He walked over and easily picked her up in his arms. She put her little hands on his broad shoulders and he smiled, a smile that Kasumi had never seen on him and it made her heart take flight. They all spent some time together with Kane and Hayate coming there as well. The snow gently fell outside and as everybody was enjoying their hot chocolate the doorbell rang again. This time Kokoro walked to the hallway from the kitchen. Her phone vibrated in her hand when she received a text message and she locked down and saw a blocked number texted her. She shrugged and opened the door. She saw David, Teddy's partner on the force. David had joined them a couple of times for dinner and he was like a little brother to all of them. Her smiled dropped when she noticed his jacket were destroyed and he had dust and ruble on his black pants.

"Come in please" she said, "what happen?"

At that point everybody had joined them in the kitchen.

"Oh my God! David what happen?" Hitomi asked.

"We were going to talk to a witness for this case we have open, and Teddy was driving and all of a sudden two black cars blocked the road and we immediately thought it was an ambush so Teddy backed the car up but they had shot the tires. So we got out of the car and hid behind the trunk of the car and there were gunshots everywhere so I looked at Teddy to see what we should do and …." David trailed off.

"And Teddy what?" Kokoro asked using the kitchen counter to stand up, feeling her world collapse.

"Well he had been shot in the shoulder and we were not wearing vests because it was just an interview, we did not expect to get ambushed. So finally the gunshots stopped and we heard tires screeching off so we thought that was it. So I looked up and did not see anybody so I called it in and called an ambulance. Teddy stood up too to see what had happen and out of nowhere one person was still left and they shot directly for me and Teddy pushed me out of the way and he got shot in the chest" David said looking at the ground.

"No, No" Kokoro said tears streaming from her eyes as she slid down onto the kitchen floor. Kasumi was immediately by her side holding her as she cried.

"Well how is he now? What happen after?" Kane asked.

"The person left and maybe it's because I was confused but it really looked like a girl shadow to me. So anyways then the ambulance came and took Teddy with them and last I heard he was in critical condition. They barely got his pulse back…" David trailed off.

Kokoro tried to wipe away her tears enough to look at her phone and see the text message. She read it in her head and it said "I told you not to tell them. Looks like the Boston Police force is down one detective".

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