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Chapter 1

Seto Kaiba hated such parties but sometimes there was just no way around them. This was one of them. An important businessman from Europe was hosting this party and Kaiba was planning to build his business over there as well. He already had most things organized but he needed this man, at least for the moment. It wouldn't be long before he would be able to do without him, but it would make it much easier, if he had his aid in the beginning. So he needed to get on his good side. He didn't like it, most of all not because he was always asked why he came alone, as everyone expected him to have one of these air headed pretty little arm pieces. But he really didn't want to date some gold digging bitch, just so he could show off that he could get them. He had plenty of annoying fan girls to prove that and he didn't want any of them.

This party was one of the worst, the music was about to lull him to sleep but to his luck, whether bad or good he wasn't sure yet, everyone was standing around some tables, talking. But there were hardly any places to sit. His feet were getting sore but at least he stayed awake. But there were just about one million things he would rather do. Including going to school or even hang out with Yugi and his cheer-leading geek-squad. Even an afternoon alone with the Mutt would be more fun than this and that meant something to the CEO. The Mutt was nothing but a brainless idiot, that wasn't worth a second of his precious time. But this was an even worse waste of his Sunday night than the Mutt.

And the worst thing about the party were all the ladies that tried to flirt with him. All the pretty little arm pieces of the older, fatter, balder, rich guys that would love to have a younger guy to pay for all the expensive stuff, after all it would maybe save the secret lover they surly had, but only maybe. Since Seto would be at work so often, they probably would still cheat on him behind his back, as well as use his credit cards to the fullest. Unfortunately, unlike with his million fan girls, he actually needed to be polite with most of them. He didn't want to ruin a business relationship over some stupid brainless gold digger.

Seto wanted to go towards the buffet table. Even if the food wasn't good, he had so many of the gold digging bitches around him, that he just needed an excuse to move away from them. But just as he had made one step, he heard a loud noise and in the same moment he felt an excruciating pain in his shoulder. He heard screams and people ran around him. Most were running away from him but the security of his host were running towards him. Seto touched his shoulder where the pain was coming from and the pain got just worse. He looked at his hand, red...blood, he was shot.

Seto looked around but couldn't see anyone suspicious. The security was around him by now and one was on a phone, calling an ambulance. Another was just about to lift Seto Kaiba and CARRY him over to a seat, but Seto said: "Touch me and I rip your throat out, is that clear? I got shot in my shoulder and the last time I checked, I didn't need it to walk." The security guard just moved his hand towards one of the seats: "As you wish, Mister Kaiba, if you would walk over this way then please, and sit down so that we can treat your wound until the ambulance arrives." Seto walked towards the seat, sat down and even allowed them to put some pressure onto the wound until the ambulance arrived.

By that time most of the guests were gone. But the police was already there, asking stupid questions. Did he know who it might have been or had he gotten any death threats recently? The only answer they had gotten was: "How the hell would I know who it was, it's your bloody job to find that out, isn't it? And about the death threats, who the hell do you think you're talking to? I get at least one a day, if not more and they're feeding my bins for years now."

Moments later Seto had been glad to see the last of them for now and be on his way to the hospital, even so he'd rather have taken his limousine. It was much more comfortable. Once he had reached the hospital, they first x-rayed his shoulder to see if the bullet had done any damage to the bone but he had been lucky. After that, they gave him a local anaesthetic and removed the bullet carefully.

It took some time till it was out and Seto was happy that he couldn't really feel anything. The pain after the shot had been bad and it was there ever since but he was sure this would still be worse. Once they had gotten it out, they started to clean the wound carefully. While they did, Seto could hear a familiar voice outside. "Where is he? I want to see him. Is he okay? How bad is it?" Seto could hear the fear in his younger brothers voice. And he said to a nurse: "Let him in, please."

Mokuba was allowed to come into the room and he ran right to Seto and said: "Are you okay? I was so worried, someone phoned and just said that you got shot and were on your way to the hospital. I was so scared that I might lose you, Seto. Please be honest, how bad is it?"

Seto just rolled his eyes. "Honestly, it's nothing. Just a shot in the shoulder but nothing got damaged and as soon as I'm patched up we can go home together. It really is nothing. And more importantly why aren't you in bed at this hour of the night?"

Mokuba stared at his brother and said: "You're kidding me, right? I mean you can't honestly believe that after someone wakes me up to tell me that you're in the hospital, after getting shot, I just say okay and go back to sleep? Are you crazy? I was worried sick and you're telling me off, for not being in bed? And one thing I can tell you, either you find yourself a bodyguard or you're in big trouble, Mister."

"A bodyguard? I don't need a bodyguard, it's enough that I have hundreds of securities walking around the house and company to keep those places safe but I'm not going to get a bodyguard. I can keep myself safe. I'm Seto Kaiba, I don't need a bodyguard."

"Oh, you can keep yourself safe? Than what is THAT?" Mokuba asked, pointing at his brother's wounded shoulder.

"That is nothing."

"No, that is getting yourself killed. Either you get a bodyguard or I'm not talking to you AND I'm giving you a hell of a hard time if you want to get rid of me, for I'LL be your bodyguard!

But Seto didn't want to hear about getting a bodyguard and just said: "I don't need one and that's final, so stop that nonsense."

Mokuba kept staring at him but for the moment both were quiet. And as soon as Seto's wound was cleaned and bandaged, the two brothers went home in one of the limousines that were there, since Mokuba had arrived in one and Seto's from earlier was parked there, too. Once home, Seto told his brother to go to bed but he just followed his older brother into his room.

"Mokuba, this isn't funny. Go to bed, it's late and I'm tired."

But Mokuba just stared at him silently

"I'm talking to you, Mokuba. Get to bed, you have school tomorrow and so do I, for that matter."

Still no reaction from the younger Kaiba brother.

"Mokuba, I mean it. Move it."

Nothing. Mokuba still just stared at his brother, with a determined expression on his young face.

"Fine, you can sleep here. But only tonight and get over it, I'm not getting a bodyguard and that's final!"

Seto went to the bathroom and closed and locked the door before his brother could even attempt to follow him there. After that he went to bed and Mokuba slept next to him. The next morning it continued. Mokuba was following Seto's every step, without saying a word. No matter what Seto said, Mokuba refused to listen. And while the two brothers ate breakfast, Mokuba had his laptop on the table. Normally he would go nuts, if Seto as much as looked towards his laptop or even just the newspaper. But Seto let it slide, they were at bad enough terms as it was and he had to somehow get the younger to go school, too.

Half way through breakfast Mokuba moved his laptop with the screen to Seto. As the older looked at the screen of it, he saw that his little brother had opened a homepage of a bodyguard agency and Seto was about to close it, to make a point when he noticed that it is supposed to be discreet as well as efficient. So he decided to at least have a look, because if he did, he could maybe talk his brother into at least going to school.

The homepage noted that they had bodyguards of different age groups and for that could provide unnoticed safety, even in school by someone that appears to be a classmate or teacher, depending on what school. Primary schools would usually have someone pretending to be a teacher, that was also licensed to be one. Also every bodyguard could disguise him or herself perfectly. Even to the extend of appearing as the other gender. They could accompany to parties and were trained to blend in with every social group. No one had to know they were a bodyguard and could just pretend to be a friend that is going with them, so they wouldn't have to go alone or would even pretend to be boy- or girlfriend, to make it more believable.

Seto thought about it for a moment. With this, his brother could feel more at ease and no one needed to know that he had a bodyguard and no one had a reason to think that he, Seto Kaiba, was afraid after one little shot in the shoulder. But he still didn't want 24/7 supervision by some bodyguards, so he said "Listen, I already have security for the house and Kaiba corp., will you stop this nonsense? If I get one for school and for going to parties I mean I never do anything else anyway and I'm certain that the limousine will be safe enough. Is that a deal?"

Mokuba looked at his brother for a moment and then said: "Deal, but only if you call them NOW." And he handed his brother the phone, and for once in his life he listened to his younger brother and called them. It didn't take long. They already had heard about the events of the past evening in the news and had someone that went normally to his school. Someone that had only been with them for two years, but was already one of the best. A junior member due to his age but a natural and able to see where a killer might hide. The best spots from where to shoot and said person was fast and had of course spacial training in defending someone, fighting, could handle a gun, knew how to defuse a bomb, and of course was perfect in disguising, as well as perfectly capable to appear with mister Kaiba at a party as a friend or girlfriend, whatever he wished. Seto chose to just go with friend but after being asked, rather a female looking one, if not really female since he didn't want rumours to start. After that they discussed the payment briefly, as well a meeting to sign some papers and that was it.

Seto didn't even ask who it was, he didn't really care. Mokuba knew now that he was safe at school and had someone looking out for danger, for his life, someone that might be young but had a special training. He was happy and would go to school and no one else might think that Seto Kaiba was afraid of anyone. After all he wasn't, it was Mokuba who feared to lose his older brother. And part of Seto could understand. He wouldn't want to risk Mokuba's life either. Mokuba had bodyguards, three of them, to make sure he didn't constantly get kidnapped. Seto had learned from past experiences.

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