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Chapter 24

Joey got ready for the night out, certain that Tristan's plan would fail, because he had to admit that he liked Kaiba much more than he had been willing to admit. The fright he had gotten when he nearly lost him was proof of that. And even so he wasn't sure if his feelings were quite as strong as the brunet's ones, he didn't want to be apart from him again. The thing he liked most was that he was so possessive of him. It made Joey feel special like he had never felt before. No one had ever wanted him as bad as Kaiba clearly did and he loved the feeling and as well as the attention he got from his dragon.

With those thoughts he got dressed in a red shirt and black leather pants. Just before he left he turned his phone back on but he had to turn it right back off. He had gotten just about a hundred text messages and missed calls from his dragon. Unbelievable he thought but had to smile. Feeling great again at the proof of how much effort Seto put into getting him and he decided not to torture him too much, but maybe just a little for scaring him so much.

Tristan had chosen a night club and it was packed. They had trouble finding a space at the bar but eventually got one. Once there it didn't take long before a nice looking girl talked to Joey and asked for a dance with him. Joey was surprised that she was taking the initiative and talked to him first but liked it in her and danced with the hot red haired girl. She was a great dancer, maybe even better than Seto had been, but she was quiet. Joey tried to talk to her a little asking her what she liked but she would just ask him the same and then agree on whatever he said. She was way too submissive and boring, but not as pig headed as Kaiba was and after one dance Joey thanked her for it and went right back to the bar.

He was just back for two minutes before noticing that Tristan was making some gestures but he didn't understand what it was about but just then, seconds after, a blond guy asked him to dance. He was feisty and wanted to be the one leading, but he wasn't even half the dancer Kaiba had been and he wondered what Seto might be up to and how many of his employees had been fired so far. He really felt sorry for them.

"Having fun?" Tristan asked whenever he returned to the bar to have a drink.

"Sure, I love it, we have to do this more often." He lied not wanting Tristan to get too disappointed, he would be disappointed enough once he had chosen Kaiba and none of the people he must be gesturing his way.

"And how was that guy?" Tristan asked about the blond that he had danced with, probably hoping to make Joey forget all about his CEO.

"Nice." Joey said and added, "But not a great dancer, you should see Kaiba on the dance floor."

Joey regretted having said that. Tristan rolled his eyes. Once again Joey noticed that Tristan was signaling someone to go and talk to Joey, to ask him for a dance or something. He really wanted for Joey to find someone other then a jerk like Kaiba.

Yami and Yugi smiled at Tristan's attempts and were both sure that it would never work. Both had thought for some time that the two would make a rather good pair, seeing that Joey was one of the few to talk back to Seto and actually challenged him, and that Seto could keep things interesting enough with their constant bickering that Joey wouldn't get bored out of his mind.

Tristan's little signals must have worked again, since another guy walked up to Joey.

"Hi, would you like to dance cutie?" Joey looked the guy up and down and thought that he looked nice, but the 'cutie' remark sort of pissed him off. He wasn't cute, he was wild, like the wolf that Kaiba had nicknamed him after. Still, this guy was brunet and had blue eyes, a bit like Kaiba just the hair was a bit darker and the eyes had a bit of green in them too.

"Why not." Joey still answered. Dancing was fun after all, and the guy did look nice.

And once on the dance floor Joey noticed that he was a good dancer as well and danced to a few songs with him. Still he was just a copy of Kaiba in Joey's opinion, and not as good as the original. In the end the guy tried to kiss Joey, but he turned his head a little so the kiss ended up on his cheek.

At this point no one had noticed another brunet enter the club. His blue eyes had found the blond mop of hair in an instant. But he didn't like what he saw at all. Someone else tried to kiss his wolf. The only upside was that his wolf had turned his head to stop the kiss from ending up on his lips but Kaiba knew that if he had wanted to, he would have been able to stop that fucking bastard's attempt completely. And so he decided to put a stop to it immediately.

"What's wrong?" Joey's dance partner asked him, surprised that he wasn't allowed to kiss the hot blond guy that was moving his body in such an attractive way.

"Just that I like to get to know someone first, and even so I'm sort of single, there is sort of someone, another guy that wants me to date him. My pal doesn't like him and I'm not sure about him either so. But I still don't want anyone to kiss me right now, since I'm not sure about him." Joey tried to explain hoping he wasn't hurting the other's feelings, he was nice after all.

"May I ask who this other is?" the young guy asked.

"Me." a angry voice behind Joey said. Joey turned and saw a very angry looking Seto Kaiba, dressed in his usual black clothing with his white coat.

"Wow, you're giving the saying 'speak of the devil' a whole new meaning, after all you are the devil aren't you?" Joey said and added, "What are you doing here anyway, my friends are here, so you shouldn't be."

"You didn't honestly expect me, after that call, to just sit at home and pray that Tristan fails?" Seto asked still sounding pissed beyond believe.

"Actually I did, since I didn't tell you where I would be. How did you find out?" he asked also sounding pissed.

"That was easy, I looked around in a few places till I found you." Seto stated dryly. "And now what was that with ?this idiot here" He asked pointing towards the other brunet that had dared to kiss his wolf and looked with his worst death glare at him.

"I swear I didn't know he was with you, bye." the brunet said and left quickly, hoping that Kaiba didn't know that he worked in his company, it was such a small position that he doubted him to even care, he just sorted and delivered mail to the different offices. As well as picking others up and delivering them to other offices or to the post office. And Kaiba's mails always went by his secretary. But he still didn't want to get any negative attention from him.

"Great now you did it, you scared away my dance partner! What did you do that for?" Joey complained.

"What kind of stupid question is that? He kissed you and you didn't even punch his lights out for trying." Seto said angrily.

"I get in trouble when I go around and punch people and I didn't let him kiss me on the lips so chill." Joey said.

"Chill? You want me to chill when you run around with your stupid pack and let them hook you up with NICE guys?" Seto said angry as well as hurt by now.

"Don't you trust me?" Joey asked.

"How, you're the one that always talks about dumping me." Seto pointed out and even Joey had to admit that he had a point there. Nevertheless the next thing Kaiba did went too far. He might enjoy his possessiveness up to a point, but he did not like it when Kaiba just suddenly grabbed him around his waist and threw him over his shoulder saying, "You're coming home with me now."


"Nope, if I put you down you'll just fight back, and if you fight now you'll only risk that I drop you so you better stay where you are and stop complaining." Seto answered carrying him like that towards the exit.

"Want to bet on it?" Joey asked and moved the white coat and grabbed onto Seto's pants to get to the back of his boxers and he yanked them up. Seto's knee buckled after so suddenly getting a wedgie and his torso also moved a bit forward, automatically putting Joey gently onto his feet. "You really should know by now that I have my own mind and I will not be bullied around by you."

Joey looked over to his friends to give Kaiba some time to recover. He saw Tristan nearly falling off of his seat at the bar with laughter. The rest of them where laughing too but not as hard as Tristan who gave him a thumbs up as he noticed that he was looking.

After a few moments Kaiba stood straight again and looked mad. Joey just looked at him coolly and asked, "Can you now listen in peace or do you want to piss me off again?"

Seto growled a bit and asked, "How can I stay cool when you still are that stubborn and refuse to admit that you like me at all?"

"And here I thought your oversized ego would protect you from jealousy." Joey said with a little grin before adding, "It should, after all to whom do you think I compared everyone that I danced with?"

Seto stared at him and smiled his smug smile saying, "So you finally admit that I'm better than the rest?"

"Nope, I do not, but I do admit that I like some of your flaws and the fighting a little." Joey admitted and gave him a small kiss on the lips.

Even though he wondered about the reasons for the public kiss, Seto still enjoyed finally being able to kiss his blond lover in a public place and not having to hide at that moment. He put his arms around the blond and pulled him closer. As the kiss ended he asked, "I thought that we couldn't because your pack is present."

"It is, but they knew already before I came here." Joey informed him.

"They knew and still tried to get you with someone else? Do they have a death wish?" Seto asked looking angrily over to the pack at the bar. Tristan was still shaking with laughter not even having noticed the short kiss. And even so he wasn't the only one that was clearly amused, the others had noticed the kiss and that Joey seemed to have made up his mind. "Dice boy is going to single again." Seto said. He knew that it had been Tristan that had started the whole Joey needs a nice guy rubbish.

"Chill, at least now they know that this won't help to get between us." Joey said with a smile.

Seto stared at him and smiled a little before saying, "Does that mean you'll stop your stubbornness?"

"Never, at least not with the other things, but I admit, I do like you, even if I'm still not as certain that it is as much as you love me but I wouldn't have been so afraid of losing you if I didn't like you." Joey just stated.

"Then what was the wedgie for?" Seto asked angry again.

"For picking me up and trying to force me out of here, like I said I won't let you bully me around." Joey stated with a grin, he knew he had enjoyed it way too much.

Seto glared for a moment but then put his arms around the smaller one's waist and pulled him closer, asking, "So you're finally really mine?"

"For now yes." Joey grinned before kissing his boyfriend.

"Why for now?" Seto asked between two kisses.

"Because I know that we'll fight about something at some point, and we'll see how many fights we'll be able to make it through." Joey just stated.

Seto growled before saying, "Trust me no matter how bad the fights get, I'm not going to let you run off on me, it was way too much work to get you stubborn little wolf, I'm not going to let you run completely wild ever again."

"I was hoping you would say that." Joey said once again starting to kiss his now official boyfriend again.

-The End-

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