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Forgotten Steps

As he walked down the road to his house a cold sense of irony washed over him, in 2 years he was in the exactly the same position he was now, but in those two years he had defeated various captains, countless enemies and 1 ex captain, did he hate Aizen? No he pitied the man, a once good hearted man was turned because of power. Power that was not needed. Some asked him was he angry with Rukia and soul society. He wished he could be but alas no matter how much he tried he just couldn't, they hadn't asked for this and he was sure they would of had orders to not contact him. He had a life now a normal one, he had the chance to get good grades and go to university, so why wasn't he happy. The rain was back and once again he felt lonely, but there was a small glimmer in his heart. Her. The one he loved Shinigami or not he could still hold feeling for her. Ever since he had laid eyes on the women he was interested even if she showed no interest in him, it was a price he was willing to pay just to look at her. He sighed why was this so hard for him to get over.

As he entered the house he felt no kick from his father, Ichigo began to wonder where the old man was, not that he missed his ridiculous greetings. He sat in his room and focussed he had just returned from xcution headquarters and there attempt to get his powers back had failed miserably.

1 hour ago

"Ok the test will take exactly 10 minutes and what it will do is reactivate the lost fragment of your soul and hopefully bring out you zanpukto once more. " Ginjou said

"Ok lets get this done" Ichigo replied, he anxiety was insane, he desperately wanted his powers back

Ginjou looked at him with sympathy

"This may hurt a bit" he pressed the button

Ichigo screamed in pain never had he felt anything like this, it was like his whole body was moving around in ways he hadn't thought possible, he lasted a while before everything eventually went black

Once Ichigo had woke up he had swiftly punched Ginjou but found out that nothing had happened to him. As he began to walk home all he could think about was her. Even after an hour she was still on his mind. He remembered briefly her scent, her smell and her touch (even if it had hurt him a little.) When he had told Ishida of this he just chastised him about forgetting about her and focus on Orihime as she loved him. His an Ishida's friendship never was the same after that day.

"Why Kurosaki, why can't you just let go, she doesn't even acknowledge you" Ishida shouted

"Because It's not that easy, I can't control these feelings I get for her, maybe I will never have a chance but I will never give up on it!"

Ichigo screamed back just as equally as loud

"Your a fool Kurosaki, you powers have gone and they will not return my father already told me that, you have Inoue lusting over you and yet you do nothing"

"I'm sorry, but i just can't love Inoue like I love her"

"Then you will die lonely and powerless"

Ishida practically spat out the last word and walked off.

Ichigo sighed he didn't blame Ishida at all it was clear his words were not his own but his fathers, and it was clear he was harbouring feelings for Inoue. All of a sudden his door opened and in walked Karin.

"Hey Ichi-nii how's Ishida"

Ichigo smiled at her, she was rough on the outside but inside she was softer than most on the inside

"He's stable, but I have a feeling you didn't come here for that did you?"

Ichigo smiled as his sister blushed from being found out too quickly

"Are you lonely Ichi-nii without your powers"

Ichigo stared at the teenager and sighed

"Yeah I am Karin, but it's a sacrifice I knew I would ha-"



Ichigo stared at his sister for a while, before smiling

"You right Karin"

"Good now if you randomly disappear ill tell Goat-chin and Yuzu where you gone, got it!"

Ichigo smiled and cuddled his little sister and began walking the all to familiar walk to Urahara's shop

"Ah Kurosaki-san, I've been expecting you"

"Cut the crap Hat and Clogs I'm still pissed with you, but I need your training room"

"Oh may I ask why"

"Well as no one else is bothering I'd thought I'd get my powers back on my own"

Kisuke eyes widened

"Now listen Hat and Clog's I'm not sure what is going to happen out there but I need you to lock it and kill me if I try to break out ,I don't want anyone else in this shop getting hurt"

ANd before Urahara could say anything Ichigo had dropped down, Urahara sighed

"Be safe Ichigo, don't lose yourself down there"

As Ichigo landed he sat down and closed his eyes

"So you finally gunna listen to me"

"It's actually good to hear you again, and yes who better to get my power's back than my own soul"

"Ha fair enough, so let's get this underway I will warn you though shit is going to get heavy"

Ichigo smirked, there was a reason why Ginjou couldn't restore a part of his soul, and that was because there was no part to restore. It was just filled up by another force

"Come on the Shiro lets do this"

Shiro smirked

"Thanks for the name, king now lets get these powers back and hopefully you can sort you women problems"

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