Hopeful Hearts

Chapter Four

Soi Fon and Ichigo had both been deathly silent on the way to Ichigo's house, but for two different reasons. Ichigo's reason was mainly based on fear as he was bringing a girl back to his house. What was he meant to do? Is there a procedure to follow? Was he meant to have her in his room? What would happen if they went in his room? His face became a bright red. He had had Orihime, Tatsuki, Rukia, and even Rangiku in his room before and yet he had never felt like this before. Was it because of his feelings for Soi Fon?

'You're such an idiot it's unreal.'

Ichigo's inner hollow chuckled. He may not be trying to take over the king anymore, but that didn't mean he had any less of a sense of humour. Ichigo sighed. He just had to do what he did best and wing it, and see how it went he just hoped he didn't mess up too badly.

Meanwhile the petite captain next to Ichigo was also having her own problems inside her head.

'He is taking me to his house. Will I meet his family? What if they don't like me? Why did he turn so white when I mentioned his farther?'

'Oh quit your moaning, you just bagged a smoking hot man. Just let things flow naturally and the good times will come, if you know what I mean,' Suzumebachi decided to add to Soi Fon's thoughts, even adding a wink as she said the last part. Soi Fon blushed red; she knew Suzumebachi was right in MOST of her points, For once in her life she would chill and not try and take control.

Finally the silence was broken by Soi Fon due to frustration on her part with the lack of conversation.

"I've never seen that hollow form before."

"It's only ever happened one other time."

"What happened?"

"I was fighting the 4th Espada in his second release and he killed me"

Soi Fon eyes widened she felt a rage build up in her

"How are you alive?"

"Well Inoue tried healing me but it didn't work. But my desire to protect activated Shiro and then I just went berserk and complexly mutilated the Espada, but also in my rage I tried to finish him off. Ishida stopped me, then I stabbed him."

Soi Fon looked at the orange haired hero and could see the hurt and regret on his face. She touched his cheek and smiled at him.

"You're stronger now and I know that you won't let that happen."

She quickly placed a quick kiss on his lips and he smiled at her.

"Thanks Soi, I've never seen this side to you."

"Hmm, no one has."


"I guess it's because of the coldness I put out everyone assumes I'm a stuck up bitch, but unfortunately, it comes with the job. Sorry."

Ichigo smiled.

"Don't be sorry I'm lucky to see this side of you and if I'm the only one that gets to see you like that then great, and if anyone calls you a bitch then I'll let them know exactly what I think."

His spiritual pressure rose as he said the last bit. She should ask Ichigo about what level he was currently at.

As they approached the house Ichigo stopped and began to walk to the door.

"You might want to step back a little."

"Ichigo, there's Shinigami in that house."

"Yeah, that's probably my dad why?"

"No, there are three."


Ichigo was cut off as the door opened.

"YOU'RE !"

Ichigo went flying past Soi Fon, as his farther stood at the door with a smug grin on his face he turned to see Soi Fon.

"Captain Soi Fon, it's a pleasure to see you."

"Thank you, Kurosaki Isshin."

"Why are you here?"

"Well you see-"

"Are you here with my son? What has he done now? He's only had his power for 5 minutes and now you're already here."

"No, it's that-"

"Wait he is with you, does that mean you're not his girlfri-"

Isshin couldn't finish his evaluating as Ichigo had recovered and silenced his farther with a punch to the face.

"SHE'S MY GIRLFRIEND! YES! NOW CARE TO EXPLAIN WHO IS IN THE HOUSE!" He shouted before realising what he had said and quickly blushed as did the other party in question.

"C'mon Soi, you might as well come in now that you have met the idiot."

As Ichigo walked into the living room/kitchen with Soi Fon he quickly stopped as he saw his sisters sitting on the couch they quickly turned and looked up at him. He smirked as he saw their eyes widen as they saw their hands were intertwined.

"Ichi-nii is that your girlfriend?"

"Well you see Yu-"


Karin quickly hit the old man down.

"Leave Ichigo alone for once!"

Ichigo sighed as his dad ran off into the other room crying about how his children hate him and how bad they have turned out. Soi Fon looked at the scene with complete confusion on her face.

"Err, Ichigo is this normal?"

"Unfortunately, this is as normal as it gets, run while you still can."

"SHUT UP KARIN, stop making us sound worse than we are."

Ichigo glared at his sister who smirked at him.

All of a sudden Isshin was back in the room however he was calm and composed for once.

"Sooo, Ichigo where is she going to sleep?"

"I guess were Rukia normally stays."


Ichigo twitched slightly.

"Why not?"

"It's broken."


All of a sudden Isshin shunpo'd away then returned.

"Since now."

The whole family dead panned at Isshin could he make it more obvious?

"Fine Soi you can stay in my room, let's go."

All of a sudden he was hit in the back of his head.

"What the hell da- Soi!"

Ichigo turned to see his apparent girlfriend glaring at him.

"Are you not going to introduce me to your sisters!"

Ichigo just stared at them all wide eyes. After his dads fiasco he had completely forgotten about them and introducing Soi Fon.

"Err, sorry girls this is Soi Fon... my girlfriend." Both Shinigami in question blushed furiously.

"Soi these are my sisters Karin and Yuzu."


"It's a pleasure to meet you Fon-san."

"Please call me Soi."

"So, Soi-chan, are you a Shinigami like my brother?"

"Yes, I am captain of squad two."

"Oh, a captain. What does your squad specialise in?"

"Stealth and hand to hand combat."

Karin's picked up on the last bit.

"Can you teach me?"

All of a sudden Ichigo's eyes widened as he saw a grin on Soi Fon's face.


"Oh really?"

All of a sudden Karin grabbed Ichigo's badge and pushed it against herself and Yuzu.

The bodies dropped and there stood Karin and Yuzu in full Shinigami wear. Ichigo's eyes widened.

"Since when?"

"When you left for Hueco Mundo," Karin replied nonchalantly.

Ichigo sighed. He had expected that both him and his farther were Shinigami and both Karin and Yuzu could see spirits, he was just amazed at how much they had gone along, by the looks of things Karin was about a vice captains level where as Yuzu was about mid seat. However, there wasn't much he could do now accept go with the flow.

"Still, Soi is not teaching you. Shinigami or not."

An evil grin appeared on Karin's face and Ichigo instantly began to feel uneasy.

"That's fine I guess."

"Err good, come on Soi, I'll show you to your room."

As the pair began to walk to the stairs Karin called out.

"Oh, by the way Fon-taichou, do you want to see pictures of Ichii-nii as a baby, I'm sure dad has lots of ones with him in the bath?"

Ichigo paled, Soi Fon caught on immediately and smirked.

"Of course Karin-chan, I'd love to see tho-"

"FINE! Soi can teach you if she wants to."

Soi Fon looked at Karin and smiled.

"Not a problem we will discuss training tomorrow."

Karin bowed to the captain and poked her tongue out at Ichigo as she walked back to the sofa she saw Yuzu had joined her.

"So what do you think Karin?"

"I like her a lot, she's tough and from what dad told us she's a hard ass, but I can tell there is a different side of her and she makes Ichii-nii smile which is great also."

"I agree, she will be good for him."

"I also agree to" Isshin added has he joined them.

"However, I'm afraid things will change soon."

Karin and Yuzu looked at their farther and nodded today was a good day for Ichigo.

(Line break)

As Ichigo and Soi Fon got upstairs Ichigo asked her if she needed a shower or anything to which the 2nd squad captain politely declined. After Ichigo popped out for a while to have a shower Soi Fon began to think.

WOW I'm really in his room, it smells like him. So what happens now will I sleep in the bed or the floor, I don't think he would let me sleep on the floor. Hmm maybe I should offer to sleep in the closet where Rukia did that would be best.

As Ichigo got out the shower he walked in to his room naturally forgetting Soi Fon was in there. Both of them grew a deep, dark shade of red when Ichigo walked in with just a Soi Fon looked at him hungrily he was built amazingly not a single bit of fat on him just pure muscle. Meanwhile Ichigo was also having trouble keeping his emotions in check and quickly had to leave the room before he got to 'stiff'

After the short fiasco Ichigo now clothed but still topless walked back into his room with only a slight tinge on his cheeks.

"Err sorry about that Soi I forgot you was in here."

Soi Fon let out a smile girly giggle.

"It's fine Ichigo."

The young strawberry smiled and kissed Soi Fon on the lips before they rolled onto his bed, as the kiss deepened things became more intense however Ichigo was not quite ready for this. He pulled away.

"Soi, would you spend the night with me in my bed."

Ichigo's eyes widened at what he had just said while Soi Fon raised an eyebrow

"Nonononono! Not like that! I meant just stay in my bed with me. Clothed. Please."

Soi Fon smiled at how flustered he was.

"Of course Ichigo."

With that the two lovers cuddled each other and fell asleep in each other's arms, and for the first time in 17 months his dreams were no longer about the rain, but about the sunshine and a bee


Thanks as always Nick x