The "Big Mutant On Campus" Series
By David D. Amaya

Part six "A 12-Page Letter"
Chapter 1

Disclaimer: As always; the first step of the journey.

Welina me ke aloha Daddy,

When I decided which day I was going to use to write this letter, Ms. Frost suggested I try a new way to utilize my abilities, so I am going to write this letter as my thoughts come to me, but since I can't lug this notepad everywhere, I am going to try to write most of it using telekinesis.

This is weird! I'm looking at this pen write what I want on it's own! This reminds me of that Harry Potter Book and I'm writing for the Daily Prophet! I hope I don't turn into a beetle!

It's been a weird couple of weeks here at the kula hãnai. We're all beginning to get the hang of the routine, and the regulars here at Xavier's, but I don't think I'll ever get used to Angelo's smoking or Monet's royal airs. Don't get me wrong, they're all good people. Everyone has their way, and if we can get used to Iakona's attitude I think Peike can get used to Kewalaka & Nakanaela's chivalry. (she still gets a slight start when they open doors for her, Monet and Me ;)

Then there is Jubes. (Heavy sigh!) The contradiction in terms herself!

She enjoys doing her nails, she's very sweet and kind.

Then she plots like Snidely Whiplash!

She's like a mountain lion with a pretty pink bow. Cute but dangerous.

I think her real kãhuli hiki is practical joking! I'd like to tell you what she did to Sean, but that's a yarn I'll have to spin in person!

Let's just say the next time you stop for a visit, wear your civvies and bring an extra change of socks. (JUST TRUST ME, MAKUAKANE!)

Right now, we're getting ready to head for a visit with the Varsity Team (As Jubes would say!) we're going in a caravan, of Ms. Frost's limo, Sean's jeep, and the Escalade.

'Ãkena Keneka and Kulo are back at the White House for his sister Andromeda's B-Day Party. We all got her a few gifts. I hope she likes them. They'll catch up to us by the time we get there.

So, I got the Conn, with Yoink at my starboard, in the XO's chair, as Artie & Leach are strapped in the back watching DVDs till we get there. Jubilee, Paige, & Penny are in Sean's jeep and the rest of the gang piled into Ms Frost's limo.

Jay, though, told me he still has a few things he needs to work out so he's going to ride his Harley to the Institute. I know what you're going to say makuakane, but you know how much riding his bike helps to clear his head, or I'd talk him out of riding that kind of distance this time of year.

"Hey! Island Gal! You guys all set?"

"Yea, Jubes, we're ready! Right little angels?"

An image of three race cars lined up along the starting line appeared.

"Artie and Leach ready!" was the reply from the back seat.

"Oui, I'm all set, too, Alea." Yoink replied from the shotgun position, already having his PSP playing a movie.

"Okay, Kewalaka. Nakanaela, Iakona, I'll see you guys there. Have a good trip."

"Will do 'Lea," Nathan leans through the driver's side doorway to give her a hug farewell.

"Just be careful, Alea. It's a long drive."

"Mãlama pono," she tells Jay with a hug and kiss. "Ride safely, Iakona." After he shuts the door she returns to the letter she is writing telepathically.

And we're off, Daddy. I'll finish this Kūkai leka when we get there. Talk to you again real soon.

Putting away her letter to her father. She starts the black SUV and pulls behind the white limousine and the green jeep as the motorcycle joins the group on their journey to Upstate New York and a weekend visit with the X-Men.

See, Daddy! I'm back already! Didn't all those miles and hours of driving seem to fly by? I hope you didn't miss me, too much. Where did I leave off?

Oh, yea! Our trip. Well, once we got there everyone was outside waiting for us. And I mean EVERYONE! As we pulled into port, Jubilee leaped out and was instantly into Scott & Jean's arms, then to Logan, and the rest of the Varsity team….

"So, Wolvie, how's the 'rents been coping without the services of the mean widdle kid!"

"It WAS quieter around here, that's for damn sure!" Logan replied between puffs of his cigar. "I can finally watch a whole Maple Leafs game without a fight over the remote!"

"Admit it, you like watchin' Jeopardy an' Wheel of Fortune!" she replied as she softly jabs him in the gut, while the rest of the student's pile out of the three vehicles.

"Okay, newbies!" Jubilee announced. "I gots to intro you to the rest of the varsity starting lineup! That's Popsicle, Betsy, Worthington, Hayseed, Sr., that's Paige's big bro, The Hankster, and Doc. Reyes. Guys these are the rest of the Rookies! Watt 'n' Secret Agent, Dude'll be here a bit later. There's Alea, Yoink, Nuff and Jay-" She stopped suddenly as he wasn't there. "Hey, where Jay at?"

Looking over their shoulders the students finally noticed the motorcycle didn't arrive with the group.

"Eye, lass. I hope he didn't get lost."

"No, Mr. Cassidy," Nathan spoke up. "He said he had some things he had to take care of. He'll be here by eleven-thirty."

"Like what kind of things, Nakanaela?"Alea asked.

"He didn't tell me," He replied. "I thought he'd told you."

"Well he didn't, the lôlô! I'll call to see where he's at." She retrieved her cell phone out of her coat and dialed a number by heart, but suddenly "Hot Stuff" by Donna Summer sounded from the Escalade.

"Damn, he must have dropped his phone in here before we left. I don't think he knows any of our numbers by heart yet."

"Was Mr. Delano not aware that we conduct our annual physical examinations today with Dr. McCoy and Dr. Reyes?"

"I mentioned it to him hier après-midi, Madame Frost. But I guess that's why he chose this day to run his courses."

"Whatever do you mean by that statement, Mr. MacKenzie?"

"There is something you have to understand about him. Jason is very, compliqué, but his core belief is that his trust must be earned. Dr. McCoy, Dr. Reyes," He addressed the two doctors. "Je veux dire ceci d'aucune manière offensive, but he's never met you, and no one he values can vouch for you, so he cannot trust you with his medical records. He would have found his own docteur qu'il peut espérer."

"Like whom!"

"Nice office, Doc. Here, these are for you, they're from all of us."

"Why, thank you very much, Jason!" Dr. Amy Cho, MD happily accepted the large bouquet of red and white roses with the large novelty stethoscope in the center, from her friend and soon to be first private practice patient. "These are very lovely," She inhaled their fragrance deeply then gave him a hug in appreciation. "I'm glad you like the clinic, Jay. I'm just elated I found an office that would take on a doctor fresh out of residency and set up shop. You'll like the doctor who runs this clinic, she used to be with the ER at OMOM in New York City."

"Is she here?"

"No, she said she had to perform an 'overcrowded house call,' whatever that meant. Now then, the radiologist is waiting for you to do the X-rays, I'll just put this on my desk and look over your file while you're at it. I assume you want the works?"

"As long as you don't smack me in the knee with that rubber tomahawk, Doc."

...So while we wait for the prodigal son to make his return, we are about to get our check-ups out of the way. Excuse me, makuakane, it's my turn, I'll tell you how it turns out.

"When did you have your appendix removed, Alea?"

"On board the 'Rubin James' when I was 11, Dr. McCoy."

"How did you lose your Lateral Incisor and Cuspid?"

"My what, Dr. Reyes?"

"Your missing teeth, Nathan."

"Oh, those, we were watching a NYPD cricket game in Queens when I got nailed by a home run shot. How the hell do you get maimed watching a game named after a bug?"

"How did you obtain that scar on your Tibialis anterior?"

"Ce qui vous a indiqué?

"The scar on your left shin, Stewart."

"Dégagement de pingouin. A penguin bite, Dr. McCoy."

"That bump on your head is completely gone, Jay. But you're right, that was a funny prank to play on someone!"

"Thanks, Doc. Now tell Alea that!"

"How long ago did you suffer this broken clavicle?"

"A couple years ago, back when I was figure skating with Kewalaka. We stopped competing after that. But we did come in second in our group!"

"Jay, are you allergic to any medications?"

"No, but Codeine makes me hallucinate."

"Why was your jaw wired shut for so long?"

"Après Alea conscience regagnée, SHE DECKED ME FOR DROPPING HER! Rien, vous penseriez que j'étais Jay!"

"Oh, my stars and garters!"

"Oui, Docteur, j'ai vu ces prochains, et alors je n'ai vu rien!"

"Oh no, Nathan. That's nothing a subtle change in diet and some aerobic exercise can't fix inside two weeks."

"Thanks, Doctor. That's a big relief!"

"I wish I could be of more help to you, Jay. I know you're sensitive about your medical records, but if you allow me to discuss this with a specialist I know-"

"NO! The fewer people that know about this the better! That's why I came all this way, I was planning on telling their doctor to just fuck off, but the Admiral convinced me I needed to get a full check-up. I told him, like I told you last night, I can't have total strangers peaking into my past like they're reading a comic book, Amy!"

"Jason, you don't understand. That is the strongest bond in the medical profession. The doctor-patient relationship is the foundation of modern medical ethics, Jason!

"The doctor who runs this clinic keeps all the records locked up tight, and your jacket is labeled 'Restricted Access,' as per your request.

"We discussed this, you have the right to request the restrictions you placed on your medical information, to whom I disclose what about your records, and how you want me to communicate with you about your medical matters. Therefore, I cannot disclose anything about your medical history without your expressed consent. No one can look into your records, not even the police without a legal reason and a court order!

"But as your personal physician I will do everything to benefit my patient and I believe other specialists can help, but only if you trust me to allow me to consult with them. But, I will live up to that trust as long as you allow me to be your medical doctor, Jason."

"It is YOU who don't understand. You know how much I HATE doctors! I can't put my faith in someone who I can't trust, and a medical license ain't never gonna earn either!

I trust you. Amy, because you've earned it! You just also happen to be one I have enough faith in to ask to be my physician."

"Thanks for the glowing endorsement, Jason!"

"You know what I mean, Amy."

"I guess I do, Jay. Well, if I can't change your mind, we're done with the exam. Please get dressed and meet me in my office so we can discuss this further."

End of Chapter One

©David D. Amaya 2010