Oh how it's not mine, and how I wish it was.


It was like a huge weight had been lifted off of his shoulders.

The letter was written, and now his fate was out of his hands. He probably should have been terrified, but all Matt felt was relief.

He cleaned up his office for what may be the very last time, and made his way slowly past the bullpen to the lift.

After pressing the down button, Matt turned away and looked back towards their offices, expecting the elevator to take more minutes than it should to reach the tenth floor. But the hiss of the opening doors happened all most instantaneously. Surprised, he swivelled around, only to see the last person he'd ever expect to see about to step out of the carriage.

With her eyes lowered to the floor, and in clothes that he would have expected to suit her, Emma Treadgold's presence in the Homicide offices was the most unexpected event Matt could think of. He looked at her in shock, seeing the expression mirrored in her face.

"Hi?" he croaked out. Embarrassed he cleared his throat. "Um… can I help you?"

It was her turn to be embarrassed. "Oh! No. I…. um… I was just going to leave this…" She held up a letter, "on your desk. While you weren't here, that is…" At this, she turned pink and looked away from his curious gaze.

"What does it say?" As his curiosity increased, his embarrassment faded away.

"It's in a letter. I'd rather… It's already written down and everything" Her embarrassment, unlike his, was growing with every second.

"Yeah but you and I are right here, and doesn't that defeat the purpose of a letter, in which you send the message on paper because one or both people are unable to meet face to face. Here we are. Face to face." He looked at her with that soft, caring face that she remembered, the look that told her that everything was going to end up the way it's supposed to.

"It says…. It just says that I'm back and that I feel stupid about what happened between us. It says that I missed you… still miss you… and that I'm sorry." The words ran into each other, punctuated by blushes, stutters and terrified looks to the floor.

"You miss me?" Matt was stunned. He never expected Emma to ever think about him ever again, let alone miss him. In a spilt second he had decided what he wanted and needed.


His jacket and bag hit the floor as his arms wrapped around her. The warmth of his body melded into hers, and he dipped his head so that it rested on her shoulder.

Turning his face towards her, he muttered into her neck, another weight lifting from him.

"I missed you too."

AN: Exams are over, Results are out and I may have changed my mind about Emma (shock, horror :O)