Prologue: Seeing Ghosts

I remember the first time I saw a NEXT in action.. it was long before I was where I am now. I was a League child, my father served on the Mother Will and I helped him. We spent three years wandering the earth, getting into the occasional firefight but nobody really messed with us, then again if you saw a larger then life moving fortress with hundereds of missles and three huge cannons pointed at you, you'd be pretty inclined to surrender too. But that all took a turn for the worse when we ran into White Glint.

The day started out normal and that's coming from a 17 year old who aspired to be a NEXT pilot serving in an unofficial capacity aboard the largest Arms Fort ever built. I awoke and ate breakfast in the grub hall, then went to go work on my pet project. Mother Will on occasion repaired screwed up NEXTs and some of the parts went to back dump to be broken down and converted. My father had told me that I could have them and do what I wanted to. I did what I could and began to build my own AC. It was definetley a mix match of parts and the thing looked about as close to stylish as one of those bulky normals used in the NDW. But I was confident that in a fight it would be as efficient. Oh boy was I wrong, but we'll get to that later.

So after working on my self dubbed "Mjolnir," I went to find my dad to ask him a question about the generator's flux capacitor. When I went to his officer in charge, he informed me my dad was on deck getting a few Normal's ready for a quick combat deployment. I took the information in stride and got in the elevator to head up to the deck level. That's when the shaking started, and the explosions. At first I felt the reactionary fear that came with knowing that your life was in emminent danger. But I figured that this was just another fire fight, again, boy was I wrong. As soon as I got on deck, I saw what was happening.

This white NEXT was strafing around the deck taking out Normals and MT's alike. For a second it was like slow motion, every single detail was clear as day, the shimmer of the blue eyes on the AC, the wing like missle rack on it's back, everything. It was almost as if I could see what other's could not. Then my attention shifted from the AC to the crew on the deck, I searched desperatly for my dad, and eventually I found him, he was face up on top of a pile of wreckage, and he wasn't moving.

The focus of my mind shifted that second, from saving my dad to killing the AC in front of me. I turned around to see racks of Normals, but they were no good, this white AC had taken out plenty, and one more wouldn't make a difference. I clenched my fists, and looked at the AC raining destruction on the deck and felt powerless. I racked my mind for possible solutions and only one came to mind. Mjolnir was sitting in the hangar like it was waiting for me to prove myself.

I got back in the elevator and hit the down button, keying up Hangar 06 where Mjolnir was stored. "Hey," I said, "It's Nathan, prep Mjolnir for launch, do me a favor and add on the machine gun we brought in last week, also that rocket launcher my dad snuck for me. My "repair crew," (AKA. Engineers that just thought my project was more fun then rebuilding boring Acs) acknowledged and said it would be ready when I got down there. I closed my eyes and formed my hands in a prayer, I prayed to god that I wouldn't die trying to avenge my fathers death.

Now here's where I wish I could say that I just boosted out kicked the hell out of the thing and then returned victorious. But that couldn't be farther from the truth. When I got down to the hangar, the crew had Mjolnir all ready, the thing was in all honesty, a piece of junk, but hey what could I have done. When I climbed in that pilot's seat though, my whole outlook changed, I felt powerful I felt invincible. I gave the thumbs up to the crew who, opened the hatch to the outside and got behind, blast shields to escape the immense heat Mjolnir was about to give off.

I took off immedietley searching for the white mech that had murdered my father, when my power cut. I looked to the sky and suddenly my heart jumped out of my throat, i had no thrust and i was falling... fast.

I stepped on the boost accellaerator at least three times, but Mjolnir wasn't responding, it took me till about 1000 feet from splattering, to get it back online. As soon as it was responsive I lowered myself to the ground looking around trying to find that white bastard. It took about a second and a half to locate and get a lock on him. According to scanners he was compromised on the core and missing his secondary arm weapon. I smiled at the thought, time to take the fight to this bastard. So the first thing I did, hit the overed boost switch and in two seconds I was flying at a speed of about 300km per minute. My plan was to hit him hard on the approach and then just finish him off slow.

Boy was that a bad plan, as a neared him, i took aim with my rocket launcher, and shot off eight shots. Before the first one was even close his assault rifle was spitting bullets intercepting all of them. So my first line of attack failed, didn't mean I was done yet, I took aim with the machine gun and spat controlled burtst at him trying to get him down at least. Again, I knew i was severely out gunned, the white AC quick boosted to the left and then right and did something I'd never seen a Lynx do. He took the now available left arm and formed a fist, putting it right through Mjolnir's head. My cams went down and I was blind, I just stayed there waiting for a killshot, but nothing came, until he shot my legs off and left me in a core stranded on the ground. I banged my head against the console, and then tried contacting Mother Will to try and get me some help, but it seems they were still preoccupied.

So I waited, and waited and waited, I can't even remember how long I waited. It seems I was bound to just dissapear in the sand with the rest of the world. I couldn't hear combat, hell I couldn't hear the footsteps of Mother Will anymore either, it seems she was long gone. So there I was... stranded and left for dead.

This is my first chapter, and my first AC story, R&R please! Thanks :)

- Th3LstH0p3