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"You're really going to let Bella marry that Dog. You know she won't ever truly be happy with him. How could you let this happen, Edward?" Alice ranted while the rest of the Cullen family sat around uselessly.

"I have no control over her Alice she picked him fairly." Edward spoke but his reasons fell on death ears. "She picked him long ago it's months since the newborn Battle, since she decided. I have no control over her."

"It's only been two months, Edward." Alice said sharply glaring at him as though he was at fault.

"So what," Edward barks at her, "time has not changed her mind and I will not beg for the attention of a whore who wants a dog in between her legs."

"Edward!" Esme shouted shocked by his degrading language toward Bella.

Edward sighed sharply before turning his head toward Esme, "I apologize, Mother, however the girl did cheat on me for months before leaving me for the flea bag."

"You should have tried harder." Alice said angrily.

Edward snapped his head toward her and murderous growl escaped his lips. "I have tried my hardest, do not be mistaken, little girl. I would have run from and back hell and back for that woman. She left me, Alice. There is nothing I can do."

With each word Edward spoke he stepped closer and closer to her till Alice's back collided with the wall. He heard Jasper's intention yet he still allowed him to collide with his body.

He still let him ripe at his arms and chest and growl against his neck. Feeling razor sharp teeth warp around the tight skin of his neck. A disarray of thoughts left Edward dizzy.

"What the fuck do you think your doing?" Emmett shouted while using his brute strength to hold Jasper back.

"This is all your fault Alice. You know Edward loves Bella how can you throw it in his face that he going to lose her." Rosalie spoke always fast to through the blame. It seemed that since Edward was knocked off his pestle Rosalie could bare his presence easier. Even though after Bella left him he believed she would be the first to say I told you so.

"Enough." Carlisle said above all the chaos. All the while Emse could only look on with sad eyes.

Seeing the havoc Edward wrecked upon his family he shoved open the door and darted out. And only Alice knew in that moment that he wasn't coming back.

Alice softly whispered, "I'm sorry," to Esme.

"Edward," Carlisle said softly as Edward walked out into the forest. And when Edward turned Carlisle sighed when he saw his son's sad expression, "I am sorry, my son."

"It's not your fault Carlisle. Just the luck of the drawl, ya know."

Edward said quietly while nodded understandingly he stared at the ground. He didn't know what to say to his pseudo Father. The man has been there for him for decades.

"Edward you don't need to apologize, just stay with us, son." Carlisle pleaded with Edward.

"That's not possible right now, Dad. I'll try to not be gone for long," and with that said Edward ran into the darkness his stiletto vanishing as he speed ahead into the night.

"Dad, I'm marrying Jacob and we are going to have this baby."

Charlie Swan was dumbfounded. He was a understanding man but even that couldn't stop the loud, "What the hell?", that seemed to ring through his brain.

Sitting before him was his first and only child, his pride and joy, Isabella Maria Swan. Her brown hair was down and her big soulful brown eyes stared at him anxiously. Charlie has no idea where he went wrong. He had spoken to her awkwardly at best about contraception but the hell he had no idea she was even having sex.

"Dad say something."

Charlie had nothing to say. He didn't know what he could. He tried to move his lips to say words of encouragement or disappointment. Something but he couldn't he seemed to be frozen. Sighing heavily, "Are you sure that you are ready for this Bells?"

"I'm sure, Dad." Bella just wished she really was that confident.

Leah was crying, harder than she ever had before. Her heart was torn and the fresh pricks of pain seemed to spill into her lungs and make her breathing that much worse as well. It was metaphorical of course but the pain that seemed to swell was really much too real.

"I'm so sorry, Leah." Jacob said, his warm brown eyes swelled with tears himself. But not because he was leaving her but because he couldn't have them both, Leah closed her eyes. To pretend that this was not happening to her or better yet that none of this was happening at all.

"Your sorry?" Leah questioned softly repressing the feral need to burst out and rip his throat out.

"Look Leah, it doesn't really have to be over, ya know." Jacob said suggestively, his addams-apple moving up and down roughly while he watched her closely.

Leah didn't know whether to laugh or cry harder. She chose laughing," Look, Jacob don't take this the wrong way but it is most definitely you and not me, do me a favor and lose my number." She bit out her feisty retort while tugging on her jacket with sharp angry gestures.

Leah knew she was leaving, walking sharply out of the house and completely unsatisfied with how little the BOOM! Of her slamming the front door of Jacob's conveyed her anger, she was quick to start the path to home.

Sue was home, unfortunately. Rushing past her widowed mother, Leah ignored her mother's sharp shouts for her to, "explain exactly where the hell you think you are going!"

Leah sighed harder and the decision to leave only became that much clearer. Bella was pregnant and Jacob had purposed. Leah couldn't live through another Sam and Emily situation. The only thing was only a day ago Jacob and she were in a relationship and apparently the entire time they had been together.

Jacob was going behind her back shacking up with the pale bitch. She repressed the scream that wanted to rip through her chest. Packing up all she could all she would need she forced herself to push forward. Ignoring Sue's yelling all she had to say was, "I don't know when I'm coming back."

But Sue and Leah were both very confident that it would be a long walk to Hell before Leah every came back to La Push.

Leah had been running for hours when she stopped phasing back from exhaustion and sorrow. Falling back against a tree she suppressed the tears that built in her chest.

Gasping out needed breath she shook with this deep pain that seemed seep even deeper than her heart. The tears fell down her cheeks fast and hard. And she couldn't stop her cold body from dropping to the ground crying impossibly hard. Just why, she wanted to scream.

Why can't I find love? Leah's heart broke as no answers came.

She had been as close to perfect as she could have been for Jacob. Was it that she wanted to wait for being with him intimately, she wondered? She had been hurt in the past by Sam enough with out adding sex to the mix.

Being hurt the way Sam hurt her made her guard her virginity with an iron clad fist. But Leah had been down this lonely path before and she knew well that it would never fix itself or shift and change for the better. She had to move on and let the past mend it's self.

Four Months Later…..

She finally made it to Chicago like she promised her father. Even though the plan was they would go together, but sometimes plans change. She began working at Borders. It was an okay job she worked through the night. It was Christmas and Seth begged for her to come home and spend time with her family. But among her family were the two men that played her for a fool. Sam and Emily were having their second child; it was a girl this time. There was a possibility that she would have the wolf genes. And it horrified Sam that his daughter could have anything in Common with the bitter she wolf. Jacob and Bella only been married for three months but she was already six months pregnant with their first child they didn't know the gender they wanted it to be a surprise.

She wasn't ready to face the people of her past she was putting it all behind her. She was closing that door of her life and beginning anew, alone.

She was working at the cash register when he came in, even though she hadn't been around vampires in a while she recognized the scent of one a mile away.

Their eyes met over several bookcases. She was relieved to see that it was one of the Cullens. She may hate Leeches but she knew when to be fortunate she didn't have to deal with a ruthless bloodsucker.

But then something happened that was something kin to imprinting: only stronger, fiercer. A fire that twisted lust in her pelvis she even pushed herself hard against the wooden desk hoping to cool the fire.

Her teeth bit down on her bottom lip. He looked down shyly his eyes running along the literature books. And as soon as Leah was released from his fierce stare she felt sweaty and hot as though it was summer time not in the middle of a snowstorm.

"Whoa. Suga if that wasn't intense. Shoot you almost made me cream my panties." Sally was never modest she said what she thought.

"Do you know pretty boy over there?" Sally knew they knew each other but she was going to play stupid.

"Just a guy from back home." she spared a glance back at him again she knew he was listening.

"He's no one important."(Liar) the voice in her head whispered. She saw Edward Cullen Smile and she knew he heard her.

She knew someone was following her. She knew it was Cullen.

He was making his footsteps purposefully loud for her sensitive ears to hear her. She purposefully tried to slam the door in his face but he was much too quick.

"Alright what do you want bloodsucker." Leah watched Edward stand in front of her.

"I wanted to ask you out on a date." Leah stared at him blankly for a moment before laughing broadly and loudly.

"What do you have to lose we're both lonely on Christmas. I have no ill intention toward you. I only wish to dine with you."

She shouldn't have come. Though the restaurant was beautiful, dark and romantic. Leah never could have dreamed of being in such an incredible place, yet Leah felt as though she was betraying her family even though they betrayed her first. She felt a cold hand wrap around her warm ones.

"You are betraying no one, Leah." she blushed and smiled thinking he was just saying that to make her feel better. "And I'm not just saying that" she pursed her lips and stared at Edward through narrowed eyes.

"I'll stop 'mind raping' you" and Leah couldn't help her laughter.

That had only begun their Relationship. Leah still worked at Borders and Edward only visited her more often and often. She had a rare day off an Edward was taking full advantage of it. He took her to the zoo he showed her his hometown. He even took her to his parents' grave.

"Edward I don't feel comfortable with this."

"Don't you trust me, Baby." but he paused in thought and said "Don't answer that."

"Alright five more steps." Leah felt the cold hands tugging her toward something all the while her vision was shielded by the cloth Edward wrapped around her face.

"Okay we're here."

She felt the cloth slip off her face before she blinked and stared at the two elegant gravestones that a weeping angel towered over. The marble statue was covered with moss. But it did nothing to deter the beauty.

"Edward what is this?" Leah asked looking at him. Edward smiled that same boyish crooked smile.

Before saying, "Leah I'd like you to meet my mother and father. Now I know this might not be the ideal way you pictured for your boyfriend to introduce you to his parents' but-" Edward was cut of from his nervous ranting.

"It's Perfect" Edward smiled at Leah's comment.

They simply stared at each other before Leah slapped Edward on the arm.

"Well are you going to introduce them to me." Edward let out an embarrassing loud laugh that interrupted a funeral. Leah choked on her laughter. He was an idiot, but he was her idiot.

The day had been perfect and it seemed only that simple of a choice to just make love with Edward. After so long of indecision and pain at the idea of giving such a precious part of herself man this just made absolute perfect sense. It had hurt but the pain seemed to wan away in forget while Leah enjoyed the deep connection to Edward, a man that had already stolen her heart. When it was over, Leah was surprised. She had no regrets other than that it was over much to fast.

Her heart flutter in her chest as Edward gathered her in his arms and splattered kisses along her forehead. Smiling gently Leah pressed her head deeper into his arms and fell asleep.

Later as it grew dark the soft pitter-patter of water and the light melody that escaped Edward's piano woke her. She sat up in the large king bed. Covering her chest with covers with modesty she leaned her head back against the headboard listening and watching the man who was becoming the best love of her life.

As the music slowed and came to a stop, a question plagued Leah and Edward noticed with a small smile he said, "Penny for your thoughts?"

Leah said the question softy staring contently into his hazel eyes. "What was your eye color when you were human?"

And with that question it seemed as though the peaceful day all came to a halt. The tension seemed to be a tangible in the air, "I believe that it is time you went home."

"Edward why are you avoiding my question?"

"If you won't answer that question will you answer me this?" Leah asked while Edward paused in putting his shirt on.

"I gave you my virginity, did you give me yours?" Edward didn't answer but then again he didn't have to. He was just silent staring at the ground, his lips set in a twist of stubbornness.

"Take me home please." Leah said softly, it was happening again and it broke her heart. She was losing another man and this time not even to a real girl but to his past.

It was lightly drizzling when he pulled up to her apartment, the perfect scene for a break up.

She was walking to the entrance when Edward called after her.

"Leah. Don't take this the wrong way."

Biting back the horrid sting of rejection, Leah paused in her thoughts of what she would do to numb the pain and turned to face Edward.

She chuckled a bitter sound, "I won't I promise. I never do." She said it sarcastically and Edward flinched as he heard her thoughts that every man she had ever loved has left her.

Feeling her pain and agony, Edward's own heart churned along with hers.

"I was a virgin too, Leah. You weren't alone but even if I wasn't that shouldn't matter I like you and that's all that should count, right."

Like, he just liked me, Leah thought. Shaking her head she felt the regret swelling in her chest. I gave up the most special thing to me to someone who just "liked" me, Leah's thoughts ran loud and clear to Edward.

And Edward just wanted to punch himself for saying such an idiotic thing. What the hell am I doing, Edward thought to himself; I am royally fucking this up.

"I still find it difficult," Edward said looking back up at her back because she had turned from him again.

"Just months ago I was going to marry Isabella and finally be apart of my family, really apart of it. And now, now I'm even more fucking pathetic and estranged from my family because my little fucking sister refuses to accept that I can't win back the only woman I had loved. But the thing is I didn't want to win her back. She's a slut plain and simple. And she was never my mate. Leah-," Edward stopped and Leah felt tears begin to pour down her cheeks but she couldn't tell the difference between her own tears and the rain that is pouring down.

"Leah," he said softly and she knew what he wanted. She turned around to face him reluctantly.

He was soaked just like she was. His beautiful copper hair messy and plastered to his face from the rain. His eyes seemed to shine just for her and his lips seemed to gently and silently move to work out the words she wanted to hear and the words he wanted to say.

"Leah you are the one I have been waiting for."

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