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Alice stared out the window refusing to meet the eyes that burn in her back. She was wrong she knew this was true but still she hesitated to turn around and meet the eyes of those she knew she had upset. Edward stood behind her, his power reflecting through his eyes. "Leah is resting. She's farther along an Carlisle thinks it won't be much longer until we have to begin the labor."

"I'm sorry," Alice whispered to him. They weren't the only ones in the house but everyone ignored what was being said out of respect. "She was going to kill my child, Alice. I need to know why." Alice winced and bowed her head lower in shame. The selfish part of her wished she had succeeded and she knew Edward had heard it from the low growl that escaped his throat. But his growl died in his throat as he recognized the guilt, anger, fear, and heartbreaking sorrow that moved through her thoughts.

"I'm sorry I ruined us. We were so close. Brother and Sister. I was just so excited ya know when I found out that Bella left you. I thought we survived through everything. How could she do that me? To you? To Esme? To Carlisle? To all of us. We fought for her. I didn't want to accept it. I wanted to think you had to have done something to cause her to leave you for Jacob. But it wasn't you was it, it's just the fact that she's a stupid whore. When you found Leah I thought she was going to do the same to you. I tried to hang out with Bella and all Jacob did most of the time when he wasn't shoving his tongue down her throat was complaining about Leah everything she did and what she pulled. I'm sorry that I judged her prematurely." Alice took a deep unneeded breath and revealed her secret, " I keep having these visions, they are gruesome, horrible and they are scenes of future after the child is born."

Alice shook her head and bite her lip mourningly, "I'll show you."

The distinct thump and screams that came made; Jasper clench his fists, Emmet tensed, Rosalie flinched, Esme winced, Carlisle closed his eyes, the Denali Clan look anxiously amongst themselves, Leah to twist and turn struggling in her rest and Sally to say, "What the hell was that?"

But when Alice and Edward came back down in the matter of seconds. Despite how fast time had passed and they had only spent seconds upstairs Edward seemed to visually age. His immortal appearance seemed worn and exhausted as though he lived through a series of wars.

Edward ignored his family and turned to Sally, "Will you stay with Leah upstairs? She's becoming anxious."

After she nodded and ran upstairs, Edward turned back to his family. "I appreciate everything you've done for us but Leah and I can no longer impose upon you."

Carlisle and Esme begged Edward and Leah to stay. "Edward for Leah's good please stay with us. We are a family and we will help you no matter what."

But Edward was resistant he would not leave his family endanger. He won't sentence his family to death not if he could help it. It would be best for all in his eyes if Leah and himself as well as their child left. However he would stay till the end of the month. He will allow his parents and siblings see the birth of his child. But after they could never come back or ever contact each other again.

"I ask for your forgiveness Esme." Edward said after everything was said and done. "I am afraid you are going to have to live through losing two more children." Esme frowned sadly and if she could Edward knew she would be crying.

Leah knew what Edward was planning and why. She agreed with his choices and she herself would not fight him. No matter how heartbroken Rosalie and Emmett were Edward knew he couldn't place his content above theirs. When Leah and Edward left venturing deep into the woods to reach the treaty line, they waited to inform the Wolfs of their plans.

It didn't take long.

Back at the Cullen's home, a silent Rosalie sat sadly looking outside the window into the dark night. Sally, after everything was already said and done, refused to change her mind on going with Edward and Leah. And no doubt Seth will do the same. Rosalie welcomed and rejoiced the idea of Leah joining the family. And after learning that she was pregnant she could not believe it. The happiness that touched her bathed her with an untouchable hope. That she Rosalie, could have a helping hand in raising a child.

After all this years of agony and pain and seeing nothing but the end of life she finally could rejoice and not only see but be apart of the beginning. But now for some unseeable distant reason Rosalie won't be able to guide that helping hand. No, for her safety she'll be forced to distant herself. To forget about her brother, her new sister, and adored unborn niece or nephew. The sky seemed just as dank and dark as her future. Of course she had Emmett, she never forgot that. He was her heart, but the desire for a child could hardly leave her heart. She wanted to carry one in her womb to fight for her family.

The Denali family had left and despite the long journey here they could offer no help. Edward maintained his powers an immortal but he had a heartbeat, he could cry. All the while he stayed handsomely undead, and not a pore nor follicle began to age like a human. He was a human frozen in time and he no longer had to feel the burning agony in the back of his throat, that never let Rosalie forget that she is a monster and she will never be human no matter how well she wore the flesh. She was a predator. She would never have a family. As she once mourned with every bone in her body. Rosalie wondered aloud, "How horrible could the future really be..."

Edward freezes as a crude, dark, and mobile cloud approaches his half nude form. It grips his marble skin. Alice's premonitions have never been like this before; dark and suspenseful. Coursing through his veins, sinking into his skin, shooting like daggers in his mouth and eyes. Forcing him to taste, smell, and hear this despair and pain. With nowhere to escape this pain, Edward fell to his knees.

Edward was a statue, his eyes open toward nothing and everything. He smelled the blood and he waited for the burning to rip at his throat. He stood in a battlefield surrounded by violence. The remains of decaying flesh laid thrown ignored and ugly over the ground. He mourned the ones he recognized as he walked through the mounds around pound of people, wolf, vampire, and human alike. It was a World War. He saw the despair and agony alike along the ground. The ground shook as he saw thousands of forms fighting yards ahead of him.

"Hey you!" Edward heard a man shout, turning around he saw a man dressed like a soldier; running hard through the fat drops that splashed down against the pavement making the ground muddy. The soldier raised his rifle and with steady hands he pulled the trigger. Edward jerked back feeling the pain as the bullet shot right through his chest, falling to his knees, his jaw dropped in pain, and his eyes couldn't leave the soldiers. Hearing a earth shaking roar, Edward watches as a wolf attacks the very obviously human soldier. Edward bows his head to the screams and cries pleading with the angry animal to release him from their deadly claws and teeth. Pulling himself to his feet after the pain subsided he looked down again and saw that not one drip of blood had fallen. Forcing himself to walk through Hell once more he watched as the vampires attacked human after human. He flinched as a woman raised as a newborn and grabbed the tiny form sobbing over her body and viciously ripped her three year old's throat out.

Edward walked until the sight of the gore, pain, and agony broke his will to see the vision through. That was until he saw a familiar form. His feet walked without his permission. He stood directly behind his child. His memory shifted and blurred as his hand reached out to grasp their shoulder. And the little girl turned around-her bright eerie glowing green eyes startled him. Falling back he moved back further away. And the little girl busted into tears. Looking over her at the form that laid fallen behind her, Jasper; his body twisted, ripped, and bitten beside him lay the shredded form of a wolf. He bowed his head in remorse. "Daddy..." The little girl whispered her small limbs straining to hold up her malnourished body. "I'm not your Daddy," Edward said looking up at this child only to gasp when he saw a miniature replica of Leah's face in this little girl only a tone lighter with his bronze hair falling over her tiny shoulder. He felt his eyes water seeing this tiny form before him her sweet face, her big eyes permanently saddened and deepened by the pain of this world. Seeing her eyes he knew that no one was left of the Cullen clan they all were gone. The war will wage on while this world will end in ashes.

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