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Leah felt exhausted and drained, her body ached and her hands seemed to tremble. The tension in the air seemed to vacuum all of the oxygen out of her throat and leave a bitter taste in her mouth.

"Leah," Edward looked up at her, and what he saw in her face sucked away any response he could have potentially had, "-just," sigh, "just relax for right now, I'll figure it out."

"But Edward, I can't," Leah looked torn and tears quickly came to her eyes and she looked away in embarrassment.

The frustration and pain of what was to come eating inside of her and leaving not a morsel of her insides untouched. Her pain mounted the longer she sat in silence doing nothing. Her child's life was at stake before it even took it's first breath. Her child's happiness was going to be causality to a war that she was to be directly responsible for-and for what? Leah was so confused and hurting, and she desperately needed Edward.

Edward slowly stood and walked before her, he pressed a kiss to her forehead and slowly dropped his own forehead to rest against her own.

"You are so beautiful, you know that right? I'd do anything for you and this baby."

Leah only responded by closing her eyes.

Edward continued, "I will do whatever it takes to protect you and our child. You are the love of my undead life, and this baby is already my soul."


Leah protested pulling away from him; she already seemed even more exhausted and tired.

"This baby is not your soul, Edward. You have one of your own."

She aggressively rubbed at her face and paced, her small baby bump had slowly gained in size.

"Edward, tell me what's going on, I need to know."

Edward glowered at her, "You don't need to know anything."

He growled as he paced back and forth. Over the time they have spent with Edward's family and the past events that have taken place, Edward's personality has changed and Leah notices and her heart mourns the change just as much as the she-wolf within her growls with pleasure and anticipation. Edward is domineering now.

He's supernatural strength is a tangible form that wraps around her even has he asserts his power. Her wolf understands the power and practically hums at the capabilities her wolfy/fangy mate presents. She doesn't fear Edward but his power and assertion of his power over her stings at times. She may be an animal but she is a woman first and her womanly heart yearns to be treated as an equal to her manly counter part. And right now, her womanly heart is black with scorn and anger at her love even has her wolf bows in consent to her mate.

It's with that scorn and anger that compels her to speak despite her mate's obvious reluctance to carry a conversation, "I do need to know, Edward. It's my right to now what's going to happen to my child, what is going to happen to me, I deserve this Edward. And don't you dare tell me otherwise." Leah's blood boiled and her eyes narrowed as she glared at her mate.

Edward glowered at his mate. He bit back the wolf inside of him that paced back and forth growling and taunt with the need to assert his dominance over his willful mate.

"Fine, Leah, our child's birth will bring about a world war that encompasses every logical creature on this earth- werewolf, human, and vampire alike- the nuclear war will destroy damn near every form of life on this planet and our child will be in the absolute fucking middle of it. And every single last person we care about will die protecting our child."

Leah's eyes glaze over with tears and she limply plops back down on the bed -she dimly remembered standing- as Edward moves about the room gathering essentials so they can leave. Her eyes searched about on the floor frantically moving as she attempted to recall a why and even more significantly how- how could her child's existence bring about such carnage to the world.

"I should have ended it."

Leah made the confession under her breath, tears pooling into her eyes as she realizes the amount of suffering and pain her child would face. Death, she knew, would be kinder.

"I was going to, but Sally stopped me," Leah whispered. She practically forgot he was there, her heart sinking under the weight of her own grief and devastation.

Edward's eyes focused on her. He froze as still as a statue and his eyes practically gleamed as the wolf released a deafening howl that resounded through his skull as her statement was fully absorbed. Leah never blinked in her desperation but within a millisecond Edward was before her. He held her chin in one hand and he stared her down.

The rage that waged in his eyes belied his tone, he calmly said, "You will never again try to end my child's life."

Edward straightened his form and walked away from her stiffly, the wolf within him waging on a battle; man vs. animal vs. vampire.

Leah sighed and tried to wipe the tears of frustration from her face. At this time, with the future as bleak as it truly seemed Leah truly desired Edward to be as he was before. And it broke Leah's heart that the only certain thing to come is that Edward will only become more domineering and aggressive in his efforts to ensure the life of his child. Edward has bloomed from the optimistic and gentle soul he once was. He is now some hybrid form of everything he once was and now is. It makes Leah's head spin and she feels as though she has to walk on egg shells around him- which only pisses her off more because SHE, after all, was the one pregnant and SHE should be the only one that's hormonal around here.

Leah was by herself for only a few minutes before Alice appeared in her bedroom. Leah's stomach lurched at the smell of pineapple-like sickly sweetness, "what do you want?"

"I don't like you," Alice said softly as if it were almost an introduction.

"I never professed to having the warmest and fuzziest feelings about you either, leech." Leah said, rolling her eyes as she turned away from Alice.

"I don't like you," Leah almost rolled her eyes out of skull and opened her mouth to reply, but Alice spoke on, "but I must apologize, I have no right to involve myself in my brother's love life. I love him and I only want the best for him."

Leah's eye twitched as Alice made it extremely clear that she did not think that Leah was anywhere near the best for Edward, biting back a retort Leah shifted her changing body and gave the bitch Alice her back.

Leah closed her eyes and she ignored the single tear that slipped down her face and onto the silk sheets. Her mind pounded with a headache and her heart was too weary to waste her time exchanging crass and brutal words with a woman that would surely not change her mind. Leah fell into an uneasy sleep as Alice walked out of the room silently.

Alice never expected forgiveness anyway.

Edward walked swiftly into the woods; Emmet tried to talk to him, but he stopped when he saw the dark hollow look within his eyes.

The war raging on within him made him want to throw caution to the wind and release a long stream obscenities to the world, burn down everything around him, and damn everything. His heart was more than heavy, it sank past his feet and seemed to drag behind.

Edward dropped down next to a tree, burying his face down in between his legs he could only think that while he may have lived on this earth for a 100+ years, he'd never felt so unsure and frightened since he was a newborn. For the first time in Edward's life he truly felt as though he was just 17 years old and he desperately needed help.

"What the fuck am I doing?" Edward wondered aloud.

He has no idea how everything has changed. He felt as though it were only yesterday that he and Leah had discovered each other. It felt like only yesterday that they kissed, made love, found a future together. The prospect of losing it pained Edward. It disrupted his mind and left him on edge. It shook his core and threatened to cause chaos to the foundation of his life. Leah, she had quickly become an ingrained part of him.

Her smile, her dark eyes, her tawny bronze skin, her thick wavy black hair, she'd become his beacon in the time that he thought light could never shine again. Her crass humor, biting laugh, and sassy remarks filled this depth of ease within his heart and sparked a plug of life in his soul, purifying him and breathing sweet, fresh air in his hollow blackened lungs.

She captured him and he did the same to her, for her.

He had no intention on losing her, even if it killed him.

And it's almost as if with that resolve a weight lifted off of his shoulders. The pain of a short life with her did not constrict his heart with as much tenacity as before. The reins of anguish the reaper had used as a noose around his neck were cut short and dangled as a useless collar that did nothing to tame the ferocious beast within him.

"Cullen, we need to talk." Jacob Black could no longer bite his tongue.

Edward and Jacob both were freaks of nature. They both loved the same girls. They both feel pain, and they both have been hurt by the same girl. However, one supreme difference is that Edward never cheated with Leah. He also never got Leah pregnant while she was still with Jacob.

And while Jacob was well aware of such facts it hadn't stopped the frustration that built in his gut like horrid cramps when he thought of them together. . Hell, even breathing in the same vicinity of each other just about killed Jacob. He recognized the fact that he made a mistake but it did not stop him from loving Leah or wanting her.

Edward could hear his thoughts and he had no interest in listening to the inner workings of the teen wolf especially not about Edward's girl.

"We have absolutely nothing to say to each other." Edward said softly as the wolf and the vampire of him began to growl in unison.

Jacob was never a bright individual.

"Oh, but I think we do. What do you think your doing with Leah?"

Edward chuckled low in his throat, the roar of the wolf deafening in his ear. He's jubilant that Leah knew how to block herself so effectively from her thoughts; he'd hate it if she were exposed to the thinking that was currently running through his mind.

"I'm loving her better than you ever did, my friend." The loathing placed on that one term seemed to resonate in Jacob's bones and leave him cold.

"You don't even deserve to know her. You're destroying her life everyday she is near you."

You don't even know the half of it...

"Tell me something, Jake, were you truly worried about her while you were balls deep in

Bella." Edward's picked up more than love, wolfy cooties, and an orgasm or 1000 from

Leah...he picked up an attitude with more than his share of sass.

And on occasions such as this one, well, he had no problem releasing a verbal ass whopping on the tan brute.

"I made a mistake, Eddie, but think on this I managed to get Bella back and she was with you...if I want Leah, I can have her too."

Edward growled deep in his throat as he remembered all to well the day he encountered Bella and Jacob together.

Jacob's thoughts mirrored his own and paralleled as they thought of that day.

He'd returned to her home sooner than she expected after a weekend long "camping" trip with his brothers. Even before he entered the house he smelled wet dog and the familiar tang of sex seemed to cling to the air. He numbly entered the house and quite the sight welcomed him home.

"Ugh don't stop. Faster! Faster! Jakkkeey! Yes! Yes! Ah!" Jacob's eyes immediately flashed to Edward's as soon as he entered the house.

Bella was so far gone she didn't notice the intrusion, she moaned and twisted her body as Jacob pressed himself deeper and deeper into her.

Bella's back was to Edward but he could still see the passion and pleasure in her face as

Jacob welcomed him into his mind, smirking as he continued to fuck Edward's girlfriend on the kitchen table of her father's home.

"Who owns you, Bella?" Jacob said as he pivoted and grounded his hips even deeper, smirking at Edward as it incited a breathless shriek from Bella.

"Y-y-you. I need more. Harder! Faster!" Bella commanded him.

Jacob smirked even harder as he brought his hand to Bella's center, tweaking her roughly to propel an orgasm that rocked her so hard she threw her head back and screamed his name at the exact moment her eyes finally focused on Edward's heartbroken form.

"Edward," but she had no time to say more as Edward had finally found the strength to race his fast from her home. His body a blur as he tore his way back to the forest.

He had destroyed several acres of a forest that night. It'd even been recorded in the textbooks as the largest and most unexpected earthquake to rock Forks in over a century.

Edward's jaw ticked even as he smiled toothily back at the annoyance.

"That was a grand performance wasn't it? Bella's such a fast girl, I never did thank you for taking her off my hands, did I? Leah was definitely more my speed. She's a build up type of girl but a hellcat all the same, isn't she? Ah yea you wouldn't know anything about how she is in bed would you? She was too much of a woman for you then and she still is now. You have no idea what she does to me."

Edward mockingly closed his eyes and moaned hoarsely in the back of his throat as he thought of Leah.

Her body, her soft skin, her full chest stirred lust within him.

When he heard Jacob's growl he slowly opened his eyes and smiled a small sexy crocked smile. He slowly stood up in a fluid motion, the stirring in his jeans energizing him. He wanted Leah, pronto.

"Oh you're still here? Hah, It was nice talking to ya but I gotta get back home. I can practically feel Leah calling for me."

Edward practically giggled with euphoria as the veins bugled in Jacob's neck. Seeing the werewolf in such distress calmed Edward greatly, his wolf and vampire quieted as the roles shifted and Jacob appeared to almost shit himself with the amount of hypocrisy and excrement that slipped (incredibly enough) out of his mouth. As Edward went to leave he had only one final thing to say.

"Leah's mine now, Jacob, and if you want her. I'm afraid your going to be disappointed because I've got no problem killing you for her. Trust me, Jakey I've killed for less."

Edward walked away with a kick in his step. Taunting the werewolf put him in a better mood and made him racy for his sexy she wolf.

Huh, well maybe the jackass was good for something after all.

Edward made his way back home in better spirits than he left it in. He marched inside and was immediately accosted by his father and brothers.

"Edward, we need to talk." Carlisle said with a patient look on his face. He gently smiled at his adoptive son and led him into the den.

Edward's eyebrows furrowed as he stared at Carlisle, Emmet, and Jasper trying to decipher their thoughts.

"Edward, we love you and we need you to know you're not alone."

Edward's face relaxed into a smile as he realized what his adoptive male family unit was trying to do for him. He loved them as much as he loved Leah and he did not want to see anything happen to them. They did not deserve to face the atrocities that were to come in Alice's vision.

"I love you all as well." Edward said hoarsely as his mind immediately flashed to the broken body of Jasper on the ground before his daughter.

"Then you need to let us help you." Emmet said forcefully, he didn't want to see Edward go and he didn't want Rosalie to be heartbroken when Leah left.


"No, Edward, You have to let us help you. I know that you saw some messed up shit in Alice's vision but we are still a family. We gotta face it together or else we are weaker apart." Emmet spoke forcefully and he stared down his brother sternly.

"I- I can't ask you to-"

"You aren't asking anything of us, we are offering." Jasper said forcefully, he could sense the desire, the fear, and the grief emanating from the man.

"Just think about it," Carlisle said with a tired smile that showed his many, many years on this earth.

Emmet, Carlisle, and Jasper all marched from the Den in a single file line. All of them stopping in front of Edward to give him a hug and a encouraging remark.

" We can't fuck shit up apart. So let's fuck up shit together, Eddie boy." Emmet said as he gathered Edward in a bear hug, he also fist pumped the air as he walked out the room.

"What he said," Jasper quipped with a smirk and he winked at Edward as he left the room.

"Edward, I believe you'll make the best decision for you, Leah, and the baby. But don't forget that we are here for you." Carlisle said as he gathered his eldest in his arms.

He pulled away and smiled a sneaky smile, "What they said." He gently tapped Edward's arm as he walked out of the room.

Edward smiled at the intervention that just took place. He really did love his family.

"Augh!" Edward heard Leah screamed from their bedroom.

"Hush, little baby, don't say a word.
Papa's gonna buy you a mockingbird

And if that mockingbird won't sing,
Papa's gonna buy you a diamond ring

And if that diamond ring turns brass,
Papa's gonna buy you a looking glass

And if that looking glass gets broke,
Papa's gonna buy you a billy goat

And if that billy goat won't pull,
Papa's gonna buy you a cart and bull

And if that cart and bull turn over,
Papa's gonna buy you a dog named Rover

And if that dog named Rover won't bark
Papa's gonna buy you a horse and cart

And if that horse and cart fall down,
You'll still be the sweetest little baby in town."

Leah softly stopped singing as she smiled down at her gorgeous little girl. She rocked the sleeping child in her arms. The euphoria that seemed to seep from her very pores and bring tears to her eyes had yet to settle within her.

She raised the small form to her face and breathed in the scent of her newborn. She rubbed her nose and cheeks along her child's own and she practically purred a hum in the back of her throat as she wrapped herself around her child.

Leah looked up to show Edward, their baby but he was gone.

He left her.

The room became dark and she was standing alone.

She frantically searched for him. She needed to find him. He needed to be there for their baby. She couldn't do it alone. Not now. Not ever. She needed Edward. Yet in her efforts to find him she realized the weight in her arms where gone. Leah screamed and screamed, moving frantically to find both her lost love and child, the euphoria within her completely dissipated. Now, she only felt mad with grief.

She'd lost them both.

She ran and suddenly she was in a blindingly bright room.

No longer was there a shadow in sight.

Shadows would have been better, Leah realized as she faced two coffins; one for a child and another for an adult.

Leah screamed until her throat was hoarse.

She screamed as she ripped out her hair in grief. She screamed and screamed until she forgot that this were all a dream. She only knew of light, darkness, and two coffins.

The room began to fill with blood.

The coffins were quickly drowning even as Leah frantically grabbed at them.

The blood rose higher and higher even as Leah's hands slipped on the handles of their coffins.

She tried to pull them both up but she couldn't hold them both. Her muscles bulged and she lost her mind again in grief.

The blood rose higher and Leah drowned trying to save them both.

"Leah!" Edward screamed as he saw what was happening in her dream.

"Leah, wake up now!" He gently slapped her and that was enough to break Sandman's spell. She quickly threw herself into his arms and cried.

She didn't want to speak of the fear he no doubt saw in her dreams. She only wanted him to hold her.

And hold her, he did.

It took a long while for her tears to stop and even longer for her to fall asleep. Leah was so inflicted by her nightmare; she never noticed that her stomach had bloomed over night to a sizeable pregnancy bump. Edward only absently noticed it as he felt it press into him as Leah climbed him like a monkey trying her damndest to drape practically over top of him. Edward hadn't minded though. He heard the urgency in her thoughts, the fears she had kept close to her heart. He wasn't there for her in her dreams and he'd be damned if he wasn't there for her when she woke. He caressed her gently as she carefully and cautiously fell under the Sandman's spell again. He pressed a gentle kiss to her bulging stomach as the sun broke the sky. He whispered a future of happiness to their baby that was housed within his love. He peppered kisses a long her stomach, his heart light despite the future that was foretold.

He quietly walked down stairs where his family was. Esme was cooking a big breakfast for Leah while Rosalie helped her. Emmet was making origami and paper airplanes out of scraps of metal while Jasper and Carlisle played chess. Alice was animatedly chatting to Jasper despite his lack of attention. Edward deliberately cleared his throat to get his family's attention.

"I've come to a decision and I think we are going to stay here." Edward said with a crocked smile. The family was jubilant despite Alice who silently glared at Edward. Emmet, however, was the happiest of the bunch. He ran full vampire speed to Edward.

"Let's fuck shit up!" And with that Edward barely had time to duck out of way when Emmet tried to bulldoze him into the kitchen wall.

Esme scolded Emmet and Carlisle could only smile back at Edward. The gentle and parental light shone in his eyes brightly, happy his eldest would not be leaving him.

They chatted amongst themselves moments longer before they heard a familiar heartbeat and knock resound into their sensitive hearing. The Cullen family froze and Alice jumped up running to the door with a big smile on her pixie like face.

Rosalie face hardened into rock and her eyes flashed red as Isabella Swan walked into the house side by side with Alice.

Alice smiled brightly, "Look who came to visit!"

Well, fuck me…. A thought everyone had in the room with the exception of Bella and Alice.

Bella's big doe brown eyes immediately sought him out.

"Hi Edward."

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