Summery: A fifteen year old Colt can't seem to stay out of trouble. The only place he feels like he can control his anger is at his grandpa's house. The only problem is his dad has decided that he doesn't want his hot headed teen to learn any more ninja skills. In way of punishment Mr. Dougless takes his middle son with him on a business trip. Will Colt be able to handle not spending the summer with his brothers, and grandpa? Or will he get in even more trouble?

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Colt couldn't figure out why people always chanted what was obvious.

"Fight! Fight! Fight!"

Why couldn't they just keep their mouths closed? Didn't they know that by shouting the obvious the teachers would come storming in to put a stop to it? Ugh. Stupid teens.

Colt ducked as one of the burly football players swung a lazy fist. Even with three on one they still couldn't get a hit on the slim, dark haired teen. Colt's foot shot out and he heard a satisfying 'ump' as the swinger doubled up in pain.

Usually by this time Rocky would have done his big brother thing and come swooping in to the rescue, successfully breaking up the fight and ending his younger brothers fun. But today Rocky was away on a field trip, which is why the three Juniors decided to pick a fight.

Colt twisted around and felt the satisfying crunch as another football player crumpled to the ground. He smirked as he faced the last guy standing. The blond hulk looked around as if looking for another buddy to join him as he attempted to beat the tar out of the shrimp.

"What's wrong Charles?" Colt began with his smirk still firmly planted on his face, "Do we need to call your mommy to bring you some clean undies?"

Colt got the reaction he wanted. Charles launched at him trying to tackle him to the ground. Colt stepped to the side extending a foot as he did it. Charles was sent sprawling on the floor. He growled in frustration and pounded a fist on the cafeteria floor, before standing up.

"You're going to pay for that little horsie!"

"JEFFERY!" a thundering voice bellowed from across the room, halting Charles in his attack.

Colt glanced in the voices direction and saw the vice principle striding over with a glare.

The chanters all suddenly seemed late for class as they all scrambled away from the scene.

"In my office. Now!" Mr. Kepping said in an angry growl. He glanced at the two groaning teens on the floor and added, "You two go to the nurses office then come to my office."

The two on the ground got up whimpering as if their injuries had suddenly gotten more painful. Colt glared at them as they left the room, 'What baby's!' he thought bitterly as he followed the VP out of the now almost empty room.

"Colt, I don't understand why you can't just walk away," Mrs. Dougless was saying as she drove her son home.

Colt had spent an hour being lectured about school violence in the VP's office before his mom finally showed up. Then he was lectured some more before he was finally able to leave. It seemed the lecturing wasn't over just yet.

"I thought you agreed that you wouldn't let anyone get to you," She continued. "Your father isn't going to be very happy when he gets home tonight."

Colt rolled his eyes. His father was never happy when he got home at night. Probably because of some case that he couldn't figure out. He tuned his mom out as he concentrated on the passing trees. His dad wouldn't be the only one mad at him tonight. Rocky had made him promise to stay out of Charles and his minions way. Rocky probably wouldn't listen to what Colt had to say. He had just been trying to enjoy his packed lunch when the goons came up to him. They were practically begging for a fight, so Colt gave it to them.

He had been in enough fights to know that a grounding was in store for him. House confinement for a minimum of five days, with nothing to do other than become an unpaid house maid. Colt let out a sigh. So much for that hike he and his brothers had planned.

"Colt!" Mrs. Dougless said irritably, "Are you even listening?"

Colt nodded, "Of course. I can only fake so much remorse though, and that quota was used up a few hours ago."

His mom sighed, but Colt could tell she found him some what funny. He looked out the window again and discovered they were almost home. 'Good,' Colt thought, 'Only a few more minutes of lecturing.'

He spent those few minutes nodding and 'Umhm'ing at the appropriate time. As soon as they pulled into the drive way he leapt out of the car and walked straight to the front door. He took the stairs two at a time and flung his bedroom door open. He tossed his backpack on the bunk bed he shared with his younger brother Tum Tum, and went back down stairs. He went out into the back yard and felt some of his tension leave.

Just looking at the punching bag relaxed him. He spent the next few hours wailing on the unsuspecting bag letting all his frustration out. He stopped when he heard his dad call him into the house.

Colt glanced at his watch, then wiped some sweat off of his brow with a sleeve of his shirt. He hadn't meant to spend so much time outside.

His parents had gotten him the punching bag back when he was in ninth grade in hopes he would exchange his fellow class mates for the uncaring bag. It worked for a while. He stopped fighting in school and instead began spending his time in the back yard. Now it just didn't seem like enough. No matter how long Colt spent punching the back he could still fly off the handle at almost anything the next day. Sometimes Rocky could calm him down enough before he started lashing out, but that was only if he was standing right next to him.

Colt slowly made his way inside, mentally preparing himself for more lecturing, and the inevitable grounding. He felt like he had walked into a war zone. He had just crossed enemy lines while mocking their most precious king. He wanted to duck back outside when he saw his dads scowl. If Rocky wouldn't even listen to an explanation there was no way on earth his dad would listen. He finally decided to just take what was coming and sat down at the kitchen table.

The next hour and a half was spent trying to block out what his parents were saying while trying to appear like he was memorizing every word they said. It worked for the most part. Soon his dad was talked out and he was sent to his room.

'Finally!' Colt thought as he made his way upstairs.

He swung his door open to revile Tum Tum hooked into a video game, and Rocky at a desk studying. He went to his bed and laid down. No point in waiting for more lectures. He rolled over so his back was to the room and fell into a deep sleep.