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Colt sat down in the drivers seat and started to adjust the mirrors, ignoring the laughs Richard was giving him. Once the mirrors were set in what Colt thought were the correct positions, he slowly pulled the car away from the curb.

Although Colt didn't have a license he had been driving a few times with is dad, mom and even once with Rocky.

"Put your seat belt on!" Colt ordered Richard.

Richard laughed, but put it on as he sang off key with the radio. Colt reached over and switched it off.

"Hey!" Richard exclaimed after a few minutes of his singing without the music. "Why'd ya do dat?"

"I have to concentrate!" Colt snapped glancing nervously behind him, "I don't want to get pulled over because I'm swerving all over the place."

"Aw, you won't….get pull over. Jush relax!"

Colt shook his head. If he got caught driving without a license he was going to be in a ton of trouble. What if his dad had been serious when he said he wouldn't get to go to grandpas that summer?

Colt was brought out of his thoughts when music blasted out of the speakers.

"Richard!" Colt yelled angrily as he switched it off again.

Richard laughed and turned the radio back on. After a few minutes of the two turning the radio on and off, Colt punched Richard in the arm, "Knock it off!"

Richard rubbed his arm with a pout, then slammed his own fist into Colt.

Colt grinned, "Oh, you want to play that game, do you?" Colt slapped Richard with an open palm and then slugged him in the arm again.

Richard let out sounds of pain even though he knew his friend was going easy on him, and could afflict a lot more pain if he wanted to.

Richard suddenly yelled, "Look out!" and then threw a few sloppy dabs at Colt as Colt whipped his head to see what he was supposed to be looking out for.

When Colt didn't see anything he turned to glare at his friend, "You're such an idiot!"

Richard was in a fit of laughing when he suddenly stopped and moaned, "Oh, man. I tink I'm gonna…be-" the rest of his sentence was drowned out by the sound of him retching over the floor by his feet.

Colt cringed in disgust and rolled down the windows. After a minute of razzing his friend for drinking to much he noticed Richard was being to quiet. He glanced over and saw him doubled up with his arms around his stomach.

Colt reached over and tapped him, "You okay?" When Richard didn't respond Colt leaned a little closer, "Hey, man. You dead?" This time Richard let out a soft groan.

Colt poked Richard in the side, "Don't throw up again, that was disgusting." he leaned closer to Richard again to make sure he heard, "If you puke, I'm going to."

With a smirk on his face Colt looked back to the road. He had no time to think as a dog suddenly bounded in front of him. With a skip in his heart he slammed on the breaks and wrenched the wheel to the side, swerving into the other lane.

Richard looked up as he was thrown into the door, "What the heck!"

Colt hardly noticed his friends shout of anger. All of his focus was on the set of headlights coming towards them, a horn blaring behind the blinding light.

Colt swerved back into their lane, but overcorrected and skid along the curb. He tried to move back into his lane but instead side swiped the car he had dodged. Colt fought for control as the car spun to the side, taking up both lanes.

Colt heard himself curse as the car that had been behind them slammed into the back drivers side of the car. The car spun again so it was now facing the opposite direction, for a moment, before they were hit again.

Colt couldn't even tell where the car had been hit. All he knew was that it had been earsplitting and that he had been thrown against the window and then into Richard.

As the chaos finally stopped, Colt pulled his hands away from the steering wheel and swatted the deployed airbag out of his way so he could see if Richard as okay.

"Richard?" He asked as he found his friends shoulder, "Richard!" He said loader, "You okay?"

Richard let out a groan, but it sounded different from the groans he had made earlier. With a little difficulty Colt unclipped Richards seat belt and then his own. Looking out the front, now spider-webbed, window Colt could see lights and voices heading towards them.

After trying to open the door and finding it was stuck Colt wrestled his feet from under the dash so he could climb out the window. As his feet hit the ground he realized he wasn't on the road any more. They somehow ended up on the dirt patch that ran along side the road.

Colt quickly made his way around the car and opened Richards door, feeling a wave of relief when he found out the door still worked. He didn't want to try and pull Richard thru the window.

Colt was dragging Richard away from the car when the first witnesses reached them, all shouting.

"Is everyone okay?"

"Someone call 911!"

"Is everyone out of the car?"

"Are you hurt?"

Colt tried to answer as many questions as he could, but most of his attention was on his friend. Richard had either passed out or been knocked out.

When the ambulances finally arrived, Colt almost passed out with relief.

He rode in the ambulance with Richard, and then stood awkwardly in the waiting room as his friend was wheeled off.

Colt sat down in a chair and waited for someone to notice him. When someone finally did see him, he wished they hadn't.

"You're going to have to come with me."

Colt looked up and froze. A police officer was staring down at him, and he didn't look very happy.