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Colt woke up the next morning to see that his dad had already left the hotel. He found a note on the table telling him to stay in the room, the exception being that he went down to get some food.

Colt rolled his eyes as he tossed the page into the trash. Like he was going to stay in the hotel. He didn't want to die from boredom. Besides, he would be back before his dad even knew he had gone anywhere.

Feeling optimistic that he would be able to have a little fun and be back before his dad Colt took a stroll around town.

A sudden shout snapped Colts attention towards an old run down factory at the edge of the town just as he was passing. He cocked his head to the side, listening carefully. Maybe he had just imagined it.

Colt began walking again when he heard a crash. A load sound like something falling, or being thrown. He quickly made his way over to the decrepit building and peeked into one of the broken windows.

Other than some old rusted machinery and a pile of rotting wood Colt didn't see anything. But then he heard the distinct sound of someone getting kicked in the ribs, and a muffled cry of pain.

Colt hopped through the window and crept forward slowly. If he did happen to run across some trouble his dad would be pissed, but Colt couldn't just stand by if someone was getting hurt.

He stopped next to a wall and, with his back to it, took a quick glance around the corner.

What he saw made a fire erupt in his gut. Five guys, probably still in high school, where all surrounding a slightly younger looking teen. Colt noticed that the five kids shoving and sometimes hitting and kicking the younger teen all had matching bandanas hanging out of their back pockets. Wanna-be gangsta's probably.

"What's wrong Kingston?" One of the teens taunted as he shoved the kid, making him stumble back a step. "Think your daddy is gonna save you?" the others burst out in cruel laughter.

Colt narrowed his eyes, Charles didn't wear or claim gang colors, but he sure had a gang of goons. This crowed was no better than the arrogant bully jock from Colt's town.

A tall kid with blond hair and crooked teeth lashed out suddenly, catching the shorter kid -Kingston?- in the mouth and snapping his head back, blood instantly spurting out of his split lip, staining his chin with a streak of red.

Colt shot out from behind the wall, kicking the closest teen to him in the back and sending him into one of his buddies. The other three teens turned to face Colt with shocked expressions as the two scrambled to their feet.

Nobody moved or said anything for a few seconds.

Finally the blond haired kid that had punched Kingston took a step forward, a sneer on his face, "You better get lost if you don't want to end up looking like him," he gestured to Kingston who had one arm curled around his stomach and had his other hand covering his still bleeding mouth.

Colt tilted his head, "If you don't want to end up looking worse, I suggest you beat it," he fired back, barely restraining himself from killing the lot of them. Five against one was never fair, but the kid Kingston didn't look like he was even attempting to fight back.

The crew laughed.

Crooked teeth shoved Kingston towards two of the teens who each grabbed onto an arm even though Kingston didn't struggle.

"You're going to regret saying that," Crooked teeth snarled stepping closer to Colt.

Colt kept his posture relaxed, and his eyes on the teen advancing on him. "We'll see."

"Get him, Daken!" Someone shouted.

Crooked teeth, Daken, swung a fist at Colt, and even though Daken was faster than Charles, Colt easily ducked the blow and gave a swift punch of his own.

Daken stumbled backwards, surprise and a flash of pain on his face as he rubbed at his chest where Colt had hit him.

The other four bullies exchanged looks, then began to shout encouragement towards, who Colt assumed was, their leader.

With a growl Daken lunged at Colt. Colt Twisted, but Daken managed to get a fist full of Colt's shirt. Colt brought his elbow down on Dakon's arm and he released his hold on Colt with a gasp of pain.

Colt didn't wait for him to recover as he brought a knee up, jabbing at Daken's exposed stomach, he followed up with a punch to his head, grinning a little when he noticed Daken tearing up. Typical bully. Dishing out pain to guys littler then him, with back up, but not able to take any hits.

Daken backed off a little holding the side of his head, then turned to his friends. "Don't just stand there! Get him!"

At once the two not holding Kingston sprung forward with jabs. Colt ducked and dived out of the way, then sent the taller of the two flat on his back with a powerful kick. Colt grabbed the arm of the other and twisted behind him, holding his arm to the point of pain.

He used the teen as a shield as Daken and one of the kids restraining Kingston both came at him, then pushed him away into the tall kid who had just begun to stand up.

He was just about to kick out again when Kingston suddenly yelled out. Colt looked over quickly and saw that the kid still holding on to him had used Colt's move and had twisted his arm up behind him.

Colt felt his heart jump. If that idiot didn't know what he was doing he could break Kingston's arm!

In his distraction Colt got tackled to the ground. He was held down as someone, he suspected Daken, kicked him in the stomach brutally.

He pulled away from whoever was pinning his right arm down and gave his ear a smack with his open palm, not hard enough to break his ear drum, but enough to hurt. The kid sat back crying out, and Colt used the chance to twist around and get out of the other kids hold on him. Not before he got kicked in the jaw though.

A grunt popped out of Colt's throat as his head snapped to the side. Gritting his teeth in anger Colt jumped up and swept the legs out from under the culprit. The kid fell hard and only had a half second to figure out what had happened before Colt was on top of him, punching him repeatedly.

Colt felt hands on him trying to pull him off, but ignored them, totally focused on causing as much damage as he could to the one responsible for kicking him in the face.

It wasn't until the kid was groaning, with blood all over his face, and barley conscious, that Colt finally realized what he was doing. He jumped up quickly, startling the other three that had been trying to get Colt off their friend.

Maybe having Rocky around to break up Colt's fights wasn't such a bad thing after all. At least that way the other guy could actually walk away from the fight without much help.

The teens left quickly after Colt stopped wailing on their friend though. Glancing back every so often as the ran off.

Sighing heavily Colt looked over at Kingston, who was staring at Colt open mouthed.

"You okay?" Colt asked, shaking his arm out.

Kingston nodded still looking awe struck.

Colt smirked, "From the way you're holding your stomach, I'd have guessed otherwise."

Kingston shrugged a shoulder, Colt noticed he didn't move the arm that had been held painfully behind him.

Colt flicked some of the blood trickling out of the corner of his mouth off and jerked his head the way the bullies had run off, "They bother you a lot?"

Kingston didn't answer. Instead he bent over and picked up a video camera. Straightening back up he examined the camera, brushing some dirt off it gently. "They have brains the size of a pea. If that."

Colt chuckled. "Yeah, probably." He studied the kid. His dark hair was messed up, but Colt couldn't see any blood, and even though he held his arm awkwardly by his side, it didn't appear to be broken. Colt nodded as Kingston's stomach, "Are your ribs okay?"

Kingston nodded, "I think I just got bruised up a little." He shrugged his shoulder again, "Nothing new." He squinted at Colt, tilting his head a little, "Where did you learn to do all that?"

"My grandpa. Maybe you should get home. You should probably clean your lip, I think it's still bleeding a little."

Kingston nodded, "You want to come?" He smiled a little, "If you're anything like me, you don't want your parents to see you with your cloths all dirty and your teeth covered in blood."

Colt winced, remember his dad. "Yeah…getting cleaned up a little might be a good idea."

As the two walked towards Kingston's house he said, "I'm James by the way."


James looked at him sideways, "Really? That's so cool!"

They made small talk until they reached a nice, well kept , smaller house at the end of a street.

"This is it," James said as he led the way to the front door. He paused before going in. "We have to be quiet. If my sister is home she'll freak out if she sees us like this."

Colt nodded, "Stealth is my middle name."

James grinned, "Good," he opened the door and froze, "We're gonna need some of that stealth, Colt."

Colt looked over James's shoulder and saw a petite girl, with brown hair and a dusting of freckles across her nose sitting on the couch.

"Molly?" Colt asked eyes wide.

Molly, the girl from the diner, looked up at Colt, surprise clearly on her pretty face.