"Man … take it easy."

Breathlessly, Desmond panted as the other took hold of his wrists and pinned them to the wall, unsuccessful in stifling a choked moan when said male buried his face into the brook of his neck. He squeezed his eyes shut as a hungry mouth descended upon the line of his jaw in utmost haste—baring his nape for better access, the assassin automatically pressed himself closer to the source of heat and gasped at the incessant teasing of his clavicle.

"Don't—" A groan. "God …" All forms of coherency fled his mind when a hungry tongue licked his Adam's apple. "You're killing me, here."

"I-I-I c-c-can't wait! N-Not af-af-after I f-finally caught y-y-y-you!"

Desmond tensed, as the fingers that were previously the captors of his wrists grabbed desperately at the planes of his chest. Frantic lips were suddenly molding over his own, and as he reciprocated the vehemence, he felt his counterpart's hand slide downwards to tug at the hem of his hoodie.

He gaped in protest when both his shirt and jacket were snagged and practically ripped off of his form. "Hey! Lucy gave that to me—Oh, damn!"

As if he could talk when tongue and teeth were on his nipple.

Or a indignant frown plastered onto the other's face.

"D-D-D-Don't t-talk about h-h-h-her!" the heated male obstinately began, now beginning to reach for the zipper of his jeans. "O-Or about any-any-any—fuck!" The treatment his pants and boxers had were parallel to what his upper clothing had gone through. "I-I-I don-don't want to h-hear it!"

A gulp. "I didn't mean to …" Breath. "Chill, all right?" He brushed his companion's hair from his eyes and lifted his hips, hissing when his bare buttocks met the cold surface. "We have a whole lot of time together, so it's cool."

After a moment of skeptic silence: "D-D-D-D-Do you th-think?"

And then, with a tentative quirk of his lips, Desmond settled his hands on the small of back and nodded. "Yeah, for real."

"Definitely, for real."