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Chapter 8

Sam watched out the window as Dean messed around with Rumsfeld in the yard. It was good to see Dean so relaxed but Sam wouldn't join him, Rumsfeld didn't react well to demons after all plus that would mean leaving the wards that hid him from Heaven and Hell. And he was honestly scared about what would happen if angels other than Cas found him or if Lucifer changed his mind and decided he could use him for something, he wasn't sure he could deny the fallen angel and that scared him more than anything. Sam laughed when Dean walked into their house, covered in old leaves. "Have fun?" He teased and Dean grabbed him in a hug, shaking his head to make some of the leaves fall out and onto Sam.

"Have now." Dean grinned and kicked his shoes off before collapsing on the couch and Sam sat beside him, curling into his side, making Dean smile and wrap an arm around him.

"Jerk." Sam mock grumbled and Dean laughed.

"Bitch." He teased. "You could come out as well you know."

"Too risky Dean." Sam gave the same answer he always did and Dean sighed.

"There's been nothing from either side since Lucifer fixed your head; they're done with us Sammy."

"We don't know that for sure and I won't lead them to you." Sam argued before leaning in to kiss Dean softly and Dean sighed but let it go again. It was a frequent argument and Dean could see Sam's point but he didn't want his brother living his life stuck in their small house. Dean tugged him closer, hugging him close and Sam smiled, nuzzling into him. Dean smiled and they settled down to just relax together.

Sam hummed to himself as he worked on the research Bobby wanted. Dean was out in town shopping, something he hated and had grumbled about until he had left. It was weird, he was a demon, a creature of evil, and yet he felt more at peace now than he had in years. Like a terrible burden had been lifted from him. And he guessed it had been, as a demon he was free from his destiny as Lucifer's vessel. Research was the one thing he had ever even partially enjoyed before leaving for college and he was even better at it these days then he had been as a teenager. He could spend days lost in the musty books and the greater world the internet gave him. He ignored the sound of the front door opening but smiled as familiar arms wrapped around him. "Whatcha doing Sammy?" Dean asked and Sam tilted his head back to see his brother. Dean was grinning cheekily at him and Sam grinned back.

"Waiting for you." He answered, lifting his arms to grab Dean and yank him down into his lap, Dean letting out oomph of surprise. Sam laughed and kissed him before Dean could complain about the manoeuvre and Dean was quite happy to let him. Once he would have fought being held on Sam's lap the way he was but it didn't seem important anymore, not after everything they had been through. Dean wrapped his arms around Sam's neck while Sam's hands slipped under his jacket and shirt. "Get everything?" Sam asked as they parted for Dean to breath and Dean nodded, it was not fair that Sam could hold his breath for so long now but he always remembered to pull back before Dean started to really need air. Sam leant his head against Dean's shoulder and Dean ran his fingers through Sam's hair. "Missed you." He murmured and Dean chuckled.

"I was only gone for two hours." Dean answered and Sam shrugged. Didn't matter how long Dean was gone, he always missed him. Dean grinned and got up. "Come on, you can help me put the groceries away." Dean told him and then blinked. "Okay that sounded way too domestic."

Sam laughed and got up to get anything that needed to go in the fridge. "Domestic can be good Dean." He tossed a can of baked beans to Dean who caught them and put them away.

"Guess so." Dean admitted and Sam grinned. The supplies were soon put away, Dean having given Bobby his first, and then Sam tackled him playfully, Dean going down in surprise. They were soon rolling across the floor, each trying to gain the upper hand. Dean finally pinned Sam who stared up at him, panting slightly, eyes tinged with black from excitement. Dean grinned and attacked, tickling his little brother and Sam actually shrieked as he tried to fight him off before grinning and lifting Dean off with his powers before moving to pin him, nuzzling his throat. Dean smiled and ruffled his hair gently, not minding the weight of Sam pinning him to the floor but he knew Sam was being careful not to squish him with his full weight. Sam rolled off him and curled into his side as best as he could being taller then Dean and Dean wrapped an arm around him. "Feeling cuddly huh? This would be more comfortable on the bed Sammy."

"Don't wanna move." Sam answered, head over Dean's heart, listening to the comforting steady beat.

"Okay." Dean gave in despite knowing he would be in pain if they stayed on the floor for too long. Problem with all the injuries he'd had over the years was that they were starting to ache as he got older. As if sensing that Sam shifted and Dean squeaked as he was lifted and then ended up using Sam as a mattress. He blinked in surprise but then smiled and settled against Sam, he was definitely more comfortable than the floor. Sam kissed the top of his head and Dean chuckled but gently traced the strip of skin Sam's shirt had raised to reveal. Sam shivered and held Dean close, content to just lie there.

Castiel watched the brothers' spar curiously. He could tell Sam was holding back a lot and assumed the young demon was worried about hurting Dean. Castiel watched as Sam threw Dean and went to follow through only to hesitate and Dean sighed. "Perhaps Sam and I should spar?" He offered and the brothers looked at him.

"Fight you?" Sam asked nervously and Castiel nodded.

"There would be no need to hold back and you need to learn your limits." The angel pointed out.

Dean got to his feet and looked between them before nodding. "He's right Sammy." Sam chewed his lip before nodding and Dean moved out of the way, sitting on a kitchen stool to watch. Castiel removed his customary coat and moved closer to Sam. Castiel nodded at him and then they began, Sam hesitant but gradually gaining confidence, slowly stopping holding back as Castiel showed he could easily handle anything he threw at the angel. Dean sat there; slack jawed, watching them in awe, some of the moves too fast for him to see. Dean looked over as the door opened and waved a shocked Bobby over, the two humans watching silently as the fight continued, Castiel obviously the far more experienced but cut off from Heaven as he was his power was slowly waning with time.

They fought for what seemed like hours before Castiel backed off and held up a hand, signalling the end. "Good job Sam, you're adapting well."

"Thanks." Sam grinned at him even as Dean tossed him a bottle of water which he downed. "You two staying for dinner?" He asked and Bobby nodded.

"Sure kid." He agreed and Castiel nodded.

Sam curled up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn, watching a movie. Thankfully he'd seen it before sine his mind wasn't really on it but the conversation he'd had with Castiel after a spar several days before. One side of the war considered them sidelined while the other assumed he was dead and Dean grieving but it wouldn't last forever. Sooner or later the angels would find out he was alive and a demon and they would be after him. And yeah, Lucifer had no interest in him…didn't mean they could sit back and let the world end. Sam hated to admit it but he was scared, angels would kill him for being a demon and of no use and if he tried to fight Lucifer…his presence had been overwhelming enough in a dream!

Sam hit pause on the movie and frowned, senses straining. He was sure he had heard something…a loud crash had him up and running outside, not thinking about the wards as he bolted towards where he knew Dean and Bobby were working on a wreck. He slid to a stop and stared in horror at the scattered tools and the blood smear on the car. "Dean! Bobby!" Sam yelled, reaching for his brother mentally but he couldn't sense him anywhere. "Dean!" He screamed in fear, wrapping his arms around his waist as he looked around wildly.