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Chapter 9

Sam forced himself to his feet and back into the house, scrambling for the phone. He couldn't just yell for Cas like Dean could since he was a demon but since the angel had a cell phone it was okay…until it went straight to voicemail of course. Sam snarled and then closed his eyes, struggling to keep control of his powers before he damaged their home. He went back outside to investigate the sight of their disappearance more thoroughly. Something in the air made him cringe and he realised what it was…Grace. Angels had taken his brother and Bobby. Sam snarled and paced, he needed them back but had no clue how to do so. He wasn't a match for a bunch of Angels. And the fact that Castiel wasn't answering meant they probably had him as well. Who else could he…could he really try and contact him? Why would he help? Dean was Michael's vessel after all. Sam went back inside and slumped on the couch, staring blankly at the TV. He had no other choice but how did he get his 'Father's' attention?

Dean wanted to scream but swallowed it down. He would not give them the satisfaction of hearing his pain. He knew Bobby and Cas were somewhere nearby as well but he wasn't sure exactly where. The only good thing was that Sammy was still safe at home behind the wards.

Sam sat in the yard, legs crossed and arms wresting on them as he meditated, black eyes closed. Everything he had was focused on one thing, calling for the being that had created his kind.

"I never expected this Samuel." A voice almost purred and Sam shivered even as he opened his eyes. He looked up at the fallen angel and then lowered his eyes, unable to keep them on Lucifer. "Where is your family young one?"

"They took them." Sam whispered and then started as a hand came to rest in his hair, stroking gently.

"Who took them?"

"Angels. I….please help me." He pleaded and Lucifer knelt down to look at him.

"And what would you give me for my aide?" He asked coolly and Sam swallowed.

"Anything." He whispered, he would do anything to have them back.

"Very well." Lucifer pulled Sam to his feet and then they vanished from the junkyard.

Dean gasped as the room was flooded with demons, great. Which was worse? The angels that had them or the attacking demons? Then he heard the clash of swords and swore mentally as he realised Lucifer himself was there. And then someone was fumbling with his bonds. "Dean." The familiar voice had him twisting his head to find Sam standing behind him, eyes pitch black. "It's gonna be okay." Sam finished untying him and caught Dean before he could collapse.

"S….ammy?" Dean croaked out and Sam nodded, leaning in to gently kiss him.

"I'm here, I've got you." He promised as he gently lifted him, cradling his battered body to his chest. He glanced over to see two demons helping Bobby and Castiel over and then they all collapsed as another angel appeared.

Dean shuddered in Sam's arms, clinging to him fearfully. He knew, down in his very soul he knew who this was. "Michael." He whimpered and felt Sam clutch him closer.

"What do you think you are doing?" A commanding voice demanded and Sam buried his face in Dean's hair, it hurt!

"Look around you brother and ask your precious soldiers what they were doing! Thanks to them I doubt your vessel will ever say yes."

Michael looked around in confusion and then spotted Dean cowering against a demon….his brother? The demon was curled protectively around him, rocking him even as Dean clung to him. This was not how things were meant to be. How had Samuel become a demon? Now he could not be used as a vessel which meant he would easily defeat Lucifer if Dean said yes. But looking at his vessel and then at the other angels he had the sinking feeling that would not happen. His own subordinates had seen to that. What had they been thinking? He looked at the other two and frowned as he sensed the diminished Grace in…Castiel. They had harmed their own brother? Michael moved towards the younger angel and blue eyes met his defiantly much to his amusement. He reached out and gently healed the injuries, making blue eyes widen in surprise. He then healed the older mortal and cautiously approached his vessel and the young demon. Black eyes glanced up at him and pulled Dean even closer if that was possible. "I will not harm him Samuel. He needs healing." Michael stated quietly and Sam glanced up again. Dean shuddered and clung to his brother. Sam finally nodded hesitantly and Michal placed a gentle hand on Dean's head, healing his wounds. Dean shivered and relaxed a little as the pain faded.

Lucifer watched his brother cautiously, unsure what his motives where. He could feel his demons' fear and yet they all stayed where they were. And the way Sam handled things was incredible for such a young demon.

"I will deal with you later." Michael told the angels, several of whom flinched back. "I think you four should go home and rest." He told Sam and waved his hand.

Sam tensed and then relaxed as he realised they were in their bedroom. He smiled and kissed the top of Dean's head. "We're home Dean." Dean looked around and slowly relaxed his grip on Sam as he realised they were really home.

"What did you do Sammy?" Dean asked, remembering seeing Lucifer.

"What I had to." Sam shrugged, eyes hazel again.

"Sam…" Dean was cut off as Sam kissed him needily.

"Thought I'd lost you." The demon whispered and Dean swallowed. How could he be mad at Sam when he'd literally sold his soul when Sam had died on him?

"Okay." Dean whispered even as they lay down on the bed together.