The smell of death is all around me, I don't even barely know where I am, Im fatigued and tired I have not had sleep in days, I don't remember exactly how this started. All I remember is they came from nowhere, and my empire of everything fell to nothing in this world. Its like an undead Nightmare, I had fears of this day for my whole life. Now it has occurred, and I really don't know what to do, I thought all the speculations about hell coming to earth in 2012 was a lie, boy was I wrong . I have been boarded in my house for 6 months now I am running low on supplies and I will have to do something soon, but the infected remain outside. I figured I have no other choice, I prepared for the break out, I figured I should have enough gas in my car to look for a safe area, I grabbed a book bag and put all of my remaining supplies into it, got a box of shotgun shells. And a 20 gauge shotgun and proceeded out the door. I have to say good thing those bastards are slow moving cause they would have had my head in a second. I burst out of the house and began running toward my car, the zombies caught whim of me and proceeded to chase me down. I turned around and Bam! Put a shotgun shell into the nearest zombies head. I finally came to my car entered and started the engine, backed out of the driveway and proceeded down the road, as I floored it blood and guts of the zombies were splattering all over my windshield. It was about 1:00 A.M. when I ran out of gas I saw it coming but never tried to do anything about it. So I slowly got out of the car and grabbed my weapon. I saw a house So I said I shall go there. I entered the house and everything was quiet, too quiet. I heard a noise upstairs, I loaded my gun and prepared for the worst. When I reached the top of the stairs I got jumped by a zombie we rolled down the stairs and I lost my gun. The zombie was trying as hard as It could to bite me. I was holding it back the best I could. We fought for a good ten minutes when I heard a gunshot and the zombies head exploded above me. At the top of the stairs stood a man with a rifle. " what are you doing out this time of day" he said " well I ran out of gas on the road and was looking for shelter. So me and him soon became good friends his name was James. And he was in the military when this happened. " There are no supplies in this house" he said " we will have to proceed down the road". So we packed our bags and got ready for the fight of our lives.