Let me start by saying I'm only go to do this once. I promise.

Next, if you noticed a lot of chapter alerts with the same title, that's because they're all the same, skip/delete the others.

Finally, I wanted to give this big news to as many people as I could, which is the only reason I'm doing this (see first point)

Okay! The good news! I'm published!

That's right! If you've enjoyed my stories, which I bet you have as you've put me on alert, now is your chance to read a completely original story written by yours truly.

Cargon: Honour & Privilege is my first novel, but I already have two more complete manuscripts, so a second isn't far off. It is set on a future earth after a cataclysmic even has destroyed nearly all of our technology. It is the time of the second renaissance. The story revolves around Eve, a servant in a caste-style society who has the nerve and the guile to step out of her set role and take on a new and much loftier one.

Here's the back blurb:

Lives are won, lost and traded on the three-tiered Cargon boards.

Eve, a serving-girl, has watched the elite from the outside, seen the dramatic shifts based on the results of the Game. With a growing need to reach beyond her station, she can no longer accept her position on the edges.

Wagering her own life, she wins and emerges in a strange new world. New rules and old acquaintances tangle to make Eve's life less comfortable than her position would suggest.

One pawn moved, but an entire world shaken – Eve will change the world.

Copies are available at Amazon (kindle and paper versions) and signed copies, as well as information about up-coming book, blog posts from me, tour dates as I book them, are all be available on my website: Kimmydonn. com

I'm so excited about this, my first release. I've had a bit of a stumble out of the gate and that's gotten me down, but I'm hoping some of you will perk me back up, possibly with sales, but even with just reviews/PMs of congrats. I'll appreciate all of them.

I thought I'd finish by including an excerpt from the book. After demonstrating her wit to the High One, Eve was moved into classes with elite. She is still a servant, still apart from them, but in their realm. (Excuse the formatting, I pulled this from my final PDF copy ;)

Awaking early from the nightmare, she entered the classroom
an hour before the elite students. Even so, the Ernst was there
ahead of her. "If a rock is placed in the sea, does the rock become
wet or does the sea become rocky?"

Eve smiled, but didn't raise her eyes. This was exactly the sort
of question he would ask his class. "Both. The rock joins those on
the bottom, making the sea rocky. As well, the rock, having space
within, takes in water, becoming wet."

The Ernst smiled at her. "And, if the rock were not porous?"

"Then only the sea would become rocky, as the rock would
retain no water upon removal. Nor, if the rock were the only one in
the sea could the sea be said to be rocky either. Was this the only
rock in the sea?" Only after she asked did she realize she was
looking up at the Ernst.

His milky blue eyes shone. "You are a fine student. Take your
place," he sighed. Eve heard the students approaching. Today, the
Ernst quizzed his students on the nature of time and its flow. Was
it even, like water poured from a pitcher, or variable like the wind?
Eve imagined it was choppy like water in a stream. It generally
flowed in one direction, but it was possible to be thrown back, with
memory and dream, to an earlier time, only to be rushed forward
again. She made plans to write this after class was complete.

Prince Louis came to her as he had so many times before. He
was significantly older than his classmates, making Eve wonder
why he was still here. His hand came to rest over her breasts,
where she had pinned the bloom today.

"That bloom will never fade. I think his attention is not so
constant. But mine is, as you can see." Eve set her teeth at that. She
taunted him, but did not seek his affections. Prince Louis put his
nose to her hair now, inhaling deeply. He sighed. "Would you taste
as wonderful as you smell, I wonder?" His hand traced down her
side, just off her skin. It brushed the fabric of her skirt, and she
stepped to the side. It was not strictly permitted, but neither was
his touch.

He sidestepped with her, grinning now. "Skittish. I like that.
Where will you jump to next?" He moved to place his hand on her
chest again, and she leaned away to her left, twisting from him.
Her skirts brushed his legs. That wasn't permitted either. She
backed away again.

He continued to pursue her as she backed herself into the
corner. He put his hands to either side of her head, trapping her
effectively. Finally, unable to find another response, she turned her
eyes level to his. In them she held all of her hatred, her anger, his
loss of honour. Would he continue to ignore the impropriety he
was inflicting? Would he simply accept the slight she had
delivered by staring him down?

He seemed to, showing no offence and instead dipping his
nose to her bloom. He was nearly touching her breasts. She tried
not to breathe while he inhaled deeply. "Smells wonderful, but I
think that's not the bloom. I do wish our stations were not so
distant." He pulled his arms away and turned from her.

It had been over a year since the first time he had approached
her, but for the second time she fell to the floor in relief. She had
nearly spat on him! He would have had her beaten severely for
that. She sniffled, and only then realized tears streamed her face.
She pulled a kerchief and wiped them away before rising. She took
one more deep breath and strode to her lunch with what time

If you'd like to read a larger sample, there are a few chapters available on Google Books. Thanks so much for reading!