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"GOOD MORNING!" Someone yelled in my ear. "RISE AND SHINE! IT'S A NEW DAY!"

I groaned. "What the…"

"WELCOME BACK TO THE WORLD!" Another voice yelled.

I opened my eyes, and found Hidan, Deidara, and Sasori in my bedroom. "Guys!" I threw a pillow in their general direction. "It's four A.M.!"

"Yes. Well, you're always waking us up, so we thought we'd return the favor." Hidan said, rolling Konan out of her bed. "So up! Get up! School starts in…" He glanced at the clock. "Four hours!"

I groaned again, then was promptly flung out of my bed by Sasori. "No going back to sleep!"

Konan finally fully woke up, and stood, shoving the boys one by one out of our bedroom. "Out. Go. Now." She said, closing the door and locking it.

"Well, I'm awake, whether I like it or not." I moped. "You want first shower, or what?"

Konan decided to go down and hurt the boys a bit first (after my warning to leave the house in a relatively good shape), then took the first shower.

I went into the kitchen, grabbing Poptarts and milk and attempting to wake myself up. Why was it that I could wake up at this hour during summer and I would be perfectly fine, but during the school year I'm so damn tired all the time?

"GOOD MORNING, LYRA-CHAN!" Tobi yelled, tackle-hugging me and almost crushing my breakfast.

"Tobi, how the HELL do you manage to be so cheerful all the time?" I asked, attempting to squirm out of his iron death hug.

"Someone's gotta do it!" Tobi said, eating marshmallows. "Everyone else is too busy being tired all the time!"

"That would be because we're sane." Konan said, walking into the kitchen while drying her hair with a towel, already fully dressed.

I groaned, but finished off my Poptarts and made my way up the stairs to shower and attempt to actually wake up.

I then discovered that, after waking Konan and me up, the boys had gone back to sleep.

I sighed, then trudged back DOWN the stairs. "Konan, be a dear and awaken the boys. Again. Or Tobi. Either one of you."

Konan raised an eye brow. "I thought they were already up. Seeing as how they were the ones who woke us."

"Ah, yes, that's the beauty of it. After waking us ever so gently, they decided to go back to sleep." I said dryly.

Tobi grabbed a pie pan and a wooden spoon. "Can Tobi wake them up?" he asked excitedly.

"Sure. Have fun. But let me get to a safe-ish place." I made my way quickly to my bathroom, collecting all necessary things for showering and such. I did not want to have to exit the bathroom until I was completely done with everything.

That, and pissed off ninjas were never good things to have around when you're so tired you can barely keep your eyes open.

I sincerely hoped Tobi didn't wake the neighbors.

I ran the brush through my hair one last time, making sure any and all tangles had been eliminated. Pulling my hair into a loose ponytail, I went downstairs to find a stunning lack of awakened ninjas and an unhappy Tobi.

"Lyra-chan, those meaniebutts broke Tobi's spoon and almost killed Tobi with the pie tin!" he complained to me while Konan slept on the couch, having fallen back asleep despite the herd of elephants(sorry, boys) upstairs.

I rubbed my eyes. "It is too damn early to be dealing with this…" I said, checking my watch. "Eh. It's 5:30. Let them sleep another half hour." I patted Tobi on the head. "Now we know not to attempt to awaken them with pie tins and wooden spoons."

Tobi nodded, and went to fix himself a bowl of Lucky Charms.

When six o'clock finally reared its ugly head, I woke Konan again and went to go rouse everyone else who was school bound.

"GOOD MORNING!" I yelled out, utilizing the same war tactics as the boys had earlier. "RISE AND SHINE! IT'S A NEW DAY!"

"FUCK. OFF." Hidan's shout of rage was muffled by the fact that he had a pink stuffed bunny on his face.

I thought better of asking why.

"Oh, come on. It's six o'clock, up and at 'em. You're practically wasting the day, getting up this late!" I set my iPod up again to play "When Will My Life Begin" from Tangled, since it's such a manly song for them to wake up to.

"SILENCE THAT INFERNAL RACKET!" I heard Kakuzu yell from the other room. I chuckled, ducking back out into the hallway to go pack my homework back into my backpack, since I hadn't had the time last night, what with getting to bed at the lovely hour of midnight.

Running on four hours of sleep is always lovely on a Tuesday.

After much grumbling, I was finally able to get all those who were going out of the house and to school. I kind of wanted to see Allie, since I had been wondering about her date with Tobi the other night.

I plopped down next to her against The Wall, looking at her.

She giggled. "Quit that!"

"Quit what? YOU were the one who refused to text me yesterday, missy." I prodded her shoulder.

"Yes, do inform us how your date went." Konan sat on the other side of Allie, riffling through her backpack for whatever reason.

"Well, it was a date. Between me and Todd." Allie said, trying to concentrate on her current drawing of a wolf howling at the moon.

"Thank you, Captain Obvious." I rolled my eyes.

"Just trying to do my job, Random Civilian. "

"But seriously!" I crossed my arms. "You must tell me. I command thee."

"Well, since I have been commanded…" She sighed dramatically. "We went to see some random action movie. I don't quite remember the title. We kept commenting on the randomest stuff in the movie, like hairstyle and such. I think the people in front of us got annoyed. Then he walked me home an gave me a hug goodbye."

"A hug?" I laughed. That was so like Tobi.

"It was only first date." Konan pointed out.

"I realize that! But he's uber sweet." She sighed and pretended to faint on my shoulder. "I may be in love!"

"Yep, love after the first date. That's probable." That earned me a smack on the shoulder.

"Just because YOU don't believe in love at first sight doesn't mean I can't!" Allie protested. "Or…something like that. Because I suppose love at first sight is technically lust."


"Well, whatever, Miss Logical." Allie said, beginning to shade in her drawing. "I happened to have a nice time last night. And what were you doing?"

"I was actually preventing my house from being knocked down by certain boys who fight ruthlessly over the television remote." I rolled my eyes. "They get on my nerves. Sometimes. More often than not, actually."

"They are boys. This is common in their species." Allie pointed out.

"Very true."

So...I'm not entirely sure if anything was wrong. There might not have been...