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Upon entering my room, I spotted Quinn, looking out the window as she braided her blonde hair. She didn't notice when I came into the room so I saw this as the perfect opportunity for revenge. Again using my stealthy spy skills, I tiptoed further into the room, no creaking sounds omitting from the floorboards. I stifled the urge to giggle at Quinn's obliviousness. Once I get within inches of her I then crouch down so my face is right behind hers, yet she still can't see or hear me. She is completely entranced. I count down in my head. Three…two…one…

"BOO!" I yelled into Quinn's ear.

"Ahh!" Quinn screamed. Startled, she jumps and falls off her chair backwards. But not before taking a swat in the intruder's direction. Luckily I managed to dodge it in time.

By the time Quinn realizes who has snuck up on her I am doubled over in a fit of laughter.

"Oh Quinn," I say between laughs. "You should've seen your face."

Quinn's face was hilarious. Her eyes, bugged out comically, had a tinge of terror in them.

"Rachel! Was that necessary?"

"Oh yes, I believe it was."

"I almost had a heart attack"

"Whoa, now that sounds strangely familiar to what I have been saying for the past two mornings."

Quinn flashed me a teasing scowl.

"Ok, ok. Fine, we're even."

"Not technically," I reply. "But I do suppose I can stop scaring you if you stop doing it to me."

"Deal. I almost peed my pants before. Not looking for a repeat," Quinn said. "Oh yeah, by the way, you have an amazing voice. And so does the cook."

"Her name is Shelby. And thank you," I say, smiling.

"How do you know her name is Shelby?"

"I was talking to her one night and she told me."

"You talked to her?"

"I did. Is that a bad thing?" I ask.

"No, not really. It's just that nobody really makes a point to converse with the adults here," Quinn replies.

"Oh, well maybe they should. Not having anyone to talk to can be daunting after a while. I know I would go insane," I reply. "Anyway, she's really nice."

"So why were you singing with her?" Quinn asks.

"I don't know. It just happened. I was on my way back here and all of a sudden I heard this beautiful voice, singing Defying Gravity. And, of course, I had to go find out who it was. And then it turned out to be Shelby. Her voice resembled that of the Broadway superstar Idina Menzel's voice."

"Who?" Quinn asked.

I stared in shock at her for a few moments. "Idina Menzel…one of the biggest stars on Broadway?"

Quinn shook her head.

"From blockbuster musicals, Rent and Wicked? No? …Quinn, you live in New York. How do you not know who Idina Menzel is?"

"I don't necessarily keep tabs on Broadway related things."

I threw my head back and let out a groan in deep frustration. It is a sin against nature for someone to not to know who Idina is, let alone Wicked!

"Nevermind." I say. "Anyway, we sang together. I can't really explain it, and this might sound weird, but it felt…right…when I sang with Shelby."

I glanced up to see find a puzzled Quinn staring back at me. I knew she wouldn't understand. I guess no one would understand unless they were the one singing.

"Forget it," I told Quinn.

"Ok. So anyway, I was gonna ask, are you going to talk to Ms. Davis about enrolling in school?"

"Oh yeah," I remembered. "I totally forgot." I hadn't devoted one thought to the idea of going to school. We'd been on break since the 16th of December, before the accident. So the thought never crossed my mind.

"When does school start back up?" I asked.

"The 7th, I'm pretty sure."

"Oh, that soon." That would be five days from now. I guess I should talk to Ms. Davis about that," I say while standing, ready to head to Ms. Davis' room.

"Are you sure you don't want me to go with you? Ms. Davis can be kind of…crazy."

"No Quinn," I laugh. "I think I can so this on my own."

With that, I turned on my heel and headed towards the crazy lady's lair. While I was walking, I noticed how the creaking of the wood floorboards made a sort of song. Or maybe it was just that I have been so musically deprived since I've been here that my brain was playing tricks on me.

When I reached the door, I took a deep breath in and then out, preparing myself. After rapping on the door four times, I heard tiny movements, like the rustling of bed sheets.

"Who wants what now?" Ms. Davis yelled from inside.

"It's Rachel Berry. I need to talk to you about an important matter involving school."

I waited as I heard Ms. Davis head for the door, stomping across the floorboards, no doubt stumbling the whole way there.

Finally, Ms. Davis appeared at the threshold and I felt the wind against my face as the door whooshed open. She sported her signature green and red plaid bathrobe look.

"What is it Rina?" she asked, annoyance evident in her tone.

"Rachel, it's Rachel," I said. I would normally point out that I had just stated my name so should know what my correct name is, unless she was aiming for my vexation. However, I prefer to keep my conversing with this woman down to a minimum so I decide to let it slide in order to not prolong my stay.

She just shrugged.

"Anyway, because we have been on the holiday break I hadn't noticed it. However, it has come to my recent attention-"

"Spit it out Renee."

"I need to be enrolled in school."

"Oh yes," Ms. Davis replied, probably realizing it for the first time as well. "I need to do that. I'll get right on that."

And with that, the old hag turned and walked back to her bed, but not before proceeding to slam the door in my face.

She's not really a conversationalist.


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