Chapter 1

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I want to preface this story by giving credit to 'wcduran'. She was the first to open the door to this genre of fanfiction. Hopefully, this will not be the last.

Jane stood over the body, her hands on her hips, waiting for the new Medical Examiner to arrive on scene. Uniformed officers walked around busying themselves with their various jobs, unaware of Jane's consternation. Korsak stood a few feet away, talking to a possible eyewitness, while Frost interviewed the brother of the victim, who had arrived a short time ago.

Korsak kept one eye on Jane as he talked to the eyewitness. He could sense her disdain. After many years of knowing Jane, both personally and professionally, he knew how to judge her moods. She was upset that the new M.E. was late.

"Where is he?" Jane said aloud, barely keeping her voice civil.

As if on cue, a black Mercedes sports sedan pulled up onto the scene, parking just outside the yellow crime scene tape.

Jane rolled her eyes at the obvious display of wealth. She turned her back on the car and waited for the doctor to come to her. She would not be caught looking anxious and needy on this guy's first case. It set a bad tone for their future working relationship. She needed him to know right away who was really in charge here.

She heard the car door open and immediately she stood up straighter. She took a deep breath in through her nose, smelling the air around her stealthily, closing her eyes as she did so. Something had changed. The new M.E. wasn't a man at all.

Korsak was at her side in a flash. "Relax Jane." He said calmly into her ear. "Breathe. In and out."

Jane did as she was told, momentarily aware of only one thing. The new Medical Examiner could be a problem.


"Sorry I'm late." The doctor apologized, making her way over to Jane, carrying her forensic case in her left hand and extending her right out to the detective. "I'm Doctor Maura Isles. Pleased to meet you. Are you the lead detective?"

Jane turned to face the woman and then stood stock still, her eyes locked on the doctor. She was the most beautiful woman that Jane had ever seen. She stood before Jane wearing not the usual medical examiner's uniform. But instead wore a designer blouse with pencil skirt to match. And the shoes that graced her petite feet were Manolo Blahnik. Jane had seen beautiful women many times before, throughout her lifetime. But none held a candle to the exquisite creature that stood before her now.

Korsak nudged Jane, breaking the spell.

Jane looked down at the hand that Maura held out to her as if in a daze. She reached for it slowly. She gripped it firmly and found her tongue. "Detective Jane Rizzoli. Yes, I am the lead detective." Her voice sounded far away to her ears. She held the newcomer's hazel-green eyes with her own deep, chocolate brown ones.

Maura shook the detective's hand, smiling broadly. "Good. We can get started then." She released Jane's hand slowly, reluctantly, feeling the electricity pass between them. She looked down at her hand. "Your hand is cold. Does that happen often? You might have a circulatory problem. If you like, I 'd be happy to take a look into it with you."

Jane smiled back, her dimples flashing briefly before she got herself under control. 'You will not do this with her, Jane.' She told herself, knowing full well that it was too late.

"No, I'm okay. It happens sometimes. It's genetic." She explained, hoping that the doctor would drop it. She flashed her smile again, pushing Maura the slightest bit with her mind, not wanting to take any chances.

Korsak watched this warily, waiting to see if he would have to step in and cover for Jane in any way. He could tell already that there was something different about this particular woman that had caught Jane's attention. 'And she has to be the prettiest woman I've ever seen.' Korsak thought to himself.

Maura nodded and turned to the body that lay on the ground before them. "Well, okay. Let's see what we have." She said, putting her case down, opening it up and pulling on some latex gloves.

The moment seemed to have passed for Maura as she went about inspecting the body, logging in all of her data in her notebook.

It had not passed for Jane, however, as she watched with rapt attention, every move that Maura made, a slight smile on her face.

Korsak watched this one-sided dance as well, finally stepping over to Jane and whispering softly in her ear. "What are you doing, Jane? This is dangerous."

Jane never took her eyes off the doctor. "I know, Korsak. But, I'm afraid it's too late."

"What do you mean, it's too late? You just met her for Christ's sake!" He hissed.

"We've bonded already." Jane said, smiling at the thought.

Korsak rolled his eyes. "Jane, you literally just laid eyes on her, not ten minutes ago!"

Jane turned to Korsak, her eyes leaving Maura Isles for the first time since the doctor came onto the crime scene. She turned her stern gaze towards Korsak, her former partner, now her familiar. "I felt the bond the moment she stepped out of the car, Vince. Before I even looked at her. And she's felt it, too. And there's nothing you or I can do about it."

"But she looked away and started processing the crime scene, like nothing happened." He tried to explain to Jane.

"I pushed her." Jane replied, setting her jaw. "I won't do it again. Unless she asks me to, later." She said cryptically.

Korsak inhaled and looked away from Jane. "So, what now?" He'd been Jane's familiar for almost ten years and in that time he'd never seen this side of Jane. Normally, he'd be the voice of reason for her, keeping her and the secret she carried, safe. But now, in an instant, things had changed. He didn't know what to do.

"I need to get to know our new Medical Examiner. I need her to get to know me. We may be spending the rest of our lives together." Jane said, turning back to watch the doctor work. It had been many, many years since Jane experienced what it meant to have someone walk through life with her. She smiled at the thought.


Maura placed her forensics case back into the trunk of her car and made her way back over to the three detective's that stood in a circle, talking. She felt an uncontrollable need to speak to the female lead detective. A feeling of calm came over her when she looked at the tall brunette. The feeling came over her when she even thought about the detective.

As she walked back to them, she marveled at the beauty the dark eyed woman possessed. She was almost too beautiful to look at. It almost hurt to do so. Maura had never been attracted to women sexually. She could, of course, appreciate the female form. Women were, after all, by nature, fantastically easy on the eyes. But she'd never felt her insides filled with butterflies and her genitals filled with blood over one. It scared her and thrilled her all at the same time.

The only thing she knew for sure was that she would make a concerted effort to befriend the raven haired beauty. She was rather awkward in social situations, but she would forgo her normal reaction of withdrawing, and try something new. The need to be near Jane Rizzoli was too strong for her to deny.

Jane turned to face the doctor as she approached, as if she knew the Maura was coming over to speak to them.

"I'd really like to speak to you alone, Doctor Isles, if I may?' Jane asked, politely.

"Sure." Maura answered. "And please call me Maura."

Jane smiled brilliantly. "Maura. Maybe we could have dinner tonight. If you're not busy, I mean. I know it's your first day and you have some acclimating to do, but it's kind of urgent for me." Jane, normally so patient, had to physically slow herself down.

Maura knew she had a lot of work to do back at her lab, processing the new body, but she found it hard to say no to Jane. It took some effort not to just leave with her right now, forgetting all about finishing her job altogether.

Jane sensed this internal struggle Maura was having with herself and quickly added, "After you're done with your work, of course."

Maura nodded. "I'll call you when I'm finished. I'll need your cell number."

Jane reached into her inside jacket pocket and pulled out a small white card. She scribbled her number on the back, handing it to Maura. Their fingers touched briefly and Maura felt that jolt of electricity again.

"My cell and home number." Jane said, smiling at Maura again. "You'll call anytime. I mean it. Anytime."

Maura smiled back at Jane, turning on her charm. It was not lost on Jane. "I'll see you later then. It's been a pleasure working with you today." Maura pulled her eyes away from Jane and addressed the two other detectives. "Working with you all, I mean."

Korsak and Frost smiled and nodded.

Frost frowned as the doctor walked away. "What's so urgent, Jane?"

Korsak intervened. "Girl bonding time. Right, Janie?"

Jane smiled and nodded, her eyes never leaving the backside of the retreating blonde. "Yeah, bonding time."

I decided to try my hand at this type of fanfic. It's completely different than my last story, so I hope I don't lose too many readers. Maybe, I'll even pick up a few. Let me know how I'm doing thus far.