Chapter 14

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Jane stood over her new found lover and life mate, transfixed. She watched the steady rise and fall of Maura's chest, mesmerized by the rhythm and ease at which the doctor breathed, so natural and necessary. It entranced her and filled her with awe and a slight sense of envy, once again, at how easy her human performed these intricate biological functions that she herself had spent years, many years, mastering in order to appear normal.

Her hunger was once again returning as she observed the slight, yet obvious, pulsing of Maura's jugular vein beneath the luminescent skin of the doctor's neck.

The sun, beginning to wane in the early twilight of evening, spilled into the room, bathing Maura in an almost ethereal light. Jane pulled her eyes from her lover, almost painfully, and stared into it, her supernatural eyes not affected by it's blistering rays upon her unnatural retinas, which were still in their natural ice blue state. She smiled slightly at the beauty of it's simplicity and regularity.

The sun knew nothing of her kind and it's affect upon them. An effect that caused first, excruciating pain, then unbearable agony and almost certainly, death. Something that, she herself, had never experienced.

She had not died to become who she was, nor had she had to suffer the atrocities that this magnificent star could produce. Nor would she ever.

She was a born sentinel. A guardian of her kind. A keeper of not only the history and traditions of her people, but a protector of them also. And many times she'd had to be an enforcer, as well. Holding those who chose to bend or break the laws and traditions of their own race accountable for their actions. She existed for only this.

Her legacy as a guardian, throughout the history of her kind, was straight forward, well defined, sacrosanct.

But now, as she watched the sun slowly make it's lazy, predictable, yet glorious way towards the west, leaving Boston behind, to find it's way across the magnificent continent that is North America, a continent that this New World accepts as discovered by Christopher Columbus, but was actually discovered by Amerigo Vespucci, as far as "discovering", goes she felt a sense of ownership.

In reality it was discovered, colonized, civilized and advanced by her own tribe of vampira.

She also realized something else. Something that she had never entertained before...ever. Never in her long , long...long life.

Maura was changing her.

Had changed her.

She knew from the moment she sensed Maura only a day ago. Maura wasn't the only one who was going to have to make changes in her life.

Jane gazed lovingly at the sun once more and then pulled her gaze forcefully away from the blazing orb. She walked over to the prone figure that was her inamorata and sat on the edge of the bed, lowering herself gracefully sitting next to Maura.

She, once again, watched the sleeping figure that lay before her. She watched her for a long while. It was in her nature to watch. It was her job. Her calling. Her birthright.

She watched until she heard Korsak opening her apartment door.

Then she pulled herself away from the vigil over her sleeping life mate and joined Korsak in the living room.

They stood looking at one another in the fading light.

Jane spoke first.

Korsak had been waiting for it.

"Something's changed, hasn't it?" she asked, walking over to the window and watching the sun disappear over the building across the street.

Korsak sighed loudly before answering. "Yes." he said, tiredly. "Yes, it has, Janie."

Jane turned to look at Korsak, finding his eyes. She knew that he couldn't resist anyway.

"Maura's different than the others. They know it." Korsak sighed. "They're coming for her now."

Jane sighed loudly, stretching fully, her body cracking and releasing the tension, one vertebrae at a time.

"How long?" she asked.

Korsak waited until Jane had realigned herself..

"Not long." he answered. "Should we move?"

Jane considered the question, then answered. "As soon as Maura wakes up, I'll ask her if we can move to her place. Until then, we hunker down. Do you have food here?"

Korsak nodded.

Jane smiled and nodded back. "Then here we will stay. The sun's gone. Did you bring everything?"

Korsak smiled slyly, looking at the duffel bag at his feet.

"Oh yeah." he said. "I brought it all."

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