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Chapter 57

"Lock it." Maura said softly but with authority as she stood just inside the closed back door, holding Jane over her shoulder, one hand behind her Sentinel's knees, the other firmly holding her left butt cheek…securely. She moved back a step, allowing Jane to reach the deadbolt.

"Please?" She requested sweetly.

"Yes, ma'am." Jane said, obliging immediately, smiling and reaching out and turning the lock, thumbing it home soundly as she hung upside down. "Anything for you."

"Thank you." Maura said, her glowing eyes cutting backwards over her shoulder, a sly knowing smile making its way across her face, decidedly hiking her beloved up onto her shoulder again.

Jane hadn't started this encounter so willingly, at least not mentally.

Maura had felt it. Jane had been uncharacteristically and completely taken off guard by her actions in the backyard.

It was a new feeling of power that Maura kept to herself. She funneled it into her newfound appetite.

Jane was unaware of Maura's epiphany.

After locking the door, she returned her arm around Maura's thin toned middle, resting her head again in the small of her back, her cheek grazing Maura's firm ass as she walked, her long unruly hair reaching almost past Maura's knees.

The intoxicating fragrance of Maura's growing arousal was now just under her nose, her own presumably just as easily discernible so close to her lover's nose, as well, considering their current configuration.

Jane was both internally irritated and thrilled. Irritated because she was not used to being surprised…ever. But thrilled because Maura actually could surprise her.

It had been centuries since someone had been able to do that so easily.

And to do that twice in one night…unprecedented.

Jane was impressed but also completely perturbed. She could feel that Maura knew this. She was beginning to understand that Maura could feel a lot of things now and that maybe she herself wasn't privy to all of those reciprocating feelings anymore.

Her doctor might be able to hide things now.

Instead of feeling hurt or affronted, Jane accepted her new station. But knowing that Maura had a lot to learn, she still charged into her new role as teacher with enthusiasm, also trusting that her beloved would never intentionally deceive or mislead her with her new ability.

Jane knew that Maura loved her and needed her and because of that knowledge, she would teach her new mate everything…without malice or prejudice, her new ability to hide her feelings be damned.

The Sentinel was more than willing to do this and not just because it was now her job. She also loved Maura, would kill and die for her, given the opportunity, so allowing her intended to take a moment to stretch her newfound vampire wings was perfectly acceptable. If Jane could no longer feel everything that Maura felt, then so be it. She only wanted the best for her bonded mate, however that eventuality was achieved.

But the one thing she could feel completely now, and would always be able to feel, was Maura's arousal.

Unconditionally and forever. There would never be a buffer or way to hide it.

The Sentinel understood everything that was happening between herself and her doctor. Knowing that Maura's newly awakened vampire libido was almost bigger than she herself was able to handle, Jane was also impressed that she'd been able to suppress it for as long as she had since she'd transitioned.

Jane would teach her how to do this and maintain an easy and relaxed face and demeanor that only Maura and Jane herself would know was a façade.

But all that aside, what Maura had just accomplished with her ability to mask her emotions and intentions was new and almost unacceptable...almost.

No one had done this before.

No one had ever dared.

Lifting Jane completely off her feet without her permission or knowledge beforehand was risky, possibly deadly.

Maura didn't care. She knew Jane wouldn't kill her and the thrill of taking her by surprise had become almost addictive.

'Audacia!' Jane's mind screamed, her vampiric position and social stature sensibilities momentarily disrespected, but her body responded differently. She'd never been "handled" in this manner before. She was coming to terms with the fact that she liked it.

Being thrown over Maura's shoulder, so suddenly and unexpectedly, reignited Jane's own passion for her doctor, her now visceral control over her own sexuality challenged. She held onto that control strenuously, but it was becoming tenuous.

Maura was playing with fire and Jane knew it wouldn't be long before this all exploded.

A vampire's desire for sex was unrivaled and innate. It was part of their genetic make up, a holdover from ancient times when the baser instincts ruled a young vampire race long before humans and their need for civility began their rise to power over the planet, bringing with them their laws and discouragements, reprisals and repercussions.

Before human interference, depravity was rampant and encouraged.

Caligula, Marquis de Sade, Vlad the Impaler…Jack the Ripper…they set the standard for vampire behavior. There were many others before records were kept. And, of course, there were many after, as well.

The Council finally mitigated and regulated this behavior, creating the Sentinel tribe to police it. It was a slow and hard lesson that the vampire race itself learned slow and hard. Some never learned it at all.

Progress and evolution were not something that vampires understood, as they did neither, progress or evolve.

They were who they were, start to finish, beginning to end, always the same, their own needs and desires tantamount.

Maura was now a part of this ancient race, but…she was different.

Jane knew she was going to change everything.

Unfortunately, Jane had realized instantly that Maura also still had that one last vestige, that one last remnant, the one behavior that couldn't be curbed or controlled or "bred" out, regardless of the Council's attempt to the contrary…a ravenous desire for sex.

Jane felt it every day and understood her mate's now uncontrollable need for it.

Luckily, now they felt that same ravenous desire for only each other.

Jane had managed to keep her own lust for Maura precariously under wraps for as long as was necessary, waiting for Maura to assert herself, but now it was time to set it free.

She was a Sentinel, after all. She knew control intimately and practiced it every day of her long life. She also knew when to allow herself to drop the façade and let herself enjoy her birthright.

It was rare, decades passing since the last time she'd indulged herself. She was more than ready to stretch her own vampire wings.

Her fangs descended as her eyes glowed again and she moved her left hand around and grasped Maura's right butt cheek, her long middle finger sliding stealthily just underneath and between her legs, grazing Maura's entrance as she walked, probing slightly, moving her fingertip in several circles, then returning to her ass, squeezing it firmly as she was summarily carried towards Maura's bedroom.

Maura didn't break stride.

"Doctor, your actions could be considered criminal." Jane said, running that same hand down the back of Maura's thigh, feeling the taut muscle of her hamstring contracting and releasing as she walked. She squeezed it firmly. "I could have you arrested for kidnapping."

Maura quickly retorted. "Really, Detective? Is that what this is? Am I unlawfully seizing you by force against your will?" She smiled, moving her hand from Jane's ass and slowly and sensually began to tickle the pit of her knee, the exact spot that the Sentinel had admitted to earlier being her main erogenous zone.

Jane inhaled quickly through her clenched teeth, her Kegel muscles contracting tightly and uncontrollably, her desire for Maura almost becoming unbearable.

"Oh, God…" Jane whispered, squeezing closed her glowing eyes and turning her face into the small of Maura's back, her forehead fitting perfectly into its curve. She quickly moved her wandering hand back around her doctor's waist, grasping her own opposite elbow, her concentration on control tantamount.

"Be careful, Maura. This could be dangerous." She rasped.

Maura smiled, eyes glinting as she continued, her step undisturbed, flipping off the downstairs hallway light that had been left on earlier, before starting her walk up the stairs to her bedroom, Jane now clinging to her own body still upside down. She drew unimaginable strength and confidence knowing that her Sentinel allowed her to do this, also knowing that she could protest her recent treatment at any time, but didn't.

Maura continued to lightly draw an infinity symbol on the pit of Jane's knee, exactly mirroring their new life together, disregarding her detective's warning.

"Yes, Jane." Maura said confidently. "It could be dangerous." She continued her slow but deliberate march up the stairs, Jane's feet bouncing in front of her face with each riser she ascended. Maura noticed with some mirth that her lover had crossed them at the ankles, unknowingly giving her own permission to be treated in this manner. She pulled Jane's knees closer into her chest as she hiked her up further and more soundly onto her shoulder.

"But for whom, I wonder?"


Maura used her free hand to push the door open all the way, hearing it lightly tap the doorstop, before she walked triumphantly into her own darkened bedroom, her new eyes surveying the king sized bed before her. It hadn't been made and for that she was glad.

She glanced briefly at the foil covered windows, knowing that eventually they would be revealed again, the sun spangling the pane's vibrant colors across her bed just as she'd intended when she'd had them inlaid.

But for now, that could wait.

She stood holding Jane over her shoulder, feet spread shoulder width apart, free hand now held at her side, curling into a loose fist.

The doctor smiled, envisioning the picture she must be presenting.

She'd briefly indulged in romance novels as an adolescent before quickly moving on to her more serious educational endeavors. Change her gender and this would surely be the cover of a bestseller.

It emboldened her. Jane's lack of protest and her vampire's earlier sexual advances encouraged her. Her center stilled tingled where Jane had briefly and surreptitiously touched her last.

She stepped closer to the bed, slapping Jane's buttock hard once before leaning forward, throwing her shoulder over and Jane with it, tossing her lover summarily onto the mattress.

Jane bounced once on the expensive pillow top, raising herself up onto her elbows, trying to regain her composure and her footing, not just on the bed but in the scenario that was about to play out. She had no idea what was about to happen…another first in her long, long life.

Maura was playing her cards close to the vest.

Jane wasn't scared. Sentinels rarely felt fear. She was patient…and intrigued.

Maura stood a foot from the edge of the bed, her glowing neon yellow eyes staring intently at her lover, her nostrils flaring as her breathing increased, drawing Jane's smell deep into her lungs, her arousal evident.

She licked her lips, her own fangs dropping slowly, naturally, her mouth still closed. She presented no aggressive behavior towards Jane, knowing instinctively that permission still needed to be granted before her seduction could begin.

After this initial encounter, their virgin first as it were, this ritual wouldn't have to be replayed. But Maura instinctively realized that this first experience needed this precedence. It set the tone for their future sexual life together. Respect and consent being held in the highest regard.

She began to chuff, signaling to her detective that she was ready and waiting.

Jane's ice white glowing eyes widened, pupils dilating, understanding immediately what Maura was asking. She sat up on her knees on the bed, moving the sheet and comforter out of her way. She stared into Maura's own glowing eyes as the low growl began deep in her chest.

She was granting Maura permission.

Maura smiled, her fangs finally on full display for her lover.

Jane was enthralled.

Suddenly, Maura pounced onto the bed and onto Jane, pulling her forward into her own body before twisting at the waist, throwing her onto her back into the goose down pillows, towering above her then pushing her into the mattress, kissing her deeply neither worrying about the damage that their fangs could inflict.

They were both vampires now and could heal almost in an instant. The pain of each cut only added to their newfound passion. The blood that was spilled tonight would only happen once. After this initial encounter, this culmination of Maura's transition, this initiation of Maura into her new life, her new self, there would be no need for any more bloodletting between them.


Both understood what was about to happen, as well.

This was about sex and only sex. They both knew that the love was there, underlying, lurking, but it was not going to be the star of the show tonight.

Maura, having never felt so empowered by her own sexuality, pulled back from Jane, straddling her lover, blood covering her lips, dripping from her new fangs, both her own blood as well as Jane's. She leaned forward again over her detective, finding her eyes, hands on either side of her head on the pillows as her lover lay pliant and uncharacteristically docile underneath her. A single fat drop fell down onto her lover's cheek, just below her glowing eye.

Jane did not blink.

Maura licked her own right fang, lifting her lip as she tasted the blood from it. She then leaned over and licked the crimson liquid from Jane's face slowly, deliberately, seductively lapping at it until it was gone, a shiny trail of saliva dotting her beloved's cheek.

Jane did not protest. Instead she encouraged Maura, a moan escaping her throat, eyes rolling closed, hands finding Maura's hips.

The blonde savored it, closing her own eyes, rolling the liquid salty iron around on her tongue. It tasted glorious, the melding of both types creating an entirely new and different flavor.

She could feel Jane's hands on her hips and her detective's desire hammering off of her in waves.

"Why aren't you fighting me, Jane? Don't you want to be on top?" Maura asked, her voice decidedly much lower in timbre than normal, her new vampire vocal cords opening and flourishing along with her arousal. She almost sounded like she had a cold.

Maura suddenly wanted and needed Jane to protest.

Directly challenging Jane's dominance, Maura moved her hands from beside her Sentinel's head, quickly cupping them behind Jane's knees and pushing them up beside her own head. Jane was almost bent in half with Maura completely on top of her, their centers lined up perfectly, Maura's face directly over Jane's.

Maura opened her mouth wide, her fangs on full display.

She pumped her hips slowly into Jane twice, then three times, rolling them, rubbing her pubic bone perfectly against the brunette's clit, their eyes still locked, glowing their brightest in the dark room, pupils dilated.

Jane moaned deeply. "You are very skilled in the art of frottage, Doctor. A natural, I would say."

A seductive smile slowly grew across the Sentinel's face, eyes narrowing.

Maura pushed Jane's knees once hard near her head again, moving her own head in close, right above Jane's, hissing softy, asserting her dominance, continuing to roll her hips into Jane.

Instead of protesting Maura's action, Jane acquiesced, reaching up and touching her lovers face softly, gently, her own fangs on display, still maintaining her participation but her unwillingness to hurt her. She traced Maura's jawline with both of her thumbs. She moved her center into Maura's suggestively, daring her for more, slowly allowing Maura to push her own knees completely into the pillow, next to her own ears, attesting to her own flexibility.

Maura shook her head.

"Twice." Maura whispered, lowering Jane's knees, dropping them roughly at her sides, her hands moving next to Jane's hips as she still hovered over her beloved, her body shaking with barely controlled desire. "You've been very docile with me…twice. You know what I want. I know what you want. Why are you not even trying?"

Jane smiled, narrowing her glowing white ice eyes again, feeling that Maura was ready.

She quickly and almost imperceptibly, flipped Maura onto her back, straddling her, millimeters above her, their bodies only touching where Jane's knees grazed Maura's hips, her face hovering directly above Maura's, hands on either side of her head, mirroring Maura's previous position, her raven hair cascading around her doctor's head, tickling her face. She smiled, perfect teeth and dimples slowly making their presence known.

Maura was shocked and thrilled at how quickly Jane could take charge. She reached up, smiling back, and raked her fingers through the soft obsidian strands, pushing them back off off of Jane's forehead, gathering them into a makeshift ponytail at the back of her head. She tugged at it playfully, yellow eyes twinkling.

Jane slowly moved her face down towards Maura's ear, grazing her nose down her cheek and back up to her ear again, inhaling deeply, feeling her libido ratchet up a notch and with it her hold onto her control beginning to fail.

This dance was just beginning.

"I don't want to hurt you." Jane whispered, sitting up and leaning back onto her knees, hands on her thighs, taking a deep breath, straddling her lover again, trying to reign in her desire. "I love you."

Maura reached up and grabbed a fistful of Jane's t-shirt, pulling her back down into her own face. "And I love you. And I don't want you to hurt me, either." She paused before adding, "At least not badly." She smiled before moving up to kiss Jane deeply, their tongues dancing, her hands roaming freely now.

She held Jane's face with one hand while the other reached between their bodies and cupped Jane's sex over her sweatpants, her middle finger probing the warm entrance as Jane had done earlier to she herself as she had walked her vampire up the stairs. She could feel the heat pumping off of Jane under her palm, wondering if her lover was as wet as she was. She ached to touch her directly, but decided to tease a bit first.

Jane moaned into Maura's mouth, pushing and rubbing her core into her doctor's hand, needing the friction as she sucked on her tongue before nipping at her bottom lip, massaging her full breast, the nipple already erect and straining against the thin cotton material of her shirt. Jane was pleased that Maura had opted to go braless after her shower as it would be one less article of clothing that she would have to remove.

Maura pushed her chest up into Jane's palm, moving her hand to cover Jane's, the other still stroking the Sentinel's center, moving her finger up and rubbing her clit forcefully through the soft material of her sweatpants.

Jane moaned again, quickly pushing Maura's shirt up over her breasts, moving her mouth over the nipple she'd been toying with, sucking on it, pulling as much of her breast into her mouth as she could, her tongue massaging vigorously.

Maura gasped at the warm wetness suddenly covering her breast, the suction that Jane was creating just on the edge of uncomfortable but not crossing into painful. It was just enough and Maura was pleased, knowing that Jane instinctively knew how far to push without going too far.

"Oh, God." Maura whispered, her free hand moving behind Jane's head, grunting as she pushed her chest up further into Jane's mouth, gritting her teeth, fangs on full display again, pleased that Jane had drawn her own fangs back up into her gums. "That's good. So good."

Her other hand continued massaging Jane's clit, Maura enjoying the sounds Jane was making as she continued suckling.

Suddenly Jane sat up, releasing Maura's nipple with a pop, grabbing the hand that was teasing her, glowing eyes wide, fangs bared again. She found Maura's eyes, also glowing.

"Stop!" She said, leaning into Maura's face again. "Touch me or don't! But stop this teasing! I'm done playing!"

Maura was not intimidated. She jerked her hand out of Jane's grasp, sitting up abruptly, baring her own fangs, throwing Jane off balance, the Sentinel leaning back onto her hands, grabbing at Maura's knees to keep from falling off the bed altogether.

Maura's hand shot out and grabbed Jane's hand to pull her back onto her lap.

"Fine!" Maura yelled, instantly rolling Jane onto her back, her hand under the small of Jane's back, repositioning her upwards more onto the down pillows, then leaning into Jane's face again, baring her own fangs, her breathing rapid but deep.

Glowing eyes locked. Seconds passed.

Maura spoke first, leaning back onto her knees.

"I really hope you have another one of these t-shirts."

Confusion crept into Jane's glowing eyes. "What? Why?"

Maura grasped the shirt at its neck with both hands.

"Because this one is now ruined." She said before ripping it squarely down the middle.


Maura immediately moved to Jane's neck, licking and sucking along the long muscle that Jane kept flexing as she tried to find Maura's mouth, her head following Maura's every bob and weave, her hands holding Maura's head.

Maura's hands found her Sentinel's breasts, palming them roughly but not harshly, Jane responding immediately to her touch, the erect buds becoming almost painful. Maura moved quickly down and took one into her mouth, sucking deeply.

Jane groaned, throwing her head back into the pillow and arching her back, pushing her breast farther into Maura's mouth, her hands holding her doctor's head.

"Fuck!" She hissed, pushing her hips up into Maura's, trying to find any contact, her eyes squeezed shut.

Jane suddenly needed to exercise her dominance once again, flipping Maura over quickly, holding her head next to her breast as she shed the t-shirt that her beloved had ripped down the middle, one arm at a time. She straddled her lover once again, enjoying the attention that Maura was giving to her nipple, feeling not only the suction but also her tongue rolling it.

Maura moaned into Jane's breast, her hands quickly grabbing Jane's hips positioning her better before moving them to Jane's shoulder blades as she pulled her Sentinel down and closer into herself.

Maura was sitting upright under her lover, Jane now sitting on her lap. She reached down between their bodies and slid her hand down Jane's smooth stomach, underneath the waistband of her sweats and underwear through her short well-trimmed hair and into the heat of Jane's core.

"These have to come off." Maura said into Jane's shoulder, tugging at the waistband of her sweat pants briefly with her free hand, her middle finger sliding easily through her lover's soaked folds, gathering the moisture and then slowly drawing it up to her clit, rubbing slow circles around it, massaging the hood as she felt Jane's stomach quiver against the inside of her forearm. She moved her other hand around and cupped Jane's ass, urging her closer into her own body, her mouth covering Jane's nipple again, sucking greedily, fangs ascending. She didn't want to use them against any sensitive part of Jane's body, but all other areas were still fair game.

Jane quickly disengaged Maura from her breast, tilting her face upward and kissed her deeply, her own fangs put away, taking her cue from Maura, hands holding Maura's neck, thumbs under her doctor's chin, forcing her face up as she kissed her once more before moving her fingers to the bottom hem of Maura's shirt, quickly whipping it up and over Maura's head, tossing it unceremoniously to the floor beside the bed on top of her ripped t-shirt.

Maura's arms were briefly up as the shirt was removed, her beautiful hair flying around her head, wild and free, settling on alabaster freckled shoulders. Maura shook her head, distributing it evenly, eyes on her Sentinel, waiting for her next move. She tugged at Jane's sweatpants again. "They have to come off, Jane. Now."

Jane licked her lips, eyeing Maura's beautiful full bare breasts, swallowing loudly, saliva filling her mouth.

"Yes, they do." Jane rasped out, her need for Maura at its peak. She felt she would burst with it. She desperately needed release and she desperately needed Maura. "Everything has to go."

Jane leaned forward and threw her leg over Maura, pushing her lover back into the bed, no longer straddling her. She quickly grabbed the button and zipper of Maura's linen shorts, undoing both, brusquely pulling them, as well as her panties, down and off of Maura, turning them inside out in the process, depositing them on top of the growing pile of clothes on the floor. She then stood on top of that pile and stripped out of her own sweats and boy shorts, immediately missing Maura's touch and the warmth of her lover's skin, quickly climbing back onto the bed and on top of her waiting mate.

Maura welcomed her, pulling her down.

Jane settled her thigh in between Maura's legs and her body down onto her soft, trembling lover, hands finding their way into her hair, lips finding lips. They kissed long and slow, Maura's hands trailing down Jane's back, pinky fingers following the small bumps of her spine, thumbs following her ribs.

Jane began pumping her hips slowly into Maura, her center searching for the protrusion of her bashert's hip bone, desperately needing the hardness and the friction, her wetness coating her lover's skin as she searched. Simultaneously, she pushed her thigh into Maura's own slick core, one hand finding its way down over supple stomach muscles, her middle digit pushing through velvet wetness, sliding deep into heat, her own thigh pushing it in deeper.

Maura moaned, opening her legs slightly wider, her hands cupping Jane's ass, pulling her closer as she began to ride Jane's long dexterous finger, hips pumping up slowly, head thrown back, pushing into the pillow.

"Uh…mmm…yessss, Jane. Right there." Maura grunted, fangs lowering again. "Two fingers, please. Oh, God, two fingers."

Jane made the quick adjustment, her fingers now sliding slowly in and out of Maura, curling each time, the tips just brushing that soft ridged patch each time she exited, her thumb rubbing Maura's clit when she was able, moisture now gushing out onto her hand, Maura's excitement and her own efforts making wet sounds that filled the room.

Jane loved that sound. It was the physical and tangible sound of Maura's acceptance and love for her.

Maura moaned again, enjoying the sounds that were filling her bedroom, as well.

Jane tried to give Maura's clit the attention it deserved as best as she could while still grinding her own center into Maura's hip bone, but Maura was now bucking and throwing her rhythm off.

Maura slid one hand from Jane's ass around and between their bodies, needing the feel of Jane's internal heat. She wanted to be inside of Jane as she herself orgasmed and wanting to feel Jane orgasm with her.

She was close and she sensed that Jane was, as well.

Maura pushed two fingers roughly inside of Jane, reveling in her slick warmth. She moved her fingers quickly in and out, knowing that she wasn't giving Jane her best effort, but needing to attempt some reciprocation for the attention that Jane was giving her.

They were writhing together, both chasing their own orgasm but needing the other to climax before they would allow their own release.

The entire room smelled of musky sex.

Tension was building. Something had to give, and soon. They couldn't maintain this level of arousal and denial much longer.

Maura moved her free hand up to Jane's chest and pushed her up slightly, so that they could look at each other, glowing eyes into glowing eyes, the other hand never missing a thrust, hips never missing a roll and grind.

She bared her fangs, opening her mouth wide, challenging Jane to do the same. She hissed, their bodies still moving together.

Jane suddenly understood and obliged, opening her own mouth wide, her unique Sentinel fangs on full display above her lover's face.

Both moved their heads to the side in opposite directions simultaneously, exposing their necks to one another at the same time.

As if a gun had gone off, they both sank their respective fangs into each other, Jane hitting Maura's jugular precisely, the fresh blood pumping into her mouth, her eyes rolling back into her head as she came immediately, her fingers sinking into the goose down pillow behind Maura's head, ripping thorough the case and feathers puffing up and out around her head as she climaxed.

Conversely, Maura sank her fangs into Jane's shoulder, knowing that Jane's blood didn't flow and not wanting to feed again anyway but needing to sink her new teeth into something of substance as she climaxed, she clamped down just as hard, almost biting cleanly through the flesh altogether, but instinctively knowing just where to latch onto to get the satisfaction that she needed.

She shook her head vigorously, much as a cat would toying with its prey, as she climaxed, moaning deeply.

They pushed and pulled at each other with their free hands, bare flesh against bare flesh, mouths latched onto one another, occupied hands still moving forcibly against sensitive and swollen areas until it was over, spent bodies collapsing.


"Enough, Jane." Maura whispered into Jane's strong shoulder, still feeling the afterglow, but needing her mate to stop feeding. She knew she couldn't die, but she could still pass out. She didn't want to do that. She wanted to enjoy being with Jane in all of her post coital glory.

Maura pushed Jane off of her neck, wincing as her lover's fangs were forcibly extricated from her jugular vein.

It began to heal immediately, the blood staunched but still pumping through the wound until it seamlessly disappeared, only the stagnant blood remaining.

Maura looked up into Jane's wide eyes as her detective licked her lips, still trained on the stray blood that was pooling and running down Maura's neck and onto the pillow case as the vein sealed itself.

Maura smiled softly, feeling Jane's need. She turned her head away exposing her neck again to her lover.

"Only lick, Jane. No fangs, please." Maura whispered, pulling Jane into her neck. "And absolutely no biting. I mean it."

Maura lay under her Sentinel lover, arms wrapped around her back, legs intertwined.

"Can you do that?"

Jane lowered her full weight onto her beloved, focusing her attention on the blood that remained from their first and last bloodletting.

Jane nodded. "Yes." She rasped.

"Then I'm all yours." Maura smiled, finding Jane's now chocolate eyes with her own hazel-green, confirming that she truly was in control, then leaning her head away from Jane, exposing her neck again.

Jane lowered her face and slowly, methodically began licking the blood from it, a deep purring sound emitting from her chest and vibrating into Maura's as she laid on top of her.

Maura smiled, running her fingers through Jane's hair, reveling in the feeling of her lover's warm tongue gently caressing her neck as she so graciously cleaned the blood from it, this new sound and sensation coming from Jane extremely comforting.

She smiled as she realized something.

"Jane, baby, your hair has feathers in it!" She laughed, remembering the exact moment when Jane's fingers punctured the goose down pillow, filling the air momentarily with it's contents.

Maura began in earnest picking each feather out of her lover's hair, dropping them onto the carpet next to the bed. The room was going to have to be thoroughly cleaned anyway, so she wasn't concerned.

Jane licked and cleaned her neck until no indication that anything untoward had ever even occurred there, her skin as unblemished and pristine as the day she was born. Unfortunately, the same couldn't be said for the pillow case.

Jane leaned up on her elbows to find Maura's twinkling eyes focusing on her task at hand, a slight smile on her lover's lips as she concentrated. She stopped picking at the feathers when she felt Jane's serious eyes on her, her own eyes softening, the smile remaining.

"What?" She said, one hand moving to rest on Jane's back, the other cupping her jaw, the thumb stroking her cheek. "What's got you looking so pensive right now, hmmm?"

Jane leaned her face into Maura's palm, closing her eyes briefly, taking a deep breath.

"Your sheets are ruined." She said seriously. "And so is this pillow."

Maura snorted laughter.

"Are you kidding? I have two more sets just like these, Jane. Just in different colors." She said smiling, her hand trailing down to the small of Jane's back, her middle finger just dipping into the space at the top of her buttocks between her cheeks then back out again, repeating the process several times, tickling lightly. "And more pillows, as well."

She leaned up and kissed Jane's mouth softly, then relaxed back onto the destroyed pillow, her own hair filled with feathers also. Jane allowed the kiss, but her mood didn't change, her face still serious.

Maura's brow furrowed in concern. "Jane? What's wrong? Tell me. You're scaring me now."

Jane softened her features, smiling and kissing Maura's palm which was still cradling her face.

"I'm not ready for this to end just yet." She said, moving her body off of Maura and laying beside her, facing her, head propped up in her hand.

Maura turned onto her side, mirroring Jane, brows furrowing deeper. "Why would this have to end? We just got started. We have forever now." Her voice was rising, her heart beginning to race. "Jane? You said we have forever."

Jane realized that she wasn't being clear and, once again, unwittingly alarming her lover. She reached over to soothe Maura, stroking her hip.

"No, baby." She said, her voice remaining calm. "That's not what I meant." She shook her head, moving her hand between them, gesturing to Maura and then to herself. "We do have forever. I meant I didn't want this to end."

She gestured to them both and then the bed and then the room. "This. Our little cocoon that we've created here for ourselves."

Maura closed her eyes, relief flooding her body. She rolled onto her back again taking a deep breath, letting it out quickly, moving her arm over her eyes. "You scared me, Jane."

Jane reached over and moved Maura's arm from her face, taking her hand and kissing the back of it lightly. "I'm sorry. I really need to work on that, don't I?"

She smiled sheepishly at Maura, who turned her head and nodded in agreement.

"Yes, you do. You really do." She looked back up at the ceiling, trying to get her agitation towards Jane under control.

Jane waited, still holding Maura's hand, moving it back up to her lips, kissing it softly over and over.

When she was satisfied that Maura wasn't truly mad, she spoke softly into the back of her hand. "But this is ending sooner rather than later, my love." She kissed her hand one last time and then lowered it to the bed between them, continuing to hold it.

Maura looked at her quickly. "Why?"

Jane smiled, taking a deep breath, knowing that her next words might alarm her lover again.

"Frost is here."


Jane sat on the edge of the bed, pulling her shoes on quickly then standing and buttoning the fly to her jeans, covering the waist with the gray BPD t-shirt that Korask had brought from her apartment three days earlier.

"Why does it matter that Frost is here, Jane?" Maura asked, standing naked in front of her lover, weight leaned onto one hip, arms crossed over her bare chest. "Hasn't he been here for the past few days? What makes this night so different?"

Jane stood and placed her hands on Maura's upper arms, leaning forward and looking into her eyes intently.

"Because tonight I'm going to find out how the fuck he figured out that I was here and why the fuck he's been stalking me." She said, leaning forward and kissing her forehead, moving Maura's hair away from her face. She smiled.

"You have feathers in your hair, too." The Italian vampire said, laughing and plucking one out and showing it to Maura, taking her hand and placing it delicately into her palm. "You look adorable." She kissed her forehead again quickly, before walking into the bathroom, flipping on the light, leaving Maura staring at the feather.

She shook her head and dropped it onto the floor with the rest, following Jane, her eyes briefly flicking up to the hole in her wall that Jane had put there not too long ago.

"But why tonight, Jane?" Maura asked, leaning against the door jamb, arms crossed over her chest again. "According to Vincent, he's been out there for the past four nights. Why all of a sudden do you care? And tonight of all nights?" Maura looked down at the floor, avoiding Jane's eyes in the mirror.

Jane watched her in the mirror as she brushed her hair, smiling slowly, recognizing Maura's pout, taking it for what it was and understanding why she was doing it, knowing also that it would be a rare occurrence.

Maura was not one to pout.

She put the brush down on the counter, her eyes never leaving her intended. "You are so beautiful."

Maura looked up, suddenly overtly aware of her nudity, but not at all ashamed…or swayed from her course.

She was also not one to be impressed by flattery.

She walked toward Jane, who turned and found her eyes immediately, willing herself not to look down.

"And you are changing the subject." Maura said, grabbing her silk paisley robe from the hook behind the door and pulling it on, cinching it tightly at the waist. "Why tonight?"

Jane had several options. She could lie and be caught immediately. She could try to finesse, but pay for it later, once Maura realized what had happened…and she would realize what had happened. Or she could tell the truth and face the humiliation.

Maura felt Jane's conflict as it flitted through her mind. She waited.

Jane leaned backwards against the vanity, crossing her feet over one another, hands on the edge of the countertop. She smiled down at the floor, eyes wide, caught. She looked up at Maura, swallowing loudly.

"He fooled me." She finally said.

Maura looked confused. "What? What do you mean? How did he fool you?"

Jane reached out for Maura's hand and Maura instantly took it, moving in front of Jane, her free hand grasping her forearm.

Jane moved her finger to her own lips. "Shhhh…listen. Hear that?"

Maura was becoming concerned. She shook her head. "No, Jane. Be more specific. I hear lots of things now."

Jane smiled. "Of course, you do. But listen closely. Do you hear tick, tick, tick..ticktick…tick, tick, tick…tickticktick? Over and over?"

Maura looked down at the floor and then closed her eyes, tuning her ears to that particular pattern, brows furrowed in concentration.

"Yes." She said, eyes still closed. "I've heard that before. Several times. What is it?"

Jane shook her head, lips a thin line, disgusted with herself and her performance as a Sentinel.

"That is the sound of Frost's cruiser when it cools down."

Maura opened her eyes wide, looking at Jane. "I'm sorry, Jane. I didn't know what it sounded like. I'm still trying to identify a lot of things that I hear. I wish I'd known. I would've told you!"

Jane reached out and put her hand on Maura's shoulder, looking into her eyes. "I know you would've, but you shouldn't have to tell me, baby. I should've known that he was here already."

Maura saw the defeated look in Jane's eyes.

"You've been distracted, Jane!" Maura explained vehemently, moving closer to her Sentinel. "Dammit! Look at what you've had to put up with this past week!" She gestured towards herself.

Jane smiled, accepting Maura's attempt at consoling her and also accepting her passion. She was swearing, after all. Something she rarely did. Jane pulled her closer, taking her hands.

"I know, sweetheart." She said softly. "But distractions shouldn't matter to me. I'm a Sentinel. I took an oath. It's not in my make up to be distracted. Nothing should distract me." She took a deep breath, holding Maura's eyes. "But you do. You distract me. Terribly."

Maura looked down at their hands, squeezing Jane's tightly, squeezing her jaw together, as well.

"This is utter bullshit." Maura whispered.

Jane tried to suppress a smile. She was so proud of Maura's conviction and her growing ability to curse like a pro.

Maura looked up into Jane's eyes, her own beginning to glow.

Jane dropped her smile. Maura was serious.

"The Council has no right to use me against you." She said, looking down again at their hands. She moved a step closer to Jane, who still stood leaning against the vanity.

Jane furrowed her brow and uncrossed her feet, standing and pulling Maura into her body, wrapping her arms around her lover's shoulders, leaning her head into Maura's. She closed her glowing eyes, her heart breaking a little.

"I'm tired of being an experiment." Maura whispered into Jane's neck.

"I know you are, Maur, but one thing at a time." Jane whispered. "Did you hear that?"

Maura nodded, taking a deep breath through her nose, pulling in Jane's scent, fortifying herself with it.

"Stay up here." She pulled back and cradled Maura's chin, glowing eyes meeting glowing eyes. "I mean it, Maura. Stay put. I'll take care of this. Okay?"

Maura nodded, but still not sure that she could stay upstairs, hiding, a prisoner in her own home. "But you don't have a story."

"Stop, Maura." Jane said sternly. "Let me take care of this. Please?"

Maura swallowed, nodding, looking down, grasping Jane's wrist as she still cradled her chin.

Jane found Maura's glowing eyes with her own and she held them intently. Slowly, she pulled them back into the deep, rich brown that the outside world knew. Maura understood, morphing her own back into the beautiful hazel-green that they'd always been her entire life.

What they'd both heard to change Jane's entire plan was the door of Frost's cruiser opening and him stepping out of it. Then his footsteps as he made his way to Maura's front door.

He'd beaten Jane to the punch.

She was not amused.


Jane stood at Maura's door waiting for the knock. She thought briefly of turning on the porch light just as he arrived to show him that she was ready and not as completely taken off guard as she truly had been, but the thought of Maura upstairs expecting and counting on her to resolve this unexpected dilemma kept her from it.

His knock was loud and sound, as per protocol, using knuckles and not the knocker provided. Three times and then quiet.

Jane and Frost had done this a thousand times together.

Then he knocked three times again.

"Jane!" Frost said loudly. "I know you're in there!"

Jane waited, looking around Maura's foyer and into her living area, the only lights on above the sink, just as it should be for someone who was housesitting.

Jane hated the fact that Frost's unexpected move forced her to resort to Korsak's lame excuse for her being in Maura's home, but it was all she had at this point.

She threw the door open.

"What the fuck, Frost?!" She exclaimed, rubbing her eyes as if she had been disturbed out of deep sleep, using her simulated anger to throw Barry off his game. "I was taking a nap!"

He stood there on Maura's stoop in the dark, quietly.

"Turn on the porch light, Jane." He said in his usual calm "I caught you" voice.

Jane knew this voice. She'd heard him use it on many perpetrators. Now she suddenly felt like one.

Jane flipped on the light. He squinted, standing there in his crisp white dress shirt and purple tie, hands in his pockets, badge and gun still at his waist, looking quite smug.

"What the hell are you doing here?!" She almost yelled, hearing his "I caught you" voice, trying to counteract it with her "angry Jane" voice. This worked on almost everybody.

He looked down at her feet clad in sneakers. "Were you leaving? I thought you were sleeping."

He smirked.

Jane, realizing she'd been caught, dropped the pretense with no apologies.

"Why are you here, Frost?" She said, leaning against the jamb, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Why are you here?" He asked, stepping back into the yard and surveying Maura's house. "This is nice! How many bedrooms? Four? Isn't she kinda out of your league?"

Jane smiled, suddenly realizing what this whole thing was about, relief flooding through her entire being. Of course, his overly active sexual mind would immediately go there, assuming that she and Maura were clandestinely sleeping together. She went with it.

"Five bedrooms and she doesn't seem think to think so."

He looked at Jane, his light brown eyes twinkling. "I bet not."

Jane's brow knitted. "What the hell does that mean?"

He walked back up onto the porch, standing just outside of the doorway and looked at Jane. "I mean, I've known you for over five years and I've never once even seen you go out on a date. I'm just saying that with all that pent up sexual frustration and denial, you've probably killed her." He laughed, not knowing he'd never spoken more truer words in his life.

After all, Jane did kill Maura…in a way.

Jane tried not to grimace at the thought of all that they'd both just been through together.

"You are a sick man, Frost." She deadpanned. "And now that you know my secret, beat it! And if you tell Cavanaugh that I've been playing hooky with the new CME, I'll kill you with my bare hands." She turned to leave, flipping the light off again, her hand on the door.

"Wait!" Frost said, putting his hands up apologetically, his smile never wavering. "Sorry, partner. I'm a dude. It's just where my mind goes. And I won't rat you out." He just stood there, quiet, waiting.

Jane turned back around and leaned against the door jamb, crossing her arms over her chest again. She could feel that something wasn't right. He wasn't finished.

"Well?" She asked, raising her eyebrows. "Do you have another smart ass observation to make before I slam this door in your smug little face?"

"Just one." He said, his smile growing, his eyes glinting. "Why has Korsak been staying here, too? I mean, I've got a filthy mind, but even I couldn't go there."

If Jane's heart could beat, it would've skipped one or two. She forgot about explaining Vincent's presence these past four days. She didn't show how caught off guard she suddenly was, her face still calm and controlled, a talent that she'd honed over centuries.

"You are so gross, Frost!" Jane said, twisting her face in disgust, a true emotion. "He's like a father to me! Why would you even say that?!"

Frost threw his hands up again, palms out. "Whoa! I said I couldn't go there!"

Maura's voice cut calmly through their banter.

"He's been helping me with some open cases that Dr. Pike compromised with his incompetence." Maura said from behind Jane, who turned around quickly, having no idea that she had even left the bedroom, much less descended the stairs and now stood almost directly behind her. "We've been reviewing them case by case. It sometimes runs late. He's been sleeping in one of my other four bedrooms."

'God, she is really quiet!' Jane thought to herself as she eyeballed Maura, telling her with her facial expression that she wasn't happy with her mate for venturing downstairs.

Frost leaned around Jane and looked over her shoulder, still standing on the porch, and waved.

"Dr. Isles! So nice to see you again." He said, smiling broadly, feeling slightly embarrassed that his earlier comments had been overheard.

Maura walked to the door and stood beside Jane, who turned around to face Frost again.

"And you as well, Det. Frost." She said, sweetly. "I'm sorry that you had to come all the way to Beacon Hill to satisfy your curiosity like this. I'm sure if you would have just asked Det. Korsak, he would've been forthcoming." She paused. "And as for mine and Jane's recent romantic endeavors, that is really none of your business."

A moment of silence passed between all of them, then…

"Oooo…Burn!" Jane taunted Frost, smiling widely, who's own smile faltered a bit at Maura's admonishment.

Maura looked over at Jane, squinting her eyes, silently admonishing her, as well, amazed at the level of immaturity that her lover could stoop to at times. But she understood that this was how longtime partners acted towards one another having witnessed it many times throughout her professional career dealing with law enforcement. She'd deduced that it was a stress reliever and a defense mechanism. It was a difficult profession, after all.

Jane saw this and mouthed the word "sorry" silently.

"I'm sorry, Dr. Isles." Frost apologized sincerely. "I meant no disrespect. I didn't know you were within earshot."

"Neither did I." Jane said softly to Maura out of the side of her mouth, looking over and admonishing Maura a bit herself. "I thought she was going to stay upstairs."

Maura smiled at Jane and then turned her attention back to Frost, stating matter of factly, no malice intended. "It's quite alright. I understand the partner to partner dynamic and the amount of stress you both are under at times. It does create the atmosphere where a measure of childish behavior and an almost sibling-like rivalry is necessary."

Both Jane and Frost reacted to her words.

Frost winced. "Ooo…looks like we both got burned on that one!"

Jane agreed. "Yeah! Ouch, Maura!"

Maura was completely puzzled. "I'm sorry. Did I say something untrue? I didn't mean to offend either of you."

Jane laughed, throwing her arm briefly around Maura's shoulders as Frost held his hands up and shook his head, smiling.

"No offense taken, Dr. Isles." He laughed.

Jane explained to Frost. "Stating the obvious is kinda her thing."

Maura still looked confused but let it go, directing her next statement directly at Jane's partner. "Well, if that is all you were concerned about, then I suppose we've cleared it up for you, haven't we. I'm looking forward to working with you again on Monday."

Frost understood that he was being politely dismissed but wasn't quite ready to leave just yet.

"Well, there is one more thing I would like to discuss with both of you. May I come in, Dr. Isles? It won't take long."

Jane could suddenly sense something in her partner's demeanor had changed. He had something else to say and was acting uncharacteristically vague. Her body stiffened.

Maura felt Jane's uneasiness in her own mind.

The Sentinel moved her hand to the small of Maura's back and tapped softly with her thumb, indicating to Maura to follow her lead. Maura nodded imperceptibly, still facing Frost, her face betraying nothing.

Jane moved in front of Maura slightly, her protective nature triggered suddenly, as Maura stepped back into the foyer just enough to allow Frost to pass.

Jane smiled and spoke, but her eyes were deadly serious. "Sure, buddy. Come on in."

Frost laughed, looking directly into Jane's eyes. "Damn, Jane! You've only been here for a week and you act like you own the place! I think it should be Dr. Isles's decision who she invites into her own home, don't you?"

He looked at Maura, addressing her directly, his light brown eyes twinkling now. "You'll get used to that. She can be bossy." He paused before asking. "May I come in, Dr. Isles?"

Jane slowly reached around behind her back and found Maura's hand, squeezing it, giving her unspoken instructions that she willed her lover to understand.

Maura smiled brilliantly back at Frost, her dimple on full display. She lowered her head as she spoke. "Yes, I'm well aware of her bossy side. It suits me, Det. Frost. So, knowing that, I'll acquiesce to Jane's invitation."

Jane smiled genuinely impressed, her pride evident. She squeezed Maura's hand again. 'My, God! She is good!'

She didn't invite Frost in, but still somehow worded it in such a way that she wouldn't be perceived as rude.

Frost looked back to Jane, eyes still twinkling, but said nothing.

Jane held her free hand out and then grandly gestured for him to enter "Well? Are you coming in or not?"

Both Maura and Jane waited anxiously for his reply, both standing stock still. Maura swallowed and squeezed Jane's hand again.

Time stopped for an instant.

Finally, Frost shrugged. "Okay." He walked confidently past both Jane and Maura into the foyer of the darkened house. "Sure."

Jane closed her eyes and squeezed Maura's hand, then turned and led her into the living room, past Frost. Maura flipped on the light in the foyer and then released Jane's hand, switching on the lamps at either end of the couch, bathing the room in a soft light. She gestured for him to sit in the oversized armchair at the end of the coffee table.

Jane sat in the middle of the couch on the edge of the cushion, leaning toward Frost, forearms on her knees, legs spread wide, projecting her dominion over the entire area. She'd been living here for a week and she wanted Frost to know it.

Maura smiled as she watched Jane posturing, projecting her dominion not just over her home, but over she herself, as well. A quick spike in arousal shot through her loins. She didn't show it.

But Jane knew. Maura didn't care. She continued effortlessly.

"May I get you something to drink? I have bottled water, orange juice…I can make you coffee or tea, if you prefer. And I have wine, of course."

'And then there is the human blood chilling in my refrigerator.' She thought with mirth.

Jane smiled, feeling Maura's amusement and quickly deducing the reason for it.

Frost shook his head, still smiling as he sat. "No, but thank you, Dr. Isles. And your home is beautiful."

Maura smiled. "Thank you, Det. Frost. I've tried to make it comfortable." She turned to Jane. "May I get you anything."

Jane smiled up at Maura, winking quickly. "No, thank you."

Maura nodded, then joined Jane on the couch, sitting very close to her, crossing her legs primly, her posture perfect, hands folded demurely in her lap.

She was wearing tan slacks and a fitted white cotton sleeveless button down blouse. Her hair was in a loose ponytail, stray strands purposefully framing her face, which had the most minimal of makeup applied. She smelled of toothpaste and eucalyptus.

She was very well put together for the short amount of time that she'd had to achieve this look, a testament to her ability to focus. Her feet were still bare, though, alluding to Frost that this was still her house and she was very relaxed and comfortable in it.

Jane tried not to stare, having not seen this professional side of Maura for over a week and even then, very briefly. Her doctor exuded confidence and sophistication. It was impressive and extremely sexy.

'Sweet Jesus, she's fucking smart. Maybe she is out of my league.' Jane thought, her eyes lingering.

Frost wasn't oblivious to the exchange and saw how Jane was almost fawning. He couldn't let the opportunity pass without comment. He cleared his throat loudly.

"You're drooling, Jane." He said, smiling. "But I can definitely see why. It's going to be such a pleasure taking care of you, Dr. Isles."

His words and the conviction he expressed in them were more than just casual conversation.

Jane immediately turned her attention to Frost, feeling that she'd somehow failed Maura in allowing her partner into her lover's home. Was this a trick? Had she been fooled once again? She would not allow it.

"What did you just say?!" Jane squinted her eyes at Frost, a hint of possessiveness entering her tone as she spoke. "Are you fucking kidding me?!" She stood up quickly, hands balling into fists, advancing on him. "What did you just say, Frost?! Don't you dare fuck with her! On any level!"

Frost quickly stood and held his hands out in front of him as if trying to push Jane away, but not daring to actually touch her, backing away, eyes wide, realizing immediately that he had taken the wrong route.

"Whoa! Whoa! Wait a minute!" He stepped backwards again and almost tripped over his own feet, grabbing the arm of the chair to keep from falling down altogether. "That came out wrong! Jane! That came out wrong! I mean it! Let me explain!"

He never even considered drawing his weapon against his partner, even though he was sure his own life might be in peril. He knew more about what had been happening inside Maura's home than he was letting on.

Maura quickly stood and placed herself in between Jane and Frost, grabbing Jane's shoulders, pushing her back gently and away from her partner, amazed that Jane was maintaining her human features, although just barely.

She could feel Jane's rage.

"Jane!" She yelled. "Stop! Let's keep our heads here!" She found Jane's eyes, briefly morphing her own eyes directly from hazel-green to neon yellow, knowing that Frost couldn't see this, giving her something to focus on other than the perceived vulgar disrespect of she herself.

"Jane! Look at me!"

Jane felt Maura's intent and pulled her eyes from Frost with much effort, her body shaking, focusing on her beloved's eyes.

Maura pulled her eyes back to their natural hue.

"Calm down." She whispered. "Okay? I'm not offended. You are overreacting."

Jane looked briefly to Frost then to Maura and then back to him again, her jaw clenching incessantly.

Maura continued, trying to maintain a sense of perspective. She turned and held Frost's eyes.

"Let's all just calm down."

The house was filled with abnormal tension. This was not a meeting between two partners and one's new love interest. All parties involved felt it. But none were willing to admit or acknowledge it.

Frost stood across the room, hands still held out in front of him, silent, seeing this side of Jane before when she'd been pursuing a perp, but never having it directed towards him. He chose to stay silent until Maura gave him the okay to speak to Jane. He waited, eyes down, breathing rapidly. This was not how this was supposed to happen.

He was very close to failing and he knew it. He had to try something different. Failure wasn't an option. He'd been waiting so long.

"Det. Frost. Are you okay?" Maura asked. "She's a little high strung right now. It's been a long week for her. Completely my fault, I'm afraid."

He nodded, licking his lips, eyes flitting up to Maura then back to his own feet.

Maura spoke again. "If you have something to say to her, say it now, please."

"Jane." Frost said calmly. "Please let me explain. I promise it's not what you think. I swear it's not what you think. You're my partner. We've been through so much together. Please, let me explain what I meant." He paused. "What I mean!"

He stood up tall, waiting, as he'd been doing for years.

Maura continued to stand in front of Jane, hands on her shoulders. "Are you ready to listen to him? If not, I'll send him on his way. He knows something, Jane. You know he does. Maybe something you haven't considered. He wouldn't be so adamant if he didn't."

Jane thought about her options, knowing that she could possibly be exposing herself and Maura also.

She looked up into Maura's confident gaze. She nodded.

"Don't kill him, please. You love him and if you do kill him, I don't know how I'll get the blood out of this carpet. I love this carpet, Jane. It took me weeks to decide on it." She smiled and reached out and gingerly settled her finger into the cleft in Jane's chin.

Jane felt Maura's love in that simple gesture. She nodded again.

Maura turned around, standing in front of Jane, facing Frost, feeling almost like a referee.

"Det. Frost if you have something you want or need to say to Jane, I think now would be your most opportune time to do it. If not, then I'll have to ask you to leave. It's been an unusual night for all of us. I'm sorry if this seems abrupt, but your visit was unexpected and unannounced, something that I do not encourage in the future."

Frost stood up tall and smoothed out his tie, taking a deep breath, checking his collar and his cuffs.

"Dr. Isles, I really didn't come here tonight to talk to Jane. I came here tonight to talk to you. I specifically came here to formally introduce myself to you."

He stepped towards Maura, holding his hand out, eyes open and filled with respect, reverence and tears.

"Dr. Maura Dorthea Isles. My name is Barold Frost. I am your Watcher."

To be continued…

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