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It was truly a rare sight to see. The never ending storm that always blanketed Ame had, at least temporarily, lifted. There were still a few clouds lazing in the sky, but they were few and far between. To see the clear blue sky that resided above this war torn country was a once-in-a-lifetime sight to behold. It was for this reason that the beholder was somewhat glad it was going to be the last thing she ever saw.

Konan was floating on the surface of the water, staring up into the sky. She knew she was going to die, there was absolutely no doubt in her mind. After using her Kami no Shisha no Jutsu(1) she had exhausted her chakra; plus Madara stabbing her clean though didn't help either. He had pieced her stomach, and even now she could feel stomach acid burning in her body. Madara's genjutsu had ended only moments ago and for that she was glad; she had accepted her fate and wanted to die seeing what was really there and hearing only her thoughts.

'I'm sorry Nagato.' She thought as she closed her eyes. Her legs had just sunk under the water and she could feel the rest of her body start following. 'I wasn't able to protect you from that man. I wasn't able to be the support to the bridge your's and Yahiko's hopes now rest on. I failed you two. At least the three of us will be able to see each other again.' By now everything but her face was under water. 'My one regret is that I'll never get to see a world in peace; the peace the three of us strived for.' After that final thought she became completely submerged.

All she saw was blackness. Whether it was because she was dead or had her eyes closed she wasn't sure. However, in front of her appeared a blinding light. When the shining died down she was able to make out an eye, a very familiar eye. 'The rinnegan. Nagato?' The eye suddenly began to glow before letting off a pulse. Outside of her mind her body, which had only sunk about a foot, began glowing a purplish grey color as a ripple of chakra flowed out from it in the perfect shape of the eye. Abruptly, she felt her body being push up and out of the water. After breaching the surface she started coughing and trying to take in huge gulps of air. When she settled down she opened her eyes and saw a blue sky in her vision once again.

'What was that? Did I imagine it just now?' She felt pain rip though her from her stomach after finishing the thought. Deciding it didn't matter she closed her eyes and once again waited for death to claim her. It was then she noticed something.

'Why are there waves in a lake?' She wondered as she bobbed with the waves as they went by. Not being able to come up with an answer she just went with the flow. Not that she could move with her wounds or in her state of exhaustion. And so she stayed, riding on the waves as they carried her away. It wasn't long, however, before they carried her somewhere.

Konan could feel herself rise to the top of the wave that just formed. She expected to crash onto the water again as it fell, but was rather surprised to hit land. Coughing out the water and sand that entered her mouth, she was barely able to open her eyes.

She couldn't make out much other then past the beach seemed to be lush land. The edge of her vision was black and everything was blurred. She couldn't hear anything except the waves that continuously pounded against the shore. She felt cold and the darkness at the edge of her vision was creeping inwards, slowly enveloping everything.


Looks like she could hear something else after all. Struggling Konan managed to turn her head to see a woman in purple and a young child running to her. She also managed to make out something else in the background, and it led to her final thought as she lost consciousness. 'How can a tree of that size exist.'

Konan could feel her mind crawling out of the dark that surrounded it. However, even with consciousness returning to her she didn't open her eyes. Listening to her surroundings she didn't hear anyone; no footsteps, no talking, and no breathing. Feeling secure that she was alone she opened her eyes to take in everything around her.

She appeared to be in someone's room. She was laying on a bed that sat in the corner of the room, right under a window. There was a dresser, a bookcase, and a desk on the other three walls. Trying to sit up she felt a tightening around her stomach. She let out a hiss of pain as she got into a sitting position.

Looking herself over Konan realized she wasn't in her clothes. She was wearing a simple white tee-shirt and black pants. Lifting the shirt to expose her midriff she discovered that someone had treated her wounds. Her stomach was bandaged and the bandages were slightly red. Reaching up to her throat, were Madara had grabbed her, she found that bandaged as well.

It was then she heard a door close and footsteps heading her way. Deciding she'd get nothing out of pretending to be asleep she stayed in her sitting position and waited. She didn't have to wait long before someone entered.

"Your awake! How? You were supposed to be unconscious for a couple more days." The stranger said.

The stranger was a woman with short blonde hair and brown eyes. She wore a light blue v-neck shirt with black pants. She also wore a purple overcoat and a matching purple bandana over her hair. Konan very vaguely recognized her as the woman running towards her on the beach. The woman walked over and checked Konan's wounds.

"Hmmm, those bandages will need to be changed soon, but at least it's bleeding a lot less. By the way, my names Gram; I'm the one that's been treating you." Gram said to the ex-akatsuki member. Konan kept on a stoic face as she asked a simple yet important question.

"Where am I?" her question seemed to momentarily surprise Gram before she collected herself.

"You're on Ohara Island." She answered. Seeing her guests raised brow she elaborated. "It's in the West Blue. We're pretty famous for having the Tree of Knowledge."

An enormous tree flashed in Konan's mind. 'She must be talking about that tree. I've never heard of it, or this Ohara Island in West Blue. Where in the world did I end up?' "I'm sorry, but I'm not familiar with any of that. Perhaps I have amnesia." Konan said. Gram had stated the island to be famous, her not knowing about it would look suspicious. Plus, this way she could find out more information.

"Oh, you poor woman. Do you at least remember your name?" Gram asked. Thinking it best to keep her name to herself for the time being, she shook her head in the negative.

"Well don't you worry, I'll help you out however I can. I'm sure some of the others wouldn't mind either." Gram proclaimed.

"Others?" Konan asked.

"Don't worry about that now, just focus on getting your rest. I'll be back with some water and food in a minute." With that Gram left the room. Seeing nothing else to do Konan laid back down and rested.

One week later

It's been a rather eventful week for Konan. While resting Gram brought over a young girl named Nico Robin to see her. Apparently she was the girl that found her and helped bring her back to Gram's home. The girl had definitely surprised her though when she sprouted extra hands. She seemed a bit frightened when she realized she did this and looked to Konan to see if she saw. For her part Konan merely raised a brow and said, "Interesting ability. However I've seen far odder techniques." Konan didn't know it at the time, but that had instantly put her as a friend in Robin's book.

After that little incident Konan would ask the girl questions and get what information she could out of the girl. Apparently there are five oceans that made up the majority of the world. There was also a power struggle between the marines and the pirates, the later of which has increased exponentially since Gol D. Rogers execution earlier that year. Another interesting tidbit she learned was about so called devil fruits. Apparently they have an amazing power sealed in them and you gain that power by eating it, but the ocean turns against you and you can never swim again. That's were Robins abilities came for, or so she was told.

Now was the first time she had been out of the room since she was found. She's healing up quite nicely and is finally able to move around outside. Her destination was the beach; there was something she needed to test out. She arrived quickly and looked around to see if anyone was around. Not seeing or hearing anything she began gathering her chakra. After gathering it to the soles of her feet, Konan stepped onto the water.

While resting she noticed that her chakra felt...odd, like a piece of it was missing. She couldn't quite put her finger on it, but decided to wait to test things out. Nobody here seemed to use chakra, so she was being extra cautious.

Her foot made contact with the water and... didn't sink. Taking a few more steps Konan was now standing above a foot of water with the ease she has been for years. Nodding to herself she walked back to the beach and was once again standing on sand. Trying something else she prepared to use her Shikigami no Mai (2). Focusing, she realized with a start that nothing was happening. Trying again, this time using the hands seals she surpassed using long ago, she was still unable to perform the jutsu.

'What is going on? My chakra is fine and undisturbed, yet I'm unable to do this jutsu. Hmm, I wonder?' Breaking out of thought she bent down and put her hand above the sand. Channeling chakra to it she tried to shift the sand by hitting it with the chakra emitted from her hand. She was surprised to see no change in the sand. The chakra was staying on and within her hand.

'For some reason my chakra can't leave my body. And when I try to shape or change it it won't allow me to. What is going on?' She frowned in thought. Looking up she noted the position of the sun and remembered an appointment she had to keep. 'I'll think more on this later. For no I need more information.' With that she left the beach and headed to her next destination.

Tree of Knowledge

"So, you're the person everyones been talking about. It's nice to meet you, but may I ask what you're doing here?" Professor Clover asked.

Professor Clover was an interesting man to say the least. He had light green hair that was in the shape of a four-leaf clover. A mohawk on top, two portions jutting out left and right in the shape of a clovers leaves, and finally a beard as the bottom leaf. This man was the director of the Ohara library and its top scholar.

Konan had requested a meeting with this man as soon as she'd been able to move freely. She wanted information, so where better to get it then the Tree of Knowledge. And this person was the one who would give her the okay or not. Though if he does refuse she'll just sneak in and get want she wants that way. This way was just easier.

"I was wondering if I'd be able to read some of these books here. I'm hoping reading or seeing something familiar will help jog my memory." Konan said in a calm voice as she continued to play her charade.

Professor Clover seemed to think it over for a minute before out right laughing. Konan raised a brow in response.

"You're more then welcome to the library my dear. Any who have a pursuit of knowledge and the drive to further it are all welcome." He said after getting his laughter under control.

"Arigatou gozaimasu Clover-san. If you don't mind I'd like to start right away." Konan said.

"Yes, yes, of course. If there's anything you need help with don't be afraid to ask." He said as he watched her enter the main library. Konan nodded her head.

"I'll keep that in mind."

After that Konan looked around the library. She had to admit that it held an impressive array of books. Picking one up she began her research. 'I don't know where I am, but I'm not dead. That means I can still try to help bring about peace. First I just have to find out what's wrong with my chakra and how to get back to the Elemental Countries. Nagato, Yahiko, I won't fail you two again, I swear it.'


1) Paper Messenger of God technique

2) Dance of the Shikigami

And there we have it, my response to Thanathos challenge. The reason I picked Konan is because I think she had a lot more potential to give, and I like her character. Plus I saw something about one piece that made me think of Konan and this idea was born.

As for her jutsu, she will get them back in a sense, but not exactly like they were. Everything will be explained in a couple of chapters. I also don't think I'm doing a pairing in this story. I just don't see it happening. Also rating might change.

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