When Love Meets the Heart

His hands were everywhere, touching every part of her. His lips met hers with passion and neither of them could get enough of each other . . .

His fingers finding her breast, grasping, tugging, letting her know with each movement how devastatingly beautiful he thought she was. How he craved her body just as much as her heart.

Her fingers pulling at his hair as she gave him her neck to explore, the way her eyes felt heavy-lidded and unable to focus on anything in site told him that his touches were making her incoherent, unleashed and desperate. It seemed to fuel his passion.

Edward gripped her hips and with a subtle lift from his body, he lowered her back down and entered her in one motion. Her back arched and she let out a moan.

"Oh, god . . ."

"Bella . . ."

Her name was whispered against the skin of her neck, adding the wonderful sensations of finally being with him. An ache built inside her and she began to move, causing him to let out a sort of growl deep in his chest.

"Oh, fuck."

The swear delivered with his sultry accent made her shutter and pick up her pace. Her body, slick from sweat and desire, moved against his in an erotic dance of lust and passion. Her hardened nipples grazed his chest, and she pressed herself against him, desperate for more.

Reading her mind in some way, Edward pulled at one taut peak with his fingers, and then bent down to lap at the sensitive skin, cooling the sting of his actions.

"Unh, yes!"

"You like that, mi amore?" She moved against him with more ferocity. "You do! Which one? My mouth or my fingers on your beautiful breast, bella?

"Mmm, both," she moaned. "You. I just want you."

"Fuck . . ."

His arm wrapped around her hips and then helped her in her motions, increase their joining in both pace and intensity. He brought her down on him over and over again, whispering words to her in both English and Italian.

How beautiful she was.

How much she meant to him.

What feeling his body inside hers did to his heart.

His soul.

And that he never wanted to stop loving her.

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