Miko Mimilith brushed his free hand against the grey blanket that would soon wrap his child. He sighed. The grey homespun was so rough for a baby. Lea promised to stay with him forever, but he couldn't help feeling like a failure. He wished nothing more than that his child would get to grow up in a lifestyle different than the one they were currently living. As if! Miko was terrible at the High Examination, and thus, he and his wife were always relegated to the grey district with little hope for improvement. Maybe when the baby grew a little older, his or her points would boost the family rating a bit.

Lea shouted as she was wracked by a hard contraction. She squeezed one of his hands to express the pain. Milo was incredibly excited for the baby to come; he was anxious yet ready to be a father. He also wanted Lea to stop squeezing his hand- his job wasn't demanding- but he needed dexterity.

"It'll be along soon," He comforted his wife uselessly. "We'll get to meet her."

Lea shot him a glance, and then yelled again with yet another contraction.

"I meant it." He hastily corrected himself. Milo and Lea had agreed early in her pregnancy that they didn't care whether the child was a boy or a girl. He understood why- Lea's parents had desperately wanted a boy and had therefore resented her. Secretly he wanted a girl, but he wouldn't dare tell his wife that. Despite his curiosity, he again lapsed into thoughts of fashion and fabrics. He so badly wanted to move into the maroon district, to have a little spare money, to have a little free time, to have a little balcony where Lea could rock their children.

After about a half an hour of pushing, the doctor interrupted Miko's thoughts. "A girl," he said wearily. And the screaming baby was in Lea's arms.

Miko stared at the child in shock. The Manth genes for having dark hair and eyes were not expressed. True- all babies were red at birth, but this child also had scarlet hair. Miko wasn't a creative man. "How about Red?" He asked his wife.

The exhausted Lea looks at their daughter. She laughed, "it certainly suits her better than Mita." They had planned to name a daughter after Miko's mother.

After a bit of squalling, Red Mimilith quieted. Miko regretfully covered her in the grey fabric, suddenly happy that they didn't live in maroon- his daughter's hair would clash terribly.